Garden Boys #4

By : A. Williams

    After dinner, they walked back to Lucky's bedroom hand in hand, where John broke off to go to his room for his toothbrush and some clothes for the next morning. When he came back in their room, he found Lucky naked spread out wide on the clean silk sheets in the king size bed. He was splayed out with a big smile on his face and a much bigger erection.

    That hard hairy body of his had John's mouthwatering if only he was ripe with sweat, thought John that would make his body so much more appetizing. He refrained from jumping onto the bed and sucking Lucky's monster cock. Instead he put his clothes in the big dresser and he slowly walked across the large bedroom to store his toiletries in the bathroom.

    He hoped they would pick at and mess with each other again, like earlier. He loved the betting...and paying the price to the loser. That make the love making all the better. In all their years together they had always flirted but now that they were actually making love...Lucky had come up with a new game and John was very pleased with it... as well as the fantastic sex they had already had.

    On the way out of the bathroom John stopped and slowly lowered his silk sleeping pants showing his hard cock and then turning to show Lucky his tanned perfect ass as Lucky began to stroke himself, moaning. Damn John's body turned him on like no other. "Baby, please come to me...we need to place another bet... this time how about how many times I can make you cum while I make sweet love to that perfect ass of yours?" Lucky said with a laugh.

    John quipped back "No darling... how many times I can make YOU cum making love to you!" Lucky laughed. "Yes come and get it Baby... I am all yours... all yours forever you sexy devil." "How many times, Lucky ... I say I can make you cum 2 times before I cum in that tight hole of yours?" John said smiling knowing he could last for hours deep inside Lucky's ass. Still stroking and moaning Lucky asked "What does the winner get Baby?"

    "How about ... full body massage and breakfast in bed after?" Lucky immediately answered "You are on Baby. Come and take me." He raised his legs and showed John his twitching hairy hole. John moaned as he crawled onto the bed toward his sexy lover.

With no foreplay, he dove onto his ass hole ... licking prodding with his tongue in tasting Lucky's sweet musky flavor moaning the whole time. Lucky begged for more, John was so great at eating ass he was finding out to his divine pleasure. Pulling his legs back "YYEESSS....Babyyy...yesssssss... eat mmyy aassss." When he was supper hot and horny, he started to beg "PPllleeeaassee fffuuuccckkk.... mmmeee now...bbbeefforree III ccccuuum."

    John didn't stop, he when full on biting and sliding in two fingers as Lucky shot his first load screaming "Son- of- a- bitch." John quickly got his cock in his mouth and swallowed over and over to keep up but some of his cum ran out on his chin. John scooped up the leaking cum on his chin as used it as lube for Lucky's ass and his hard cock. He pushed in swiftly, in one push he was balls deep and Lucky pleaded "Please fuck me hard... fast...Baby fuck the hell out of me now!!!"

    That's all John needed to hear, full force now deep hard thrust over and over, uncontrolled man sex was on... both men moaning and groaning grabbing each other in hard grips not caring about the pain to the other using all their strength to hold each other. Pushing, slamming and they starting to scream out now. "FUCK...MMMEEE...BBAABBYY...YYEESSS." Lucky screamed. "FUCK .... MMMEEE BBBAAACCCKKK." John screamed.

Lucky shuddered and locked up in a full body orgasm. Shooting here, there and everywhere as his monster cock swung back and forth while John kept ramming in and out of Lucky' ass. While his ass contracting, John came hard over and over in his sweet hole. They both saw black and passed out for a few minutes. As they came back to life, both men smiled and John said "What am I having for breakfast Darling?"

    Lucky laughed hard "A full country breakfast baby... biscuits, redeye-gravy and ham... lots of fried eggs and fried potatoes with onions. Trust me baby... you deserve it all and more. You give me so much joy and happiness. I am so happy with you John. I never need anyone else... I never thought I would feel this way about one man but I do for you Baby." John started to cry, hard heaving sops on his hairy chest making it wet with his tears. Lucky pushed up out of bed and grabbed John up in his strong arms and sat him in the chair next to the bed. "Baby... please not cry ... I never want to hurt you please tell me what I did Baby?"

    "Peter you have no idea how I feel about you. I have longed for you for many years. Everything is so wonderful between us, it only makes my heart flutter more." He said between sobs, running tears and running snoot. Lucky went and got a box of tissues and a blanket to cover John's naked body. "Please calm down Baby ... or I will start to cry too." Lucky said trying to smile with his eyes full of tears.

    "Baby tell me what you are trying not to say. Maybe I should I tell you first Baby?" Lucky stood walked to his crumbled sleep pants and pulled them on as John calmed down, stopping the sobs. He walked back to John and knelt down between his legs again grabbing his handsome face in his hands smiling. "Baby, you are perfect for me, we are perfect together." John placed a finger on his lips to hush him  and Lucky kissed is finger.

John moved his finger away and placed his lips on Lucky's as they both felt the shock waves through their bodies again. John pulled away and said in a whisper "Darling, my Peter I love you deep in my heart, soul and body.........

Part #5 soon.....Thank you for reading and posting.......A.


A. Williams

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