It has been almost a month since the Bryan broke up with Patrick in order to protect him. Bryan has mainly focusing on the task at hand which is trying to find a way to get Adrian off the streets. However, his tactics so far, only hurt the people that are around him. But then decided he wanted to be with Adrian. Now the only people that he has in his life are his family. His friendship with Zach, Gary and Oliver had been destroyed not only because Oliver was not thinking rationally but also got destroy because Oliver also learned about the truth what really happen on the day that his sister got attack.


Oliver's house after the boys left the hospital- four weeks ago

Oliver drove Zach and Gary to his house when Bryan drove there by himself. The boys had no idea that Bryan is the one that attack Olivia. Somehow in his gut, Bryan had a feeling that Oliver is piecing the puzzle together. Okay, Bryan thought, calm down. He just wants you to go over to his house in order to talk privately to us about who attack Olivia. As soon at Bryan got to the house, he parked his car and walked towards the door and knocked. There he saw Zach opening the door and let him in

"Crazy day huh?" Zach began.

"You have no idea man." Bryan replied.

The boys entered the house and went into the family room where Oliver and Gary was sitting and discussing something.

"Hey guys," Bryan said.

"Sup," Gary replied.

"Hi," Oliver said. "You guys might be wondering who attack Olivia right?"

"Yeah," Bryan replied. "I want to help to get the guys that did this to her. Anyways you said you know who did it.

"Yeah I do." Oliver said. "It was Adrian. She told me that there was also a second person. This person told her to deliver the message to me or die. She did deliver the message to me. It was to lay off the case."

"Are you joking?" Gary said. "WE are so freaking close to solving it. Why now?"

"Probably because we probably are getting close." Bryan said. "Why else would he feel the need to threaten our family? Are you sure it/'s Adrian.

"I am sure of it."Olivier said. "He also got an accomplice as well. I am voting to withdrawal the case since I don't want to see anyone else get hurt."

"What?" Zach and Bryan said. "Are you insane?" Bryan asked

"No," Oliver said. "I am pissed since they attack my sister because we are close. I bet you 500 bucks that Adrian is also the one that almost run Gary off the road. After learning that I went to Adrian house and I took pics of the car. The car is painted over. I send the pics to Gary and he said that is the car that almost runs him of the road. Look the case is way too dangerous. I am out. I want you guys to reconsider about the case. But there is also a tape of the accomplice. You would want to see this. I must caution you that you also will be surprise as to see who it is.

"What you mean?" Zach asked.

Oliver got the tape and put it in. There on video it showed the car that was driving. In the driver side it was Adrian while on the passenger side, it reveled that Bryan was also in the car. When the boys see this, they all looked at Bryan

"Why you attack her?" Oliver began. "She was my sister. Why, Bryan tell me why now!!"

"Because I hated her." Bryan began. "She deserved what she got. Did she tell you how much she hated me and that she told me to stay away from you since I was gay. She thought that I was going to turn you gay. Yeah, I attacked Olivia, but I didn't do anything else. I also told her to tell you to back off since I know that Olivia is the only person that you care about besides yourself.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT" Oliver said. "She loves gay people. She is not a homophobe bitch that you said she is. She has a lot of gay friends and she loves them.

"Really huh?" Bryan yelled. "Probably she also hated me also because I am Asian and gay."

"Why are you lying?" Oliver asked. "Anyways why you told her to tell me to lay off the case?

"Because that what Adrian want me to say to her," Bryan said grinning. "Clearly he didn't want the case to be solve. I just follow orders."

"Why?" Zach said. "I thought you wanted Adrian off the streets."

"I did," Bryan began. "But I changed my mind. I decided that he might want me around and anyways I decided to work for you and tell him what is going on."

"Wow," Gary said, shaking this. "You played us? Really? We trusted you and you were going around and telling him everything that we said about the case?"

"Yeah," Bryan said laughing. "Boy did I play you guys good."

"Fine," Oliver said. "You play us good. We give you that but don't ever return to the agency since Charlie fired you. You have NO ONE except for Adrian and your family. OUR friendship here is over. I don't want to see or speak to you. From now on you are dead to me. Now leave my house before I kick your ass and kick you out.

"Guys," Bryan said, suddenly realizing what he had done, looking at Zach and Gary for help. "I made a mistake. I am sorry."

"I don't believe you."Gary said. "You lied to us. I personally don't care what happen to you now. Just leave man."

"I agree" Zach said. "Just leave because I don't believe you either. You finally got what you want which is Adrian I agree with Oliver, this friendship is over. Bryan sighed and got up. He walked over to the door and looked back. He saw how his ex friends were glaring at him so he decided to leave. He walked to his car and drove home. He lost his boyfriend, his friends and now his job all because Adrian manipulated him into throwing everything that he care about away. He is all alone besides having his family. He drove home, crying because he just lost three most important people in his life all because he was seduced and persuaded by Adrian.

"What have I done?" Bryan thought.




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