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G.Y.M (Gay Young Muscle) is the name of a company that employ young muscle guys who provide entertainment - sex and most of the time kinky sex entertainment - to an exclusive male market. G.Y.M. clients are rich and all under 30 years of age, and obviously horny as hell.

All G.Y.M. employees are under 28 years old. They are contracted by G.Y.M. for a period of 4 years. During this time they stay at G.Y.M. headquarters where they have all the luxuries they can think of. All they do is workout, tan, fuck and providing sexual entertainment to G.Y.M. clients.

The characters so far:

Marc - a straight muscle boy, 5'10', 22 years old, hard ripped muscles, 4,8% body fat, no tan lines, shaved body accept for his head, 7,5' cut cock and low hanging nuts, 4g PA piercing, tit rings and tongue piercing, turned gay when recruited by G.Y.M.

Kevin - Marc's partner at G.Y.M., 23 years old, also a ribbed muscle boy, 8' cut cock, lost his virgin 2 years ago to a 19 year old boy named Joe, kid bro of his gym buddy Martin.

The twins Rohan and Rico - 19 years old, blond muscle boys, horny as fuck, both 7,5' cut dicks, Rico the dominating top who obviously fuck his bro from time to time, Rohan the dick lover and butty boy of the two.

Joe - now 21 years old, body builder who took Kevin's virgin as a 19 year old boy.

Sean - Marc's muscle fuck toy boy, 5'11', 21 years old, hard ripped muscles, about 5% body fat, tan lines from a very small cock pouch, shaved body accept for his head and well trimmed pubes , 7,5' cut cock and low hanging nuts - a butty boy, or so the guys think, who loves bondage.

Rocco - Marc's new fuck at G.Y.M, 22 years old blond muscle god. Like all at G.Y.M. his body hair were permanently removed by lazar treatment and he had an awesome tan with no tan lines. His 4g PA CBB emphasizes the beauty of his 7,5 inch cock and his tit rings hang invitingly from his nips, decorating an awesome set of muscle slabs.

Shawn - 19 Years old, college student, quarterback and captain of the college football team - ripped but more muscular than guys his age - a real young muscle god with a awesome cut cock. Obviously as horney as hell. Lost his virgin in G.Y.M. when his team buddies turned on him.

The story so far:

Marc and Kev went to a private club where Marc was handed over as a birthday gift to 19 year old muscle horn dogs. The twins cuffed and fuck him. Before the fuck session, Kevin told Marc how he lost his virgin to a 19 year old stud. After the twins had their fun with Marc, they went home where Marc discovered that the twins' bedroom is actually a dungeon.

Marc meets a guy, took his virgin in a gym and turned the muscle boy into his personal fuck toy boy. The guys at G.Y.M. are preparing for a fun 'Roman slave and soldier' weekend. Marc and Rocco fucked each other and John decided to let them pay for not following orders to just j/o. 5 college guys came to G.Y.M. to punish the guys - actually to fuck them


I looked at the other boys and I saw how they strip their Levi's. All of them were going commando.... Their raging hard cocks slapped their abs once they were freed from their prisons.

I was brought back to Shawn when he said: 'Any toys you studs would like me to use?'

'Your choice bro.... show us what you're made of.' Rocco smiled at Shawn, actually challenging him and I doubt if that was such a brilliant idea.

Shawn went over to the dungeon and I concentrated on the scene in front of me. Horney hands were exploring even more horney bodies. The G.Y.M. guys were moaning as the college guys explored their bodies.

Shawn, still clothed, returned with some toys and droped them on the floor in front of us. My heart jumped a few beats when I saw the ball stretcher and cock whip.

Shawn just smiled and got rid of his clothes. Like the other boys he is ripped but more muscular - a real young muscle god. His cock was rock hard and pointed upwards, perfect angle to fuck us while we hang from the chains.

'Rod......' Shawn called one of his buddies over. 'Come and help me here.... I want to fuck Marc while you use that cock whip on him.......'

Another guy with the nickname Rod..... no wonder, his dick was nothing but a hard steel rod just like my buddy Rod's here at G.Y.M.

'Real studs these two.... And they like fucking each other..... wonder how much they love each other.' Rod, with a sadistic smile on his face, was standing in front of Rocco, pinching Rocco's sensitive nips .....

'Let's find out..... buddy method..... fit that ball stretcher to Rocco's nuts and load a 5 pound weight to it. While I fuck Marc, you torture his dick and balls with the cock whip and every time he begs us to stop, you load another weight onto Rocco's balls. Once I have blown my nuts up Marc's ass, we swap places and you fuck him till you cum and then we take Rocco's ass with the weights on Marc's nuts.' Shawn obviously had experience in torturing guys.

'You know, you are one brilliant fucker, man.... You just know how to torture a muscle guy. Have you ever been on the receiving side?' Rod asked Shawn.

'I'm a total top bro.... never been fucked and never will be.' Was Shawn's cocky answer.

'Well I won't mind to be the first one to dominate you.... I always j/o to you.... The perfect muscle boy, first team college quarterback, total top.... Man that will be my fantasy coming true.'

'Forget it bro... it's me fucking you and the other team members, you have my permission to fuck any of them.... But taking my cherry.... Forget it!'

The two boy's sex chats and in particular Shawn's cocky attitude only enhanced the effect the drugs had on me. In my mind I could picture Shawn with a slave collar, his muscular arms, cuffed behind his back, his muscles flexing in his ultimate attempt to free himself while I fuck his virgin ass..... and Rocco hitting his balls and hard dick with the cock whip. Fuck the boy's screams will be music in my ears.

I was brought back to reality when Rocco screamed. Rod had fitted him with a ball harness and dropped the 5 pound weight that was fixed to the harness.

'I wonder how mush more your buddy can handle.... And it's you that will determine it stud.' Rod said to me.

The next moment Shawn fucked his rock hard dick all the way up my ass and at the same moment the first blow from Rod hit my vulnerable dick and nuts.


'Come on stud..... just say it man.... Beg us to go slow on you...'

The next thrust up my ass and blow on my nuts was just as pain full. 'AAAAAAAAHHHHHOOOOOO..... FUCK YOU FUCK YOU!!!!!!..... OOOOO FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!'

'This is just the start tough guy..... beg us to go slow on you..... all you have to do...'

The third thrust up my ass was too much to handle. 'Please man, please, take it slow man.... You ripping my ass open FUCK'

'AAAAAAA...... lover boy feels a fuck for his buddy.... Rod, make it another five pounds on that gorgeous balls..... fuck I love this.'

Rod had no mercy and added another weight to Rocco's already painful nuts.


Rocco looked at me and I could see the tears flowing freely from his eyes. It made me feel guilty to see him like that and knowing that I am responsible for his pain.

The next moment I felt Shawn's muscled body spasm. 'FFFFFFUUUCKKKK AAAAAUUUOOOOOWWWW FFFFFUUUUUCKKK' and then the unmistakable trembling as he cracked his nuts. Blow after blow he shot his young stud cum deep into me.

'Fuck that was awesome man. Come Rod, come fuck this hot muscle ass.' Shawn said while pulling his still rock hard dick from my sore ass.

Even before I could recover Rod slammed his rod all the way up my ass. That's when I took a decision not to let them torture Rocco any more and I bite my lower lip.... to prevent myself from getting a word out. Lucky for me Rod was so horned up that he blown his nuts within seconds.

'Let's see how much your buddy loves you..... if he will spare your nuts.' While Shawn was fucking with my mind, Rod fitted my nuts with the first 5 pound weight.

I was not tougher than Rocco and screamed even harder than he did. Luckily for me Doc's potion worked wonders and just after I received my third weight, Rod blown his nuts. Doc was standing in front of me and lifted the weights to save my nuts.

'You guys must be careful. These two may be muscle gods but they are still just guys that can loose their nuts.' It looked as if Doc may be concerned about the condition of my balls.

The two hot boys un-cuffed our hands from the overhead chains and re-cuffed them behind our backs. 'On your knees and open your mouths' Shawn and Rod took mouth restrainers and inserted it in our mouths. 'No hard feelings boys..... but just in case you want to take revenge....'

Our mouths became depositories for their hot jock cum. I must admit Shawn's cum had a very nice taste.... More sweet than salty.

While the two jocks were fucking our throats, their buddies moved the fuck horse in front of the seated G.Y.M. guys.

Rod saw them and said: 'Nice thinking boys....'

'Yea man, that's gonna be cool..... always wanne fuck a muscle stud that's cuffed to a fuck bench.... Who's gone be first?' Rod was now on autopilot... one thing on his mind - fuck a restrained muscle god.

And then it happened.... Something I did not expect. Shawn's four buddies grab him and threw him over the fuck bench. Two guys cuffed his wrists and legs to the legs of the fuck bench while the other two pinned him down on the bench. Within seconds Shawn was restrained and his ass wide open to be fucked.

Shawn was outrageous.... He the Alpha stud in the pack is now facing a rebellion ..... the guys he always fucked have now turned onto him.... and he can do nothing to protect his virgin ass.

'Please you can't do it to me... I'm a top and you guys know it.... I'm the one that fuck bottom boys.... Un-cuff me.... NOW!!!'

The jocks just ignore him. 'Who's gonna take his cherry?' Rod asked the guys.

'FUCK YOU...... I'm gonna kill you bastards!!!..... Pleeaasse guys..... don't do it to me I beg you.

I actually felt sorry for him. The top alpha male, first team quarterback.... Now left to the mercy of the boys he always dominated.

'Was your idea Rod. You pick his cherry and we will make sure he always remembers this moment.' One of the jocks made the proposal.

'Please Rod, buddy, please don't do it to me.' It sounds as if Shawn was near crying.

'You know Shawn.... You always treated us like lesser men.... Like you are the only man around because you top us whenever you want.... It's time we cut you back to size... to strip you from your attitude. Hopefully you will treat us like equals when you can no longer tell the world that you are a top and we are your butty boys..... Because you are one of the team, I will have mercy on you and not take you dry. Doc, you have something I can lube his virgin ass with?'

The next few minutes I witnessed the changing of a sworn top into a bottom boy. Shawn screamed as if he was slaughtered. Rod really took his lust out on Shawn... he fucked Shawn without any mercy.... Enjoying every moment. All Shawn achieved with his screams, swearing and pleading was to inspire Rod to fuck him harder. Each jock blown several loads up Shawn's hot ass until Doc stopped them.

'OK guys that's enough.... You had your fun. Un-cuff the guys.' Some of the guys still want to fuck Shawn another round, but they knew better than to challenge Doc. Show me a jock that want to challenge a muscle god - and Doc is a muscle god like the rest of us at G.Y.M.

The jocks un-cuffed the G.Y.M guys, starting with me and Rocco, but left Swan cuffed over the bench - maybe so that the G.Y.M guys were free to intervene if Shawn became violent.

I walked over to Shawn, followed by Rocco and we un-cuffed him. I helped him up from the fuck horse. 'Are you ok buddy?' I asked him.

'I..... I'm... no longer a man..... how can I ever look guys in the eye again.....?

'Hey bud, Rocco and I fuck guys and guys fuck us.... And we are men.... We are alpha studs just like you.... To be fucked in the ass doesn't make you less of a man.... It's actually hot to go both ways.' I put my arm around him and pull him close to me. I could feel the tenseness in his body and I knew this guy needs our support or he is going to have major problems.

'Welcome in the club of hot versatile studs, man..... and believe us..... you are one HOT FUCK!..... Marc and I would really love to have you over one weekend.... Just the three of us.... What you say?'

One of his team mates walked up to us. 'How does it feel to be a butty boy .... To be fucked by other guys?' he said with a laugh.

'Hey!!! Are you invited to chat with the men? Go play with your kid friends.' I know it's a soft spot for all young guys to be regarded a kid.... Especially when a guy you admire tells you that you are still not accepted in the ranks.

As expected he tried to proof himself..... one major mistake that he did not foreseen. 'Fuck you!!' He said to me.

Like in my younger days I snapped and revealed a side of my personality I would have preferred not to reveal to my buddies at G.Y.M. - but shit happens. With one major blow I smacked the little prick through the face and he hit the floor like a rock, blood pouring out of his nose. There was a dead silence in G.Y.M. all the guys looked at me - all with expressions of disbelieve.

'Don't you have respect for your betters? Apologize... then get the fuck up and clean your mess.'

'So.... Sorry Shawn....'

I whispered to Shawn: 'The right thing will now be to accept his apology.....'

Shawn realized that I'm not in the mood to be fucked with any further. 'It's Ok'.

Shawn was not in the mood to elaborate so I said to him and Rocco: 'Let's go to our room and have a shower.'

After we had cleaned each other, I dropped to my knees in front of Shawn and put my hands behind my head: 'May I have the honor to worship a hot muscle stud by feeding on his cum?'

Shawn's mood had changed and to be accepted and respected as one of the boys did it. 'Yea man, bring it on..... suck my dick..... make me feed you my hot muscle boy cum....

We all laughed before I went for Shawn's hard dick..... and made him blow his nuts deep down my throat.

When we returned to the other guys, Shawn put his arms around me and Rocco: 'Thanx Marc...Rocco. You are awesome guys.... Can we be friends, that's if you guys can forgive me for what I have done to you?'

'Yea Man.... Will be an honor to call you a friend... and for what you have done to us.... That was HOT man..... have to do it again some time.' I responded.

When we reached the gym area, it was obvious that the party was over. The other guys already had a shower and all were dressed - the G.Y.M. guys in their cock and ball cages and the football jocks in their Levi's and T's. I picked up Rocco's and my cock and ball cages and said to Shawn: 'You know how to fit these to a guy?'

'Sort of..... but not so sure.'

'Ok I'll show you. Roc, spread your legs.'

Rocco put his hands behind his head and spread his legs..... his gorgeous crown jewels wide open for me to cage them. Shawn squat next to me, and I talked him through the procedure while I caged Rocco's tools. The whole thing made Shawn so hot that he started to drip pre cum within seconds.

'You think you can do it?'

'Yea, think so.'

'Right..... then do me.'

I handed him the cock and ball cage, spread my legs and put my hands behind my head. When Shawn touched my semi hard dick, I started to spot wood.

'Hey man, hurry up. When that thing gets hard you will have to stay till tomorrow when it's soft again.'

'Looks as if your dick loves me. I don't mind.... The longer I can play with it, the better.' Shawn laughed.

'You damn right, he loves every bit of your hot body. Why else would he stand up to look at you?'

The next moment the lock clicked around my nuts and I could feel the strain of my hardening cock in the cage.

'Fuck!!!! ASHHHHHHHH!.... it hurts!'

'Come-on big boy! You can take it..... don't let my teammates hear you.... They will think you're a pussy.' Shawn stood up and took my nips between his thumb and index finger and started squeezing. 'May I?'

'You're the boss when you hold my tits.... sir.' I said jokingly.

Shawn just smiled and put his lips on mine. I opened my mouth for the hot jock and without hesitation his tongue slipped into my mouth. For a few seconds I suck his tong till he break our kiss and moved his mouth to my ear.

'Can I come and visit you and Rocco some time.... I promise to be a good boy.'

'You are more than welcome stud..... it will be cool to have you for a whole weekend... just the three of us. We have lots to teach you. I dropped my hands and put them on Shawn's hot ass.... 'And I want to taste this hot ass man'

Shawn dressed and was ready to leave with his teammates when Kevin called him back. 'Shawn before you leave, I want to show you something. We will take you home afterwards.'

Shawn turned back while his friends left. 'What do you want to show me?'

'Nothing..... we just want you to stay behind and have dinner with us.... We all think you are super hot.'

'Yea man that will be cool.... You are fucken hot.... We all like you.... Yea man....' About every G.Y.M. guy added a comment. One thing about the G.Y.M. guys, we always back each other, even if we don't know what the other guy's intentions are. In this case we were unanimous - Shawn was still not ready to be alone with his teammates.

Later that evening Doc took Shawn home and we went to our rooms for the evening.

The remainder of the week was full of tension as can be expected with a lot of horny muscle hunks, unable to fuck or jerk off. Eventually Thursday arrived. Twelve noon we boarded the bus.

We were responsible for the toys and we took a variety - lots of wrist and ankle cuffs, slave collars, mouth restrainers, arm and leg restrainers, dildos, cock and ball rings, sounds and cock and ball cages. We were armed and ready for a great weekend.

We arrived at the ranch just before 6 pm. The other guys were waiting for us. When I stepped off the bus, I saw him.... Blond, muscles stretching the sleeves of his T-shirt to the limit, every muscle on his chest and six-pack printed off by the tight fitting T-shirt. His number too small Levi's accentuated his crotch and well developed thighs. This guy must have spent hours sweating in the gym.

One of the guys behind me pressed a finger in my back. 'Come on Marc, get moving... or are you afraid that the wolves will tear you apart when you step into their den?'

'Nha man..... I've picked an awesome wolf that I'm gone tear apart and then munch on his muscles..... and suck on that juicy muscle between his gorgeous thighs.'

For a few seconds I fixed my gaze on his crotch and start undressing him with my eyes - unbuckle his black leather belt, unbutton his Levi's, pushing them down his strong muscled legs, see how his rock hard cock slap his abbs, how his low hanging shaved nuts hang below his rock hard cock.... ready to be played with.... pre-cum dripping from his cock head....... I wonder if he is ringed......if he has tit rings like me.....

I move my eyes up his muscled body - fuck, if I just have x-ray eyes like Clark Kent. When I reached his face, I realized his eyes were waiting for mine to make contact. We stared at each other for a few seconds before his lips started to form a smile. Just then the guys behind me pushed me out of the bus and I became the one that first break eye contact.

As the guys got off the bus, they introduce themselves. The blond hunk was the last one I had to introduce myself to. We looedk at each other, sizing each other up for about a minute before I made the first move.

'Marc' I said offering him my hand.

His eyes kept mine prisoner and his killer smile starts forming again on his sweet lips. 'Rex..... and you probably know the meaning of Rex'

Rex, the name of a Roman emperor, a king, in his case a prince, ruler of men, owner of slaves, I thought. He did not let go of my hand, emphasizing his superiority over me.

'I like you and your ass is going to be mine for the weekend.... I'm gonna make you beg me to allow you to touch me, to worship my body. You will beg me to allow you to cum.... I'm gonna make you suffer and I will enjoy every moment of it.

'Don't bet on that, Your Highness, the prince may become a slave....my slave.'

'Welcome all you guys. WOW man!! Awesome bodies you have. This weekend are gonna be one hell off a fuck fest. Let's go to the arena.' Jason took the lead and we follow him into the arena.

Jason took us on a tour through the arena and explained all the equipment to us.

It looked like a real Roman arena. A few wooden poles planted in the ground where guys can be restrained to, stocks that looked like a nice torturing device, a wooden wheel with its axes horizontal and perfect to turn a guy that is restrained on the wheel upside down so he can blow his torturer while hanging upside down. A pole with three rings, one in the centre and one on each end, laid on the ground - Jason informed us that the pole weights 160 pounds.

There were also three blocks with heavy chains and steel cuffs attached to the blocks - to chain slaves to.

When we reached a huge wooden table, Jason requested us to put the toys we brought along on the table. The keys to the cock and ball restrainers were also put onto the table.

Lastly he took us to the middle of the arena. There was a black granite block that looked like an altar. It had four steel rings, one at each corner, fixed into the block. On the altar were four chains, each with a steel cuff attached to one end.

'This is the altar and like in the Roman times it may only be used to offer a virgin - that is a virgin ass. I hope we can inaugurate it this weekend. Enjoy yourselves boys.'

'Guys let's get the games started.' It was John calling us to order. 'Jason and I worked out a system so that guys from both groups are equally divided. Guy's names will be drawn by someone from the other group, so it will be fair. We will have four masters, eight soldiers and twelve slaves, each master will have three slaves. Masters may trade slaves if they want. To keep some order, the masters will have final say in everything during the weekend - if two masters agree to stop an activity, it will stop. Everything goes, except scat, water sport and permanent scaring. Let's draw names'

From our group Rocco and Kevin were selected as masters. The masters from the other group, to my horror, were Rex and Jason. Rico and Joe became Soldiers. Sean was drawn as Rex's slave and I as Rocco's slave.

Rex started to talk to Rocco. They both look at me and then to one of Rex's slaves, a boy from the other group of guys. After a while Rocco called the other masters and I could hear him explaining a deal between him and Rex. The only detail I could hear was that I was now Rex's slave in exchange for one of his slaves and that the other masters have to witness the deal.

Jason was surprised by the details of the deal and said hard enough so I could hear him: 'Fuck Rex, your horneyness always fucks with your common sense! Luckily this is only valid for the weekend.'

After the deal was sealed, Rocco shout at me: 'Marc, get your ass over to your new owner, move it fucken slave!!'

When I reached Rex I went down on my knees in front of him.

'Get up slave..... undress.... A slave is not supposed to wear clothes.'

I started to undress while Rex followed every movement I made. Without looking at the other slaves, he instructed them to undress as well.

'Follow me.' Rex instructed his slave boys and walked over to the table at the outer perimeter of the arena. 'Sean, get this steel off my cock, then also rid my slaves from their steel cages.'

The boy's dicks were immediately rock hard. I could feel that unmistakable feeling of a testosterone spike going through my body.... First my nuts, then my dick starts to tinkle, followed by the tinkle going down my inner thighs. Fuck if I'm not gonne cum soon, I'm gonna go insane.

I was last in the row and just as Sean kneeled to take the cock cage of my cock and balls, Rex stopped him. 'Not his cage. I can't trust him with free hands and an unrestrained cock. Fit him with a slave collar and wrist cuffs and cuff his hands to the collar - only then may you take the cage of his slave cock.'

Sean cuffed me as instructed and then removed the cage from my cock. My cock was immediately rock hard, dripping pre-cum.

'I love your piercings boy..... and I'm gonne use it to torture you, slave. Sean and Jacques, come and worship your masters awesome muscled body.... Sean you take the front, Jacques you take my muscled ass. By the way Jacques, tell my slaves about our relationship before you go for my ass.'

As Sean started to suck on Rex's muscled pecs, Jacques told us that he and Rex are gym partners and fuck buddies; that he is Rex's butty boy and that Rex is the dominant top with a virgin ass.

While the two hot slave boys worshipped Rex's muscles in every way imaginable, Rex gave me a muscle flex show. I was slowly losing our battle..... I want to cum so badly that I lost my will to fight, I could care a fuck what will happen, if I can only cum.

'Fuck Rex.... Make me cum pppppplllllleaseee man, stop fuck with me!!!!!'

'AHA...... we have an undisciplined slave here. Come boys get up, you can pleasure me later..... we first have to discipline your slave buddy. Go get me that heavy pole and the chains that are with the pole.'

While the other boys were gone, Rex used the opportunity to further fuck with my mind. He played with his rock hard dick while pinching his tits and all the time he told me how hot he is and how nice its gonne be for me to worship his body till at last I beg him to allow me to touch him and to fuck me till I cum.

'Please Master, fuck me till I cum, I beg you. I'll do anything you want, just make me cum please.'

The only reaction I got from Rex was a smile.... and the doomed assurance - 'You haven't cum for two weeks..... another weekend will make no difference.' When the boys returned with the pole, Rex instructed them to put the pole on my shoulders.

'Kneel slave, I want that pole on your brought muscled shoulders.'

After putting the heavy pole on my shoulders, Jacques moved to my back where he balanced the pole while he clipped my slave collar to the centre ring of the pole. All the time he was behind me, he fucked his dick and balls up and down my muscled back.

Sean attached the chains to my wrist cuffs and stretched my muscled arms horizontally to the ends of the pole where he hooked the chains to the pole's end rings. When they let go of the pole I was immediately choked as the pole rolled off my shoulders. The only way to breath was to lift my stretched arms with my shoulder muscles and at the same time pull my arms forward with my big pecs. Even for a strong muscled guy like me this is a position where you have no power and my muscles started to burn like hell within minutes.

'Take him over to those poles and make him squat between the poles.' Rex pointed to two sets of two short poles planted in a way so that the ends of the pole on my shoulders could slot between the two poles on either side of me.

I was only able to squat just more than a halve squat when the pole on my shoulder reached the steel rods that were stick through the poles on each side of me to act as stoppers to prevent a guy to squat to low. Rex stuck to rods through the poles above the pole on my shoulders and so prevented me from standing up. I was in a bad position - I have to use my quads to prevent myself from choking.

Lastly Rex ordered Jacques to fetch a wooden block and to place it in front of me - so guys could stand on it while fucking my throat.

'Hey soldier boys!! Any one that wants to feed my slave cum? Please come and break my undisciplined slave - he is yours to fuck for the weekend.

Joe was the first soldier to take up Rex's generous offer. 'Kev told me how good you are with your mouth..... show me and use that tongue piercing..... make me feed you two weeks pent-up cum slave boy.'

Without looking at me, Rex took his other two slaves over to the blocks where he cuffed Jacques before he took Sean over to the horizontal bar with the chains hanging from the bar - I knew what he planed for Sean..... hang him from the chains and fuck him, yea fuck my boy and I cant even help him. I really felt shit about all this - I couldn't help the boy I like and I'm rejected by the blond muscle guy I wanted to fuck so badly.

To be continued.



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