Garden Boys #3

By : A. Williams

    They both dozed off so satisfied and comfortable with each other. Sleeping deep Lucky snored softly, John is the one that woke up to twelve pairs of eyes staring at them totally naked and splayed out on the bed. "What the hell do yall want?" he fired. "Supper" they said in unison. "Boys please... you can fend for yourselves for one night... I am NOT moving." John said firmly. They snickered as they moved off and went to the kitchen.

    John lay there thinking over the last few hours in his mind. He was so happy that Peter wanted them to be faithful partners, they seemed to click together nicely in bed so far. He reached down and rubbed and played with Peter's hair, he had not moved an inch. Still between his legs, his head resting on John's stomach and his strong hand holding his thigh.

    Lucky stirred "Hello Baby... that feels so good, you playing with my hair. I am ready to collect on our bet." He said laughing under his breath. "We need a shower first and maybe some supper." John said. Lucky laughed out loud "I thought I was ordered to never bathe again? I thought you loved my smell?" He could see John's cock coming to life at the thought of his musky scent. "Yes baby you are so ready for round two. Let's piss and get at it sexy baby... that sweet ass is mine." Lucky said getting up and grabbing John's hand dragging him to the bathroom for the piss.

    They relieved their bladders and ran back to the bed and jumped in laughing. They tangled up in each other kissing, feeling and laughing again acting like teenagers. So into each other...getting worked up again... wanting each other so badly. Lucky rolled John on his back and held him there. He looked him in the eyes "Time to collect on that bet baby." He threw his legs over his head and looked at his sweet ass. Nice and tan...plump cheeks and a nice red hole almost hairless.

    He smiled at John from between his legs "Delicious baby, so fucking sexy." Lucky dove in his sweet ass licking, sucking and biting. John was moaning and groaning "Yes... eat me my pussy....feeeellllllsss sssooo good ... Peter yyyeeess."

    Lucky grabbed the lube and greased them both up and slipped in two fingers in John's ass. "Yes ...Peter get me ready for your monster." Lucky smiled and placed the head of his cock at John's red hole. He leaned over and kissed him... "Ready baby?" "Yes Peter please make love to me... I want you so... go darling." Lucky pushed and slide in and they both moaned out. He pressed on until he was all in, John's ass was on fire and tight as hell. "Baby, you feel so wonderful." He locked lips with John again tongues wrestling and spit falling. He pulled back out slowly and they both moaned in the others mouth.

    "Peter you are so big....OOOO...feels so full....yes...yes." John mumbled between kisses. In slowly...out slowly... Lucky was holding back his desire to fuck his brains out, he wanted to give John pleasure first. A new feeling for him...putting someone else first before his own needs. He took his time, "Baby you are so tight, uuummmm, so good baby." Lucky whispered in his ear while licking and nibbling it. "Peter, faster... god I am close already." John whispered as he wrapped his legs around Lucky and tightened his grip on him.

    Three... four more strokes and John was locked in a full body spasm orgasm... shooting all over Lucky's chest and his own. Lucky did not slow one bit... thrusting all the way through and going into round two. "John baby, I want you to cum again, with me this time. Damn baby so fucking hot." John laughed "Stud...damn...fuck me hard on... give it to me!"

    Lucky went full on fucking and rutting then. Hard man sex... full throttle. They were both moaning and groaning loudly. Both men fucking the other hard... screams soon were heard all over the house...






    They came together hard...mind blowing hard... over and over. Then both men collapsed in a sweaty cum covered mess with huge smiles plastered on their faces. It took half an hour until John had recovered enough to talk "Peter are you still alive?" he laughed. "Barely baby... Damn baby that was the best mind blowing sex I have ever had." They both laughed hard. "Peter ... sweetie... you are one hell of a lover. You are spoiling me for all other men you know." Lucky rose up and kissed John "You have already spoiled me baby, Damn that sweet ass and that wonderful cock and sweet cum... I better hush before I get horny." He laughed.

    John rose up off the bed hand out "Come sweetie, let's shower and get supper." Lucky allow John to lead him off and start the shower and place him in the water. They washed each other head to toe kissing but no more sex... they were still trying to recover. They dried and John asked "Do you have something I can wear sweetie?" Lucky tossed him a pair of silk sleep pants "Try these baby, they feel so good and soft on your body." Lucky put his on and when John was dressed in his, he pulled him in his arms. "You are one special man John, my baby." He gave him a sweet kiss and pulled back. "Sweetie so are you. You are one hell of a lover and I think your bed is our bed from now on." John placed a sweet kiss back on Lucky.

    "Damn right baby, move in tonight." Lucky was so happy with the way things were moving forward with them as a couple. "Let's get supper sweetie." John grabbed Lucky's hand and started toward the kitchen. They walked in the kitchen hand in hand bare chested and looking guilty. The boys had heard the screams of passion and stood giving them a standing ovation.

    They bowed together smiling with complete satisfaction. They kissed and John went to the kitchen and Lucky to the table. "Tomorrow is the party boys... are we ready?" James spoke up "Yes Sir, I think so. The logs are set around the bon-fire... brush and logs are ready to burn. The area for the band is ready...electric cords and all that hooked up to the barns generator. The tables are set up for the food and the pig cooker has arrived loaded with coals and wood."

    Lucky was happy everything was coming together so nicely. John came in and placed a plate in front of him and bent over, his curly brown hair falling on Lucky's shoulders as he planted a kiss on his neck and whispered "Fuck sweetie I want you right now... Peter you are all I think about." He laughed out loud and held his head in place feeling those brown locks in his hand and loving the feeling of his lips on his neck... "UUUUMMMM, baby so nice."

    Lucky shifted his body and kissed John on the lips. "Come baby, sit with me and let's eat together sexy man." All the boys and everything else melted away as their eyes looked, brown to green. They feed each other bites of the wonderful Mexican omelet John and prepared for Lucky. Lost in each other, lost in these feelings they were having. Both men thinking...... could it, could this be love...?????

Part 4 coming soon......... Thanks for reading and posting ....A.


A. Williams

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