Rohan put his hands on my side abs and slowly move them up to my pecs. When he feels my tit rings he smiled and in a very cocky tone he said: 'Nice, a real butty boy.... muscle man..... I'm gonna subdue you and fuck your ass till you beg for mercy.'

Rico had moved behind me and took my leather jacket off, revealing my muscular physique to the audience. Rohan left my tits and took hold of my T-shirt and slowly pull it upwards. 'Come boy, take of your T and reveal your muscles to your masters.'

I took the seam of the T and start pulling it slowly over my head. Just when my head was covered and my hands were over my head, Rohan took my exposed nipples and nip rings in his hands and starts twisting them. 'I'm in control of your body as from now..... admit it to your master boy!' When I did not react fast enough to his liking, he gave both rings a further twist.

'Sir, you are in control of my body Sir. You can have your way with me sir.' It was all I could think of to satisfy him.

Without warning he starts twisting both my tit rings even further. 'On your knees boy, and put your hands behind your head!' he said in a commanding voice, hard enough for the audience to hear.

I went down onto my knees as it fits a conquered bottom. While Rohan was busy softening me for the remainder of the evening, Rico went to the toy display to select a few toys to start off with.

I was still dreaming about the size of Rohan's dick when Rico put the slave collar around my neck and secure it with the padlock. The wrist cuffs were next secured around my wrists and fixed to the ends of a steel arm restrainer. The D-ring in the middle of the arm restrainer was lastly fixed to the slave collar at the back of my neck. At his time my dick was aching for relieve from its confined prison, I was so horny that I just want to fuck.

Rohan gave my tits a last twist. 'On your feet muscle boy - time to look you over.'

I stood up, bending my head down so I don't look my masters in the eyes.

In a soft voice so only we could hear, Rico said to me: 'You are not a fucking slave, so don't act like one without a will. Look up, keep your head up and look us in the eyes. We want you cocky, struggling and fighting to keep your virgin ass.'

'Yea, we don't want a passive cum-dump.' Rohan said. 'Struggle, flex your muscles against the restrains, give us something worthwhile to conquer. We want to see the expression in your eyes and on your face while we play with you. We want to see you struggle and beg. We want you to enjoy it as much as we will.'

Without warning, the twins, as if they have agreed on it, went down on my pecs and start sucking my sensitive nipples. My nipples and dickhead are somehow connected and the lightning bolt that ran from my tits, through my balls to my dickhead jerked my head backwards. The twins start feeling me up...... o fuck they are not so innocent, they know how to handle a guy.

'Please I need to cum, please take off my pants and jerk me off. O FUCK PLEASE.....'

'Plenty of time for that boy, we want to explore your muscles first, we will later play with your dick and balls' Rico said while moving his hands over my abs and down to my package.

While Rohan enjoy sucking my tits, Rico undo the top buttons of my Levi's. He moved his one hand to my lower back and slowly pushes his hand into my pants till his stretched hand covered my hard ass muscles. Slowly he starts to work his middle finger into my crack - while playing with my ass muscles - till I could feel the tip of his finger pressing against my virgin cherry.

With slow circular motions he massages my cherry. 'Fuck bro' he said to Rohan 'You must feel this awesome virgin ass. Do you mind if I take his virgin?'

Rohan gave one last suck on my muscle slab of pec before he starts pulling away. With a 'pop' my pec came free from his mouth. 'Sure bro, but only after you tongue fuck my mouth'

The twins gave one step back from me and start embracing each other. What followed is the most erotic show between two muscle guys I had ever seen. It made me even hornier than I am already.

Slowly the twins start stripping each other, revealing their awesome muscle bodies to me. Their throbbing dicks, 7,5' and cut like mine, were in a cock battle while they embraced each other. Rico's hands quickly find their way to Rohan's ass. Obviously he is the butt lover of the two and undoubtedly the top. I just have to fuck his ass - I'm sure he will have the virgin ass of the two.

The kissing and feeling up went on for some time and the more they play with each other the hornier I get, till at last they turn to me.

'You liked the show stud?' Rohan asked me.

'Time to start playing with you.....' Rico said while walking over to me. Slowly he starts to rid me from my Levi's. My raging cock, at last free from its prison, was dripping precum.

Rohan drops to his knees in front of me. 'Bro check out this studs PA. WOW man! I told you we must get our dicks done. Fucken awesome man!'

Without further conversation the twins start their attack on my body. Rohan starts blowing me while his ass addicted bro went for my ass, eating it out like I have never experienced before.

Rohan was an experienced cock sucker. His tongue knew all the sensitive parts on my dick. Within seconds I feel how that familiar lame, burning sensation starts creeping from my inner thighs through my balls, up into my abs and into my dick head. Uncontrollably I start to fuck his throat. With the first trust I sink my hard cock all the way down his throat. Without even the slightest indication of a gag he took it all the way and starts to milk me with his throat muscles. My suffering has started - I was on the edge of cumming but the drug prevented me from shooting.

At the same time Rico was feasting on my ass. His experienced tongue was softening my cherry, fighting for control over my sphincter muscle. During one unguarded moment I relaxed and his tongue conquered my virgin hole. I was experiencing my first tongue fuck and with it my first feeling of how it is to be owned by another guy. I wanted to play an active part in all this enjoyment, but my entire struggle to free my hands only resulted in giving the audience a muscle flexing show.

Rohan was the first to alter his assault on my body. Slowly he moved up, tongue bathing my abs and pecs as he proceeds to my mouth. He put his one hand around my head pulling our lips together while his other hand was playing with my pecs. When our lips met, I could not resist opening my mouth, granting him access to tongue fuck my mouth.

When he felt my tongue stud, Rohan hesitated for a moment before he pulled away from me. 'Bro, this muscle boy is full of iron! Even a tongue stud! Fuck man I wanna feel that stud on my dick..... it will be awesome to be done with a studded tongue. Let's put that tongue to use for what it was meant to be used.'

'Bro, you take our big boy and show him off to the other guys, I'll move the round table onto the floor.' Rico said to his brother and gave me a friendly slap on the ass.

Rohan put his one arm around my body, resting his hand on my ass and moved me to the edge of the revolving floor.

'Hi guys, fair to show you our toy..... but no touching. If you want to see something just ask and ill show you.' Rohan said to the obvious horny guys in the audience.

The guys in the audience made good use of the opportunity. Requests varied from looking to my virgin cherry to wanking me. Some just want me to flex my muscles while Rohan wanked me, others wanted to see my reaction while Rohan twists my tit rings.

'Bro bring the stud over here, lets strap him to the table' Rico called his brother who was again feasting on my boned dick.

Rico had lubed the leather covering of the table with massaging oil and pour some over me when I reached the table. 'Let's get him slippery Bro ..... always wanted to try an oiled fuck.'

Rubbing me in with the oil was fuckin horny. Oiling guys seems to be the twin's specialty. They know how to bring a guy to the edge and hold him there just by rubbing his body. After I was oiled to their satisfaction, they oiled each other and just like the time they kissed, they gave me a fuckin horny show.

'On the table stud, time to give you a proper workout.' Again Rico was the one taking initiative.

I went over to the table and sit on the edge, lying back and lifting my feet from the ground in a leg raise movement. Rico moved me into position, fairly easy with the help of the oil all over the table and my body.

'Here is the cuffs bro.' Rohan gave Rico one of the leather cuffs he got from the toy display and the twins start putting them onto my ankles.

'Ok stud, spread them legs. Bro hook the cuff to that bracket on the table, I'll do this one' Rico gave us directions.

The next moment Rohan was on the table between my legs, starting to feast on my dick. Rico gave my abs a slap with his open hand. '100 sit-ups boy. Your abs are loosing their pump. 1, 2, 3...... .' He counts the sit-ups.

'Bro, come help me to cuff his strong arms to the table. You can have the rest of his dick later'

Rohan made some comments, clearly indicating his unwillingness to let go of his toy, but Rico's authority over his bro is obvious.

The twins release my wrists from the restraining rod and pull my arms downwards, forcing my upper body to hang lower than the table. The position of my head is such that my throat fucker will have to stand with his legs apart and his knees bended to reach my mouth with his dick.

While Rico fits the mouth restrainer, Rohan removed the retraining rod from my slave collar.

'Great, the muscle stud is restrained, helpless and ready to be used by us.' Rico turned to the audience and gave them a muscle flex show. 'Any special suggestions of what we must do with this muscle boy?'

The audience starts to make suggestions. Fuck I'll be dead if the twins do everything the guys in the audience recommended.

Rico turned around and bring his mouth to my ear. 'Your virgin is mine stud and you can't stop me now..... time to try and break loose from the bonds.'

Rico moved away from me and said to Rohan: 'Feed him dick Bro, I'm going to ring him.'

Rohan's cock penetrated my open mouth without any resistance. Slowly he moved it in and out, not launching a full attack on my throat. I started to massage his dick with my tongue, making sure to press the tongue stud at the sensitive parts of his dick head.

While I was doing Rohan, I could feel Rico busy fitting the cock and ball cinch ring over my tools. This one was made with a hinge and a locking pin so it could be fitted on a guy with a raging hard dick. I was so hard that he battles to close it around my cock and balls. At last I felt the warm moist stimulation of a mouth taking my dick all the way to the root. Fuck what a cock sucker this stud is! I start to throat fuck him but with my muscled body restrained to the table I could not manage enough leverage and had to accept what Rico does to me.

After a while Rico let go of my dick. I wanted to scream to him not to stop but with the mouth restrainer and Rohan's dick in my mouth, it was a useless attempt. I start concentrating on getting my tongue stud in Rohan's dick.

Rohan freezes..... and then his body starts trembling. 'O FUCK.... O FUCK!' He screams and grabs hold of my pecs, squeezing them while he screams.

I worked him for a while till he pulled out of my mouth, not for long, and then he started a full scale assault on my throat. From the way he fucked my throat I could tell he is near the edge.

Rico was back at my dick and to my horror he inserts the remote controlled vibrating probe and forced my dick head through the ring to hold the probe in place.

'You not giving us a muscle flex show stud. Maybe this vibrating probe will inspire you to try and break loose.' With that Rico activated the probe and I immediately start to give them the show they want.

Rohan reached the point of no return after a few minutes. I started to fight the restraints while Rohan stop fucking me, with his dick all the way in my throat, blocking my air. I started to panic and in an even greater effort to free myself, the flexing of my muscles must have been an awesome show.

'Stop that fucken thing in his cock..... I'm gonna cum..... and he's going to choke..... FUCK!' Rohan screamed and at the same time pulling out of me till just his cock head remains in my restrained mouth. At the same time Rico stopped the vibrating probe.

Rohan started spasm ..... all of a sudden my mouth was filled with his warm jock cum .... Blow after blow I was fed with this young stud's nectar.... Rico was giving my nuts and soft inner thighs a massage. I want to scream to Rico to let me cum but all I could do was to swallow cum Rohan fed me.

At last Rohan pulled out, totally exhausted from the workout he had. 'Fuck Bro, this stud is awesome..... he took me to levels I have never experienced before.... Fuck it's unbelievable!'

'If you recommend it, I'll try it Bro. You may have the honor to stretch his PA while I feed him dick.'

Rico stood over my head and slowly lover himself to enter my mouth. That was when I firs realized his manly smell. Never before did a guy's smell have this effect on me. I was immediately in love with this stud and I know I have to fuck him no matter what.

After removing the probe from my dick, Rohan start working on my stretching. It did not take him long to remove my 6g PA CBB. Forcing the 4g through the piercing was a bit difficult because my dick was raging hard but, he managed to get the 4g through the piercing. I experienced some discomfort but not pain. The larger CBB felt great on my dick and looked manlier on a muscle guy than the 6g.

Rico in the meantime received the same stud fuck of his dick than his brother had. His reaction to it was more severe and the volume of cum he fed me exceeded that of his brother by far. Rico's last blow was over my pecs and he rubs it in, making sure to pinch my nips till I scream.

'Pleas let me cum... PLEAASSSSEEEE' I tried my best to articulate the words.....I was going to lose my mind........ 'PLEASE FUCK ME'!!!!!!!! ..... my pleading with Rico was in vain.

Rico put his ear next to my restrained mouth. 'You want something, stud? You want me to fuck you? As you wish boy.'

'Bro let's re-arrange this muscle stud...... his ass seriously needs a jock dick to fill it'

'YEA, FUCK HIS ASS!!.... FUCK HIM, FUCK HIM, FUCK HIM......' The audience started to cheer the twins. As soon as they un-cuffed me I grab hold of Rico and pull him onto the fuck table with me. I want to fuck his ass and conquer him. To the audience it looked as if I'm fighting to keep my virgin and that drove them even wilder.

The two jocks were too much for me and they quickly overcome me. I was moved on the table..... hands cuffed where my feet were.

Rico smiled at me. 'You are fucken hot stud...... but now you are going to become a butty boy........ I'm going to take your virgin. Bro take out that restrainer.... I want him to beg me to fuck him.'

Rohan kneels with his knees both sides of my head and remove the restrainer. His hard throbbing dick was hanging over my face. He took both my nips and starts squeezing them. 'I can't hear you begging my Bro to fuck you stud.'

Rico was already between my legs, holding my dick in his hand and rubbing my sensitive dick head with his thumb. 'What would you like most....... A j/o or a fuck'?

'I want you to fuck me....... Please' I was desperate to cum.

Rico let go of my dick and stood up. 'Bro, come kiss me' he said to Rohan. The twins position themselves over my head and start kissing each other.

Watching them from below drove me nuts. 'PPPPPPPLLLLLLEAAASSSSS man fuck me..... I need you in me please!!!!!..... I'm going off my rocker.... FUCK YOU!!!!!'

Rico looked down at me. 'That's not very nice....... Maybe you must learn not to address your masters like that. Bro bring that probe....... Muscle boy needs something to keep his mind occupied.'

For the firs time Kev interfere with the show. 'Don't you guys want to try an iron maiden for his dick?'

'Yea man, do you have one?' Rico asked.

'NO PLEEAAASE MAN!! DON'T DO THAT PLEASE' I was starting to panic and in a desperate effort to free myself from the bonds I start jerking my body up and down on the fuck table.

'Sorry guys, I forget to bring it along'

'Fuck you Kevin!!!' Once back at G.Y.M. I'll get back at Kevin that's for sure.

'Ok Rohan, time to take that virgin ass. Come stand behind me and play with my muscled pecs while I fuck our muscle boy.'

Rohan did as instructed by his bro while Rico positioned himself between my legs. I was so horney and desperate that I locked my legs around Rico's body, pulling him into me.

Rico took his hard dick and aimed it at my virgin hole. I could feel his gorgeous dick pressing against my cherry..... but he made no effort to enter me.

'Please fuck me man!! I need you in me please'

'If you want it you will have to work for it boy. I'm sure those powerful ribbed legs are strong enough to pull me into your ass. So go for it boy..... it's up to you if you wanne be fucked.' Ricko reached forward with his hands and start playing with my sensitive nips.

Slowly I pulled Rico's rock hard dick into my virgin ass while we looked each other in the eyes. Rico starts to smile, the most awesome smile I have ever seen. His face, the face of the guy that took my virgin will for ever be etched into my memories.

Slowly Rico starts to fuck me, pulling out of my ass till only his dick head was remaining inside me, and then slowly pushing back in.

'Are you ok Marci?' Rico whisper to me so only the two of us could hear.

'Yea man, you are awesome thanx'

Knowing that I am ok, Rico sped up the pace and really starts fucking me. It did not take him long before he blowed his nuts in my ass. Just before the last blow he pulled out and shot over my abbs.

With his one hand he scoops up some of his cum and rubbed it into his pecs while he rubbed the remainder with his other hand into my pecs.

Rico bend over and start kissing me, our hard dicks pressed between us. I open my mouth, allowing him to stick is tongue into me. We remained like that for some time till Rohan said: 'Bro, it's only fair that we reward muscle boy, don't you agree?'

'Yea, and I have already decided on a reward..... back at our place he may have my virgin ass.... That's if you want it Marc?'

It was already late and the twins un-cuffed me. 'Hey guys, thanx for the birthday gift. We gonna take a shower and be with you guys in a few minutes. Come Marc, lets go'

I followed the twins back to the locker room while the audience shouts comments that they still want a show.

Back in the locker room Kevin joined us for a shower. It did not take him long to conquer Rohan's ass. Rico and I were feeling each other up under the shower and I was trying my best to get Rico to submit to me.

'Wait till we get to my place stud, I have a surprise for you and I want you to be fully primed.' He smiled at me.

Back with the other guys, we enjoyed some snacks and made small talk for about an hour before we left for the twins' place.

When we arrived at their place, Rico said: 'Bro, you and Kevin take the guest room, Marc and I will take our room.

'WOW!! Marc, ..... if I'm right about your reward ..... fuck man I would love to witness that!'

We enter the twins' room. To my surprise it's a dungeon!!.......

To be continued.....



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