Adrian's house

After Adrian got the call from Bryan, heartbroken over the fact that Patrick and Bryan broke up, Adrian did a little happy dance. He was dancing around when he saw his twin walked in. Noticing that Adrian is unnaturally happy, Alex shook his head and began laughing. Curious about Adrian's sudden mood change

"Why are you so happy?" Asked Alex

"Because Patrick and Bryan are broken up," responded Adrian, "and he ask me to come over to his place to comfort him. Me!!!!!"

Hearing this Alex grinned. "Told you that they will not work out. I believe that you and Bryan are meant to be together. Patrick is just a good friend, just not a good boyfriend.

"Yup, he sure is," Adrian replied. "Oh, I borrowed your car and to follow Gary around. I kind of mess it up since I almost run him off the road."

"What?" Alex asked, simply shocked. "You used my god damn car? Damn it Adrian, what happens if Gary is able to get the license plate and was able to link it to us? Are you fucking stupid?"

"Hey, hey," Adrian started, "I took the official plates off and put on the dummy plates on. I am not that stupid. Can't you just give me the benefit of the doubt? Geez."

"Sorry," Alex replied. "Don't scare me like that again. Anyways did you mess up my car?"

"Nope," Adrian responded. "Little ding here and there. Nothing a little body paint can fix. Anyways the damage was on Gary's car. I like your idea. Trying to hurt the people that Bryan care about the most so that he will distance himself from them which will leave him all alone so that he will not have a choice but to turn to me."

"Told you it is a great plan," Alex said grinning.

"Yup." Adrian said grinning. "Anyways I also like the idea of throw them off the scent by bringing in your ex in the mix. I made it look like I was going after Britney all along when it is Bryan that I am after."

"Yeah," Alex said grinning. "I cannot believe that she is okay with this. Oh, who am I kidding, she always go where the money is."

"Yeah," Adrian said. "I also like your idea of going after the weakest link and try to break them. I think Oliver is the weakest of them all. I probably will target him next."

"Hmmm," Alex said grinning. "I like it. What should we do to Oliver?"

"I have no idea yet." Adrian said. "But one thing that I do know is that Oliver loves his parents and older sister. I think I can break him by going after one of them or him."

"I like it," Alex said grinning. "Cheers to that."


Bryan was on the couch watching TV, when he heard the doorbell. Bryan got up to see that it was Adrian. Bryan sighed and try to think sad thoughts so that he will be able to look heart broken and sad. He opened the door and hug Adrian.

"Hey," Bryan began, "I am so happy that you are here. I really need you now."

"Hey," Adrian said, "I am here. Now tell me what happen."

Bryan began to tell Adrian about the faux story about how Patrick has a psychological syndrome where he is attracted to lost causes.

"Patrick has white night syndrome." Bryan began, crying. "He was only attracted to me or even look at me because I was damaged goods. I had an okay up bringing but I lost my grandpa over the summer. He was the closest person that is not my parents. I was a mess when I found out so I confide in Patrick about it and he was there for me. Over time my depression was so bad that I even thought about suicide. Once he found out that I was able to be confident, and able to defend myself and get over my depression over the last month and a half , he- he just left me because I am already fix and then he would go on to the n-n-next person and try to fix them." "He explain to me that it is not my fault and that it just him. There is n-no cure this psychological phenomenon."

Hear this about Patrick and what kind of person that he is, Adrian was furious with Patrick but also happy that Patrick broke up with Bryan. Hmmm, Adrian thought, maybe I can use this against Patrick.

"Hey, I am here for you," Adrian said. "Don't hesitate to call me if you need anything okay?"

"Okay," Bryan said. Between sobs. Adrian leaned in to give Bryan a hug. After a five second hug, Adrian pulled away and look at Bryan. How Patrick can let this amazing guy go? Oh well, what is his lost is my gain, Adrian thought. He leaned in to kiss Bryan. When his lips touched Bryan, Bryan who was stunned at first but began to kissing Adrian back. They made out for the next two minutes. Adrian notice that Bryan had a hard on and Bryan notice that Adrian also had a hard on.

"Are you happy to see me?" Bryan asked laughing?"

"Yeah, "Adrian said grinning."

Adrian began to kiss Bryan again and then try to take Bryan shirt off. Bryan notice this and stopped him.

"I really like you," Bryan said, "but I am not ready for sex."

"Okay," Adrian said, "just kissing now. Maybe later on we can have some outercourse."

"Outercourse?" asked a confuse Bryan.

"Yeah," Adrian said. "When we jack off together and make out. Maybe jerk each other off since you are not ready for oral and anal sex."

"Yeah," Bryan said. "I will think about it. Anyways I may be up for jerking off together. But let's just stick to making out now."

"Okay," Adrian said. The boys started to kiss again and were able to continue to make out for another three minutes when, Bryan decided that he was ready for some outercourse.

"I am willing to jerk off with you if you want to still." Bryan said.

"Yeah," Adrian asked. "Yeah I want to. Should we head to your room?"

"Yeah," Bryan said, getting up and pulled Adrian up when he held out his hand. Bryan led Adrian to his bedroom. Once there, Bryan entered his room with Adrian and locked it.

"How should we start this?" Bryan asked

"How about kissing?" Adrian suggested.

"Okay," Bryan said, grinning. The boys started to kiss one another which lead them to a full make out session. Adrian than decided to take off Bryan shirt and Bryan complied. Bryan also did this to Adrian and he complied as well. Next the boys decided to take off their pants which left them in their boxers. Adrian decided that he wanted Bryan to be on the bed and told him

"Get on the bed please."

"Okay," Replied the eager Bryan. Bryan got on the bed and laid down. Adrian went over to him and started to licks his nipples which lead Bryan to moan.

"Oh yea," Bryan said.

"You like that?" Adrian asked.

"Hell yes," Bryan moaned. Adrian lick the right then the left nipple then gently nipple it. He lick all the way down to Bryan boxers where he kissed his stomach then his boxers.

"Take these off," Adrian said.

Bryan complied and took off his boxers, reveling his 8 inches, uncut penis.

"Whoa," Adrian said grinning, "I can work with this." Adrian began to kiss the Bryan's penis and testicles. After he kiss Bryan's penis he began to stroke it. Bryan moaned again since it feels really good.

"I want to stroke yours too," Bryan said to Adrian

"Okay," Adrian said, taking off his boxers reveling a 9 inches hard, cut penis.

"Fuck babe," Bryan said as soon as he saw Adrian's penis. Bryan reached out to stroke Adrian's penis. Adrian moans. "Fuck yea," Adrian said. "Stroke my cock."

"Mine to baby," Bryan replied, moaning. The boys masturbated one another for 20 minutes until Adrian decided to stop since he is getting really close.

"I am so close baby," Adrian said, "I don't wanna cum yet so let's stop and make out."

"Okay," Bryan said grinning. The boys started to make out again. "I noticed that you are cut," Bryan began. "Do you want to try frotting and docking as well?"

"Yes," Adrian said, moaning. "Let's frot man.

"Okay," Bryan replied.

Bryan was lying on the bed and Adrian got on top of Bryan. He brought his penis to Bryan's penis and started to hump them together. The boys started to moan as soon Adrian did that.

"Holy Fuck," Bryan moan, "this feels awesome."

"For me to buddy," Adrian rerplied, kissing Bryan.

They frotted and humped together when Bryan looked at Adrian and grinned. "Want to dock?"

"Sure," Adrian replied. Bryan got up and took Adrian's penis in his hands. Bryan then retract his foreskin and put his penis head agains Adrian's penis head. He then unrolled his foreskin and over Adrian's penis, causing Bryan and Adrian moan.

"Fuck," Bryan said, looking at Adrian. "This is amazing, I am so close baby. I want you to cum with me."

"That will do," Adrian said grinning. "Let's stroke each other until we cum."

"Okay," Bryan replied.

They stroke each other off, causing each other to moan and groan.

"I am really close babe," Adrian moaned

"Me too," Bryan said. "Cum with me." " I am about to cum,"

"Me to," Adrian replied. "I am going to cum." "Oh shittttttt, Fuck yea."

"That's it," Bryan replied. "Cum for your daddy.

Adrian shot 7 loads of cum onto his body and Bryan's hand. Seeing this Bryan moan "I am coming." He shot six loads of cum on himself and Adrian's hand.

"Fuck," Adrian said. "That' really intense."

"Yeah," Bryan said grinning. "Love to go again if you want to."

"We will," Adrian said grinning. "Now, I am going to make us grill cheese so we can eat something."

"Okay," Bryan said grinning. Adrian reached over Bryan to get a towel to clean himself up and toss it to Bryan who did the same. Adrian then got up, throw on his boxers and shirt and went to the kitchen to cook grill cheese. As soon as Adrian left, Bryan took out a device that he got from the boys so that he can copy what is on Adrian's phone. He took it out and put it on Adrian's phone. He keep on looking at the door just to make sure that Adrian come back while he was doing this.

"Hey," Adrian called out. "Where is the cheese?"

"Refrigerator," Bryan called back. Come one, Bryan said to the device. Finally the device was able to download everything that was on Adrian's phone. He put Adrian phone back here it was and put the device in his drawer. As soon as he did that, his phone rang. He saw that his sister was on the caller ID.

"Hey baby sis," he answered. "How is the sleepover?"

"Good," Ashley replied. "I am going to stay over again since dad and mom wanted some "alone time" so they will pick me up at Vivian's house tomorrow. So, just giving you a heads up."

"Alright," Bryan said. "anyways have fun."

"You too, Big bro. How are you and Patrick doing?"

"Not good," Bryan replied. "We are on the rocks right now. We kind of went on a break."

"Aww," Ashley replied. "sorry to hear that. I am sure that you guys will be fine."

"Yeah," Bryan replied. "I sure hope so. Anyways I got to go since I have company over."

"Alright," Ashley said." Have fun and behave. Don't do thing that I wouldn't do."

"Really?" Bryan asked laughing.

"Yeah," Ashley said grinning.

"Bye," Bryan said

"Bye," Ashley replied. Bryan then hung up. He got up and put on his boxers and shirt. He left his room to see where Adrian was. He entered the kitchen and there he saw that Adrian was at the stove, cooking grill cheese.

"Looking good," Bryan said.

"Thanks," Adrian replied. "I was wondering if you want me to stay over, I can."

"That will be great," Bryan said. "My parents and sister won't be back until tomorrow. We can eat leftovers for dinner and grill cheese."

"Sounds good," Adrian said laughing.

The boys ate the grill cheese that Adrian made, watch movies and Scandal. Once for dinner time came along the boys had meat loaf sandwich.

"Dang," Adrian said, "that meat loaf is the bomb."

"Yeah it sure is," Bryan grinned. "My mom made an awesome meatloaf.

"I can tell" Adrian said. There was a phone ping. Bryan pulled out his phone and saw it was a text from Oliver.

Hey man how are you? You alone?

Bryan responded. No, I am with A. What's up?

Nothing, just want to make sure you are okay. Is he staying over? Oliver asked.

Yeah Bryan responded. Did what you guys ask me to do. I will give it to you tomorrow.

Alright Oliver replied. Be safe.

I will, Bryan replied.

You going to Olivia's birthday party right? Oliver asked.

Yeah, Bryan responded. Wouldn't miss it.

Cool, Oliver said. See ya

Later man, Bryan responded.

Seeing that Bryan is texting someone. "Who you texting," asked Adrian.

"My sister," Bryan replied.

"Oh okay," Adrian said.

Whew, Bryan thought. Thank god I just got away with that lie. The boys watched one more movie and decided to relax in Bryan's room. While relaxing Adrian turned to Bryan and looked at him. "Hey, Bryan," Adrian started. "Can I ask you for a favor? I really need your help with something that I had planned."

"Sure what it is?" Bryan asked.

Adrian whispered what he wanted to Bryan to do and Bryan grinned.

"I would love to help you to do that." Bryan replied. "Can I make some suggestion on how we should approach this?

"Sure," Adrian replied. "Anyways it was your idea to begin with. I just want to see if you want to add any ideas to it. "

"Cool," Bryan answered. They began to talk about the plan that they about to set in motion.




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