Adrian's house

Adrian was going through his plan to get Bryan and to win his love, when his twin, Alex walked in.

"Hey," Alex said. "Patrick is over at Bryan' house. They being all lovie dovie. It's so disgusting.

Adrian frowned when he heard this. "Hmmm, really? I am taking that Bryan and Patrick still in the honeymoon stage."

Alex groaned "Yes, oh my god. It's like ugh. I don't know why you recruit me to follow them and have me to pretend to be you.

Adrian rolled his eyes. "Dude, it's all part of the plan. Like Sizu said, "All warfare is based on deception.

Alex sighed. "I hate it when you are right. Just out of curiosity how are you going to go about it. Don't take it the wrong way, but Bryan sees you as a friend, Nothing more."

"Well my twin," Adrian said. "All in due time. Patience is a virtue

Alex sighed.

He knew that his twin is right. But there is somewhere in him that screams, my twin is crazy and I need to stop him. But for now, Alex will help Adrian. But if anything gets out of hand, he will bow out and tell the cops especially if it concerns other people safely and his as well.

Bryan's house

Bryan woke up with a start thanks to his alarm clock. He got out of bed and went downstairs to the kitchen. . There he was his sister, Ashley, eating a bowl of cereal. His parents were nowhere to be found.

"Hey, where are mom and dad?" Bryan asked.

"They went into work early," Ashley replied. "Oh, Adrian called here at the house, asking for you. One more thing, Patrick also called here. Is your cell working?"

"No," Bryan replied. "It died, which reminds me, I need to charge it."

"Okay." Ashley said.

"How did they know the house phone number?" "I didn't give it to them."

Ashley shrugged.

"I don't know. The yellow pages?"

"Hahahaha, Very funny," Bryan said, hitting his sister on the shoulder as he walked by to get a bowl for his cereal.

"So what are you going to do for today?" Asked Ashley, rubbing her shoulder.

"Probably going to hang out with Patrick, and maybe grab a movie or something. What about you?"

"Hang out with Ryan. Which reminds me, I won't be home until late since I will be studying at Ambers and going to the movie after. I will be home around 10ish.

"Okay, is mom and dad okay with that?" Bryan asked.

"Uhhh, it kind of slipped my mind," Ashley said hesitantly.

"Ashley," Bryan said firmly

"Sorry, I forgot really Bry," Ashley said. "Going to called them and tell them okay?"

"Okay," Bryan said. "Just as long as they know and I don't have to cover your ass."

Ashley got up and left to make the call, leaving Bryan alone with his thoughts. Hmm he thought, I really need to charge that freaking phone of mine.

Bryan finally got up and charged his phone which was in his room. As soon the phone was at three percent, it turned on and he saw that he got missed calls not only from Patrick but also Adrian. Bryan called Patrick back first.

"Hiya babe," Patrick said when he answered on the second ring.

"Hey," Bryan said. "What's up?

"Oh, nothing much, just missed my baby." Patrick said with a sigh

Bryan grinned when he heard this.

"Dude, you saw me yesterday. Well I can't lecture you on missing me since I missed you too."

"See, I told you will miss me, didn't I?" Patrick stated.

"Of course I did," said Bryan. "Anyways what you want to do, my treat."

"How about the same thing except for going to Applebee's?" asked Patrick

"Okay sound good" Bryan said. Looking at his watch, "Hey, I got to go to the bank to deposit some money so I will see you later tonight alright?"

"Alright babe," Patrick replied. "Love you

"Love you too."

Bryan hung up the phone dialed Adrian's number.

The phone rang five times until it went to Adrian's voice mail

"This is Adrian. Leave a message"


"Hey man, it's me. I was calling you back to see if you want to hang out sometime this Saturday or Sunday. Call back when you can. Talk to you later."

Bryan hung up the phone and walked back to the kitchen, and finished his cereal that he prepared for himself. He then got up and took the bowl to the sink and washed it.

On the phone was his friend James Bosley.

"Hey Bryan, I know this is last minute but I want to know if you can go to the school and office today since it is part of the program that Oliver, Zach, Gary and yourself are in.?

Bryan sighed

"Yeah, I can since I am free man. See you at nine.

"Okay, see you then"

"Bye Bryan,"

"See you later Bos"

He hung up the phone, then got up and wrote his sister a note, saying that he just got called into work and will not be back until seven so he can get ready for his date with Patrick. He then got up, took a shower, brushed his teeth and dressed. He then drove to the school/ office which was twelve minutes from his house. As he entered the school/office, he noticed that he was the only one there. Sighing he took off his jacket and put it on the couch, grab a magazine and start flipping through until the people that he worked with in the program he's in showed up. One by one, Gary, Zack and James walked in and with a worry look on their face. Bryan looked up and was surprised by their looks. Gary is 5'11 165 pounds with brown hair and green eyes, Zack is blond with blue eyes and is 6'1 and 189 pounds and Oliver had brown hair and brown eyes and is 6'2 and 205 pounds. James is 5'10, 164 pounds with blonde hair and green eyes.

"Hey, guys," Bryan said. "What's going on?" "

"Nothing and maybe something man." Zack said as he turned on the computer and type in some key words. He put it on the projector. With those key words he brought up a story about twin brother who were close until one of them with paranoid schizophrenia.

"Wow man, I had no idea." Gary said. "Oh crap man, I think I know the twins."

"Really?" Bryan asked, shocked that he knew the twins.

"I am not the only one bud." Gary said. "So do you Bry."

"What?" Bryan asked, shocked.

"Yeah." Zach sighed. "It's Adrian and Alex Chavez"

When Bryan heard this, he felt that the time in the world stop. He turned around shocked

"You are joking with me right now right?"

"Wish I was bud." Zack said. "Adrian was the one that was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia." "Alex is the one that tried to hold everything together until his twin went off his meds, he stalked Alex's girlfriend, pretended to be him and almost kill not only Alex but also his girlfriend."

Bryan, trying to consume all of this.

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Because man, we are taking a class and there is also a new case that involves in stalking and I want to see if you are up for it since you are friends with Adrian. If you want, you have to proceed with caution." Gary replied. "Adrian cannot find out that we know that about him."

"Why are we taking the learning about the case right now?"Bryan asked.

"We learning about the case right now because it is part of a course and learning about the case help us in the class Bryan." Zack said. "But also a new client called us for an orientation." "Adrian was a stalker that stalked his brother's girlfriend by pretending to be him. Fortunately the girlfriend found out that it was not Alex and filed a restraining order. We are taking a class in stalking since it is part of criminology."

"Okay," Bryan said. "This is for class and we are studying their case right?"

"Yeah," Zack said. "And other cases as well. Also there is a case at our hands also. With that we are also introducing to the person that will be lecturing on stalking , Jacob Martinez."

With that Jacob walked in and grinned. He is around 30 years old, 5'10 and 163 pounds.

"Hey guys," Jacob said. "As Zack said, I am Jacob and I will be informing you on stalking. In a year 6.6 million people have been reported that they have been stalked. Stalking can happen to anyone. Anyone can be a stalker and anyone can be a victim. Most people know their stalkers, however, most stalkers are strangers. Stalking includes sending the victims unwanted gifts, aggressively sending them emails and text messages, damaging your property such as your car, house and other property, follow you and show up wherever you are, drive by and hangout at your school, work or home. These are some of the things that stalkers do. They tend to fixate on one person and become obsessed with them. These fixation can be harmless, but it can also be deadly as well as they escalate and become more bolder and more direct with their victims."

"Take the case of Adrian, Alex and Britney. Alex and Britney are a couple that was together for almost a year. However, Adrian think that he can be Alex and date Britney for awhile pretending to be him. This started out as innocent but later on he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. With the proper medication, he is fine, however, if he is off it, it will lead him to do questionable and dangerous things," continued Jacob. "However, it escalated which almost lead to Adrian stalking Britney and almost causing harm not only to her and but his twin as well."

"Britney called my team saying that she feels like someone is watching her since Alex and herself broke up. It just a feeling and no one has made it known. So she call us up to tell us about it and we told her that we will take the case. However, I will need you guys help since some of you know Alex and Adrian." "I was wondering if you guys can join me and help me with this case?"

"Of course," replied Gary.

"Yes," Zack said.

"Yup, I want to help you out." Everyone looks at me seeing what my answer would be. I grinned and stated "Yes, I will help you out."

"Alright, you guy cannot tell anyone about this since it is an on going investigation and we want you guys to stay normal and hangout with them as usual. Think you guys can handle that?"

"Yes," the boy replied smiling.

"That's good," Jacob said smiling. "Now since I believe that is all, I will be heading out and nice to meet you guys."

"You too," the boys said, grinning.

Jacob got up and left, leaving the boys and Bosley looking after Jacob. After Jacob left, Zack let out a sigh.

"Dude this case is whack and I think we should we should get on it." Stated Zack

"Hear hear," agreed Gary and Oliver.

Bryan on the other hand was so preoccupied that he said "Sure, whatever. But aren't you guys surprised that we are taking a case where we know the people personally?"

"Well, yeah," Gary said. "But I doubt it will affect us." He then turned to the boys. "Look, if it too much for you, speak now or forever hold your piece. I know how hard it is for you Bryan so I want you to think about it. If you want to take the case fine but end up cannot handling it, tell us so we can help you work through it. If you want off we understand? Capeesh?"

Bryan grinned when he heard this. "Capeesh" "Any ways how are we going to handle this?

The boys look at each other with nothing in mind. They start bickering about what to do .

"Adrian is interested in guys and girls, I vote we have Oliver do intel." Said Zack

"What?" asked Oliver. "No way, I am going gay for that guy.

The boys were busy bickering and Bryan was trying to intervene

"Hey guys, stop it." Bryan started. Nothing came out of it. He just shook his head.

He walked to his car and got in. He drove to the bank first in order to deposit the money that he need in order to pay for his date. He then drove home decided to take a quick nap. Still reeling from today events, Bryan parked his car in front of the house and got out. He took his back pack with him as planned and began walking to the gate when he saw Adrian or Alex jogging towards him.

"Hey," Adrian said. "I just got your message I am down to head to the movies and watch Dumb and Dumber to if you are down?"

"S-s-sure" Bryan stuttered. "Look, I am sorry if I am stuttering, Bryan began."

"It's cool," Adrian replied. "I think it's cute. I am starting to think I have some sort of affect on you."

Bryan blushed profusely. "M-m-maybe." "B-b-but I have a boyfriend Adrian."

Adrian approached Bryan. "Well, what he doesn't know about won't hurt him will it?" "Think about it."

Adrian left Bryan staring and shaking his head. 'What the hell just happen?' thought Bryan. He walked inside his house and went up his bed. He shed off his sweatshirt, shirt and jeans and jump into the bed. He took a nap and during his nap he dreamt of Patrick was kissing him and taking off his clothes, kissing every inch of his body. As Patrick kiss up his body again and about to kiss his lips, Patrick face turned into Adrian's face. Adrian began kissing him and they were about to make love when his mom appeared shaking her head as he looked up at her since he was swimming out his frustration out. "wake your ass up Bryan."

Bryan woke up with a start. "Damn, he thought." "Keeps on getting better huh?" He got up and went to take a shower. He brushed his teeth and finally got ready for his date with Patrick. Bryan walked down the stairs and saw that Adrian or Alex was standing there talking with his mom.

"Hey," mom said. "Adrian here want to give you this since you drop your notebook outside." Bryan saw the notebook that he used to take notes on the Chavez twin case. Shit Bryan thought; please please let them not read about the notes.

"Thanks," Bryan said to Adrian. "No problem, anyways tomorrow around noonish, we will meet up , grab lunch and a movie?"

"Sure" Bryan said.

Adrian grinned then left. "Bye Mrs. Nguyen"

"Bye Adrian." Mom said grinning. She turned to me. "He is such a nice and good boy."

"Yeah," Bryan said. Thinking if only you knew. Bryan waited for Patrick to come and pick me up. When he finally got to the house, he went into the house with flower. Bryan grinned when Patrick gave it to him

"Thanks," Bryan said. "Ready to head out?"

"Sure thing man" replied Patrick. Patrick went to the front door, opened it for him and let Bryan e go out of it first then he followed. They went to Patrick's car and also opened the door for Bryan and drove to a restaurant that Bryan wanted to go. They got out of the car and made way to Applebee's. They ordered the 2 for twenty deal and was amazing. True to his word, Patrick let Bryan paid and we went to see If I Stay. He bought us the tickets and popcorn and sodas to split. It is very good movie and a tear jerker. Anyways he was taking me home and I turned to him and grinned.

"Thanks for a great night babe."

"You're welcome babe."

"Hey I am thinking of going to stay over at Zack's house to have a guys night if that's okay. I haven't seen them in a long time.

"Yeah, go ahead. Hang out with your buds. I will be here waiting for you to come home. I will see you tomorrow night?"

"Yeah babe."

Patrick drove me home and parked in front of his house. Turning to Bryan and grinned. "See you tomorrow babe. I love you."

"I love you to," Bryan responded. He got out of the car and went to his house while Patrick entered his house as well. Bryan packed and overnight bag to go to Zack's house. Patrick grinned and shook his head. "I am really lucky."

Bryan drove to Zack's house and as soon as he got there, he saw that Zack, Gary, and Oliver were all there. "What's up guys?"

"Nothing much," replied Zack. "I was just telling Oliver here that he is an idiot."

"Really dude?" Asked Oliver

"But he is my idiot" Zack said grinning. "Anyways are we going down with the plan that we made up this afternoon?"

"Yeah," Bryan said. Bryan started bawling in front of his friends.

"Hey, hey," Zack said. "It will be fine. We just need to keep at it and stick to the plan so we will be okay and solve it in two months tops okay?"

"I know," Bryan said. "Also I need to keep Patrick safe too."

"We all will," the boys said.

"It's a sucky plan." Bryan said

"I know but we don't have any other ideas unless Oliver is up to wooing Adrian."

"No," Oliver said

All the boys start laughing.

"Well let's do it and get it over with," Bryan said.

The boys start discussing what they should do in order to put Adrian away while Bryan was stuck in his own thoughts thinking, I really need to get a grip on it.


What happen that day in the office

"Well, yeah," Gary said. "But I doubt it will affect us." He then turned to the boys. "Look, if it too much for you, speak now or forever hold your piece. I know how hard it is for you Bryan so I want you to think about it. If you want to take the case fine but end up cannot handling it, tell us so we can help you work through it. If you want off we understand? Capeesh?"

Bryan grinned when he heard this. "Capeesh" "Any ways how are we going to handle this?

The boys look at each other with nothing in mind. They start bickering about what to do .

"Adrian is interested in guys and girls, I vote we have Oliver do intel." Said Zack

"What?" asked Oliver. "No way, I am going gay for that guy.

The boys were busy bickering and Bryan was trying to intervene

"Hey guys," Bryan started

"SHUT UP" Bryan yelled.

All the boys turned to Bryan and were surprise that he yelled at them.

"Adrian is interested in me," Bryan started off. "I am the sparkling thing that we can wave in front of him and he will come running."

"Really?" Zack asked. "But don't you have a boyfriend?"

"Yeah, I do," Bryan said. "I am either going to break up with him or going to sneak around with Adrian.

The boys look at each other

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Zack ask

"Yeah, but also we need to keep Patrick safe. So I will break up with him by saying that we need a break so I can think about what I want. I will then call Adrian and tell him what happen. He will come running since he told me that he be there for me if anything happen between Patrick and I. It will be hard and I will be a blubbering mess. But I will do it for the case and to keep Patrick safe.

"All in favor of Bryan's plan say Aye."




Zack looked at me. "Looks like the Ayes have it. When are you going to break up with Patrick?"

"Soon, Bryan said. The sooner I break up with him the better since I am able to keep him safe and we will be able to work on the case. After the case, I will tell him everything."

"Okay," the boys said.




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