The day after Bryan lost his friends he went automatically into a depression. His family noticed this and tries to talk to him but Bryan would not open up to them. All he did for the next few days was eat, sleep, cry and repeat. His family noticed this and began to worry about Bryan. Bryan's dad decided that Bryan is in a depression and really need help so he decided to call his friends and Patrick and tell them to come over and join the family for an intervention for Bryan. The only person who agrees to this was Patrick since the other boys were so hurt and betrayed by Bryan that they made up a lie in order for them to get out of it.

The following day, Bryan woke up to a knock on his door. "Bryan you up?"

"Go away." Bryan called back.

"I won't" Ashley yelled as she entered. "Get your ass up and come down here. I am worry about you big bro. You are not acting like yourself. Now tell me what is going on."

"Nothing," Bryan replied. "It' nothing and mind your own damn business."

"No I won't," Ashley yelled. "You might be the older brother here and I am the younger sister here but you are acting like a kid and a baby and I am telling you to pull it together and to stop acting like a little bitch baby. Are you a bitch baby Bryan? So what, you lost the love of your life. This gives no reason to go around and whine about it. Grow the hell up. So what the other kids make fun of and pick on you. Here is the real deal. LIFE is UNFAIR. Get over it. Now tell me who you are Bryan. Are you a bitch baby?

"No I am not." Bryan replied, yelling. "I am a badass super hero who served in the military and work amazing cases and put people away. I am about to work for the FBI after I get my masters and Doctorate. So I am not a BITCH BABY."

"There is the Bryan that I know and love," Ashley said grinning.

"Hey," Bryan said. "sorry about that."

"No problem," Ashley said. "Can you tell me what really happen?" So Bryan told his sister what happen between his friends and how Adrian manipulated him into helping him out and how he lied to his friends and lost all respect and trust from them. "I am so screwed Ashley, they don't trust me anymore and Oliver said that I am dead to him."

"Wow," Ashley said. "You mess up big time. What were you thinking?"

"I wasn't" Bryan replied. "I was so taken by Adrian that I mostly agree to anything that he said." "I definitely not going to make that mistake again."

"You better not," Ashley said. There was a knock on the door. "Enter," Bryan called back. As soon as he said this Patrick entered and grinned.

"Hey," Patrick said.

"Hi," Bryan replied. "What are you doing here?"

"I am worry about you Bry. So is your family. I am here for you no matter what. You not going to get rid of me that easily."

"Thanks," Bryan replied. Patrick got up and left, closing the door behind him. "I am an idiot." Bryan said.

"Yes you are," Ashley said grinning. "Now I know that it is not my place but Adrian is bad news. That is all I am saying."

"Thanks, "Bryan said. "Hey, should I go down there?"

"Yup," Ashley said, pulling her brother up. They both walk downstairs where the family and Patrick was.

"Everything is fine," Ashley said looking at Patrick. "I handled it. Take that."

"Yeah, yeah," Bryan said rolling his eyes. They all ate and breakfast together and Bryan couldn't stop thinking about how he is going to make up to the boys and wonder if they will ever forgive him. After the "intervention," Patrick got up and left explaining that he need to me home at a certain time.


Patrick's house.

After leaving Bryan's Patrick went to his house where he called someone. The line was ringing three times before the person pick up. He called them after over hearing what Bryan discuss with Ashley in his room.

Hello, the person answer.

Hey, It me Patrick. I was wondering if you can meet me today at the mall. I need you to discuss something with you. It concerning my friend. I am worry about him.

Yeah I will meet you, the guy said. Name is Anthony.

Cool meet me at the mall at 2

Cool see you there. Patrick then hung up and went to his refrigerator. There he take out two slices of bread and made a BLT sandwich. After finishing consuming it he went to shower, and change in order to get ready for his meeting. After all that shebang, he walked to his car and drove to the mall. There he waited for the person that he had made an appointment with. Soon after 5 minutes, the person arrived. He was wearing a white shirt with the top of his collar open, white slacks and a blue blazer. He walked up to Patrick

"You must be Patrick," The guy said. "I am Anthony. You have hired me as a PI for Bryan?"

"No," Patrick began, I hired you to follow Adrian. For some reason I do not trust him. There is something off about him and he began to hanging out with Bryan. Can you keep tabs only on Adrian. I want to see what he is up to.

"Of course," Anthony replied. "Now tell me what is going on." For the next hour and a half, Patrick explains everything that he learns about Adrian and why he feels in his gut that Adrian is bad news.


Bryan's house

Bryan was on his couch when the door bell rang. He got up and opened the door. There he saw that Adrian was there.

"Hey," Adrian said. "I was wondering if you want to you to the movies with me?"

"Sure," Bryan said grinning. Damn it why did I just agree to go out. Quickly think of something out of it. Nah I want this.

"Cool," Adrian said. "We better leave now, since you know how much I love the trailers."

"Yeah, yeah," Bryan said rolling his eyes. I can't believe that I am growing through with this. "Let me get my wallet and phone."

"Okay," Adrian said, as he was leaning against the door. He was texting someone and while he waited for Bryan. Seeing that Bryan was ready, they all walked to Adrian's car and he drove them there. There they decided to watch Chappie, a rated R action film which was really good. After the movie was over, they walked over to the food court and sat down. Bryan and Adrian both decided that they want Jersey Mikes. Bryan told Adrian what he wanted for food. After that, Adrian went in line to order while Bryan look for a table and sat down. That is when he heard a voice calling out his name.


"Yeah," Bryan replied looking around for the voice.

"Hey , you," Patrick said, walking over with some guy. "What are you doing here?"

"Just chilling," Bryan replied. "Just got out of the movie. Adrian is getting us some food."

"Coo," Patrick said. "I am here with Anthony. He is my second cousin. He just came here from Michigan, so he visiting."

"That's cool," Bryan said. "I am Bryan. Nice to meet you."

"You too," Anthony said, shaking Bryan's hand. "We better go Pats, or else we will not see an engagement ring that I need. Do you think Emily will like it?"

"She will love it," Patrick replied grinning. "I got to go or else guy will have a hissy fit."

"Bye," Bryan said grinning. "Nice meeting you."

"You too," Anthony said. Both Patrick and Anthony walked away as Adrian walked back with the food.

"Who is that with Patrick?"

"Anthony," Bryan replied. "He is Patrick cousin. They are here looking for an engagement ring for Anthony's fiancé

"Cool," Adrian said as he sat down and start passing out the food to Bryan. After he is done, they both dug in and ate, enjoying and savoring every bite. After they finish eating, Adrian took Bryan home. There they went their separate way by each of them went to their own homes.


At the Mall

"SO that's Adrian" Anthony said. "Good looking guy. Anyways why you don't trust him?"

"I don't know," Patrick said. "It my gut. Anywsays you know how my gut is never wrong. Anyways can you we go to his house and check out what is going on?"

"Sure," Anthony said. "Let's go before the decided to leave." Anthony drove to Adrian's house and park in front of it. "Look like no one is home. Want to break in."

"How else are we going to get in dumb dumb?" Patrick ask grinning. Patrick took out a bobby pin and pick the lock. They walk in and look around. There's nothing that stand out so Anthony try to call it quit.

"Let's go, nothing to see here." "I am going to be in the car."

"Let me check something," Patrick said as he walks down to the basement. There he saw that there was pictures of Bryan around the room.

"What?" Patrick gasp.

"Yup that is Bryan. I took the pictures without him knowing." Hearing the voice that was behind him, he look around and saw that it was Adrian.

"Did you parents taught you that it was impolite to snoop?"

"Yeah," Patrick said. "But you are an exception. "Anthony!!!" "What are you doing here. Aren't you suppose to be at the mall with Bryan?"

"Who are you yelling for?" Adrian asked. "Yeah, but that was my twin Alex, pretending to be me." "Anthony? That guy in the car with the suit? He is no longer with us. I killed him. Now I am going to kill you too."

"No," Patrick said," trying to get up and run up the stairs but he was too slow. Adrian grabbed him and put a towel over his mouth, knocking Patrick out.

"There, you go," Adrian said, laughing, looking at the hazy Patrick. "Just let go." As soon as Patrick got knocked out, Adrian lunged the body over his shoulder and put it in the trunk of his car along with Anthony's lifeless body. Adrian back up from his driveway and left his house.




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