Garden Boys #2

By : A. Williams

The next weeks were all about working in the fields for all the boys. Lucky rode his black mare Sally up and down the paths along the fields, watching the boys work shirtless and sweating in the severe heat. God, they all looked delicious but he paid special attention to the twins, Jess and Wes. They were the most luscious to Lucky, he desired them more than any of the other men that had ever worked for him. Those large fit bodies, dripping sweat... their long black hair, braided in pony tails tossed on their sweaty backs... tight asses in those cut off jean shorts... smooth long tanned legs that would wrap around him. He had dreamed of the steamy sex he would have with them many times and had thought of a way to make it happen.

As planting time drew to a close they had a lull in the work and Luck called a meeting over lunch at the main house. With everyone seated and eating fresh turkey and ham along with sweet potatoes and collard greens Lucky made his announcement. "Hello boys... we have a short break working in the fields. Other work will need to be done but I have plans for a mid-summer party." All the boys began to cheer and clap.

"OK... Calm down... I thought we could have a pig-picking (if you do not know...that's roasting a whole pig killed, split in half and cleaned. Cooked over coals and wood... a southern thing) and I want to hire a band. Lots of booze in buckets of ice... and plenty of food... What yall think?" All the boys stood and cheered. When they sat back down, Lucky continued. "This weekend Boys, how bout Saturday night?" They all nodded their approval still stuffing their faces with the great food. The weekend was 3 days away and Lucky had plans to suck and fuck those amazing twins. He had to have them... he was a man whore man remember.

The next day Lucky called John in his office, it was time again to pick on him and stir up some sexual tension. "Yes Sir, how may I serve you?" John said bowing in the door way. "John, damn man if you really want to SERVE me drop your pants and get on the desk so I can fuck your sweet ass!" Lucky said. John giggled he loved playing this game with Lucky "If that's what you need Sir... no problem Sir." He let out a deep heavy sigh "John when the boys leave and we are alone for the winter I will make sweet love to you the way you deserve. Right now we have tons of work to do." John nodded "How may I help Sir." "We need to find a band and order the pig, also set-up the field by the barn for our party." "No worries Sir I will take care of it all." John said smiling. "You can do ALL that for me? I want a band with variety. Some jazz, some blues, some country and some rock and roll." "Sir, I will do my job and you get back to yours... trust me Sir."

Lucky smiled thinking about John, he should ask him to be his partner. He was indeed beautiful, very talented in the kitchen, seemed to be able to pull rabbits out an imaginary hat to get things done, he was very efficient and dependable around the house and farm. But he knew he could never be faithful ... he knew his needs could never be satisfied long term by one man. "Certainly John... take care of everything I trust you completely. I need to go check on the equipment in the barn." They went their separate ways to do their work.

Lucky worked on the sprayers, tillers and digging equipment all morning his mind totally focused on his task at hand. As the day went on and heated up he removed his shirt showing off his large muscles and hairy chest. He did not realize he had a dozen boys watching with some getting aroused. When he took a water break and let the water flow over his sweating body, several of the boys moaned out in lust. Luck became aware of the onlookers and began to put on a show for them. He continued with the water, allowing the water to saturate his pants so his cock and balls were clearly defined. He started to sway back and forth to the silent music as the boys watched and a few of then began to rub their crotches. Suddenly Lucky wondered how John would react if he saw the show. Would he enjoying it and would he get turned on?

John stopped the show by calling lunch ready and everyone headed to the main house. Lucky changed, quickly washed up and meet all the boys at the table. "Fine men, I will need for you to help John this afternoon set up for the party... whatever he asked, please cooperate with him." he said. Lunch was severed, Gazpacho, cold soup... and homemade chicken salad or fresh chicken breast sandwiches with fresh fruit and sorbet. Another great meal thanks to John, Lucky called for him, as he walked in Lucky stood. "Come friend and please join me in this wonderful meal you have prepared for us." John smiled and sat next to Lucky enjoying the boys' antics at the table, a rare treat for him. John was so close, almost touching, he smelled fantastic thought Lucky, again his thoughts drifted... could he be the one? After lunch John gave the boys their orders and meet Lucky in his office.

"Sir how may I help?" John asked. "Come, sit." he said. After they were face to face Lucky asked "How are the plans for the party coming along?" "The pig is ordered, the band hired and the set-up has started, Sir." Lucky smiled, ever efficient and dependable John. "Let's go check on their progress John, maybe help a little." They walked out, side by side very close, shoulders rubbing and it felt natural as Lucky grabbed Johns hand and they laced fingers together while smiling and walking to the field, this closeness felt wonderful to Lucky.

Maybe John was what he needed not the twins, Maybe there isn't a need to constantly search for something when it has been under his nose the entire time, they had been together for years and always saw eye to eye on everything. Maybe he was ready to settle down and John was quite a catch and seemed to return his advances. They were both getting older, maybe it was time to see where this could lead. No more maybe's... he knew what he wanted now, he just never knew what it before.

As they came to a thick patch of trees, Lucky suddenly stopped and pulled John in his arms. "John, I am not sure if I should say this or not but here goes. I know you like the back of my hand, you know me too and I am feeling like maybe we should see if we could be lovers or more. Maybe faithful partners to each other, how do you feel about that?" he waited for a reply. "Peter I have wanted that for years sweet man, I was waiting for you to sow your wild oats." John laughed. Lucky pulled him tighter to his body, ran his hand through his long brown curly hair and moved his face closer to his for their first kiss. They both felt the shock waves as their lips touched and when their tongues touched they both moaned loudly. They kissed slowly, sweetly, hands in hair, hands on faces and holding each other. John pulled away "Race you home." He got out of Lucky's grasp and began to run as fast as he could as Lucky followed laughing loudly, feeling like a teenager. They ran through the house and to the bedroom where Lucky caught up breathing heavy, all smiles.

He grabbed John in his arms "Got you!" he laughed. "Yes Peter, forever and always. Please make love to me.... Make me yours and you mine for all time." Lucky threw him on the bed and stood at the end and smiled at John "Are you sure right now...I have been working all morning and I'm sure that I am not fresh as a daisy?" he answered. John began to undress, getting out of his uniform and Lucky's eyes were fixed on the show. "I love the smell of a hard-working man, the smell turns me on immensely, come to me Peter." Lucky stood frozen, speechless like a deer caught in headlights by the sight of John's almost nude body. He was absolutely magnificent, tanned all over, large veined muscles and my lord was he hairy. As he removed his boxers, his 9 inch hard cock and big hairy balls came into view Lucky let out a deep throaty moan. John smiled, stood on the bed and turned 360 degrees and asked "You like Peter?" Lucky laughed "You are magnificent baby, truly the most gorgeous body I have ever seen!"

John lay down on his back and propped his head with pillows. "Your turn, strip for me Peter, show me what you got. Slowly, very slowly." Lucky bowed and said "My pleasure Sir, yes Sir." Laughing as he teased John. He slowly removed his t - shirt and threw it to the side. He unbuckled his belt, slowly pulling it through the loops and let it fall to the ground. He quickly unlaced his boots, removed them along with his socks and pushed them away. Smiling, staring in John's emerald green eyes, he slowly unbuttoned and lowered the zipper on his jeans, pushing them to the floor, kicked them aside, left in only his silk black boxers. Lucky slowly, very slowly pushed down the waist band, inch by inch until his 10 inch long by 8 thick inch monster was fully exposed along with is extra-large low hanging balls. He kicked them away and did the same 360 degree turn that John had done "You like what you see John?"

John yelled "Fuckin A right! Damn Peter, Mr. Porn Star... get your ass over here so I can touch you. Please Peter, I need to feel you... now!" They were both laughing now as Lucky crawled into the bed and they tangled themselves together hands roaming, rubbing and touching wherever they could reach. Their lips came back together and they felt that spark through their whole bodies again, they allowed their tongues into each other's mouths and rolled around the bed, pressing their bodies tightly together and kissing deeply. John was the first to break the kiss as he pressed his face on Lucky's neck and breathed deep. "You smell so great Peter, I could almost cum from your smell." He moved his face to his armpit and inhaled deeply and growled loudly "O Peter your odor is divine... my I lick your hairy pit?" Lucky moaned "Baby, I am all yours and you can do anything... all things... everything you want to me." John laughed "That's my man... yes... God you are amazing Peter." "So are you baby... so are you."

John dove in and feasted in Lucky's pit, he loved it and moaned with appreciation. Too soon he moved to his tits, licking, sucking and biting as Lucky moaned begging for more, then to his other pit. Both men were in heaven. "I have to taste your monster cock." John said as his mouth traveled down his abs to his thick bush. Again he mashed his face and nose in breathing deeply "You are never allowed to bathe again Peter... you smell better than any other man I have been with." He licked and pulled his bush crawling between his legs, John spread them and placed his face deep in where Lucky's leg meets his crotch. Smelling, lapping and sucking to both their delight. "Damn John, no man has given me so much intense pleasure, please don't stop." He switched sides and Lucky grabbed handfuls of the bed sheets.

When he took one of his balls in his mouth, Lucky screamed out "Yes... fuck yesss...suck my balls baby... ssoooo good." John smiled, he loved giving pleasure to his man, he stopped sucking balls and licked up that monster cock and swallowed it whole all the way to Lucky's nuts. "FFFFUUUCCCCKKKKK..... YYYEEESSS... suck me.....!!!!" Lucky screamed. He bucked his hips grabbed John's head holding him down on his cock as John moaned. The vibrations were unbelievably intense "Son - of - a - bitch" Lucky yelled releasing his head so he would not choke him. John slurped, sucked and nibbled his monster cock, the taste of it, the feel of it and the massiveness of it was driving him mad. "Yes baby... getting close...fuck... do me." said Lucky. John doubled his efforts to get his reward of hot sweet cum form that wonderful dick and it didn't take too much longer. "Yes... bbbaaabbbyyy... hhhaarddderr... yes...yes...fuck...cummiiinnnggg." Lucky's big balls shot tons of cum into John's waiting, wanting mouth, he had to swallow fast to keep up with it all and he moaned in satisfaction the entire time.

Huffing and puffing for breath, Lucky lay there as John lapped and cleaned him spotless. By the time John was done, he had somewhat recovered but was hard as steel again. John slide up next to him and he hugged him tightly "Damn baby, no one has ever been to make me cum so fast." Lucky laughed. "My pleasure Sir, truly my pleasure." John said and suddenly Lucky flipped him on his back and lay on top of him. "My turn... let's see if I can make you cum quicker, shall we?" John giggled "Ha! No way sweet man... 100 bucks says you can't!" Lucky laughed hard, "Gambling man, I will make you put your money where your mouth is, you are on baby!"

Lucky softly kissed him and John moaned in delight as they felt those shock waves yet again. He slipped his tongue in and swirled all around tasting all of John's sweet mouth "I could kiss you for hours baby, you taste so sweet." His mouth moved to John's neck licking, lapping, and sucking "Uuummm yes Peter." He moved to his hairy chest and large nipples, licking, kissing and biting. "Yes Peter, suck my tits... love it." He pressed Lucky's head down hard against his chest and he bite hard. "Fuckkkk yyyeesss... eat those tits." John screamed. So he loves tit play thought Lucky.

He soon moved further down, licking and kissing, his mouth never leaving Johns body, he tasted delicious. When he finally got to John's beautiful cock, he found a pool of pre-cum, which he greedily lapped up before swallowing his dick whole. "Peeetttteeeerrrr... yyeeesssssssss...oooo suck me ...suck me." John groaned. With his cock in his throat, Lucky grabbed his balls and pulled and he bucked and growled at his manipulations. He knew how to suck cock and used all his tricks to get John to cum, rolling his tongue, sucking hard, lightly biting the head and using his throat muscles to milk him dry. "Ccclloosseee Peter, ddooo nnnottt sttoop... yes..yes..yes... hhheeerrrreeeiiiiiccccuummmm..." John screamed at the top of his lungs. He shot 2.. no.. 4.. no 6 times hard long gushing streams to Lucky's pleasure as he ate it all up and cleaned him thoroughly.

They both collapsed, sweating and laughing "I want my money baby." Lucky said. "We can take it out in trade when I get my breath back." John giggled. "You promise? Your sweet ass for 100 bucks... deal baby." They lay quiet, neither moving ... Lucky's head on John's stomach, softly, rubbing and touching each other, both very content. "What time is it Peter? I need to go and start on supper." "Hell no... I am so comfortable, you are not allowed to move." They both laughed staying put, still touching each other sensually. "What about the boys? They are going to need something to eat?" "Our needs trump theirs... they are grown men and can fend for themselves for one night. I want us to stay just like this for a while baby, you feel so good." John let out a heavy sigh "It does feel wonderful, Peter you are an amazing man." Lucky smiled "We are amazing together baby, please stay?" John laughed "There is nowhere I would rather be Peter, nowhere."

Part #3 soon ..... thanks for reading and posting....A.


A. Williams

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