Bryan woke up with a start. He noticed that he wasn't in his room and began to wonder where he is. He then remembered that he stayed over at Zach's house with Gary and Oliver. He also noticed that a body was next to him. He looked over and he smiled because he saw that his head was on Zach bare chest. He lifted his head up so he can have a look around and he saw that Gary was on the couch sound asleep but he also showed some morning wood which leads to his penis sticking out of his boxers. Oliver on the other hand was asleep on the ground with drool coming out of his mouth. Bryan laughed softly at the condition that his friends were in. Oh gosh, Bryan thought, I have the best friends that a guy could ask for. Bryan got up to go to the bathroom since nature was calling. As soon as he got up, Zach started to stir from his sleep.

"Hey," Zach started. "Where are you going?"

"Going to the bathroom," Bryan replied, "be right back."

Bryan got up and went to the bathroom. As soon as he came back, he noticed that Zach was on the couch, sitting watching TV but it was mute.

"Hey you," Bryan said

"Hey ya back." Zach replied

"What you watching?" Bryan asked.

"Lucky dog," Zach replied.

Bryan looked up and sure enough it was Lucky dog. Zach got up and started to walk around the couch to get to the bathroom.

"Where are you going?" Bryan asked turning around as Zach walked behind the couch.

"Bathroom," Zach replied, "then I will cook breakfast for us."

"Okay," Bryan replied. "Sounds good

Zach kissed Bryan on top of his head as he walked to the bathroom. Bryan grinned when Zach did that. Bryan looked at the other boys who are sound asleep.

"Wake up guys." Bryan started. "Wakey Wakey, eggs and bakey."

The boys is still asleep even after Bryan gently prodded them and try shaking them awake. Damn, Bryan thought. Bryan grinned as he got an idea. He finally got up and went to the kitchen. There he got one pot and a spoon. He walked back to the family where the boys still asleep. During that time, Zach walked out of the bathroom and went into the kitchen as Bryan walked out. He noticed that Bryan had a spoon and pot in hand. Oh geez, Zach thought, I hate to be Oliver and Gary right now.

"Wake up!!!!" Bryan yelled, as he was pounding the pots and pan together.

Gary, being startled, rolled of the couch which leads to a big bang which woke up a startled Oliver and Zach to run out of the kitchen door with a spatula in hand

"What was that?" Zach asked

"Ask him," Oliver and Gary replied, pointing at Bryan.

Bryan grinned. "What did I do? I was trying to wake up this lazy ass that's all.

Zach grinned. "Good one." "That should wake them up."

"What?" Oliver asked. "You condone this?"

"Yeah," Zach said grinning.

"Ha!" Bryan rubbed in. "Zachary loves me."

Gary grinned, slowly getting up. "I know."

Bryan noticed that Oliver is doing the same grinning as well. "GET HIM!!" Oliver yelled.

Bryan got up to run away but he was not fast enough. Gary got to Bryan and throws him on his shoulder and put him on the couch and started to tickle Bryan. Oliver started to join him.

"How you like me now," Gary said laughing. "We will not stop until you apologized to us Bry."

"I am sorry," Bryan said, between laughing his butt off. "I am really sorry."

"I don't believe you," Oliver said grinning. "Say it again with feeling.

Bryan looks at Zach with pleading eyes. "Please help me," Bryan said between gasping for air and laughing.

Zach just stood there and shook his head. "Nah," he started. "You deserve it." He went over to Bryan and started to help Oliver and Gary to tickle him.

"I am so sorrie," Bryan said, giving his best puppy pout face.

Gary grinned. "There it is." "That is what I am looking for."

Bryan glared at Oliver and Gary. "I hate you. Do you know that?"

Gary and Oliver grinned. "We sure do," they both said. "We love you to."

"And you," Bryan said, pointing, accusingly at Zach. "You join in tickling me. How dare you?"

Zach sheepishly looked at the ground. "Sorry Bryan. It was all fun and games. Sorry if we made you mad."

Bryan grinned then breaks out laughing, while sitting on the couch. "Gotcha."

Zach just shook his head then slapped him on the shoulder when he came to sit on the couch. "I hate you. Do you know that?"

Bryan grinned. "I know bud. I love you too." Bryan then leans over to Zach and kissed him on the cheek. Zach, blushing from the kiss grinned. "Well, I better get back to the kitchen before I carelessly burn down the house along with the food."

"Okay," Gary, Oliver and Bryan said.

Zach got up to in order to get to the kitchen. Before he walked into the kitchen, he kissed Bryan on his head for the second time today.

"Hey," Gary said, complaining. "Don't we get a kiss on the head as well?"

"Yeah," Oliver said, grinning. "What is that about?"

"Well," Zach said laughing, "Like Bryan said, he is my favorite out of you three."

Bryan grinned. "Cheers to that." Once the food was ready, the boys meet around the table to eat and to discuss the plan that they decided to set in motion.

"When are you going to tell Patrick that you want to take a break from the relationship?" asked Zach?"

"Today," Bryan started. "It will be hard but it is for the best."

"I agree," Oliver said. "Look, we will be there for you okay?"

"Okay," Bryan said grinning. "Thanks guys." Bryan looked at his watch and cussed. "Sorry guys, I have to go since I don't want to be late to meet up with Adrian/Alex.

"Okay," Gary said. "Be careful."

"I will," Bryan said, grinning. "I love you guys."

"We love you to," Zach, Gary and Oliver replied.

Bryan got up to go to the bathroom to shower and brush his teeth. He then changed into the close that he packed for the sleep over. He then walked to the front door and exits it. He made his way to his car and drove to the mall where he was supposed to meet up with Adrian/Alex. He got out of his car and walked into the mall and walked to the area where the movie theater is at.


Meanwhile at Adrian's house

Adrian was going through his plan to get rid of Patrick and Bryan's friends when Alex walked in with two shirts. "Which shirt should I wear to hang out with Bryan?"

"That one," Adrian pointed at the blue shirt. "Bryan loves blue."

"Cool," Alex said. "Thanks, anyways how much longer are we going let Bryan wait for us?"

"Five minutes top," Adrian said. "Don't worry. He will call us to make sure that we are coming."

"I better go," Adrian said, looking at his watch.

"Alright, remember that we are going to see Dumb and Dumber Too."

"Alright man" Alex said. He got up and went upstairs to get to the front door of the house. Once Alex's car let the driveway, Adrian took out a bottle of wine and pour one for himself. He looked at all the picture of Bryan in the room.

"Soon," Adrain started," you will be mine and I will treat you right. I will be better than Patrick. Just you wait and see."


At Zach's house.

The boys were discussing the case when Gary got a text from his mom

Hey sweetie, can you come home now since we need to go to your grandma's house for something

Okay, Gary responded. "Hey guys," Gary said as he responded to the text from his mom. "I got to go since we need to get to my grandma's house."

"Alright," Zach said grinning."Drive safely man and text us when you get to your house."

"Will do," Gary replied. He then got up and walked to his car. There he took the ten minute drive to his house. He was driving his car when some jerk decided to drive his car behind him. He was tailgating Gary. Gary looking in his rearview mirror shook his head and applied the brakes. The guy behind did the same and applied the brakes as well. As soon as Gary speed up, the guy behind him, rear ended him, which cause Gary to lose control of his car and literally drove him of the road. Luckily Gary gain control of the car and maneuver it so that the car and Gary were able to stop safely. This incident totally scares the shit out of Gary but he managed to stay calm. He also able to write down the license plate of the car the rear ended him. Gary then took out his phone to call Zach.

"Hey buddy, can you come pick me up on the freeway since some ass rear ended me which almost made me drive off the road. I am fine bro."

"Alright Gar," Zach replied. We will be right there. Hang in there bud."

"I will." Gary said. Gary waited for his friend to arrive in order to pick him up. During that time, he called his insurance, also his parent to let them know what is going on and let them know that he is also okay. The tow truck also towed Gary car since it is not drivable at the moment. Zach finally arrived.

"Hey," Zach said. "Damn dude sorry about your car."

"Thanks," Gary said," that totally scare the shit out of me. Some ass totally almost drive me off the rode."

"You okay?" Oliver asked, obviously concerned about his friend.

"Yeah," Gary said, "I am fine. I also wrote down the license plate. I gave it to the police officer."

"Okay," Zach said. "We are happy that you are okay. We should tell Bryan what happen."

"Don't do that," Gary said, "He has a lot on his mind right now. Let him be since he is working right now."

"Alright," Zach said. "We will tell him soon, okay?"

"Okay," Gary said.


Bryan and Alex watch the movie Dumb and Dumber Too, which was a hilarious movie. They both enjoyed it a lot. After the movie, the boys decided to go window shopping which lead to Bryan buying some new nice tennis shoes while Alex bought two nice polo shirts. After their window shopping the boys stopped at the food court in order to order some food. There they ate some Chinese food. During that time, they got to know each other better which was great. Bryan really enjoyed Adrian's company but was a little conflicted since he know that it was really Alex.

"So," Alex started, "I better get home."

"Yeah," Bryan grinned. "Me too. I am happy that you asked to hang out with me. I had a great time."

"Me too," Alex said grinning.

"Later Adrian."

"Later Bryan."

Bryan walked to his car and got in. He then drove home and parked in front of his house. He finally got out and walked inside the house. There he saw that no one was home and that there was a note for him. The note stated that his parents and sister were at his Grandparents house right now and that they won't be home until later. Bryan sighed and went to his room and crashed since it has been a long day. The front door bell jolted him from his slumber and he finally get up. Bryan walked to check to see who it is and it's Patrick.

"Hey babe," Bryan said grinning.

"Hey ya back," Patrick said grinning. " I came over here to see if you want some company."

"Alright," Bryan said grinning. "Do you want to stay for dinner since my parents and sister are out."

"Sure," Patrick grinned.

The boys watched 2 movies before having dinner. During that time, the boys discuss how the summer is and how they enjoy spending time with one another. Bryan then sigh deeply. This is going to be a lot harder than I thought, Bryan thought.

"Hey you okay?" Patrick asked Bryan since Bryan had been really distracted.

"Not really," Bryan said. "I need to tell you something and I don't know how to tell you so I am going to say it. I want to take some time off from this relationship. I need a break so I can see where I want to go with my life and to what school that I want to go to."

Patrick, being stunned at what Bryan just said but recovered quickly. "Okay. Are you saying that you needed space right now?"

"Yes," Bryan said between sobbing. "I am so sorry babe. I need to think some things over. Right now I don't want to mess up so can we press pause on our romantic relationship for now?

"Okay," Patrick said, crying a bit also. "I will wait for you since I love you that much okay."

"I love you too. I am so sorry."

"Don't be," Patrick said. "I will wait for you. Take all the time that you need."

"Okay," Bryan said, crying.

Patrick then got up to leave. "I will see you later."

"Okay bye."

Patrick was out of the door as soon as he closes it behind him, Bryan started to cry. He started to question where what he just did was the right thing to do. No, don't second guess yourself. You are doing this to protect Patrick. You will tell him when you solve the case. Only two weeks tops, Bryan thought. He then walked over to his bed and started to cry again. He then called Adrian

"Hey buddy," Bryan said between crying. "Patrick and I broke up."

"No," Adrian replied. "I am so sorry. Do you want me to come over?"

"Yes," Bryan replied, "please, I need someone to just to be with me."

"I will be there soon." Adrian replied. "Hang in there."

"Okay," Bryan replied. He then hang up. After he hanged up he wiped way his tears and called Zach, smiling.

"It's done. I broke up with Patrick and called Adrian. He took the bait. Now we can enter into phase two.

"Well done Bryan," Zach said grinning. "I am on speaker phone. What you guys think?"

"Nice acting skills," Oliver and Gary said grinning.

"Thanks," Bryan said. "Let's get this over with so I can get on with my life."

"Agree," the boys replied.




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