Garden Boys #1

By : A. Williams

    People call me Lucky. Peter is my true Christian name. People call me Lucky because I inherited a 500 acre farm from my Grandparents and grow vegetables. I have made millions of dollars doing this, doing what I love to do. I am only 40 years old, well young, big and strong and not close the story ...really start being real.

    I have so much land I had to hire workers from the small town of Grifton, North Carolina. Many men showed up for the 10 places I needed to fill. I picked 8 and still left 2 positions to fill. Then the twins showed up. My, O my, they were absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Stood 6 feet 8 inches tall, broad shoulders, big muscles from hard work, tanned with long black straight hair half way pasted their backs, biggest bright blue eyes I had ever seen and big red full lips. I almost came right there until one began to speak, his deep bass voice made me shoot in my jeans and down my leg.

    "Hello, your names are?" they said in harmony "Jess and Wes. Nice to meet you Mr. Lucky." Help me ....My cock is growing again. "You are both applying for the garden boy job?" I asked, hoping dreams do come true. Together they answered "Yes we are." in full stereo deep base voices. Yes....what a summer this is going to be, beautiful eye candy if nothing else. I was hopeful it could be so much more. I could not wait to see Jess and Wes shirtless with sweat dripping down their tan muscled torsos. I better stock up on lube and get some new batteries for my dildo.

    "I have a bunk house for my boys, beds, dressers and bath rooms. Ya'll will dine with me and with the other boys 3 meals a day in the main dining room. 5am...12 noon and 8pm sharp. You receive a morning break and afternoon break. You are aware of the pay offered?" They nodded. "I expect a hard day's work in exchange for housing, food and laundry facilities, along with great pay. You understand?" They nodded. "No fighting, no drugging, no women allowed...drinking is fine along with gambling. Do you except these terms?"

    "Yes." they said in harmony once again. "Well welcome aboard men, go on back and introduce yourselves and get comfortable. Supper at 8pm sharp." I said smiling. I watched them walk toward the bunk house, some fine tight full asses to behold. I adjusted my long thick cock and returned to the main house for a much needed gin and tonic. I sat in my plush office chair and rang for John. My butler and chef, more delicious eye candy. However said money does not bring happiness is lying through their teeth.

    John appeared "Yes Sir, what may I do for you?" He was lovely in that uniform. Tall, tanned and muscled up, with long curly brown hair... that I insist he leaves down. Uniform all white and very tight. "John, may I have a bottle of Gin, a bottle of Tonic and a bucket of ice please?" He bows "Right away Sir." I sat thinking of what I wanted to do to those twins, my god so many dirty, nasty and lewd thoughts danced in my mind. John returned with what I needed to douse my raging lust. "We have a full house for dinner my dear John. The last two are twins and I want them placed on each side of me at dinner later." He smiled knowing me so well. "As you require Sir." He said bowing and leaving me to my thoughts and bottles.

    I poured myself a triple and propped my dirty boots on my five thousand dollar solid mahogany desk... let out a content moan and pulled a long drink from my crystal glass. Money does indeed buy all things, the best gin, best house, best cars and the most important the best men. Yeah... I told you I was 40 years young and my name but I should describe myself for you. I stand 6'2" am large frame 200 pounds of muscle from working the farm, dark brown skin from work, have brown medium length hair, brown eyes and a cut ten inch long by eight inch around hard cock. Want to come work for me? Haha... Be real, you know you want too.

    I went to dinner buzzed, hot and horny as hell. I walked in freshly showered in a black silk shirt and black silk sleep pants. Barefooted, cock swing hard and long all the boys staring as I sat between the twins all smiles "Good evening gentlemen, I hope your day has been pleasant." I rang the bell and John and his helpers brought in platters of food and bottles of wine. Tonight was seafood and white wine. Only the best for my boys, snow crab legs, shrimp 3 different ways, fresh flounder and fried scallops along with endless bottles of fresh crisp white wine. They all dug in starving from working so hard. Lots of laughing and talking ensued with compliments to John. I watched, drank lots of wine full of happiness for my life and my boys.

    I looked at the twins not eating "Boys dig in, I know you just came but this is for you as well, John come and bring the platters over for our new comers." He was there in a flash, they began to eat to my delight and pleasure. I even feed them both bites of shrimp scampi and made sure their glasses were always full of wine. My foot began to rub Jess's, then Wes's legs under the table as they pushed back into me with winks of those beautiful blue eyes. I had never made sexual advances on my boys, usually they put the moves on me and most times I gladly accepted. These twins had a pull on me I had never felt before, a gravity pull that kept drawing me in my hard cock leading the way. What a whore I am!!

Part #2 coming soon... if yall like it....this is something new for gentle....A..


A. Williams

[email protected]


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