Note. In this part I have started to move the theme towards 'college'. The future chapters will have a lot of sex, muscle and bondage like in the previous chapters. The main characters will however be in college as G.Y.M. has closed its doors.


The following morning Rex went back with us. Both our nuts were full as we did not blow since two weeks ago. I planned Rex's first sex to be an awesome experience. That evening Sean, Rex and I went out to a restaurant.

We were just leaving the restaurant when I received a call from Rocco.

'Marc, can you come back to G.Y.M. - now? John wants to see us all in the pool area ASAP.'

'Something wrong?'

'I don't know...... sounds serious.'

'Ok. Give us half an hour.' I said to Rocco.

'Wat's up? Aren't we going to a club?' Sean was looking forward to his first visit to a gay club. Hearing me on the phone with Rocco was not exactly what he wanted to hear.

'Yea, we are going. Just have to go to G.Y.M. to hear what John wants to tell us. I can drop you at the club and join you later.'

Sean thought about it for a moment and then said: 'No, I want you to be there with me..... just in case you have to protect me from the wolves.'

We all chuckle. Just imagine a big guy like Sean needing protection in a gay club - well on second thoughts, an awesome stud like him may easily fall prey to 'wolves'.

We all went back to G.Y.M. and Rex and Sean waited in my room while I joined the other G.Y.M. guys to hear what John had to tell us.

When I entered the pool area, Rocco came over to me and put his arm around me. I found it strange that the guys were not fooling around, so as if they suspected some bad news. Kev was sitting alone on a recliner, not even looking in my direction.

'Thanx for coming back from your date Marc. Now that we are all here....... it's best that I get this over as soon as possible.' There was a serious under tone in John's voice - something I never heard before.

'Guys, something personal came up in my life and I have no other option but to closedown G.Y.M. I will payout the remainder of your contracts and you may stay on here at G.Y.M. HQ for the next three months.'

No one said a word. We just looked at John in disbelieve.

'Any questions? ............ If there are no questions, then you are excused.'

I was the first to leave with Rocco following me. I think he could see that I was in a foul mood.

'It's OK Marc..... shit happens all the time.'

I was getting more emotional by the moment and when I entered my room I lost it completely.

'Fuck this Rocco! Everything sucks! Just as I thought I'm getting a grip on my life, this happens! FUCK THAT!' I fell onto my bed and just stared into the ceiling.

'What's wrong?' Both Rex and Sean were surprised by the sudden change in my mood.

'G.Y.M. is closing down.' Rocco answered the question.

My mind was back at the first real disaster in my life. I did not hear what the guys were saying. I don't know how long I was in my own terrible world. I was brought back to reality when Rocco wiped the tears from my face.

'You wanna talk about it?' Rocco was now lying next to me with his one arm over me, pulling me into him.


I could not tell them. Losing face or maybe...... the fuck I don't know why, but I could not tell them. Maybe loosing complete control of my emotions.

'You are with buddies, your secret will be safe with us. You will feel better if you get it out of your system. No matter what it is, we will understand.' Sean was now also trying to get me out of my bad mood.

'They are right Marc, verbalizing your thoughts will help you think more clearly.... and then the situation will not seem so hopeless.' Rex put his one hand on my thigh.

It took some more convincing before I told them how I lost my parents a week before my eighteenth birthday, how I fought social services to get custodianship over my sixteen year old brother to keep him out of an foster home.

All those years I was looking out for him, protecting him and when I joined G.Y.M., I walked out on him. Since then I did not made contact with him, afraid that he will reject me if he ever finds out that I am gay.

Sean was the first to respond. 'You have to come out to your brother. Where does he live?'

'I can't tell him. I can't lose him.'

'Sooner or later he will find out about you and then it will be worse than you telling him. And by the way how do you know he will reject you?' Sean said.

The discussion went on till late that night and eventually the guys convinced me to go and see my brother the next day.

The next day was a real anticlimax at G.Y.M. The guys were coming and going and no one was in the nude. Everyone was moody. Sean went back to his place and I wondered if our relationship will now also come to an end. Rocco had to take care of some private business and said he will join us later the afternoon before I go to see my brother.

I took Rex on a sight seen of the city. The whole time I thought how I will come out to Rudi. I must have been the worst ever tour guide.

Back at G.Y.M. Rocco and Sean were waiting for us. When we left John saw us passing his office.

'Marc, can I see you for a moment?'

I went into his office.

'You may want to have this. No one watched it.' He handed me the DVD of my first fuck with Rico.

'Thanx.' I took the DVD.

'You guys going out? Take any car you like and enjoy your evening - and remember, we are still here if you need us to come and help if you guys get into trouble.'

'Thanx, John.'

On our way to the car, Rocco said: 'Is that the educational DVD? When can we watch it?'

'Yea, and no, you are not old enough..... the contents are..... shall we say..... of an adult nature and I don't want to corrupt your young mind.' Everyone was laughing.

'No serious, when can we watch it?' Rocco heard about that evening and was very keen to see what happened.

'It's only fair that Rico give his consent and that he is present when we play the DVD.'

'Fair enough. Just don't take too long to ask him.' I could sense Rocco was getting horny.

It took about forty minutes drive to Rudi. I parked the car in the driveway. As soon as we got out, I heard someone talking louder than normal inside the house.

Rex, I thought it was him, made a comment about a lovers' quarrel. I knew someone was fucking with Rudi and I just knew I had to be there for him. Without a word I stormed into the house.

When I reached the kitchen Rudi was standing with his back to me. Facing my direction was another guy, obviously angry and shouting at Rudi.

'And here's another one of your fuck buddies! I told you no one is allowed into the house without my permission, but no, you fucken ignore me!' The fucker talked to Rudi while looking at me.

While Rudi turned around to see who the fucker was referring to, the fucker said to me: 'Get the fuck out of here before I break your neck!'

In the meantime, Rocco followed me and was standing behind me in the doorway. The fucker that fought with Rudi must have been stupid or something, I mean no one in his right mind would threaten a big guy like me, even less so if the guy you threaten had a big guy like Rocco as a backup.

'Excuse me, what did you say?' I could feel the adrenalin rush, just like the day in G.Y.M. when I fucked up the guy that raped Shawn.

'You heard me, cunt fa.......' He did not complete his sentence.

Just like the day I stood up for Shawn, I acted on instinct. Rudi did not say a word. Rocco just said 'WOW!'

It took a few minutes for the fucker to come around. Rex and Sean were now also in the kitchen, looking at the scene.

'Who did that?' Rex was the only one that has never seen what I can do to a guy.

'You don't wanne fuck with Marc or his buddies.' Was Rocco's comment as answer to Rex.

'Clean up your fucken mess and get the hell out of my house!' I was ready to do some more damage to the fucker's face.

'Take what you need for the night and come back for the rest of your stuff tomorrow.' It was the first time since we arrived that Rudi said something.

We watched the fucker cleaned the blood from the floor and when the place was cleaned to my satisfaction, I said: ' Rex, Sean, Rocco, will you please escort this shit.'

When everyone was out of the kitchen, I took Rudi in my arms and pulled him into a tight embrace. 'I'm so sorry Big Boy......I should never have left you like that'

I could feel Rudi's body slightly trembling in my arms. 'Not your fault Bro, I learned quite a lot.... and I made a few mistakes.'

Rudi was becoming more emotional and I could feel the tension in his body.

'What was this all about?.... Him calling me one of your..... fuck buddies?'

Rudi did not answer me, instead he hold me tighter and begin to cry.

'It's ok little brother..... you can tell me..... I'm..... I'm also.... gay.' I could barely get the words out and was now also crying.

'Me .... too.'

The other guys must have seen us standing in each other's arms and cry and realized that I came out to Rudi. Like good buddies they left us alone to enjoy the emotional moment between two brothers.

'I'm so .......' I was interrupted by Rudi.

'You are....' He stopped in mid sentence.

'Ok, you first.' Rudi chuckled.

'No, you go first.' I smiled and gave my awesome bro a kiss.

'You are so hot Bro.... and all these years I did not realize you were gay. If I just knew.... boy o boy!' Rudi moved his hands over my muscled back.

'It's not years Bro. I only realized that I'm gay after I left. You have someone special.... a boyfriend?'

'No. You are the first person I came out to.'

'So..... you still a virgin?'

'Yea..... waiting for the awesome knight to rescue me.' He chuckled.

'You are so cute Little Brother. This time I'll make sure of the knight's noble intentions. And if he is a dark knight, I will challenge him to protect your honor.' We both laugh.

'So who is the special guy in your life? I hope it's only one of these hunks with you' Rudi was now more serious.

'They are all special to me, I love them all, as buddies, ..... but..... the one I really love is not here. Come, let me go and introduce you to my buddies.'

When we entered the living room, all the guys stood up, waiting for an announcement.

'Guys, his is my awesome little brother Rudi.... and only find out a few minutes ago that he is gay like me, Rudi, these guys are my best buddies.' I gave Rudi a slap on his hot ass.

Before I could introduce them, they introduced themselves with buddy hugs.

Sean looked at me while still hugging Rudi: 'WOW, Marc, you have an awesome hunk for a bro!'

'Hey, don't corrupt my innocent little brother's young mind. Rudi, be warned! Sean is a wolf, don't trust him.' I chuckled.

'Rudi, don't believe your Bro, he taught me what I know.'

'You lie; you corrupted my noble young mind, just like you wanna do to my little bro.'

'MMMMM...... Bro, maybe you must teach me too.' Rudi enjoyed the attention.

'I have a better plan.' Rocco joined in. 'Why don't we all teach Rudi? With our combined knowledge and skills he will be irresistible.'

'O Lord, have mercy on all the young guys roaming the face of this earth!' Rex added his complement to Rudi.

'Don't worry Rudi, we are now your buddies and we will teach you all you need to know. No matter what, we will always be there for you. Welcome to the brotherhood.' Rocco voiced our approval of Rudi as a member of our group.

We chat for a while before Rex drew our attention to the fact that we are all hungry, since we last had something to grab at breakfast. 'What you guys say, we go grab a bite somewhere. I can feel little Rex is losing his strength.'

'Why don't we start a fire and have a barbecue? I made a suggestion.

Everyone voted in favor of the barbecue. As we planned what to buy, the doorbell rang. Rudi was immediately tensed.

'You expecting someone?' I asked the question to rule out the possibility that that other little shit has returned.

'Uh.... yea.... it's a guy I met the other day. He said he's coming over tonight.' Rudi was visibly tensed.

'What's wrong, you don't want him here?' Rocco asked what was also on my mind.

'No.... I mean yes.... I want him here.'

'But?' Rocco asked

I realized what it was. 'He doesn't know you are gay?...... and you are afraid of his reaction when he sees us.'

'He is straight and I don't wanne lose him as a friend. Please guys, don't let him find out.'

'Well you must tell him sooner or later. Better you tell him before he finds out from someone else. And if he rejects you, then he was not worth to be your friend.' Sean basically repeated what he said the previous night to me.

'You have a crash on him?' Rex put the question to Rudi before I could. The bell rang again and we did not get an answer.

Rudi was in no state to meet the guy at the front door so I said: 'I'll go and get him. Just get a grip bro..... I'll play for some time.'

When I opened the door, I had the surprise of my life, but Shawn was even more surprised.

'What...... What are you doing here..... I mean I did not expect to see you here..... Shit! I mean you know Rudi?'

'Hey Shawn, how's it hanging bro? Yea man, only visiting my brother.'

'Rudi is.... I mean he is your bro?!..... No Shit man! ...... Uh..... I'll come back later..... uh..... I don't.....'

'Shawn! Calm down! What's the problem with you?'

'Marc..... fuck.... Rudi doesn't know?.... I mean you did not... uh...did you tell him?.... I don't want to lose him as a friend..... I mean he is straight.... and he will never talk to me again if he knows about what happened at G.Y.M. ...... Fuck! That's all I need right now. I'm fucked man!.... Shit!'

'Well you must tell him. Better you tell him before he finds out from someone else.' I tried to quote Sean.

'I can't man..... I mean ..... fuck...... he will not understand..... how can I tell him .... I'll never be able to do that ..... See you later.' Shawn turned around to leave.

I got hold of his arm and swing him around. 'Are you ashamed of something? Who said Rudi will judge you? If he is your friend, you must tell him. If you are ever going to trust me, you must do it now.'

'Marc..... I cannot please.....'

'Fucken calm down bro... you act like a teenage girl!'

'Please I cannot face Rudi right now..... I'll come back later.'

'So you cannot trust me? ..... If you leave now, you don't deserve my friendship..... so shut the fuck up and get control over yourself. Now get your ass into the house.'

Shawn was in a total flat spin. Without a further word I pushed Shawn into the direction of the living room. When we entered the room I immediately introduced him to the guys to prevent Rocco and Sean to mention the other day at G.Y.M. Both Rocco and Sean looked at me as if they wanted to say that they have met. Before they could spill the beans, I raised my eyebrows and with only my lips I said to them to shut the fuck up. Rudi and Shawn were like cats on a hot tin roof - not knowing what to say or to do.

Rocco came to the rescue: 'Shawn, you are just in time for the barbecue. Rex, you come with me to the supermarket, the other guys can start the fire.'

After the guys left, Shawn and Rudi just stood there, totally jittery. It was actually cute to see the two guys so unnerved.

'Hey, you guys heard the Man, get your asses moving and start the fire. Sean come, let's go and see what's for salads.'

Rudi and Shawn left for the patio and Sean followed me to the kitchen.

'Why did you introduce me to Shawn..... and told me to shut the fuck up?'

'Well I want them to come out to each other on their own.'

'They not knowing they are both gay?'

'No, can't you see how nervous they are. They have a secret crush on each other and both think the other guy is straight and they are shit scared to come out.... afraid they will be rejected.... and ..... and ..... and .....'

'How sweet!. Don't you think we must help them?'

'I am helping them..... but they must come out on their own. I stopped Shawn from running away when he saw me at the front door..... and that's why I sent them to make the fire..... to give them privacy. I gave them enough hints, the ball is now in their court.'

Sean gave it a thought for a few seconds. 'Well if they don't make a move within the next 10 minutes, we must intervene. If they don't get it off in that time, they will not have the guts to do it when the other guys are back..... and if they don't pull it off tonight, I'm afraid we will never get them together again.'

'MMMMMM ..... you right. So what do you suggest?'

'If nothing happens in 10 minutes, we go out there and start kissing and feel each other up. That may make them hot and get things going...... and if that doesn't work, I will start cuddle with your bro. I still want to feel his hot muscle body.'

'Why can't I cuddle with Shawn?'

'Because you already had your fun with him...... you blow him back at G.Y.M. ..... remember?'

'You are just jealous.' I chuckled.

Sean stuck his tongue out and before he could move away, I had my hand on the back of his head, pulling his head to mine and sucked his tongue. Sean got hold of my crotch and worked my dick to a raging hard on.

I pulled away from him. 'Behave yourself. There's kids in the house.'

'Don't worry, they know more about sex than we do.'

We both laugh and went outside to join Rudi and Shawn.

'How are you guys hanging?' I tried to get the chat going.

'Cool. Shawn just told me he is quitting football at the end of the season.'

I know the reason but pretended not to know. 'So what you gonne do Shawn?'

'Concentrating on bodybuilding. Just looking for a workout partner.... someone that shares my commitment and passion.' He looked at Rudi.

'Yea, you have a good foundation to build on. You will do well. You will kick a lot of ass.' I said.

I look at Rudi. 'You have put on a lot of muscle lately. You and Shawn will make a great team. You are a perfect match ....... looks like your stats can be the same.'

They eye each other but no one made a move to ask the other one to be his gym buddy. I thought to myself 'are you two fucken stupid of what? Here I've set the perfect opportunity for you and you just stand there...... fuck! Get alive man!'

Sean reckoned it's time to move forward and he stepped in behind me and put his arms around me. Both his hands found their way under my T to my washboard abbs and he started feeling me up.

The two boys gave as a nervous look, trying to be discrete. Now and then they would sneak a quick look at each other, but trying not to be caught.

After a while Sean really turned things on and moved his one hand into my Levi's till he got hold of my dick. It did not take long before I start moaning. Sean kissed my neck while he worked me up.

'Fuck Marc, you are one hot fuck!' He whispered in my ear, but loud enough for the two lover boys to hear, then gave my earlobe a suck and pulled away from me.

The two boys were as horny as hell. I could see the bulges in their Levi's. It's just a matter of time now.

Sean moved over to Rudi and took place behind him, just like he did to me. Rudi started to tremble and Shawn looked very annoyed.

'Are you just as hot as your bro?' Sean asked Rudi.

Shawn gave me a look and I winked at him.

Just as Sean moved his hands under Rudi's T, Shawn said in a very determined and threatening voice: 'NO, don't you touch him! He's mine!' He moved over to Rudi and they took each other in their arms, in a tight embrace.

Sean had succeeded in his goal and moved away from Rudi. I nod my head in the direction of the living room and Sean followed me. Just as we reached the door I heard the two boys crying and the words I was waiting for.

'I'm gay..... so am I ....... I love you so much...... and I love you so much.....'

I closed the door behind us and took Sean in my arms and for the second time that evening I cried. Sean was also crying. We just got control over our emotions when Rex and Rocco walked into the room.

'I thought I said you must get the fire going?' Rocco said to us.

'Sorry dude, we made a mistake, we started a furnace.' Sean answered him.


I nod my head in the direction of the patio and Rocco looked to see what I indicated.

He saw the two boys still in each other's arms and kissing. 'How sweet man.... fuck the fire, it can wait.'

Rex fetched us something to drink and while we waited for the two boys, we told each other how we came out the first time.

Rudi opened the door and the boys entered the room with their arms around each other. They were all smiles. Inside the room they gave each other a kiss.

'Guys, we have an announcement to make. As from a few minutes ago, we are together. Shawn is moving in with me this weekend.'

'It's gonne be a busy weekend ...... I'm also moving back this weekend.'

'Why you moving back?' Rudi asked.

'You two are going to fuck like rabbits and someone must take care of things..... see that you two get your asses in the gym, taking care of the laundry, food and.... cleaning the place.'

'O..... and I thought you coming back to show us how rabbits are doing the thing.' Rudi for the first time had a witty answer to counter.

Everyone was laughing now. I stepped over to Rudi and Shawn and embraced them.

'I'm so happy for you two guys. Rudi, you take care of Shawn..... love him and always look out for him. Shawn you do the same for Rudi. You guys have witnessed what I can do to a guy.... so I'll be watching you.'

'Shawn was not here, when did he saw you fucking up a guy?' Rudi is not stupid and he immediately put two and two together.

'Shawn can tell you later.'

'So you two knew each other?'

'Yea, we've met.'

'And you knew all the time he is gay..... and you did not tell me?' Rudi cross question me.

'And neither did you tell me that Rudi is gay. Shawn also joined the cross questioning.

'Would you guys have preferred it differently? I mean wasn't it nice to come out yourselves?'

'You right Bro..... it was great. Thanx man.' Both hugged me and kissed me.

Shawn was the one that brought up my moving back. 'You really moving back Marc?'


'So what about G.Y.M?'

'G.Y.M. is no more. I'm jobless at the moment.'

'What's G.Y.M.?' Rudi asked

'Ahhh..... it's a group of guys that ..... how shall I say...... provide kinky sexual entertainment ..... ahhh for guys.' I was sort of embarrassed to tell him that I'm actually a paid fuck toy for other guys.

Rudi looked at me. 'So you are into kinky stuff? That's hot bro... Whow! And you Shawn?'

'Well I think it's hot... but still haven't done it... at least willingly.... But I'll tell you later.'

'Marc, I want to know where you and Shawn met and what's going on at G.Y.M. I need to know now... pleas.'

I told Rudi about G.Y.M., and how Shawn and I met. Rocco filed in the parts where I missed something and when we started with the Roman weekend, Rex and Sean went to start the fire for the barbecue.

'...... yea and your bro is in love with the guy that took his cherry.' Rocco finally end his story about the Roman weekend.

'Not to say he is in love with me. He did not even contact me since the weekend.'

'Why did you not contact him?' Rocco asked.

Before I could respond Shawn said: 'Bullshit! Rico is madly in love with you. The day at G.Y.M. he pleaded with me not to hurt you. He even promised me anything I want, just as long as I don't hurt you. Now you want to tell me he don't care about you.'

'I think you must show the DVD to your bro, Marc.' Rocco tried his luck for a second time to see the DVD.

'I told you earlier only if Rico said its ok.'

We were so busy telling Rudi about everything that Rex and Sean finished the barbecue and called us to help ourselves. We were just done when Rex received a call. Rex left the room to take the call in private and when he returned, he was clearly upset.

'Guys, I must leave. My brother was admitted to hospital. He was involved in a car accident... and he is in ICU.'

This is the kind of things that put me in overdrive. 'Rudi... see if you can book Rex online an air ticket. Rocco can you and Sean drop Rex at the airport.'

Within half an hour Rex was in the car. 'I'll come back for our deal.'

'Cool.... I'll make it up to you... call me when you have seen your bro.' I give Rex a last kiss. Will I see him again?

'I'm going to take a shower and then to bed. You two behave and don't wake me with your wild fucking.' I chuckled while I kiss my bro and Shawn good night.

While I was in the shower Rudi opened the door. 'Bro, tomorrow is a public holiday and I want to invite Rocco and Sean for breakfast. Can I use your phone to call them?'

'Help yourself bro.'


It was the first night since I joined G.Y.M. that I was sleeping alone....and believe me, I missed the hot muscle bodies of my buddies

A knock at the door woke me up. As always I was sleeping in the nude and during the night I've kicked the sheets off me. 'Yea come in if you are nude!'

I could hear the guys chuckle outside before they open the door. Each was carrying a tray with breakfast. As expected they were nude and rock hard.

'Hey you guys are spoiling me!... Glad to see you guys took the initiative to set the new dress code here at home. From now on it will be no clothes in and around the house'

'Anything for the hottest bro in the world. We thought the way you guys are always in the nude at G.Y.M. is awesome.' Rudi said while putting the tray down.

'Hey Marc, you not playing with yourself? Are you?' Shawn laughed when he saw my one hand still on my morning wood.

'No one to play with me..... so I have to do it myself.' I chuckled.

'No problem bro..... help is on the way.' Rudi and Shawn laughed as they leave the room.

To be continued.



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