Bryan was on his laptop,surfing the we when his phone vibrated and rang. He looked at it and it shown whose name popped up on the caller ID.

"Hiya babe" Bryan said when he answered the phone.

"Hiya back" Patrick responded. "How are you?"

"Alright," Bryan replied smiling. "Cannot wait for our date tomorrow."

"Me too," Patrick grinned."What you want to do?"

"Hmmm, how about dinner and a movie?" replied Bryan, grinning.

"Okay sounds cool babe. See you tomorrow night." Patrick said.

"Yea, see you. Dude my mom was going on how hot you were," Bryan said.

"Really, huh?" Patrick responded. Mine said the same thing too. It's so freaking embarrassing," Patrick said laughing.

"Hmmm I know right," Bryan responded. "I love you."

"Love you too," Patrick responded. See you tomorrow."

"Okay." Bryan replied.

"Okay." Patrick said.

"Okay," Bryan said. "I am going to hang up.

"Okay." Patrick said

"Okay." Bryan said

"Oh my gosh stop flirting with me, " Patrick said smiling.

Bryan, hearing this started to laugh. "I love that book."

"Me too," Patrick said

"Night," Bryan said

"Night," Patrick replied.

Bryan hung up finally and grinned, thinking "Wow, we took a long time to hang up.

Bryan's dad was walking by and knocked on the door bridge.

Bryan turned around and grinned at his dad.

"Hey," Bryan said to his dad. "How are you?"

"Good," John replied. "Was that Patrick?"

"Yea," Bryan said, grinning

"Good," John said. "I am happy for you. When is the date?"

"Tomorrow night,"Bryan responded, grinning. "Why you ask?

"Just wondering," John replied. "I overheard you told Patrick that your mom thinks that he is hot."

Hearing this, Bryan blushed."Yeah. It's embarrassing, but I love her though."

John grinned. "I know it can be. But know that your mom and I are very happy for you."

"I know," I responded.

"Hey, I am going to bed since I have an early day tomorrow. So good night son," John announced. "I love you."

"Night dad," Bryan replied. "I love you too.

Bryan head to his bed and got into it. No jump into it most likely. He laid there, thinking, " I am so lucky to have amazing friends, family and boyfriend." As the thoughts rushed over him, so did his dreams.


Bryan woke up with a start thanks to his bloody alarm clock and phone. Bryan groaned and he hit the snooze button. He got up and look at his phone.

"Shit," Bryan thought when he red the text message. It was from Adrian.

on phone:

Hey can we meet up and go out for lunch or dinner sometime. Love to get to know you more.


Sure we can meet. Let's grab some lunch.


After sending the text, Bryan got up so he can get ready. He took a five minutes shower, brushed his teeth and changed. He walked down the stairs and walked into the kitchen. There he saw his mom, at the stove, cooking some eggs, bacon. The toast was already in the toaster. His sister and dad were at the counter, patiently waiting for their breakfast.

John was reading a newspaper and drinking his coffee while Ashley was on her phone, texting away.

"Morning guys," Bryan said.

"Morning sweetie," Monica replied and looked at her son, grinning.

"Morning bud," John announced. "Sweetie can you hurry up, I am in a hurry."

"Patience is a virtue, John," Monica replied, smiling. "Anyways, you got time John."

Grinning, "You know what, you are right."

"Morning big bro," Ashley said. "Hey when is the date with Patrick?"

"Tonight," Bryan respond. "Oh, I am going out twice today. "Once with Adrian,sine he asked me out for lunch. So I have to let him down gently since Patrick and I are together now. Later on, I will go out with Patrick."

"Oh,wow," Ashley said. "Well good luck with Adrian.

"Thanks," Bryan said.

Monica put the food on the plates and set it in front of her husband, daughter and son. "Bon appetite.

John, Bryan and Ashely inhaled the food and ate quietly. Monica looked at them, shaking her head.

"Ummmm, are you guys going to talk? or just going to eat?" Monica asked them.

John grinned. "Sorry babe. We are just in hurry."

Monica shook her head at her husband. She went to the kitchen sink and started to wash the dishes.

One by one, John, Ashley and Bryan dropped off their dishes so they can leave.

"I am heading to summer school, " Ashley announced. "Bye guys."

"Bye," John, Monica and Bryan respond.

"Well, honey, I am leaving for work."John said

"Okay, bye sweetie." Monica said.

"Bye dad." Bryan said grinning.

After his dad left, Bryan went over to the kitchen sink. "Here, let me help you mom."

"Really,"Monica asked. "Thanks."

"No problem,"Bryan responded.

"So," Monica said, grinning.

"So what?" Bryan asked.

"You and Patrick,"Monica said.

"Good, we are really good mom,"Bryan said.

"Good. Happy for you," Monica respond. "So what's the deal with Adrian?"

Bryan told his mom what's the deal is and Monica was listening intently to her son. When Bryan was done, Monica looked at her son.

"Well looks like you have two guys that really likes you. Are you sure you wanna do this now?" Monica said. "I just wants what is best for you."

"I know mom and thanks," Bryan responded. "To be honest, I really do not know mom."

"Okay," Monica said. "Do you love Adrian, Patrick or both?"

"Well I really love Patrick a lot. I mean we are friends since 1997. Adrian on the other hand was just some hot guy that lives in the neighborhood."

"So, whoever you choose, let them know and down the other gently okay?" Monica said. "I really just want you to be happy that is all."

"Okay,"Bryan said. "Thanks mom."

After finished washing the dishes, Bryan went to his room so he can think. Bryan thought about who will be a great person to be in his life as his boyfriend. Both Adrian and Patrick have great personality and charisma which made it difficult for Bryan. But at the end of 30 minutes of think, Bryan made up his mind and was content with his decision.

Bryan got up and went downstairs. He grabbed his keys and wallet. He saw that his mom was on the couch watching T.V.

"Hey mom, I am going to meet up with Adrian, okay?" Bryan said.


"Bye, I love you."

"Love you too sweetie."


Adrian was waiting for Bryan at Souplantation when Bryan pulled up next to Adrian's car. Bryan got out and grinned at Adrian.

"Hey you," Bryan said.

"Hiya back," Adrian responded. "Ready to eat man?"

"Yeah," Bryan grinned. "I am starved."

Adrian and Bryan got in line and get food since it was a buffet." When they got to the cashier, Adrian decided that he will pay for Bryan. Bryan insisted on paying his half but to no avail. Finally Bryan gave in and let Adrian paid.

"Dude, do you have to be so hard headed?" Bryan asked.

"Eh, no. But I want to pay for you." Adrian responded with a grin.

"Fine," Bryan said. "But next time, my treat and don't you dare tell me otherwise sine I have an amazing memory."

Adrian grinned" So there will be a next time?"

"Maybe."Bryan said.

Adrian and Bryan walked to a table and sat down. They started eating and got to know each other better in the process. Bryan learned that Adrian was a football player, and runs track and field.

"Wow," Bryan thought. He is very impressive.

The boys continue to eat and get to know each other well. At the end of the meal, Bryan sat down his spoon and grinned.

"That was good man," Bryan said. "I had a good time.

"Me too," Adrian said.

"Hey Adrian,"Bryan started. "I need to tell you something."

"Okay what is it?" Adrian asked.

Bryan sighed. "There is no easy way to say this but I have to tell you." " I am seeing someone right now." " I know that we agreed to go out and get to know each other. I am sorry."

Adrian looked at Bryan. "Okay. Is he a good guy?"

"He's the best," Bryan responded.

"Good," Adrian grinned. "If he ever hurt you, I will kick his ass."

Bryan grinned. "Okay, I will keep that in mind. " "Are we good?"

Adrian smiled. "We are good." "We can be friends right?"

"Yeah," Bryan grinned.

Bryan and Adrian got up and walked out of the restaurant. They headed to their cars.

"I will see you around Bry," Adrian said.

"Yeah," Bryan responded. "See you.

Adrian and Bryan give each other a hug and got into the car.

Adrian and Bryan drove off in different directions to go home.

Bryan got home and enter his house. There he saw that his mom was asleep on the couch with the T.V. on. Bryan walked over to the remote and turned it off.

"Hey I was watching that," Monica said as she opened her eyes.

Bryan shook his head."No you were not mom. Your eyes were closed."

"True, but I was just resting my eyes."

"Yeah, right."

"Hey, how was lunch with Adrian?"

"Alright," Bryan said. "He took it well."

"That is good."

"So I am going to take a long nap and going to get ready for my date with Patrick." Bryan announced.

"Okay," Monica said.

Bryan walked upstairs and went to his room. There he saw Patrick at his desk.

"Hiya" Bryan said.

"Hiya back," Patrick said. Patrick was shirtless and was wearing basketball shorts.

"What you doing here?"

"Well I am chilling here since my AC was out."

"Oh, okay. That's cool."

"Yup, hey I brought my clothes over so I can shower and change for our date."

"Okay," Bryan responded." Hey I am going to take a nap. Wanna join me babe?"

"Sure," Patrick said. Patrick took off his basketball shorts and jump into Bryan's bed in his boxers. Bryan did the same and was in his boxers too. He got into his bed and turned to Patrick.

"See you babe."

"See ya."

Bryan drifted off to sleep and so did Patrick

Bryan woke up with a start from his nap. He looked around and noticed that he was in his room and that his head was on Patrick's chest. Bryan got up and went to the bathroom to shower. After his shower, he changed into his clothes which consisted of boxer briefs, dress shirt and jeans. Bryan then went over to Patrick to wake him up.

Patrick groaned. "Leave me alone."

"Fine," Bryan said. He left Patrick in bed and went to the door. Halfway there he stopped. He turned around and head to his bed again. This time he got onto the bed and kissed Patrick on the lips.

Awaken by the kiss, Patrick grinned. " I am up."

Patrick walked to Bryan's bathroom so he can shower and changed. After his shower, Patrick walked in the room dressed the same in a nice gray dress shirt and jeans. Patrick grinned and walked down the stairs with Bryan. Bryan's mom was there with the camera. When Bryan saw this, Bryan groaned.

"No pictures please mom."

"Alright, Alright. Party pooper," Monica said.

"Babe, let's just take on picture. It's not going to kill. you." Patrick said."

"Fine," Bryan responded. "Just one picture, mom. That's it. "

"Okay," Monica responded.

After one picture was taken, Bryan walked to his car and got in. Before he got in he opened the door for Patrick. They drove to the Old Spaghetti factory and waited to be seated. Once their name was called, they followed the hosted to their seats and sat down.

"Well, here we are," Bryan said grinning. "On our official date."

"Yeah," Patrick grinned. " I am so happy that we are together."

"Me too babe."

A waiter named Jamie walked up and introduced himself. After Jamie was done introducing himself, he asked for Bryan and Patrick's orders which they give Jamie without a hitch since Bryan and Patrick have been there before. The boys dine on bread, salads and their main course which consisted of the meat lovers and the chicken fetteine alfrado. After eating diner, the boys had ice cream for desert.

Patrick asked for the check and payed the bill. When Bryan saw this, he grinned.

"Hey next time on our date," Bryan started."I will get the check ok?"

"Okay babe," Patrick said grinning.

They both got up and went to Bryan's car. They went to Bryan house and saw that they had the house to themselves. Bryan grinned.

"Wanna watch a movie baby?" Patrick asked.

"Sure, which one?" Bryan responded.

"How about She's the Man?"

"Sure thing."

The boys watched the movie and laughed the butts off since the movie was hilarious. After the movie was over, Patrick decided to head on home and walked to the door. Bryan walked him to the door and went with him to Patrick's house. There they kissed goodnight.

"Night Bryan," Patrick said. " I love you."

"Night Patrick," Bryan responded. "I love you too.

Bryan then walked back to his house and went inside. Once he is inside, he went to the bathroom and stripped down to his boxers. He then brushed his teeth. After finishing bushing his teeth, He got into bed and was fast asleep as his head hit his pillow


Couple Blocks from Bryan's and Patrick's house- Adrian's house

Adrian was throwing darts at the dart board when his identical twin brother walked in.

"Hey you." Adrian said. "How was the hangout with Bryan?"

"Well, he likes you as a friend bud," Alex said. "Sorry.

"Oh, okay?" "Is there a guy?"

"Yes, his name is Patrick." Alex said. "I followed them to the restaurant and back to Bryan's house. They seemed pretty cozy with each other. They make out in front of Patrick's house.

"Oh okay," Adrian said. He walked to the bar and open it. He got out a bottle of wine and two glasses. He pour the wine into each glass. He took the wine to his brother and drank the other glass.

"So what you think Adrian?" Alex asked.

"This will not do," Adrian replied.

Adrian sipped his wine. "We will find a way to get between them and destroy their friendship and relationship.

"Really?" Alex said. "How?"

"I have my ways,"Adrian said. He threw the dart at the dart board.

The basement was filled with pictures of Bryan. Most of it looked like it was taken without his knowledge or consent.

Adrian threw the dart again. This time aiming at the picture that he hung at the board. It was the picture of Patrick and Bryan and he aimed at Patrick's head.

"I will make sure of it." Adrian said. " I will make sure that their happy ending will be a disaster and when Bryan see this. He will have no choice but run to me.

Alex grinned " I like the sound of that."

Adrian raised his glass to his twin and Alex did the same.




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