When we entered the gym area, the new guys nearly caused a riot. The remarks passed by the G.Y.M guys and the way they tried to get to fuck the new guys was actually fun to watch. John let us have our fun before he restored the order.

'Guys, before I brief you, I want you to take one of these.' He took some stuff from a gym bag and starts tossing one to each guy. 'Let your buddy help you with it'

'NO fucken ways!!! We not putting this on.... Fuck that man... you not serious!!!!'

It was cock and ball cages!! The fuck are we going to put this shit on!!

'Calm down!!! Jerk off for the last time and then put it on. The cages will remain on till we arrive at the ranch. We want you to be super horned and with bursting nuts when the weekend starts. Trust me you will love it when the weekend starts.'

What followed was the biggest circle jerk ever held in G.Y.M. HQ.

Within seconds the guys started to pair off - Kev and Joe, not a surprise to me knowing that they lost their virgins to each other, Chris, Jacques and Brett - always fooling around. John, Jason, his partner Rocco and Rod formed a four some and lastly, Sean and Rico took me on.

Rocco left his group after a minute or two and came over to us. From the moment Sean walked into the room, Rocco was eyeing him - not that I mind, after all we share everything at G.Y.M., even our hot fuck partners.

'Hey bro, these two boys are too hot for you to handle them on your own.'

'I'm tougher than you think bro, but you are more than welcome to come and help me. Which one do you want?'

'Think I'll take you all three.... hang on I'll be back in a sec.' Rocco said and walked over to the toy shelve.

I could not see what he took from the shelf. On his way back to us, he stopped at the ice machine, took some ice and held it against his cock and balls.

Without wasting time, he put his soft cock in a cock and ball iron maiden and screwed the pins in so that his cock and balls will be really suffering once he starts to spot wood again.

When he reached us he handed me a pair of police cuffs. 'Hold on to this. I want you three guys to fuck me.... Everything goes.... Fuck my throat, fuck my ass.... I want you to cum in both my holes.... I want you to rape me, to fuck me up.'

My jaw dropped open; I can't believe what I hear. We all knew Kev as the horn dog amongst us and now we were proofed wrong - Rocco is the horny cock hound.

Rocco inserted the mouth restrainer and secured its holding straps around his head. The mouth restrainer was one with a tongue plate to hold one's tongue down, so it is impossible to use one's tongue to prevent a guy from sticking his dick all the way down one's throat.

He took the cuffs from me and cuffed his hands behind his back, then went down on his knees and spread them wide like a slave on display.

It was the best sight I have seen in a long time. There in front of me, on his knees, mouth restrained and open, ready to be throat fucked, with his muscular arms cuffed behind his back and powerless to defend himself, was a 22 years old blond muscle god. His pecs, dick and balls were open to be violated by me and his ass ready to be fucked.

Like all of us at G.Y.M. his body hair were permanently removed by lazar treatment and he had an awesome tan with no tan lines. His 4g PA CBB emphasized the beauty of his cock and his tit rings hung invitingly from his nips, decorating an awesome set of muscle slabs.

His 7.5 inch rock hard cut cock and low hanging balls, permanently ringed with a titanium cock and ball cinch ring, already suffering in the steel iron maiden. This boy really needs to be fucked ...... no raped as he requested us to do.

'Sean, feed him dick.... But hang on, don't cum, Rico move behind this fuck toy and violate his tits..... I want to hear him scream.'

Without questioning me, my two boys did as instructed and I went to stand next to Sean. I put my one arm around his waist, pulling him into me, my other hand on his pecs, playing and squeezing his nips real hard. Sean turned his face towards me and opened his mouth, inviting me to tongue fuck him...... FUCK what a hot boy I have picked up!!!

Rico was enjoying himself. He straddled Rocco's back with his thighs, fucking Rocco's back slowly while giving the blond muscle boy's tits a real hard workout. Even with Sean's dick down his throat, Rocco moaned like hell.

After some time I pulled away from Sean's mouth. 'Swap places.' I instructed my two boys.

With Rico's dick all the way down Rocco's throat and Sean now violating Rocco's tits, I took my place behind Rico. I went down on my knees and start eating out Rico's hot ass. This was obviously the first time two boys gave Rico joy because his muscled body started to tremble uncontrollably.

I sensed Rico getting near the point of no return and decided to stop before he blows his hot young muscle stud cum down Rocco's throat.

'Rico, get your mouth to good use - on your back and start wetting Rocco's hot ass so I can fuck him. Sean, cum play with my hot pecs - I wanne see if you can worship my hard muscles to the point where I blow my nuts.' I instructed Rico and Sean.

I took place before the hot blond muscle boy and slip my rock hard dick down his throat while the boys took their positions. Rico laid on his back with his head under Rocco's ass, making him wet and slippery for an ass fuck.

Sean was behind me, trying to enter my ass with his dick, but that's not gonne happen - I want my boy's first fuck to be a virgin ass.

Sean had his hands on my abbs, I moved them to my tits. 'Torture my tits boy - I want you to make me beg.'

'OK Stud.... your wish is my command....' Sean got hold of my tit rings and start going wild on my tits ..... twisting them.

My familiar lighting bolt shot from my tits right into my rock hard dick and full nuts.


'Take it boy!.... a muscle god like you don't complain.... Or are you a pissy?' Sean let go of the rings and start pinching my nips - fucking hard!!

'FUUUCCK...... UUUHHHHH ....!!!'

I threw my head back in reaction to the onslaught on my tits, my eyes closed to counteract the pain. Sean is now really torturing my tits. He interpreted my reaction as an invitation to tongue fuck me and put his mouth on mine. I had no resistance and open my mouth, allowing his tongue in.

After a few seconds Sean moved his hands to my biceps and start feeling them up. Slowly his hands moved to my wrists. Sean took my wrists in a strong grip and move my hands in-between us. He guided my hands - one to fist his rock hard dick and the other one to cup his nuts.

I took his dick in my hand and slowly started to wank him. Fuck..... I'm in fuck heaven - a hot muscle boy, cuffed on his knees, busy wanking me with his throat muscles and another one tongue fucking my mouth while I wank him.

Sean moved a bit back to give me more room to wank him. With his hands massaging my ass and his hot mouth on mine, I drifted away in paradise.

The next moment police cuffs were around my wrists and my hands were securely cuffed behind my back. With my eyes closed and all my concentration on the two hot boys working me over, I did not notice one of the other G.Y.M. guys handed the cuffs to Sean and whispered to him to cuff me.

'Ready to be fucked muscle boy?' Sean pulled away from my mouth and smile.

'Don't fuck me Sean!'

'Any reason why not? You can't stop me and you know it' Sean moved to stand next to me.

'Because..... because I'm not a virgin and I want your first ass to be a virgin ass..... that's why.....'

'Don't worry bud..... I just want to see how 2 cuffed muscle boys fuck each other. Now pull out your dick before you blow your nuts down Rocco's throat.'

I couldn't believe how kinky Sean all of a sudden became.... A few days ago when we first met he was embarrassed when I discovered his DVD and now he is taking the initiative - to let me fuck a guy while both our hands are cuffed behind our backs. Fuck this boy is hot as hell!!!

Rico moved out from under Rocco and when I pulled my dick from Rocco's mouth, Rico wend down on my dick and start sucking. I nearly blow my nuts but I pulled away just in time.

'Get up and move over to the fuck bench boys.' Sean was now in control and he enjoyed it - not every day that he can order 2 muscle gods around. His cocky attitude made me even more horny and I could see it had the same effect on Rocco.

Sean and Rico followed us. At the bench Rocco took position, after all this is what he wanted - to be fucked.

I left it to Sean to control the situation, to see how he handles it and obviously with my hands cuffed behind my back, I couldn't do anything but follow orders.

'Time for two muscle boys to fuck you Rocco. Marc will take your ass and you will taste a young stud's cum. Go for it Buddy..... rape his hot ass... he asked for it.' Sean moved to Rocco's front and forced his rock hard dick into Rocco's mouth and down his throat.

I was so hot for Rocco that I did not need any inspiration. To be under control of young Sean took me to a complete other world of sexual experience and without any delay I start to fuck Rocco's hot ass.

Sean fucked Rocco's throat, first slowly and with passion, then faster and harder till he fucked himself into a frenzy.

All the other G.Y.M. guys had blown their nuts and have moved over to us. Rocco's body was now glistening with that sweet sexual sweat of a horny sexy young stud. I could feel he is suffering but he had no option but to take it like a man, I mean all the guys were watching us.

My eyes caught Rico standing alone, watching us. He looked so alone at that moment, excluded by all the guys he played with a few minutes ago. Kev, the hot and passionate stud that he is also saw him and true to his nature immediately saved the situation.

'Joe, start wetting Rico's fuck muscle, he will need it soon.' Kev said to Joe and went to stand behind Rico.

Just as soon as Joe started to deep throat Rico's hot cock, Kev started to play with Rico's nips.

'AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! ....... OOHHH FUCK..... please I'm going to cummmmm.....' Rico was taken by surprise.

'No.... you are not..... save your cum for that hot ass...... the one you own..... It's your right to fuck him when and where you want..... so today you are going to claim your right over him and show all these guys his ass is your property.'


I collapsed on Rocco' back and Sean on mine. I was basically sandwiched between to hot muscle boys. 'WOW MAN..... that was fucken hot man - WOW!!'

I don't know how long I was lying like that before I felt a hard slap on my ass - it was Sean - still in control. 'We still have two hot and horny boys that must get rid of their fuck juice.'

'This was fucken hot.... Get these cuffs off me Sean.'

'You're not done boy..... swap places with Rocco.'

'No fucken way.....'

Before I could finish my sentence, Kev and Joe each took one of my arms and force me down on the fuck bench.

'Your call Rico.... You wanne fuck the ass you own?' Kev said to Rico.

'Restrain him on the bench...... take the mouth restrainer from Rocco's mouth and get his cock out of the iron maiden. I want Rocco to fuck Marc's ass..... I'll fuck his throat.'

Before I know what hit me, the guys put a slave collar around my neck, chain it to the fuck bench, cuffed my ankles to the legs of the fuck bench and forced the mouth restrainer into my mouth. Bent over and restrained to the bench, I was ready to be fucked in both holes without giving any resistance.

Rocco took me from behind while Rico took my throat.

'Pleuuaaas naughmmmmm.........' Rico's dick went down my throat just as I started to protest.

After a few hard thrusts, Rico stopped with his dick all the way down my throat. 'Hi Rocco, bend over I want to kiss you'

Unable to breath I started to panic and did all I could to break free from the restrains. .

Sean went down on his knees under the bench and started to blow my still sensitive cock. Rico pulled his dick from my mouth to allow me to breath and then he started to fuck me real hard. All the time he and Rocco were kissing.

At the same time Rocco and Rico blew their nuts into my holes..... and with Sean's hot mouth on my dick I blew my second load. The last spurt of Rico's young boy cum stayed in my mouth and I keep it there..... in anticipation of Rico's next move.

Rocco collapsed onto my muscled back. 'Fuck Stud.... WOW you have an awesome ass man!! You drive me nuts..... FUCK.... I want more of it..... !'

Rico squat before me and looked me in the eyes. 'Marci....... I love you man.... You are the best..... are you OK?'

I just closed my eyes, inviting him to kiss me. Rico stick his tongue in my mouth and start licking his own cum from my mouth. 'Fucken sweet..... nectar of the gods!'

'Come Guys..... playtime is over. Un-cuff them..... and hit the showers..... Rico and Sean, I want you shaved clean.... Marc and Rocco can do you.' John had to raise his voice to make himself heard above the cheering of the boys.

After the guys have removed our cuffs and my slave collar and mouth restrainer, we went to the shower area. It's actually a shower room where we can all fit in with some space spared for a few extra guys.

Sean and Rico took soap and started to wash themselves. 'NO!!!! Here you don't do yourself man!!!..... that's your buddies job. If you don't know what to do with your hands, you either do your buddy or keep them behind your head.' I helped the two rookies into the right direction.

In the shower we all blew our nuts for a second and some guys for a third time before we dried our buddies. I took the opportunity to blow Rocco and was rewarded with a good load of sweet muscle boy cum. The other guys were standing in a circle around us, all of them wanking off while watching the show.

John looked at us... 'You were told to j/o, not to fuck.... You two boys are going to pay.... And the rest of you also - for a free fuck show you had'

'Fine, what about you - you also enjoyed the show?' Again Kev had the guts to challenge John.

'OK - I'll rephrase...... The rest of us.... and to make it fair, Doc will decide the payment and will supervise it.'

'O my fuck.... That's gonna be awful' Rocco whisper to me.

'How come?'

'He can come up with very cruel kink - I've seen it.'

Doc is our health caretaker. Qualified as a doctor and pharmacist he keeps an eye on our health and nutrition. He knows more about body building, diets and juice than most hardcore body builders.... And I'm sure he studied physiotherapy part time - just to be able to feel muscle guys up.

After the shower we helped our buddies to get the cock cages on and secure the master key in a holder (one of those holders one use to secure fire door keys in buildings, easy to get if needed but still secured).

It was an awful week that followed - young hot muscle guys, all nude, sky high testosterone levels, no way to get rid of their cum - everyone itchy. At some stage some of the guys consider taking the key to unlock their cock cages. Four guys were at the point to fight.... It was bad, real bad.

The Friday afternoon Doc called us all to the gym room. 'Guys, time to pay up. Get 10 chairs and arrange them in a semi circle to face the WALL.'

The WALL is one of the walls in the gym. It is where guys receive their punishment or where guys are used in a show for the other guys. In the wall are several hooks to restrain a gay and in front of the wall are two sets of chains hanging from the ceiling with two sets of eye bolts in the floor - all to restrain a guy.

'Rocco, Marc, get your asses over to the wall. Sean, Joe, Rico, cuff their hands to the chains and their ankles to the hooks in the floor.'

We all knew its time - time to pay up, time for Doc to enjoy himself.

After Rocco and I were secured to the chains, Doc directed the other guys to be seated.

'John, help me to cuff the guys to the chairs'

The guys were all cuffed with their wrists behind the backs of the chairs and their ankles to the feet of the chairs where after their thighs were spread and their knees restrained to the chairs to keep their balls and dicks open for whoever is going to play with them.

'Your turn John, take your seat.' Doc cuffed John in the same way as the other guys before he remover everyone's cock and ball cage.

'I'll be back in a moment boys, don't go away.' We all laughed.... Not that we wanted to go away.... Even if we could.

After some time Doc returned with a tray full of syringes and gave each guy a shot - 'something for stamina' as he likes to call his potions.

Within seconds I could feel how my dick got even harder, how my balls tinkled and worst of all how I got more horney by the second.

Without a word Doc left us. 'He is fucken crazy man! How long must we suffer like this?' Been my first time to receive punishment, I was starting to became worried.

'This was only the preparation bud..... no one knows what Doc is going to come up with... but trust me it is going to be both suffering and enjoyable.

A door behind the seated guys opened and from where we were hanging from the chains Rocco and I could see Doc entering the gym area with 5 young studs following him. Doc led them to stand at the end of the row of seated guys so that they face the floor between the seated guys and we, the hanging prey. Dock moved over to the opposite end of the floor to face the young studs.

'Boys... I like to introduce you to each other. These are the G.Y.M. guys. As you can see they are prime meat. Those two hanging from the chains - well thanks to them you have the opportunity to play with all twelve.' Doc looked to the seated guys and then to Rocco before he looked me in the eyes.

'Our guests - don't ask me where I got them - they are firs year college jocks, all 1st team football players and you can guess who the quarterback is. They are all super fit and horney as hell - by the way they agreed to wear cock and ball cages - like you - for the last week. So boys they crave to make up for all the sex and wanking they lost out on.'

'FUCK MAN!! We are dead meat!' I said to Rocco.

'O, before I forget.... the shots I gave you all.... I can see you already experience the effect. The difference between the shots..... the G.Y.M guys will not be able to cum while the shots I gave the collage boys will enable them to blow their nuts numerous times.... I guess 10 or more times.'

Now I know why the collage guys are on edge - Fuck its getting worse by the minute.

Dock addressed the young studs: 'Boys as I briefed you earlier, everything goes, these studs are yours to enjoy for the next 4 hours. Just don't leave any scars and no water sport or scat allowed. Here behind me is the dungeon - you may use any toys in the dungeon. The asses of the boys sitting are off limits - use their mouths, these two hanging - their asses and mouths are yours for the evening. Let's start the game and try to make them cum if you can.'

Four of the boys pulled their T-shirts off. FUCK!!!! I wanted to break my chains and fuck them all at the same time..... their hard ripped bodies and abbs were unbelievable!!!!

The last guy moved over to me and Rocco. 'I'm Shawn and you must be..... Marc?' he looked me in the eyes.

'Yea.... Yea right bro. How did you know?'

'You look like the cocky one..... not bad at all..... mmmmmmmm... hot stuff, even better than I thought. So you must be Rocco..... not bat at all..... I'm gonna enjoy myself tonight..... that's for sure.' Shawn looked us over and when he reached our pierced cocks, he smiled - 'Tonight's gonna be a fuck fest boys, thanks for fucking up.'

I looked at the other boys and I saw how they strip their Levi's. All of them were going commando.... Their raging hard cocks slaped their abs once they were freed from their prisons.

I was brought back to Shawn when he said: 'Any toys you studs would like me to use?'

'Your choice bro.... show us what you're made of.' Rocco smiled at Shawn, actually challenging him and I wondered if that was such a brilliant idea.

Shawn went over to the dungeon and I concentrated on the scene in front of me. Horney hands were exploring even more horney bodies. The G.Y.M. guys were moaning as the college guys explored their bodies.

Shawn, still clothed, return with some toys and drop them on the floor in front of us. My heart skipped a few beats when I saw the ball stretcher and cock whip.

Shawn just smiled and started to get rid of his clothes. Like the other boys he is ripped but more muscular - a real young muscle god. His cock was rock hard and pointed upwards, perfect angle to fuck us while we hung from the chains.

'Rod' Shawn called one of his buddies over. 'Come and help me here.... I want to fuck Marc while you use that cock whip on him.......'

To be continued.....



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