G.Y.M (Gay Young Muscle) is the name of a company that employ young muscle guys who provide entertainment - sex and most of the time kinky sex entertainment - to an exclusive male market. G.Y.M. clients are rich and all under 30 years of age, and obviously horny as hell.

All G.Y.M. employees are under 28 years old. They are contracted by G.Y.M. for a period of 4 years. During this time they stay at G.Y.M. headquarters where they have all the luxuries they can think of. All they do is workout, tan, fuck and providing sexual entertainment to G.Y.M. clients.

The characters so far:

Marc - a straight muscle boy, 5'10', 22 years old, hard ripped muscles, 4,8% body fat, no tan lines, shaved body accept for his head, 7,5' cut cock and low hanging nuts, 4g PA piercing, tit rings and tongue piercing, turned gay when recruited by G.Y.M.

Kevin - Marc's partner at G.Y.M., 23 years old, also a ribbed muscle boy, 8' cut cock, lost his virgin 2 years ago to a 19 year old boy named Joe, kid bro of his gym buddy Martin.

The twins Rohan and Rico - 19 years old, blond muscle boys, horny as fuck, both 7,5' cut dicks, Rico the dominating top who obviously fuck his bro from time to time, Rohan the dick lover and butty boy of the two.

Joe - now 21 years old, body builder who took Kevin's virgin as a 19 year old boy.

Sean - Marc's muscle fuck toy boy, 5'11', 21 years old, hard ripped muscles, about 5% body fat, tan lines from a very small cock pouch, shaved body accept for his head and well trimmed pubes , 7,5' cut cock and low hanging nuts - a butty boy, or so the guys think, who loves bondage.

Rocco - Marc's new fuck at G.Y.M, 22 years old blond muscle god. Like all at G.Y.M. his body hair were permanently removed by lazar treatment and he had an awesome tan with no tan lines. His 4g PA CBB emphasizes the beauty of his 7,5 inch cock and his tit rings hang invitingly from his nips, decorating an awesome set of muscle slabs.

Shawn - 19 Years old, college student, quarterback and captain of the college football team - ripped but more muscular than guys his age - a real young muscle god with a awesome cut cock. Obviously as horney as hell. Lost his virgin in G.Y.M. when his team buddies turned on him.

Rex - 23 years old, ribbed blond muscle god, 8 inch cut cock, low hangers, shaved body, no tan lines, 4.6% body fat, in every way Marc's equal. A virgin who have no intention to give up his virgin ass.

The story so far:

Marc and Kev went to a private club where Marc was handed over as a birthday gift to 19 year old muscle horn dogs. The twins cuffed and fuck him. Before the fuck session, Kevin told Marc how he lost his virgin to a 19 year old stud. After the twins had their fun with Marc, they went home where Marc discovered that the twins' bedroom is actually a dungeon.

Marc meets a guy, took his virgin in a gym and turned the muscle boy into his personal fuck toy boy. The guys at G.Y.M. are preparing for a fun 'Roman slave and soldier' weekend. Marc and Rocco fucked each other and John decided to let them pay for not following orders to just j/o. 5 college guys came to G.Y.M. to punish the guys - actually to fuck them. The Alpha stud quarterback's buddies turned on to him and took his virgin ass.

The G.Y.M. guys arrived at the ranch and Marc became the slave of Rex, a blond, muscle, virgin, dominating top (OR SO THE GUYS THINK) who find pleasure in torturing Marc.


'Take him over to those poles and make him squat between the poles.' Rex pointed to two sets of two short poles planted in a way that the ends of the pole on my shoulders can slot between the two poles on either side of me.

I was only able to squat just more than a have squat when the pole on my shoulder reached the steel rods that were stuck through the poles on each side of me to act as stoppers to prevent a guy to squat to low. Rex stuck two steel rods through the poles, above the pole on my shoulders and so prevented me from standing up. I was in a bad position - I have to use my quads to prevent myself from choking.

Lastly Rex ordered Jacques to fetch a wooden block and to place it in front of me - so guys could stand on it while fucking my throat.

'Hey soldier boys!! Any one that wants to feed my slave some cum? Please come and break my undisciplined slave - he is yours to fuck for the weekend.

Joe was the first soldier to take up Rex's generous offer. 'Kev told me how good you are with your mouth..... show me and use that tongue piercing..... make me feed you two weeks pent-up cum slave boy.' Joe chuckled.

Without looking at me, Rex took his other two slaves over to the blocks where he cuffed Jacques before he took Sean over to the horizontal bar with the chains hanging from the bar - I knew what he plans for Sean..... hang him from the chains and fuck him, yea fuck my boy and I cant even help him. I really felt shit about all this - I can't help the boy I like and I'm rejected by the blond muscle guy I want to fuck so badly.

I wondered if Jacques has the same feelings that I have - his lover ignoring him to play with another guy, my boy. For the first time in my life I had mixed feelings about a guy. On the one hand I want to have him as a buddy, to lookout for him, to love him, to take care of him, to have sex..... - no, to make love to him. On the other hand I hate him, want to humiliate him, to scar his good looking face!

Rex had cuffed Sean to the chains that were hanging from the bar and was now feeling Sean up. I could see how he cupped Sean's nuts, squeezing them while he moved in behind Sean. Both Sean and Rex were rock hard and I knew it's only a matter of time before Rex will fuck my boy. The next moment my view was blocked by Joe.

'Wazup with you Marc? You looked pissed off!'

'I fucken am! That fucken cunt is out to make this a fuckedup weekend for me.'

'Come on man, it's just playing, that guy likes you - every one can see the way he looks at you. His eyes followed you all the time since we arrived here. Why do you think he traded one of his slaves for you and made that fuckedup deal with Rocco - because he dislikes you? No way man! That's not the way some one acts if he dislikes a guy. If you ask me, he just wants to see how tough you are before he submits to you. I bet you he craves to loose his virgin to you. By the way, I think you have competition from the boy Rex traded for you.'

'Fuck Joe, you don't make sense.'

'It will make sense..... later. Just use your common sense when you get the chance. By the way Rocco said I must tell you he loves you and he did it for you and that you must grab the opportunity. O, and that guy Rusty, the one Rex traded for you, he is also a virgin top..... and all eyes for Sean.'

Joe got his blowjob and as always my tongue piercing did the trick. Joe was the firs guy I blow that went down on his back after he shot his load down my throat. He was still for a few second and then he started to jerk like someone who had a seizure. Some guys even ran over to help him. When they realized what it was, almost all the guys from the other group lined up to be serviced. When Rex saw this, he puts an end to my services.

It was becoming dark and Jason said we must call it a day, get showered and have something to eat then the masters can crash with their boys and soldiers in the rooms he prepared for the masters.

Rex told his other slaves to go and shower each other, but not to fuck - only to j/o each other if they want. He looked at me and smile - again that killer smile.

'It seems you are the best cock sucker in the world. Never before have I seen a guy acting like Joe after he had b/j. So far you proofed yourself worth blowing a muscle god like me. We will wait till the other guys are done in the showers, then we will go. I want to experience you in private.'

'Me fucking you in private.... Are you ashamed of something.... Maybe how I will make you scream like a kid?'

'No buddy, if there is fucking to be done, it's you that's gonna be on the receiving side. You still have not proof yourself to be worthy to take my virgin.' Rex un-cuffed my arms and re-cuff them behind my back before he un-cuffed my collar from the beam and helped me to get up.

My muscles were really stiff from the awkward position I was in for the last hour or so. To my surprise Rex went down on his knees in front of me and massaged my quads, slowly moving up my body till he finished with my shoulders. I must admit, this blond muscle god's touch was so hot that my dick started to throb and huge loads of pre cum oozed out.

'Come boy, time to proof to me how good your mouth is.' Rex puts his one hand on my lower back and pushed me towards the showers. On our way we passed some guys coming from the showers. They all had some remarks to pass - and most of the remarks from his buddies had something to do with Rex losing his virgin. A few guys wanted to know when they will see Rex fuck me - apparently no one has ever seen Rex's cock at work. That's strange.... Made me wonder if Rex ever had sex with a guy before, maybe Jacques made up the story that he and Rex are lovers and that he bottoms for Rex. The guys from my group just said that I'm one lucky fucker.

When we entered the showers, we were the only ones there. Rex closed the doors behind us: 'Like to keep the other guys guessing. I'm going to un-cuff you Marc - if you touch your cock...... then the game is over and any possibility we becoming friends will be gone for ever. Deal?'

'Yea, you have my word..... on one condition.'

'That is?'

'I may feel you up any way I like and you will not resist...... no matter what I do.'

'Deal!' Rex turned me around and un-cuff me. I was so hot for his muscled body that I virtually jumped him like a hungry wolf. Before Rex realized what was going on, I was munching on his hot pecs while my one hand dropped to his rock hard cock and my other hand moved down his muscular back..... down to explore his hot virgin ass.

'MMMMM UUHHHH FUCKKKK MANNNN......... FUCK but you are one fucken hot muscle stud...... UUUUHHHHHH OOOOOO!!!!'

I pull my mouth away from his pecs and look him in the eyes. 'And you are the hottest piece of man meat I have ever held in my arms..... fuck REX...... I want to feel your hot mouth on my cock..... feel your hot throat with my cock head..... please suck me man!'

Rex put his arms around my torso and pulled me into him. I could feel our cocks going into a cock fight. I started to kiss Rex's hot mouth and open mine, inviting his hot tongue in to fuck my mouth.

Without warning Rex broke the kiss and gave a step backwards. You still owe me a blow slave boy..... or do you want your master to beg you?'

Without a word I droped to my knees and put my hands behind my head like a good slave boy. 'Master, please honor this slave by allowing him to worship your cock and if you are satisfied with your slave, please feed him your muscle boy seed.'

'Go ahead boy..... so far you have proofed yourself worthy to honor your master.... Show me what you got.'

Just as Rex forced his cock down my throat, one of the other guys opened the door. 'Hey, where are you guys? We're waiting for you.'

Rex's attitude changed immediately. 'Get up boy! Hands behind your head!' Rex cuffed my hands to the slave collar just as the other guy walked into the shower.

'Whow Rex! Did I miss something...... you haven't fuck your boy, did you?'

'Nah..... he is not worth wasting my seed on.... Just cleaned the slave from all the cum the guys spilled on him.'

I was furious. One moment Rex was the nicest guy one can think off and the next he is the cunt he was earlier.

'Let's go...... move it slave!'

Halfway to the dining area I said to Rex: 'What's up with you? Why you treat me like this. Back in the showers you allowed me to touch you.... We were actually starting to make out and now that one of your buddies came along you treat me like shit!'

'Just wait here.' Rex said to the other guy and walk over to the table with the toys. When he returned, he had a ball gag in his hand.

'Open your mouth slave'

'Fuck off Rex!'

The next moment Rex started to squeeze my nuts.

'AAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!' That was just what Rex was looking for - my wide open mouth. He forced the gag into my mouth and buckled the leather straps tight behind my head.

'Talkative slaves need to be gagged.' He said to his buddy.

When we reached the dining area, Rex made me stand on the table. 'Guys, I trust you will enjoy my slave. He did not show respect, so I gagged him, but feel free to enjoy him - just don't make him cum.'

I stood there as a live display for all the guys from the other group. The G.Y.M. guys were all used to see me in the nude, so they did not fuck around with me, but the other guys gave me a hard time.

After dinner, Rex allowed me some fruit, but his slaves had to feed me - to the enjoyment of the other guys. After they fed me, I was again gagged. I was really pissed off!

'Come on boy, let me chain you for the night.' Rex led me off to one of the poles in the arena where he made me stand with my back against the pole and cuffed my hands above my head and around the pole. Lastly he secured my cock and balls in a cage.

'Have a good night boy, and don't go away.'

Later that night I started to shiver - although the days were hot, nights were cold in that part of the world.

'Marc, Marc..... how are you doing buddy. Rico and I brought you some blankets and something to drink.' Rico took the gag off me and they helped me to lie down on some of the blankets. I was much more comfortable now, even with my hands still cuffed around the pole. The two guys laid both sides of me and covered us with a blanket. Sean put his arm under my head and with his other hand he joined Rico to massage my stiff muscles back to life.

Early the next morning, they helped me back into the position Rex left me and went back to where they were supposed to be sleeping. Shortly after they left, Rex came to check on me.

'You are tuff, did not think you would survive the night..... I'm impressed.'

The rest of the day was worse than the previous night - Rex left my hands cuffed to the collar and my one ankle to a slave block. The sun was hot and soon sweat was dripping from my muscled body. Every guy that came to feel me up rubbed suntan lotion into me. Even my cock and balls were treated. The guys made me drink from dock's spiked water. I don't know what was worst - the water with the horned up potion or getting dehydrated. By noon I decided I had enough and refused to drink any more of the water. Rico was looking out for me and he went to the showers to bring me pure water in his mouth so the other guys don't know I'm not drinking the spiked water. After about the tenth mouth full Rex became suspicious about Rico and my constant kissing and put an end to it. The three other masters realized what was going on and put an end to my torturing.

They ordered some of the soldiers to take me to the showers where they held me under the water for a long time to cool down. They even wanted to un-cuff me, but I refused and walk back to Rex where I kneeled in front of him.

'Sir, I'm sorry, I did not ask for this. The other masters forced me.' I remained on my knees waiting for Rex to acknowledge me.

Rex ignored me and hard ass that I am, I remained in the kneeling position. Fuck him, I will play his game to the end, I'll show him that he can't break me.

That evening Rex ordered me to be the table. I was made to lie on three trestles, my shoulders on one, my feet on the other one and my back on the third one. After my body was decorated with food, the trestle under my back was removed and I had to use my abs to remain level with all the food on me. Believe me that was hell. The guys did not spare me for one moment, my cock became the main interest and every time they took food from me, they gave my dick a few wanks.

That night Rex ordered me to sleep with him. This time my hands were cuffed behind my back. His other slaves were sent away with permission to do what they want.

As soon as Rex was in the bed next to me, he started to suck my tits.

'Rex, why do you hate me? I did nothing to deserve this shit. All the other guys had blown their loads several times. Why do you treat me like this?'

'Because I want to see how long you can cope.'

There was a few minutes silence. 'Did you fuck Sean?'


'Why not?'

'None of your business'

Another silence......

'You have blown your nuts several times..... why don't you want me to blow my load?

'Who said I popped my load?'

'You did not?'


'Why not?'

'Because I want it to be special... with a special guy..... something to remember for a long time.'

'So you just going to fuck around here and then after the weekend you are going to blow your nuts somewhere with some one special?'

'Not what I said.'

'Then what did you say?'

'Shut the fuck up and sleep.' Rex turned his back on me and left me all horned up.

'Rex please..... Rex....'

Rex just ignored me. That was terrible.... Never did any guy turned his back on me like that.... It was the worst insult I ever got from a guy!

When I woke up the next morning, Rex was gone. I got out of the bed and went to the bathroom to take a leak. On my way back I saw Rex alone sitting on the altar and I walked over to him.



'Something wrong?'

'I'll survive.'

'Rex please, don't act like a drama queen. Tell me what's wrong. Did I do something?'

'No. In fact you did fuck all.'

Just then the other guys start coming into the arena.

'Marc, turn around.'

I did as ordered and Rex un-cuff me. 'Go.'

'Where to?'

'Just go.'

'Rex please..... you are my master for the weekend.... I want to be with you.... I.... I...' I dropped to my knees and kneel before Rex.

'You two looked pissed off..... lovers problems?'

'Fuck you Rocco!' I don't know why Rocco always have to verbalize my feelings. He can read my like a book and I hate it!

'Ok, Ok, just don't bite my head off!'

The other guys were now standing around us, waiting on something to happen.

'You were saying something to your master when I interrupted you. Please proceed.'

I just look at Rex.

'We are waiting slave boy.... Or is it something private between a slave and his master?

'Yes, it is' I don't want to embarrass myself or Rex.

'To bad, because as from this moment Rexi boy is my slave and all his slaves are my slaves.'

'What do you mean?'

'O, so you are the only one that doesn't know about our deal. Well you see Rex agreed to become my slave as from now on, if I agreed to let him have you as his slave.'


'Yea, so now you are both my slaves and as my slave I order you to tell me what you were about to say to Rex.'

'Rocco please.'


'Please Sir, don't force me.'

'Wow! It must be serious....'

'Rocco! Cut it out!' Kev knows me better than anyone and like always he protected me.

'Ok, what do you want me to do, Kevin?'

'Just what you said you are going to do.'

'Ok guys..... everyone but Marc and Rex know what I intend to do, so let me fill them in. Marc, I have decided to set you free and as a gift from one master to a newly freed slave, I give you three of my slaves, Rex, Sean and Rusty. I hope we will see your revenge on your former master.'

I have to sort his shit between me and Rex out, and I have to do it now. 'Will you guys please give me a few minutes in private with my slave?'

'Let's go guys, let's give the master time to get to know his slave.' Everyone except Rex and I thuoght Rocco's remark was funny, but at least they left us in private.


'Marc you don't have to explain.'

'Yea, I know I don't have to...... but I'm going to. You planned this al along?'

'Yea, and I made a fool of myself!'

'No Rex, you did not. I'm the idiot that was too stupid to realize what's going on..... Did you.... did you get your answers?'

'Most of them.'

'But the final answer..... '

'You were interrupted by Rocco..... I think.'

I move to stand between Rex's legs where he was still sitting on the altar. I put my arms around his muscular body and give him a hug. 'I was about to say that I want to make love to you, that I want to conquer your virgin .... and that I want you to fuck me..... fuck me senseless.'

Rex put his hands on my muscled ass and laid his head on my shoulder. He did not say anything.

'Is that the answer you were looking for?'

'Yea, that's the answer I was looking for the whole time.'

'One last question......Who is the fucker you want to blow your nuts with?'

'You, fucker!'

'In private.... Just between us?'

'No...... I want my buddies to witness it. They think I'm a sworn top, so I want them to see how I loose my virgin.'

'They think you are.....? Aren't you?'

'No. I'm a virgin. I never had sex with a guy or a girl.'

I step away from Rex and shout towards the other guys: 'Rocco, you gave me an untamed cocky slave! I'll show you how to break a cocky fucker. Four soldiers - go get me two of those heavy beams. Sean go and fetch me three slave collars, three sets of hand cuffs and two sets of ankle cuffs - and bring me two of those short chains. Rex and Rusty get your asses under the showers - You smell like shit!'

'Guys, we are in for one hell of a show..... get yourselves ring seats..... you don't want to miss this!' Kevin trained me and if someone can predict what's to follow, it's him.

After the soldiers and Sean brought the stuff I ordered, I took Sean with me to the showers.

'Buddy, you remember I once told you that I want the first guy you fuck to be a virgin?'

'Yea I remember.'

'Well Rusty is a virgin and he is all eyes for you. Do you want to fuck him, here in presence of all the guys?'

'Marc.... I'll make a fool of myself.... It's my first guy and I don't know man.'

'Trust me Sean, you are a hot fucker, you will be awesome man..... just check what I do, then you do the same till you feel confidence, then you just follow your instinct. Just remember there is no right or wrong..... what the two of you want is right. Remember the guys will shout comments and tell you what to do.... Just ignore them and do what you feel is right at that moment.'

In the showers we cleaned each other out, Rex and I did each other and Sean and Rusty took care of each other. Because Rex and Rusty were still virgins, I started to stretch and lube Rex. Sean pretended that he is an expert, but I saw him watching me for guidance while he did the same with Rusty.

Rusty became suspicious. 'Hey guys, I'm not in for a fuck, OK.'

'Shut up Rusty, you stink and we are going to clean you properly. And by the way, you came here with the agreement that everything goes..... or are you a pissy pretending to be a hunk?' Rusty did not comment further after what Sean said to him. My boy actually made me proud the way he acted like a dom.

Back in the arena it was show time.

'Rex! On your knees slave!'

'Fuck you!'

I stormed Rex and before he new what hit him, I had him on his back on the ground with my knees pinning his strong biceps. 'Sean, hand me the cuffs and slave collar.'

I took the stuff from Sean and fit the collar and cuffs on Rex. 'Bring me one of those poles and put it under the slaves head.'

After I had Rex restrained to the pole, the same way he had me the day we arrived, I move my rock hard dick over his lips. 'Meet the fuck rod that's going to tear your virgin ass, Slave!'

Rex did not respond, so I motivated him.... What better way than to manhandle his tits? I soon got a reaction - even better than I hoped for. Fuck that stud knew how to blow a guy - it made me wonder if I'm the first guy he sucked off.

Out of fear that I will pop my nuts, I withdrew and stood up from where I was straddling Rex.

'Sean, get my slave restrained to the pole'

Sean made the mistake to mention something about fucking Rusty and that triggered a real fight for survival from Rusty. It took Sean more than half an hour to overpower Rusty but if you want to be a man and take the virgin of a guy against his will..... well then I assume you have to proof yourself the man worthy to be the dom.

At last both the virgins were restrained to the poles and I fitted Sean with a slave collar and wrist cuffs like I had on. I hand him a set of ankle cuffs and we fit them to Rex and Rusty. The two virgins were ready to be offered on the altar.

'Can four soldiers help us here? Help my slaves to get up then put them on their backs, head to head, onto the altar.'

There is no way a guy can get up when tied like Rex and Rusty, no matter how strong he is - laws of physics just don't allow that.

I wanted Rex to beg me to fuck him. It's just that I find it the most erotic complement when a guy begs me to fuck him.... even more so when he begs me to take his virgin. So I got up on the altar between Rex's legs and started to play with Rex's hot muscle body, to horn him up to the point where he just give himself over to me to do what ever I want to do with him.

You can imagine - two weeks cum denial and the last two days with 23 super hot naked muscle boys, the one more stunning than the other - it's enough to cause testosterone poisoning in any real man. Rusty was the first to break under Sean's erotic hands and to my surprise, Sean started to fuck Rusty's virgin ass without even hesitation.

It was one hell of a fuck show to see a butty boy taking his first virgin ass. Both boys' muscles flex under their sweaty skin. Rusty was fighting his restraints and screaming like mad while Sean was just fucking his ass slowly and then faster and harder. Rusty blow his nuts and the first shot went right over his head and hit me on my pecs, the second blow landed on Rex's abs and the remaining shots creamed Rusty's pecs and abbs.

Sean was so horned up when he saw Rusty popped his nuts that he lost all control and with a wild animal like howl, he pumped his muscle boy seed into Rusty. Like my boy, Sean kept his dick planted all the way in Rusty and gave us a muscle flex of his big biceps, just like a show of triumph over his pray.

Well I'm still the owner of Sean's ass and he is still my slave for the weekend, so I went over to him and pulled his strong arms behind his back and cuffed his wrist together. I took one of the short chains and pulled his cuffed wrists high up his back and secure them to the slave collar.

'Get down and clean your fuck toy's mess from my pecs boy.'

Sean was all eager and licked all Rusty's cum from my pecs and even without telling him, he did the same with Rex.

I un-cuffed Rusty and said to him: 'Fuck Sean and show us how good you are.'

Rusty did not need any further instructions. He grabbed hold of Sean's slave collar and pressed his head down onto the altar. While holding his body down with one hand, Rusty starts fucking Sean's hot muscle ass. This was one of the best muscle fucks we have seen the weekend. The whole time while Rusty fucked Sean's hot ass, both boys' awesome muscles moved under their perfectly tanned skins. All the time one could see the perfect cut of their stunning muscular bodies, every muscle was defined - their bodies were just perfect!

While Rusty took care of Sean, I un-cuffed Rex.

'Aren't you going to fuck me.... Or am I not what you prefer?' Rex looked disappointed and rejected.

'Rex, I want to jump you right here and it takes all my willpower not too. But I want our first sex to be so special for you and me.... Just the two of us... where we can explore and enjoy each other's bodies for a whole weekend. I don't want to share it with other guys. Will you come with me tomorrow when we leave? Please bud, I need you to be with me.'

'What will the guys think if you don't fuck me... that I'm not good enough?'

'I'll handle it'

'Why don't you fuck Rex's virgin ass, or can't you get it up, or is Rex a pissy?' It was Marco, one of the other guys that made the shitty comment.

From the moment we met, I had a bad feeling about this guy.... Something like he has a hidden agenda.

Kev came to my rescue: 'No man, like I know Marc he wants to take Rex back to the dungeon at G.Y.M. where he can break him over a long period of time with no interference from anyone. Is that not so Marc?'

'Yea, that's precisely what I intend to do. John, can I take my slave back with me?'

'Yea, that's cool with me.'

Rex went with us the following morning. Both our nuts were full as we did not blow since two weeks ago. I planned Rex's first sex to be an awesome experience. That evening Sean, Rex and I went out to a restaurant.

If I just knew how our lives would be changed for ever that evening......

To be continued




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