From where I'm standing in the opening of the tunnel that connects the change room and the amphitheater-like arena, I had a clear view of the setup. The audience of twenty guys, all good looking guys (they all looked aged between 22 and 25 and stinking rich), were sitting in a single row about 5' above the arena floor.

The arena floor is circular about 16,5' in diameter with a rotating wooden floor about 10' in diameter in the center. The wooden floor was rotating slowly, completing one full circle every 3 minutes to allow the audience a clear view of the show that would soon take place.

'The rules are simple' Kev my partner at G.Y.M. briefed the audience.' You know it all. Any violation and the show stops. Tonight.......' He continues with his speech.

To my left is a shelve where Kev and I earlier arranged all the toys that will tonight be used on me. There are studded black leather wrist and ankle cuffs; a wide studded black leather slave collar; mouth, arm and leg restrainers; a cock and ball cinch ring; a remote controlled vibrating probe that will barely fits the inside of my dick and a 4g CBB for my PA piercing. Tonight some guy will stretch my piercing from 6g to 4g.

The wide studded black leather slave collar is a vicious piece of equipment that I fear most of all the toys here. (Well the steel Iron Maiden for my cock, one with the sharp pins, I fear most. It was used once on me at G.Y.M. but Kev decided to leave it at G.Y.M. - so that my cock can still be used after the show, in case some hot guy wants to take me home after tonight's show). It consists of the outer leather strap and a narrower inner strap. The inner strap has several round ball studs, pointing to the inner side and the ends of the inner strap go through slits in the outer strap. On the ends of the inner strap are D-rings for attaching the wrist cuffs. Once fitted to a guy's neck, the studs will press onto the guy's throat and with the cuffs fixed to the D-rings the guy will choke himself it he struggles to pull his hands away from his neck.

To my right is a round wooden table with a black leather covered top. On the perimeter of the top are two heavy steel brackets positioned so that when my ankles are cuffed to them, my legs will be spread wide apart and my upper body from my shoulder blades to my head, will hang over the edge. With my hands cuffed to the two steel brackets on the legs nearest to my upper body, I will be properly restrained with my head the right height to be throat fucked while another guy has unrestricted access to my dick, nuts and inner thighs to violate them at will.

Next to the table is a stocks, just the right height so that when my neck and wrists are clamped and my feet are cuffed to the legs of the stocks, I will be ready to be throat and ass fucked simultaneously.

'As ordered by you some 4 months ago....' I hear Kev starts introducing me and I step forward onto the rotating wooden floor. '..... Marc. 5'10', a body builder with hard ripped muscles, 4,8% body fat, no tan lines, shaved accept his head, 7,5' cut cock and low hanging nuts. With the complements of G.Y.M., and not specified by you, he has some piercings that the lucky user from the audience will discover tonight, and lastly - 4 months ago Marc was as straight as an arrow. Two months ago he turned into a dominating top, but tonight he will give up his virgin ass to one of you while the rest of you will witness how our muscle boy is turned into a submissive bottom boy while he fights the restraints and show off his ripped muscle body'

The audience cheered while the bright overhead spotlights flooded me. I was dressed in tight fitting Levi's, commando as instructed by Kev, tight fitting black T-shirt and leather jacket and bare feet - ready for my 'master' for the evening.

Kev took an envelope from his pocket. 'You have selected the lucky guy by secret vote. Only the president and vice president of the club know his identity.... So let's open the envelope and reveals his name.'

Kev opens the envelope and read the note. He looked at me and smile. 'We have 2 lucky guys tonight. The note states the following..... Tonight will be the initiation of two new members and the G.Y.M. hunk, that's our guy Marc, will also be the birthday gift to the two new members who turn 19 tomorrow. The lucky guys are the twins Rohan and Rico.'

Under the cheers of the club members two identical, blond muscle boys jumped over the barrier that separates the arena floor from the audience and slowly walk towards me.

Their stats and mine are almost similar - 5'10', ripped from what I can see under their tight fitting Levi's and T-shirts, their abs and pecs are well printed off by the T-shirt and their packages look as if they fight to be released from their captivity. Fuck...... I'm glad that I will sacrifice my virgin ass to these awesome hunks.

Seeing the two twinks activated the potion Kev gave me earlier......

An hour before the show Kev and I arrived at the club. After we have arranged the toys, fuck table and stocks, Kev took me to the change room. The place was well equipped to prep a guy before a show. There are massage benches, a mini gym with barbells, leg press, peck-deck, pull-down and rowing machines as well as inverted benches for sit-ups - all to ensure a good pump. The walls were all lined with mirrors and the shower big enough for 4 guys to play in. In the shower was also a handheld shower with a nozzle for cleaning out a guy's ass.

I was doing my pumping routine in the nude - just like we do our workouts at G.Y.M. Halfway through my pumping session, Kev gave me a bottle. 'Drink this.' He said while tossing the bottle towards me.

'What's it'? I trust Kev but out of habit I asked.

'Just drink it. It's an energy drink with something extra added. You will need it tonight.'

The drink had a sweet taste, unlike other energy drinks we usually drink at G.Y.M. I down the bottle and continue to pump my biceps. Kev, standing in front of me, took his dick out of his pants and start stoking himself to a raging hard on.

'Fuck you Kev. Do you need to tease me'? My dick starts to throb.

'Only way to get your testosterone to the desired levels, muscle boy' he laugh while continue to play with his man meat.

I switch to a flat bench to do some flat bench flies. Kev came and stand spread legged over my head. 'Open your mouth' he said and lowers his dick into my open mouth. 'Do me with your tongue piercing and stick it into my piss slit.'

Fuck...... to concentrate on flies and doing a dick with your tongue piercing........

'WOW, you're good Marci. You wanna know what's in the energy drink?..... It's a special potion .... energy drink, a sex stimulant that will make you as horny as hell for 8 hours, but prevent you from cumming for 4 hours and something to make your dick raging hard and to keep it that way for 8 hours. The energy drink will kick in after 30 minutes and it will take you to high energy levels that will last for 7 hours. The other stuff will kick in after an hour.'

My body starts to tremble...... just thinking what's gonna happen tonight..... FUCK....

'Ok boy, you look good, go take a shower and clean yourself out, then dress and come to the arena.' Kev pulls out of my mouth, put his dick back into his pants.

'Kev....... I'm afraid I'm going to make a fool of myself.'

'You will do just fine bud. Have I told you how I lost my virgin ass?'

'Tell me..... maybe that will give me some courage.'

'It was two years ago..... I was 21 at the time, a total top with a hot virgin ass and an 18 year old guy cons me into giving up my ass to him...... it started with his older bro, one of my gym buddies, who wanted me to fuck his straight kid bro.'

......... I had a great workout and was admiring my pump in the locker room when Martin walked in. I love the way I look... and I was getting boned from feeling myself up.

'Great pump dude.... WOW! Man.... You look stunning. Even your love muscle is pumped.' Martin's eyes were fixed onto my dick.

'Fuck man...... my dick craves a straight virgin ass to fuck right now.' I said start stroking my hard on.

'Well I can arrange one for you.'

'I'll owe bro......'

'Consider it full payment once you took his virgin.' Martin said smiling.

My dick was throbbing in anticipation. 'So where is the straight boy?'

'It's my straight kid bro. He's 18 years old and much too cocky for his age. I want you to cut him back to size. Friday two weeks from now you can have his ass. I'll arrange a party at my place and you can do it any way you like.... Just as long as there are witnesses so he can't deny it afterwards.'

'Shit man, are u sure about this..... I mean it's your Kid Bro you throwing at me.'

'Yea man..... I'm sure. Just one thing.... You must jerk off for the last time this weekend and make it count. For the next two weeks you don't cum at all. I want you to have 2 weeks buildup cum to blow up his ass.' Martin gave me a slap on the ass and walk out.

The Friday evening started off like any party, guys making small talk and fooling around. Martin's kid bro was hanging around chatting to everyone and to me he looked like a shy 18 year old guy. It was obvious he worked out..... so at about 9 o'clock I decided it's time to put things in motion.

'Hi Joe, Martin told me you workout, so why haven't I seen you around in the gym?' I started a conversation about something that interests him.

'Yea, I'm trying.... Workout at the varsity gym..... but still have to put in many hours before I can even think of looking like you and Martin.' He said with a shy smile.

'So have you stood in any competitions?'

'Only once last month..... came first.'

'That's awesome..... may I see your pix?'

'Ok...... I told you it's not that good but if you insist.....' He starts walking towards the house and I follow him.

I decided to go with the flow and to follow my instincts.

His room was the room of real jock. A worn jockstrap and workout clothes were lying on the floor. His bed was unmade. A few posters of bodybuilders was hanging on the walls and the room had the smell of sweat, cum and a young guys musk.

Joe handed me his album. I sat down on his bed and start paging through the album.

'Fuck man! This is awesome.' I was honest because he really looked good.

Halfway through the album I said: 'Would love to see your muscles for real dude. Don't you want to show me?'

Without hesitation Joe took off his T. He was stunning, almost no body fat, really well muscled for an 18 year old guy. My dick starts to harden and I imagine the hot virgin ass that I will shortly add to those I have concurred thus far.

I stood up and look him over. I reach out to feel his hot muscles but stop my hand short from touching him. 'You mind if I feel your muscles?'

'Go ahead dude.' He said a bit shy.

Fuck man this is gonna be sweet...... fucking an 18 year old virgin muscle stud. I touch his pecs, first with just my fingers, don't want to scare him, then slowly I start feeling him up. When my hand reaches his abbs he gave a step back.

'You mind showing me what you've got' he said.

I took my T off and flex, giving him a private show. He just looked at me, not making an attempt to feel my muscles.

'How about your quads?' I encourage him to strip for me.

Without hesitation Joe dropped his tight fitting Levi's. Fuck what a package. I could see he is semi hard, but unfortunately what I want to see was covered by a jockstrap. I start feeling his quads, working my way up to his dick and balls.

'What about the rest?' I was horny and my dick was fighting for release from its prison.

'First I want to see your quads.' Joe said again with his shy smile.

'I'm commando, sorry dude.' I have to get him undressed first so I can stay in control.

'Not that I haven't seen guy's dick's before, you know...... unless...... you have something to be ashamed of...... then I'll understand.'

My first mistake - I unbuttoned my Levi's and push them down my muscled quads. My dick at last freed from his confined prison stood up to look at his next victim.

'You like what you see? How many virgins have you concurred with that fuck muscle?' He said while taking my balls in his hand and start massaging them.

'Quite a number and counting.' I could feel the testosterone and adrenalin rush that start to blank out my common sense. I should have flip fucked him there and then.

'Turn around, I want to see your ass' His voice tone has changed from that of a shy teenager to that of a guy in control.

Without thinking I turned around. I knew it was a mistake, but I was under the spell of this hot boy and it was actually hot to be ordered around by this young muscle stud.

He put his hands on my firm butt muscles and starts squeezing them. 'You are one hot fucker..... and how many dicks have fucked this ass?'

'Not one, I'm a total top.' I said and reached behind me to take hold of his hands but he moved away.

'Just remain as you are.' I hear him open a drawer and the next moment he puts a black studded slave collar around my neck.

'No dude, that's not gonna happen.' I said and moved away and turn around.

Immediately an expression of regret appeared on his face. Shit I've ruined my chances, now I can forget to fuck him.

'Sorry dude, I just wanted to see how hot you would look in this..... sorry man.... Let's go back to the party and forget it ever happened. I'm really sorry.'

I have to act quickly. 'Well if you really want to check it out...... then it's ok with me. It's just that it was a bit of a surprise that's all.'

'I understand Kev..... I was wrong'

'Joe please.... I want you to put that slave collar on me, please man it will be so hot if you do it.' The confidence returned to his face.

Joe fitted me with the collar. 'WOW man you look super hot. Fuck I know some guys outside that will fight each other to have you for the evening. Come and check yourself in the mirror over here.'

'Wow that's really hot.'

While I was checking myself in the mirror, Joe got a pair of leather wrist cuffs, a pair of leather ankle cuffs and a steel cock and ball ring.

'Can I fit these also......... please?'

'Yea that will be hot!'

I watch Joe fitting the rest of the stuff and I must admit it made me look super hot. My cock start dripping precum and I know if I don't fuck him soon I'll blow my nuts.

Joe stood behind me. 'Put your hands behind your head'

It was my final mistake. Immediately Joe clipped the cuffs to the collar.

'Turn around. Just the cock and ball ring then we are done. O and you wanted to see the rest of me.' Joe fitted me with the ring, gave my dick a few strokes and stood a few steps back. Without ceremony he dropped his jockstrap. His cock was rock hard.

'You want to feel it?'

Yea man, fuck..... un-cuff me. I can't do it with my hands cuffed to the slave collar.

'Who said you're going to use your hands? Don't you have a tongue? I'm sure you know how to feel a guy's dick with your tongue. On your knees, open your mouth fucker and use that mouth for what it was intended to be used.'

Under his spell, I drop to my knees like a slave boy that I have become within minutes from entering Joe's room. I open my mouth and he shoves his dick into my mouth, slowly fucking my mouth.

'O, yea man!!!!!! Fuck that's awesome..... just keep on sucking,,,,,,,'

I could feel Joe starting to reach the edge of no return, his panting getting harder and he starts thrusting his hips to get his dick down my throat. All of a sudden Joe withdraws from my mouth.

'That's enough for now..... I want to last long tonight....... to enjoy every moment while I play with you. Get up.'

Once on my feet, Joe starts feeling me up and telling me the most erotic things he wanted me to do to him.

'Ok stud..... time to join the party ..... we're losing out. Let's go.'

'I can't go out like this, fuck man, un-cuff me.'

'You ashamed of something? .... or are you scared to be fucked? Right now I'm in charge here muscle boy and you will do as I say.' Joe starts to squeeze my nuts and took me on tug behind him. I did not have a chance at all to get out of the situation.

When we reached the door leading onto the patio Joe let go of my nuts and put his open hand on my ass cheeks. He slipped his middle finger in between my ass cheeks and start playing with my virgin cherry.

'This cherry is ripe and long overdue for picking. Before the end of the party you will beg me to take your virgin and you are going to do it so that your buddies can hear it ...... and I'm going to fuck you with them as witnesses. Now your buddies think you are a tuff stud, so don't do anything to proof them wrong. Let's go.' Joe starts pushing me with his hand on my ass and we walk side by side onto the patio.

All the guys were standing in a circle listing to something Martin was telling. Martin, facing our direction stopped in mid sentence when he saw us. 'WHAT THE FUCK......' was his surprised reaction.

The other five guys turned our direction to see what was going on. John was the first to react. 'THAT'S HOT.... FUCK MAN..... WOW!!!'

Martin recovered from his initial surprise and was the second one to react. 'Joe, what the fuck is this all about?'

Joe immediately starts acting like a pretending to be innocent school boy who has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar and now wants to share the cookies with those who caught him. 'Uh..... Hey guys..... waz up... you can feel Kev up if yea want to.... that's ok with you Kev?'

The little fucker is clever. If I object I will lose face with my buddies, if I agree, it will be the start of the end of my life as a virgin top. 'Uh..... yea.... It's ok with me.'

'There you have his permission guys. Just don't make him cum... and o yes one condition, Kev would like you guys to be nude when you feel him up.'

Five of the guys at the party who work out at the gym, always hang around long after their workout, to walk into the locker room, hoping to see me in the nude. Now they have an opportunity of a lifetime, not only to see me nude but to feel me up while I can do nothing about it.

The guys start stripping as if they are playing the boys game 'Last to be nude is a pussy'.'

The first to claim my body was John. While he was busy with me I noticed that Joe was going into the house, leaving me with the horny pack of wolves.

After the last of the guys had his moment with me I heard Joe said: 'Thanx for priming him guys..... now my turn and I'm going to fuck his virgin ass.

'There's no way in hell you going to get that right. He's a total top and he will fuck you up.' Martin was still convinced that his kid bro was just talking big.

'If I do, then you give up your virgin ass to your boyfriend..... unless you are not tough enough to take it like Kevin.'

'Fuck you bro.... I can take it any time.... You're on. If you lose, then I decide who take your virgin.'

'Deal..... and it gonna happen tonight.' Joe looked at me: 'On your knees stud and make my fuck rod wet and juicy.... It's the only lube you gonna have.... Unless you want it dry.'

I went down onto his dick and after a few minutes Joe said to me: 'Ok on your back on the table, time to see what you are made off.'

The guys helped position me on my back and Joe put his dick onto my virgin cherry. Just as he was about to enter he stopped and un-cuff my hands.

'On second thoughts.... I'll rather not do it..... I don't want to fuck a guy against his will. Marc is a virgin and this will hurt him. Come, let me help you up dude.' Joe offered me his hand.

The little fucker is clever, that's for sure. If I don't beg him to fuck me, he won't do it and then my buddies will think I'm a scared pussy - just as he said to me when we exit the house.

'Joe, I want you to fuck me please.'

'You sure dude?'

'Yea man..... please I need you to take my virgin and to be rough on me.... Please fuck me.'

Joe entered me slowly and when I closed my eyes to concentrate not to feel the pain, he said: 'Open your eyes. I want you to remember this moment and the face of the guy that took your virgin.'

It did not take Joe long to shoot his young stud cum deep into me. I dropped my legs from his shoulders and lock them around his waist to pull him deeper into me and to hold him there for a long time.

I did a sit-up with Joe still hard in me, and put my arms around him, pulling him tight against me and start kissing him. Slowly I laid back, pulling Joe to lay on top of me. We were both lost for the world during the next few minutes that we tongue fucked each other.

Joe pulled his lips from mine, give me a hug and whisper in my ear: 'Now your ass belongs to me muscle boy.... and I want my ass to belong to you as well.... So will you do me the honor and take my virgin after you have recovered.... Please?'

Without waiting for an answer, Joe pulled out of my ass and turned to Martin's boyfriend.

'I believe you have the duty to rid your boyfriend of his virgin.... There is a set of wrist cuffs and a slave collar.... Cuff my bro..... just in case he tries to prevent you from fucking him.'

Martin was cuffed and fucked. All the guys were stroking their dicks while enjoying the show. After watching Martin losing his virgin. Joe said to the guys: 'Boys, one more virgin to go...... Kevin, my ass is yours if you want it.

By that time I was so horned that it took me only a few moments to blow my nuts into Joe's tight boy ass.

Martin was really impressed with his kid bro and with our consent he said to Joe: 'Bro, you are a real stud and the boys have decided that you are man enough to be one of the boys. So we are going to have the initiation now..... on your back and each guy are going to bond 69 with you. Each guy will swallow your load and you will swallow each guy's load. Kevin will go last'

What followed was the hottest show I have ever witnessed..... muscle guys going full out throat fucking each other till the early hours of the morning.

When it was my turn I said to Joe: 'This is going to be special for us after we took each other's virgins. Don't swallow my load.... We're gonna mixed our cum and then swallow it.'

Joe and I had massive loads. After we popped our nuts, I changed position and put my mouth on his. It took us a few minutes to mix the cum with our tongues before we eventually swallowed it.

The guys crashed at Martin's place for what was left of the night and if you wonder...... Joe and I topped each other several times till Martin and his boyfriend served us breakfast in the bed.

'Hurry up. We're running out of time.......'

Seeing the two twinks activated the potion Kev gave me earlier. My dick crave relieve from its Levi prison. I'm starting to get horny..... just wanna fuck.....

The two twinks now standing in front of me look me in the eyes. 'WOW! awesome, would have preferred a private 3 some, just you, my bro and I. I'm Rico and this is my bro Rohan.'

'Fuck Marc, you look great!.... You gonna be super man!.... What you say we continue this at our place afterwards.... Just us and your friend Kevin?'

'Nice to meet you guys. Well if we're satisfied with each other after the show, I'll like to fuck both your asses.... you two guys look like a great fuck. Let's start the show.'

Rohan put his hands on my side abs and slowly move them up to my pecs. When he feels my tit rings he smiled and in a very cocky tone he said: 'Nice, a real butty boy.... muscle man..... I'm gonna subdue you and fuck your ass till you beg for mercy.'

Rico had moved behind me and took my leather jacket off, revealing my muscular physique to the audience. Rohan let go of my tits and took hold of my T-shirt and slowly pull it upwards. 'Come boy, take of your T and reveal your muscles to your masters.'

To be continued........



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