Garden Boys #5

By : A. Williams

From part #4 ... "Darling, my Peter I love you deep in my heart, soul and body.."

Lucky sighed, so happy hearing those words. "John my Baby... you have stolen my heart and I am in love with the thief. Please, no more tears from here on out, only smiles of true happiness for us, I love you deeply baby. I think you could use that massage now." Lucky chuckled as he lifted John from the chair and placed him back on the bed. "Get ready, be right back lover."

Lucky gathered his supplies for John's message humming to himself, love is so grand he thought. When he entered the bedroom, he froze... Damn John's body has one hell of an effect on me still, he thought. He was on his stomach, legs spread wide, hard cock and balls below... that perfect ass ready for the taking. God he is perfect for me.

Lucky happily crawled on his bare ass and straddled him. "Ready for your reward... Mr. Winner !!" he laughed.

"Yes slow deep message with some talking, confessing your love me Peter." John said smirking.

"Got it baby, yes I know what you need... always have baby." He said pouring the baby oil on his shoulders and back, rubbing deeply on those gorgeous muscles.

"Really? Full of yourself Peter, maybe we need another bet to bring you down off that high horse you are riding on." John said laughing. Lucky moaned, cock growing hard while still messaging John's back. "What's the bet baby?"

John had to think hard for a moment. "How about ... I can make you cum with no sucking, no fucking or jerking... just licking and tasting that sweet body?"

Lucky laughed still rubbing his back lower though, sliding off his ass on his thighs. "How about ... I can make you cum from my sweaty smelly musky body?"

John groaned uummm, "Yes Darling, get all stinky for me... yes you know I love that so much... God so much." He said.

Lucky laughed "Baby I love your kinky self so much...Baby god I love you." When Lucky started to massage his sweet soft ass, he moaned loudly. "John you feel so good under my hands, you will never be able to leave my sight." He laughed still rubbing John's ass. "This beautiful work of art, your ass, is all mine Baby."

John moaned, aahhhh, under his manipulations it felt great and his words of love and possessiveness only made it better. He never wanted to leave Peter, he pleased him in ways no other man had or ever would. He adored his very soul.

"Turn over my baby and let me massage your chest." Lucky ordered.

"What about the sheets, they will be ruined? John asked. Lucky laughed hard and loud "Baby we have fifty pair and money to buy hundreds more." Lucky said as John rolled over.

"WE? We Peter, we just got together darling. Just earlier we told each other we loved each other Darling." John questioned.

Lucky straddled John's hard cock, loving the feeling of it on his ass. He spread out the baby oil over his hairy chest and began to rub. "No need to fret baby, just know I love you with all I am and all I will ever be John. Enjoy your prize and that country breakfast I will cook and serve you in the morning." He said. Lucky kept up the massage, arms, hands and fingers. He resisted the urge to suck those long sweet fingers, John turned him on so damn much. Lucky slid off his hard cock and down between his legs as he began to rub his beautifully toned abs.

"Ummm, this feels so good Peter, so relaxing." John purred.

Both men were relaxed in the pleasure of giving and receiving and the message continued. He poured more oil on John's hard cock and it ran down onto his hairy large balls. Lucky moaned again "Ready for the main event baby? Time to pay Mr. Erection some special attention."

"Yes Darling, he feels so left out!" John teased. Lucky began to slowly rub the oil all over his privates and softly began to jerk his hard cock.

"Ooo yes that is so nice Peter." John moaned as Lucky worked his cock with one hand, his balls with the other as John bucked his hips up to meet the loving strokes he was getting.

"Yes... so good. Faster Darling please." John pleaded. Lucky's hands were slick with oil, he slowly slide two fingers in John's ass while he continued to stroke his cock.

"Yeess... oooh... fuck me! Finger fuck that ass Darling." John begged. Lucky stopped stroking his cock and oiled his own throbbing member saying "Baby I need to make your ass orgasm again and make you cum all over us." He removed his fingers and positioned his monster cock at John's pulsing hole.

"Yes enter me, make me yours Sir. Claim me, mark me. I only want you Peter, I adore you." John said.

Lucky pushed in slowly all the way and they sighed with intense pleasure. He slowly pulled all the way back out... in slow... out slowly. He locked lips with John and they moaned in each other's mouths "Ohooo... uuuuuuuummmmmm."

They swirled tongues and sucked each other's lips while Lucky kept slow in and out thrust. Both men were lost in their love of the other and the wonderful sensations of their love making.

"Darling faster... yesssss... my ass is tingling... Oooo faster, faster." John begged.

Then the ass spasm began "Fuck...Fuck..." Lucky screamed as the waves and pulses in John's ass squeezed his massive cock. He kept up his pace of thrust.

"Babyyy you feel sooo damn good... YYYEESSS... I love you." Lucky yelled.

"FUCK me...yes fuck... closeess ... sssssssooooo close Darling harder, faster." John screamed.

Lucky fucked deep adding twists to his hips for more pleasure to John's swollen love button....he could tell he was close to exploding and so was he. Harder, faster and deeper Lucky was sweating now, trying to hold back his orgasm to meet John's eruption.

"YYYEEESSS...O..O..O..O Peter....nnnnnoooooowwww." John yelled out as he shot over and over. Thick creamy white cum flew out of his piss slit and landed in their hair, on their faces and on their chest. The smell of his cum and the contractions in John's ass set Lucky off.

"FFUUCCKKK... uuunnnggg... ssssshhiiiiitttttttt. SOOO GGOODD BBAABBBYYY." Lucky screamed as he came in John's ass hard and long.

Lucky collapsed on John and started laughing hard and loud. John smiled still trying to catch his breath.

"God I love you deeply Peter. You please me more than any man ever has. You are so wonderful, my man... My Peter." John said from his heart.

"Baby you wear me out and empty my balls!! I love you too... so much. We need a shower and I need sleep. Remember, I have to cook and serve you breakfast in the morning... we should call YOU Lucky... not me! You always seem to win our bets !!!!"......................

Part #6 coming soon......Thanks for posting and voting.....A.....


A. Williams

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