Back in the locker room Kevin joined us for a shower. It did not take him long to conquer Rohan's ass. Rico and I were feeling each other up under the shower and I was trying my best to get Rico to submit to me.

'Wait till we get to my place stud, I have a surprise for you and I want you to be fully primed.' He smiled at me.

Back with the other guys, we enjoyed some snacks and made small talk for about an hour before we left for the twins' place.

When we arrived at their place, Rico said: 'Bro, you and Kevin take the guest room, Marc and I will take our room.

'WOW!! Marc, ..... if I'm right about your reward ..... fuck man I would love to witness that!'

We enter the twins' room. To my surprise it's a dungeon!!.......

The next morning, on our way back to G.Y.M. headquarters, Kevin received a call.

'Kev speaking...... Yea..... Now?..... Ok'.

I was thinking about Rico..... how I fucked the restrained muscle boy.... how I made him beg for my hard dick..... how....

'Hey, I asked if it's ok if I drop you here. I have to go and pick up some leather restraints from our supplier.'

'Yes its ok, I'll walk the two blocks'

Kev dropped me off and I start walking the two blocks to G.Y.M. headquarters. I was still reliving last night..... all I could think off was Rico's hard muscle body, squirming under me.... His strong arms cuffed to the headboard..... how I played with him.....

'Sorry dude!!'.... All of a sudden I was back in reality. Before me was a guy, apologizing to me.

'Sorry Dude.... I'm really sorry man'. I bend down to pick up his parcel. A DVD had slipped halfway out of the black plastic bag that he dropped when I bumped into him. On the cover to my surprise was a muscle guy in leather cuffs. Fuck, this guy is either gay and into bondage or straight and curious.....

I picked up the DVD and held it out to him. When he took it from me, I hold on to it. 'Please let me make it up to you.... Let me buy you a cup off coffee... there's a nice coffee shop just around the corner..... please.'

'A..... well.... Ok.... But.... Don't bother man.... '

'Great.... I'm Marc.'


We walk in silence to the coffee shop and took a table in a quiet corner. It did not take long before our coffee arrived. Like with two strangers the conversation took awhile before it starts to get going well.

'It looks as if you are a regular in a gym.' Two gym rats.... Gym talk... it always works.

'Yea and I can see you know what you are doing in the gym. Where do you work out?' Sean's body really looks good under all that clothing and I have to know where he hangs out ..... To go and have a look some time.

The gym where he works out is not far from G.Y.M. HQ.

Halfway through our second cup of coffee I looked at his black plastic bag. 'You into that?'

'Well... ah... I uh....'

'It's cool man.... It's not my business.... Sorry for asking.'

'I must go.... Thanx for the coffee'. Sean took his DVD and I could see he is really self-conscious.

Fuck you Marc..... always saying the wrong thing to hot guys...... and you did not even get his mobile number ...... SHIT!!!!!

I spent almost an hour in the coffee shop and pay the waiter on my way out. I don't want to be the last one back at G.Y.M and jog the two blocks back home. Kevin and I arrived simultaneously at the front door. When we enter John and two of the other guys were in the foyer. John was not in a good mood. 'Where the fuck have you been?!!!'

'Keeping the clients happy.' Kevin the senior guy amongst us is the only one with the guts to confront John.

'I hope you can proof it.'

Kevin put a DVD on the desk. 'There.... Al the evidence.'

I immediately realized what's on the DVD. 'KEVIN!!!..... Fuck you.' I tried to take the DVD but John put his hand on it.

'How the fuck.....' I don't know how he managed to tape me, fucking Rico last night. It was only the two of us in their bedroom.

'The twins have close circuit TV and Rohan and I watched a live show.... It was so good that Rohan made me a DVD'

'Ok you two... it's no big deal Marc, we can watch it later for some entertainment. I'm sure the guys will like it... firs time they will see you in action.... Now get undress and get your asses in the pool area.'

Kevin always wants the last word. 'I will reckon it's more educational than entertainment....'

Within five minutes we join the other guys in the pool area..... all nude as usual. All the guys were busy doing what we usually do.... Some blowing their buddies, some kissing, some feeling each other up.

'Guys....' John starts to make his announcement. 'We have been invited to join one of my friends on his ranch for a fun weekend. Two weeks from now we join twelve gym bunnies for a 'Roman soldier and slave' weekend. Only problem, we need three guys to make our team of twelve. Anyone that knows some guys that will join us?'

'How do you calculate that' Kevin asked him.

'Two guys can't make it, so it's eight plus three gives eleven and I will form part of the team.... That's twelve'

'I think it will be cool if Kevin can invite his buddy Joe.... And I can invite Rico, the one twin we entertained last night..... and then I have met a guy this morning on my way back here..... I think he will say yes..... just have to get hold of him.'

'Any one else?' John asked the guys.

'No, that's cool!.... Let's get those guys.... We trust Marc's judgment.' One of the studs acted as spokesman for the group.

'Cool. Marc, you and Kev will organize that and see if you can get them here tomorrow evening for the briefing.'

We phoned Joe and Rico and as expected the two horn dogs were more than willing. I decided to go to the gym later the evening - where Sean works out ..... I just may be lucky to catch him there.

The rest of the day I was trying to catch-up on some lost sleep. Seven pm I woke up and realized I was late. I grab my gym bag and rush to the gym, hoping to find Sean there. I reached the gym an hour before closing time and find only four guys on the weight floor. Shit!!! Sean was not there. O well while I'm there I can just as well swim a few laps.... I prefer swimming as cardio.... Not like other guys that love the treadmill or rowing machine.

Ten laps later and I had my cardio workout. The chlorine in the pool was a bit too much for my liking and I decided to take a shower, something I never do at a gym. In the locker room I strip my speedo off and with my towel over my shoulder I walked to the shower cubicles. At the far end of the cubicles was one of those big showers, big enough for two people and with water jets in the walls that massage you from all directions. I decide to take that one.

The water was nice and like I always do under a shower, I was feeling my muscles, admiring my hard gained muscles and playing with my rock hard dick.

'Mind if I join you?'

I open my eyes and to my delight there Sean was, his dick rock hard, and his eyes taking in my muscled body.

Sean was even better looking without clothes. 5'11', 21 years old, hard ripped muscles, about 5% body fat, tan lines from a very small cock pouch, shaved body accept for his head and well trimmed pubes, 7,5' cut cock and low hanging nuts.

I drop to my knees, spreading my knees and put my hands behind my head - in a slave position. 'I will be honored.'

'WOW! That's hot man. It seems you are used to be in that position?' Sean steps into the shower and took position in front of me.

'Well now that you know you can just as well answer my question of earlier today.'

'I fantasize a lot about it.'

'Dom or sub?'

'Sub, maybe dom..... I don't know for sure... am still a virgin .... what about you?' he asked me.

'I go both ways' I stood up and put my hands on his shoulder and move him backwards till he was standing with his back against the wall.

'You are full of iron.... I like it. Any reason for both your tits ringed?'

'It gives guys more confidence if they have my tit rings in their hands .... Then they can dominate me.... I'm virtually powerless when they start twisting my tit rings and the pain shots through my pecs.'

'Like this?' Sean took my nip rings and starts twisting them real hard.

I inhale sharply when the pain shots through my pecs and I put my hands behind my head, waiting in anticipation for his next move. Sean just turns the rings harder and instinctively I drop to my knees.

'So what's a dominated muscle boy have to do next...... Boy'

'Pleasure the guy that controls him, Sir.' I answered.

I decide to play along.... For now.... and open my mouth, waiting for him to feed me dick.

'Show me stud.... it will be my first time.....'

I took his dick, slowly sucking it into my throat and starts jerking him with my throat muscles, both my hands still behind my head. Sean kept the pressure on my tit rings.

'OOOOOO FUCK!!!!!!!!' As expected his first ever deep throat experience was too much to handle and he let go of my tits and pulls out of my mouth.

'And?.... to your satisfaction?' I ask him.

'Fuck man.... It's awesome. Where did you learn to do that?'

I start kissing my way up his body, over his washboard abbs and when I reached his mouth, I start to tongue fuck him. After a while we break.

'We better stop. Someone may walk in and see us.' I said.

'Don't worry. It's only the two of us here. Sundays I lockup the gym.'

Without a word I turn off the water and took Sean's towel and start drying him. I have other plans for him. Still dripping wet, I took his hand and lead him back to the locker room.

Why, I don't know, but just as you enter the locker room from the showers, there is a bar across the entrance that can be used as a pull-up rack. I jumped up and grab hold of the bar - with my arms as wide as possible - and start doing pull-ups.

Sean starts hugging me from behind and when he felt my abbs his hand stopped for a moment before he really starts exploring them.

'You like my abbs?'

'Fuck man ..... it's so ...... hot .... So fucken... I'm horned up just by touching them. How do you get them so defined?' Sean moved to my front and I can see from the expression on his face that he is a sucker for abbs.

'When you become my workout partner I'll let you in on the secret.... And if you promise to be a good boy I'll guarantee you to have the same within eight months.'

'I am a good boy' he said and starts liking my abs, just under my rib cage, slowly moving down my washboard abbs.

I did a few pull-ups to help him move his tongue all over my ripped abbs. With his tongue exploring my lower abbs, I stop and kept myself pulled up high. My shoulders and biceps are pumped like hell.

My belly but was level with his mouth when I stopped and as expected, Sean starts to tongue fuck my belly but. I know what was to follow....What feels like a lightning bolt, shot from my belly but right into my dick and pre-cum starts oozing out uncontrollably. If he just new my secret, that I was helpless during that time, he could have cuffed and fucked me. This is a secret that I have no intention to share with any guy.

After a while I decided it's time to feel his hot mouth over my love muscle. Slowly I start pulling myself up a little more till my dick was level with his mouth. 'You wanne try it?'

Without warning he sucked my dick into his mouth.

'O my FUUUCCCKKK......' This was so unexpected that I almost let go of the bar. To support myself I lifted my legs and put it over his shoulders, clamping his head between my thighs to prevent him from let go off my dick. Slowly I start thrusting my hips, throat fucking him.

'You're one hot fuck man. You sure this is your first time?'

Sean tried to answer me but I hold onto his head with my thighs, keeping his mouth stuffed with my pulsing dick. I don't want to cum so soon and decide to pull out.

I let go of the bar and dropped to the floor. All of a sudden it shot through my mind.... Gym bag.... Toys and Cuffs from last night still in the bag... WOW.... This can be fun ... giving this boy his first bondage experience and another virgin ass for me .... And in a public gym off all places.... 'Come, I want you to discover something'

I push him backwards into the locker room and in the direction of the bench where I have left my gym bag.

I start kissing him again, while I continue to slowly move him in the direction of the bench in the middle of the locker room floor. When we reached the one end of the bench, I push him further backwards over the bench so that he had to spread his legs, one on each side of the bench.

'What do you want me to discover?'

'You'll see soon enough.' I said and move his hands to the back of his head. 'Now keep your hands behind your head.'

I sat down on the bench looking up into his face, smiling at him. My hands start exploring his tight muscled ass. His hot fuck muscle throbbing in front of my mouth..... a drop of pre-cum hanging from his dick head.

I start pulling him closer to me till he eventually stood with his muscled legs over mine. Without warning I suck his dick into my throat and start to swallow. The effect was that my throat muscles jerked him off.

Sean dropped his hands and grabs onto my head, forcing his dick deeper into my throat and starts throat fuck me.

I took his wrists and pull them away from my head. The boy was so horned up that I had to use all my strength to break his grip on my head. Eventually I pulled my mouth off his throbbing dick.

'You did not listen..... you are a naughty boy......'

'Yes sir, I'm sorry sir'

'And naughty boys need to be controlled.....'

'Yes sir'. He played along

I pulled him even closer to me so he properly straddled my legs and pulled him down to sit between my legs, with his legs hanging over mine. I move closer to Sean till our raging hard cocks were pressed between our abbs. Sean put his hands around my shoulders and the hot boy starts feeling my muscled back.

'Now put your hands where they belong.'

'Yes Sir'. Sean did as instructed and with his hands behind his head, I start kissing him again.

After some exploring of the inside of his mouth with my tongue, I pushed him backwards until he was lying on his back. I took both his legs and put then over my shoulders. My hard cock was between his ass muscles and I could feel his hot virgin hole pressing onto the sensitive underside of my dick. I was tempted to start fucking his hot ass, but decided to give him his first bondage experience.

I reached forward and play a bit with his nips, squeezing them real hard before I bend forward till I was laying on his hot pecs. I took his hands and pull them till they were stretched out on the bench above his head.

I feel around in my gym back and took out the cuffs.

'A bad boy who can't control his hands needs to be cuffed..... and you are a bad boy.'

Sean's breathing started to become harder.... The boy is craving to be controlled.

'Please Sir'

'Please what boy? You want me to stop and leave you?'

'I need you to control me Sir.... I need some hot muscle guy like you to ..... to own me .... Some one I can make happy .... Please Sir.'

In my wildest dreams I did not imagine someone, a hot boy like Sean, would want me to own him. Fuck this is hot! For the first time in my life a feeling to control someone, to own some hot guy, took hold of me.

I put the cuffs around one of the slats of the bench and cuff Sean's hands to the bench.

'This what you want boy? ... Your strong arms cuffed, your muscled body fully exposed, you helpless and unable to protect your balls and dick, no way to prevent me from fucking your virgin ass, another guy that can exploit you at will?'

'Sir you own me ..... I'm here for your pleasure ... please Sir I want you to make me yours'

Fuck, this boy is serious!!!

'If that is what you want, then so be it boy.'

I stood up and went over to his head, straddling the bench, facing his body that was lying stretched out below me. I lower myself over Sean, in a pushup position, with my dick over his mouth and his dick pointing up towards my mouth.

'I'm going to do pushups over you so we can throat fuck each other. Don't cum.... I want you to cum when I fuck your virgin ass. Will you be able to control yourself?'

Without waiting for his answer, I start fucking his throat while at the same time I deep throat him with every down movement. This is the hottest pushups I have ever done. It did not take long before my muscle boy starts struggling to prevent his nuts from popping a load. To be honest, this whole fuck was so hot that I also struggle and I soon had to stop.

I move back to the grand trophy - muscle boy's virgin cherry. Back between his ass muscles and with his legs over my shoulders, I decided to take him dry. I want this hot stud to experience the full effect of a raw fuck when I conquer his body. For the rest of his life he must acknowledge me as the owner of his ass.

I took a cock and ball ring from my gym bag and clip it over his jewels. The ring was a bit tight but I like it that way, it made his balls looking nice and tight with the skin stretched so tightly over them. Although his pubes were trimmed, I decided it will come off soon because I like my guys to be shaved clean.

I pressed my dick head against his virgin hole and Sean took a deep breath. The next moment I forced my fuck rod all the way into his virgin ass.

'AAAAAAANNNNNNNOOOOWWWW!!!!!' His scream was deafening. Then silence. Tears were flowing from his eyes. All his muscles were flexed to the limit.

I waited a minute so he could recover and then I started to ram his ass. It did not take long before his cock starts to jerk. The eruption was something out of this world. Blow after blow he creamed his pecs till eventually the last two blows landed on his abbs.

At the same time I blow my nuts deep into his belly, marking him as my property for life.

I pulled out of Sean and instinctively I lick up his cum from his hot muscles, cleaning his abbs and pecs. I swallowed half and like a considerate master I share the rest with him while we kiss after the great fuck.

Still lying on him, I un-cuff his hands. Sean put his hands around me and pulled me tight against him. We stayed like that for some time.

'Thanx.... This is how I always anticipated it to be.... Only the pain is more than I have expected.....'

'You're a tough guy.... You'll get over it and as they say in gym lingo - no pain, no gain.'

We both laugh.

'Come let's go and take a shower.' I took his hand and pull him up.

In the shower we cleaned each other, in-between kissing and feeling each other up.

After we have dressed, I said to him: ' Seven pm tomorrow, I want you to be at G.Y.M. HQ.'

'I have an appointment with some guys.'

'Tell them something came up.... I'm now your first priority .... or did you not mean what you said earlier?'

'Sorry Sir, It's just that I'm not jet used to it.....'

I put my arm around him and pull him tight against me. 'It's OK.... And stop calling me Sir... other guys are not supposed to know about our arrangement. About tomorrow, it's a briefing about a fun weekend that I want you to attend.... I'm going to arrange you your first fuck of a hot muscle guy of your choice.'

'You are a great guy, you know that?... You want to come over to my place?' Sean smiled at me

'Would love to, but I had to get back to G.Y.M.'

The next evening at G.Y.M., all the guys were waiting in the gym area, nude and hard as always. Kev and I were at the front door, dressed, waiting for the three guys to arrive. Ten to seven, Sean was the last to arrive. After introducing each other Kevin lead us to our sleeping quarters.

'Guys, the dress code here at G.Y.M. is nude, so get rid of your clothes. The other guys are waiting.'

Fuck, the effect the undressing had on us was awesome. In seconds we were all boned and ready to fuck.

When we entered the gym area, the new guys nearly caused a riot. The remarks passed by the G.Y.M guys and the way they tried to get to fuck the new guys was actually fun to watch. John let us have our fun before he restored the order.

'Guys, before I brief you, I want you to take one of these.' He took some stuff from a gym bag and starts tossing one to each guy. 'Let your buddy help you with it'

'NO fucken ways!!! We not putting this on.... Fuck that man... you not serious!!!!'

It was cock and ball cages!! The fuck are we going to put this shit on!!

'Calm down!!! Jerk off for the last time and then put it on. The cages will remain on till we arrive at the ranch. We want you to be super horned and with bursting nuts when the weekend starts. Trust me you will love it when the weekend starts.'

What followed was the biggest circle jerk ever held in G.Y.M. HQ.



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