The rest of the weekend was interesting as well.

Will, Andy and I cruised around Cal all day on Saturday, checking out the campus and the dorms. Neither of them figured they had a very good shot of getting into the best public school in California so we didn't even bother to sign up for any official tour. I thought my chances of being accepted were pretty good so I left my name with some secretary in the admissions office but hadn't heard anything by the end of the day.

Saturday night we grabbed pizza at this restaurant pretty close to campus and tried not to act like the wide-eyed 18-year old high school seniors that we were. We didn't want anybody to think we didn't belong. The joint was loaded with students from Cal, obviously on a serious budget just like us. It was kind of cool being there and feeling like we were in college already, but none of us actually said that out loud.

Andy took a sip of his Coke. 'So do you think that waitress with the green shirt would like to bounce up and down on T.J.'s massive boy-meat after she gets off work tonight?' Andy said, laughing.

'I don't know, why don't you ask her?' Will replied.

I turned tomato red and shot them both my nastiest dirty look.

'Don't you fucking say a word to her, you jerk!' I said, meaning it.

Andy just smiled, ignoring me. 'T.J, buddy, relax! Obviously, she's a college girl. There's no way she would stoop so low and boink a high school boy.'

'That's right,' I agreed. 'So let's just drop it right there.'

'On the other hand,' Andy grinned, 'if she knew what she was in for, maybe she'd be interested.'

'That's right,' Will said, not getting Andy's meaning.

'I mean, eight and one third inches of prime high school track beef doesn't come around that often.'

Andy and Will laughed out loud and Will blew pizza crust onto his plate. He recovered quickly and wiped his mouth with a napkin.

'Oops,' he said.

'Will, that was disgusting!' Andy said.

'I'm sorry, I just think it's funny how you describe T.J.'

'What? Little T.J.'s big cock? It's all a true story Will. It's all true. '

'Shut up, you fuck!' I said, flinging a piece of

ice at him.

There was a silence while we all took a bite of pizza. Of course, Andy broke the silence.

'We could leave her an eight dollar and 33 cent tip,' Andy said, trying to keep a straight face.

Will looked over at me to see if it was okay or if I was gonna hit him. I just laughed and then both Will and Andy joined in.

When he was finally able to speak, Will said, 'I mean, come on T.J., how long has it been since you've had a date? Junior prom last year? So here we are in Berkeley, all of these college girls, you know, just walking around half naked. It seems like even you could score.'

'Thank you,' I said.

'He's right T.J.,' Andy added. 'If you can't get a college co-ed to suck on your Johnson here, what the fuck man? How are you ever gonna get laid?'

Chewing quietly on a pepperoni, I looked at both of my so-called friends across the table from me. They sat very still and waited for what I was going to say.

'Okay. I'll do it. But not the girl in the green shirt.'

'Dude!' Will said, high-fiving me across the table.

'Who then?'

I looked around the restaurant. It was a real smorgasbord of people. White. Black. Mexican. Chinese. I spotted a girl sitting by herself in a booth nearly all the way across the massive room. She had short dark hair, a short-sleeve black shirt, and was sipping her drink through a straw.

'Her,' I said, nodding my head in the direction of the lonely girl. 'But don't turn around.'

Andy got up onto his knees and craned his neck around. Will ducked down below the side of the booth and tried to act as if he'd dropped his pencil.

'Guys, guys, be cool. She'll see you!' I said.

Andy turned around completely in the booth, and pointed with his arm.

'Do you mean the big one sitting by herself slurping down her soda?'

'Yeah, the one in the black shirt?'

I reached across the table and grabbed both of their shirts and hauled them back to the table.

'You are both about as subtle as a bull,' I said.

'T.J., are you serious,' Andy said. 'If you mean that chick sitting alone, I mean, please, dude! She's like huge! She'd hurt you!'

'Fuck you Andy, she's not huge. She's just got, you know, a little extra...'

'T.J., she's got a little extra...everything!'

'T.J., she does seem on the large side,' Will said, helpfully. 'Is she really the only woman in this place that you want?'

'Um. It's not like I want her...'

'Are we even sure she's a chick?' Andy asked, flinging ice back at me across the table.


'What? I'm just asking...'

Will stepped in. 'Well, I don't think there's any doubt that she's a girl. Look at those breasts, they're enormous. T.J. would probably suffocate if she got on top.'

Andy laughed.

'That's right, T.J., you never let them get on top. You got to show them who's boss.'

'You're the boss T.J.' Will added. I glared at them both.

Andy's tone became serious.

'No T.J., if you want her, that's okay. As your friends, it's our job to point out that you're making one colossal mistake of course. You'll never afford the food bill after you get married unless you become a doctor. But, we'll support you.' Will laughed. I just looked into space wanting the conversation to end.

'That's right. We're right behind you. And if she hurts you, like if she breaks your ribs or something during sex, we'll visit you in the hospital.'

Will and Andy both cracked up and doubled over. I sat quietly waiting for them to be through.

When we were done, we paid our check and left. Will and I walked out one way while Andy went way out of his way so that he could walk by the table of the poor college student in the black shirt we had been talking about. As we walked outside back toward the motel, I was silent. But Andy couldn't stand it.

'I got her number for you,' he said.

I continued walking but didn't acknowledge the remark.

'Come on, T.J., she said she'd do it.'

'Really,' Will asked, believing him.

'But she wants you to take her out to dinner first. Just as soon as she's done with her pizza.'

Will laughed and I couldn't keep from smiling. Only one thing seemed for certain--I would not be calling her anytime soon no matter what my alleged friends said to me!

The sleeping arrangements Saturday night seemed obvious. Since I had been with Will the night before (at least for most of the night), I would bunk with Andy tonight. Will thought this was a good idea because he thought his snoring might keep me awake. Andy thought this was a good idea because he thought he'd get another blow job. And I didn't really care. I was wiped out and I only wanted to crash.

I did.

At some point, I woke up beside Andy to find him sleeping with his arms wrapped around me and my underwear half way down my thighs but I pulled them back up and rolled over. I don't think he noticed.

We both woke up in time to catch Will get out of bed with his massive piss hard-on. And once again, our jaws dropped and we looked at each other with a shared disbelief.

'T.J., that dick is like, you know, I don't know...' Andy said, shaking his head, after Will had closed the door to the bathroom.

I giggled.

'Andy, cool down. It's a penis. You've seen penises before. In fact, some quite up close it seems to me. Plus, this is Will we're talking about here. We should give him his privacy and just try to ignore it.' We both sighed.

'Come on, T.J., it's too big, don't you think?' Andy said with a straight face.

'Maybe he'll grow into it,' I suggested. 'I mean, just because we're 18, we all probably have some growing to do still. Right?'

'Let's just hope he's finished in the dick department,' Andy said, smiling. I laughed again.

Andy lay on top of me and thrust his pelvis into mine. I was instantly aroused. Andy noticed.

'My god, T.J., it sure doesn't take much with you.'

'Yep,' I said, 'but not many guys lie on top of me in bed in their underwear.'

'What, are you kidding? I get that all the time.' Andy grabbed at my cock through my shorts and jerked me up and down.

I tried to remove his hand. 'Andy, Will's awake,' I protested.

'Yeah, and you'd like nothing more than for him to walk out of the shower and let you sit on his Johnson, right?'


I had to admit, he had me there.

'So, let me just do this,' he said, pulling down the top of my underwear and stroking me up and down.

I sat back and let it happen. 'How about some lube?' I asked timidly.

Andy licked his hand and then rubbed it on the head of my wiener. I jumped at first. He pushed my hips back down and held the base of my cock with one hand, his fingers gently pulling my ball sack down away from above. After less than a minute, I yelped once and came straight up in the air, the white semen landing on my pubes and Andy's hand.

'That was fast! You really needed that, huh?'

'Well, I guess,' I said. I sat up on my elbows and felt Andy's underwear. Nothing. Not even a little hardening of the pipe-like dick I'd held in my mouth last night.

'Andy, you're not even hard again!' I complained.

'What can I say, bro? Don't sweat it, that was fun for me anyway. To see you get off so quickly just with a little of my spit.'

'Andy, that's like.., that's so.., I mean... I don't know. How the fuck can you not be gay? Straight guys don't just jerk off their friends when they get up in the morning!'

Andy got up from the bed and stood facing me. He pulled his boxer briefs down in front. He was soft all right, but mighty nice to look at all the same. His dick and balls both hung low. He had dark blonde pubic hair that was very well trimmed. His weenie was white and tubular and the light red crown at the end curved a few millimeters up. I had first seen this full package through a pair of light blue cords that morning in Will's bedroom. My x-ray vision wasn't working so well that morning and I had no idea Andy would look so fucking hot out of his pants!

'Well, I don't know what's going on here. I usually get morning wood, just like the two of you boys,' Andy nodded to Will in the bathroom. We could hear the sound of the shower still on.

'And then like, especially after you've had such a hot piece of meat in your hand,' I mentioned, hoping he realized I was kidding. I smiled. He smiled back at me and held up his hand covered with my cum.

'Well, there's this too, I thought I'd just go wipe this off,' he said.

'Good idea.'

Andy walked to the bathroom door and walked right in. He may have pulled the front of his underwear up but I wasn't quite sure.

'Sorry to bust in on you Will, I just need to wash my hand off, I've got T.J.'s cum all over me,' Andy shouted matter-of-factly.

'What?' I heard Will shout back.

'T.J.'s cum,' Andy said.

'T.J.'s come?' Will shouted again.

'Never mind, you wouldn't understand,' Andy came out of the bathroom drying his hand on a towel with a huge grin on his face.

I stared at him.

'Andy, what the fuck?'

He looked at me sheepishly.

'Sorry, dude, I couldn't help myself,' he said.

'Sorry, dude? Fuck you! That's all I need! For Will to figure out that you and I are, you know...' I whispered at him loudly.

'I said, sorry, I know you're sensitive about stuff like this,' Andy said.

'Yeah! I am!' I said.

Andy sat down on Will's bed and I pulled the covers up over my head and sighed.

'Well, looky there!' Andy said, pulling open the top of his underwear. 'I've got a boner!'

I pulled the covers down and looked over. I was still mad at him.

'You're a sick fuck Andy! Joking about this makes you hard? You're unbelievable!'

He laughed.

'So?' he said, looking over at me.

'You wanna suck me off?'

'What? Are you fucking nuts?'

'Why not? You gotta admit, I've got an amazing cock!'

'Andy, fuck man, what do I do with you?' I pulled the covers back up over my head.

'Last chance,' he said. Andy sat back on Will's pillow and lowered his boxer briefs to mid-thigh. 'Going once, going twice...'

'Andy, cut it out. La la la la la.'

Andy was silent for a minute and I could hear the unmistakable sound of him beating his meat. I kept the blankets over my head and tried to ignore him, but my curiosity got the best of me and I peeked out to see what he was doing.

He was laying on Will's pillow staring at the ceiling with one hand pulling his nuts in a downward twist and the other slowly moving up and down on his long tubular shaft. He looked over at me and smiled.

'Nice, eh?' he said.


'How about giving your new pal a hand? Or a mouth?'

'Andy, this is crazy!'

'Come on T.J., you know you want to.'

'No,' I said defiantly, 'I'm still mad at you.'

'Okay,' he said with a sigh, 'suit yourself.'

Despite being mad at him, I was still turned on at the sight of my sexy friend enjoying himself. He seemed determined to get off and didn't seem to mind if I helped him or if I didn't. I sat up on the edge of the bed in my underwear and Andy looked over with a sort of pleading face. I said nothing. The shower noise from behind the bathroom door continued and we heard Will humming our school fight song.

'It's a good thing he takes such long showers,' I said at last.

Andy ignored me and licked his hand. His pace was maddeningly slow. He moved his hand from the base all the way to the head of his dick like he was polishing a car, slow, even strokes. I couldn't get over how much he was pulling down on his own balls. That had to hurt, didn't it?

'Can you at least go a little faster, at this rate we could be here all day?'

'Shh,' Andy whispered, 'I'm thinking about something.'

I continued to stare at his cock. It was awfully nice. Long and smooth and clean. It arced slightly up toward Andy's face right at the tip but it was otherwise a perfect white tube. After a few more minutes, Will finally turned off the shower. My anxiety shot way up since Andy still wasn't done yet.

'Andy, get a move on here,' I urged.

'T.J., chill out. All guys do this. If Will comes out and sees me naked on his bed with a big ol' hard on, well then, that's just the way it is.'

'Andy, you're fucking crazy!'

Andy kept up his slow rhythm. I heard Will hum the first bars of our fight song yet again.

After what seemed like another hour, I had had enough. I stood up.

'All right,' I said, moving Andy's hand aside and easing my face toward his beautiful dick. 'I'll help you if that will make this whole thing go faster.'

Andy looked happy and let me take him into my mouth. His cock tasted a little peppery, but it was just as advertised. Long and smooth and rock solid. I tried to see if I could get the entire thing into my mouth, but I couldn't and gagged a little. I tried pulling down on Andy's smooth scrotum just like I had seen him do.

'That's good, T.J., do that,' he said.

'Mmm,' I mumbled back, glad for the feedback.

'Enjoy it, T.J., that's what it's there for,' he added.

I continued tugging on his balls, stroking up and down on his dick and I let my mouth sort of suction him on the end. Andy bucked his hips and put both hands on the back of my head.

'Good, that's really good,' he said in a higher pitch.

Just as Andy came, I slid my lips off of the tip of his prick and let him shoot out onto his own stomach. It went pretty high into the air as I held firm on his nuts. A tiny bit caught me on the side of the face and a long stream landed on the back of my hand.

Andy exhaled loudly and grinned.

'There,' I said, 'can you put your underwear back on now?'

'What?' he asked in mock horror, 'and get them all sticky with my own jizz?'

I left him lying on Will's bed and wiped the cum off my face with my arm. I held up my hand so none of it fell on the rug and walked toward the bathroom. I knocked twice and Will said I could come in so I did. He was standing there in a towel shaving at the sink.

'Sorry I'm taking so long,' he said, 'you know, for a cheap motel room, they've got a great shower here.'

I flipped off my underwear and stood nude in front of the mirror looking at Will. I kept the hand with Andy's cum up in the air like I was holding an invisible can of soda. Will looked at me and seemed to check me out from head to toe. My dick was not hard but it was not entirely soft either. It was still a little sticky from Andy beating me off in bed.

'What's with your hand?' Will asked.

I turned and flipped open the shower curtain.

'It's cum,' I said. I turned on the water for the shower.

'It's what?' Will asked.

'Cum. It belongs to Andy.' I stepped into the shower and let the warm water run over my body.

'Oh,' I heard Will say. He started humming again and I smiled to myself as I grabbed for the shampoo.

Back at school the next week, it was like nothing at all had happened. Andy kept up taunting me and generally being a dick. And Will was just his usual cluless self with only a mild curiousity about what was going on between me and Andy.

After all the crazy sexcapades on our last trip to the Bay Area, I didn't really want to go on another college road trip with my friends.

But of course I did.

We had decided to check out a couple schools in San Diego - we could drive there instead of fly - but put up a fuss anyhow about needing to stick around and work on a paper that I wasn't finished with. The truth was that I wanted to hang out with Joey, but there was no way that Will would go only with Andy all by themselves. In fact, Will spent most of several entire lunch periods at school trying to convince me to go.

Toward the end of the week, one particular lunch conversation with Will stood out.

'You can't leave me in a motel room with Andy all alone,' Will protested.

'Why not, what's the big deal?' I asked, knowing exactly what the big deal was.

'It's just that,' Will stammered, which was very unlike him. 'Well, you know, he's just a little, you know, a little too...'

'Too what?'

'I don't know, too...too...sexual,' he said finally.

'Too sexual? What the hell does that mean?' I asked.

'You know what I'm talking about T.J., he's just like always talking about sex, always thinking about sex, you know, always making comments about how big your dick is or how big my dick is.'

I looked at my best friend, not sure quite how to respond.

'Will, having a big dick is supposed to good thing,' I said, stupidly.

'What?' He turned away and took bite of his sandwich. For as long as Will and I had been eating lunch together in school, his mom still made his lunch everyday and stuck it in a brown bag. Today it was ham salad.

Ham salad? Who makes ham salad?

'No, I'm not talking about that. Believe me; I don't care how big...'

'What then?' I asked.

'It's just that, you know, it's just that we should talk about something else.'

'Yeah, I guess.'

'It's just that he should stop staring at me when I change my clothes or something. It's like, I don't know. Do you think he might be gay?'

I was sure I turned bright red.


'I mean, it wouldn't matter if he was, it's just that, well you know, it's like he's trying to have sex with us, you know what I mean?'

'Will, I think you're being a little paranoid. I think that if Andy wanted to have sex with us, he's the kind of guy who would just say it, you know?'

'You think?'

'Will, it's no big deal to me. Andy is straight.'

'Like how do you know that?'

'He told me.'

'He told you? You guys talked about this?'

'Um. We were just like, you know, talking...' I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get myself out of this hole.

'And he told you he was straight?'

'Yeah,' I said. 'He just likes sex. A lot. He just likes sex a lot.'

'That much is pretty clear.'

'Well, you're right there. He does talk about it a lot.'

'So do you think my dick is big?' Will asked me.

I got a least three shades of darker red than last time. I was speechless.

'Well, do you?'

'Um.' I stammered, desperate to change the conversation.

'T.J., you've seen it. You know, that time over at Andy's house the night we got high?'

'Well, yeah, but...'

'So, is it really that big?'

'Will, I'm not like an expert in penis size.'

'T.J., everybody seems to know how long yours is. I mean, you practically wear a t-shirt around school advertising your eight and one third inch weenie.'

If it was possible to get still redder, that happened. I desperately wanted this conversation to change. Or at least for the bell to ring so we could go back to class.

'Will, my dick is not as big as yours.'

'Yeah, but they're pretty close don't you think?'

'No Will, I don't think they're pretty close.

You're way bigger.'

'Way bigger?'

'Will, cut it out, I don't know how big yours is, I'd say like maybe an inch or two longer than mine. Why don't you just give me a break and measure it?

Will looked away, clearly thinking about measuring it.

'Well, you seem to be pretty proud of the fact that it's eight and one third inches. So, shouldn't I be happy to be even bigger than that.'

'Um, well, yeah, I guess.'

'I mean, do you think it's too big?'

'Will, shut up!' I shouted. 'I don't really want to have this conversation. Let's talk about something else.'

'T.J., don't be such a pussy. Just answer the question, is my dick too big?'

'Too big for what? Peggy's um, you know...vagina? Andy's mouth? What?'

Will laughed out loud.

'I mean, shit Will, most guys would be happy to have a big dick. Just shut up about it. You know, and enjoy it!'

Will seemed to consider this a moment. He sat quietly and finished off his ham salad sandwich. His mom had also packed him some cut carrots and a little plastic Tupperware thing of dip. I munched on my school-bought taco.

With his mouth full of carrots, Will struck up the topic again.

'So do you think that's it? Andy is just like, you know, mesmerized by my big dick?'

I slapped the table with my hand. 'Yes, Will, that's it. Andy is fucking crazy about your penis. He talks about it constantly because he is totally jealous of it. His own long, skinny, tubular penis is nothing compared to yours and he just wants to have your dick on his stupid body! In fact, I'd like to trade you myself. Can you part with it and loan your pecker out to me for a few weeks? I'd like to give your dick a test drive. You know, maybe see how life is with a really, really, really huge slab of man-meat!'

Will stared at me and opened his mouth to speak. No words came out. Finally he put his head on the table and laughed.


'Yep, man-meat!'

'I mean, we're 18 now, I know, but I've never thought of it as man-meat.'

'What? Jesus fucking Christ Will, do you realize we've been talking about your dick for like all of lunch? Can we please talk about something else? Yes, it's big. Yes I am very impressed by it. In fact, maybe even a little scared by it. But, you know, like, don't sweat it dude! Having an impressive piece of, you know, man-meat,' I emphasized the word for comic effect, 'is like a good thing. So like, don't worry about Andy, he's not jealous of your penis. He's got plenty to be proud of.'

I stopped, realizing what I had said.

Will put his head on his hands on the table and looked carefully at my face. He took two full breaths in and out.

'T.J., is there something you'd like to tell me?'

'What? Fuck you Will, there's nothing I'd like to tell you other than to just shut up. My dick is eight and a third inches. Yours is probably, I don't know, at least double that, and I just don't want to talk about big dicks or small dicks or any dicks. At all.'

Will packed up his trash into a neat pile.

'Ever again!' I said.

'Okay!' Will said.

'Can we just talk about this trip to San Diego? Please?'


'So I assume we're getting a motel room down there someplace, just like we did up in Berkeley?'

'Yeah, I guess.'

'Good, then I'm sleeping with you.'


'And I promise to say nothing about your large penis all night long. I'm goin gto sleep. And I'm going to wear blue jeans to bed so your can't get anywhere near me@ Capische?'


'And I promise to fucking kick your ass if you so much as bring up the subject of male anatomical parts even one time this weekend!'


I packed up my own trash and grabbed Will's and picked up both and walked over to the trash can.

When I got back, Will was smiling.


'What?' I said, a little too loudly.

'What if I get a hard-on sleeping in the same bed with you?'

'Then just don't fuck me with it. It'd probably hurt too much.'

I didn't sit back down, but I turned and walked away to my locker. There was still 10 minutes or so left to hang out before 6th period started, but I needed to go and just get away from Will.

'Fuck!' I said to nobody in particular as I got mid-way across the quad.

That Friday night after school, Will and Andy and I got together at my house and packed up Andy's car. We drove south to check out two colleges that I didn't really want to go to anyhow. But the fun for me would be just hanging out with my friends. Will with his newly discovered really big piece of man-meat penis. And Andy who was more my size.

The two of them both tortured me in different ways. I sat in the back seat and felt myself getting hard as soon as we hit the freeway.

That night, Will and I slept in the same bed in the motel in La Jolla. Andy got a kick out of the fact that both of us seemed downright eager to sleep together. While Will was in brushing his teeth, Andy made a big show of changing out of his pants and into some skimpy running shorts to sleep in.

'Why are you doing that?' I asked Andy.

Andy turned around and let his long tubular cock flop out of his shorts. Andy swung his hips back and forth and his cock swung back and forth too. It lengthened with the motion and I had a familiar stirring down below.

'Why am I doing what?' Andy asked me right back.

I sighed. 'Andy! Cut it out. This is not happening tonight. I'm sleeping with Will.' I tried to say this with a firm finality.

'Uh huh.'

'I am.'

'At least until poor unsuspecting Will falls sound asleep and you hop over to my bed and hop on my Johnson!'

'Fuck off Andy. Fuck off!'

When Will came out of the bathroom, Andy had managed to put his dick back in his shorts and I went in to pee and brush my teeth.

That night I slept soundly. It was a pleasure. No trying to feel up Will. No sex with Andy. No jerking off within inches of my best friend's big weenie.

On campus the next morning, the three of us went our separate ways. I hooked up with some science nerds who showed me the biology lab, the chemistry lab, the math lab and then we were about to walk to the physics lab.

I had had about enough of these funny freakazoids so I faked a stomach ache and got the heck out of there back to the motel.

It was going to be a few more hours until the others showed up, so I decided to go for a run. I tossed on my running stuff and headed out.

Unsure where to run, I headed back to campus and thought I'd just do some laps around the college track. I ran for about five miles then stopped.

A shower. Wow! A real college shower in the gym. Maybe there would even be some college guys in the shower!

I ran over to what looked from the outside like a gym and wandered around trying to find a way in to the men's locker room. I could hear the showers and followed my ears.

Inside everybody looked so much older than me.

They walked around in towels, jock straps, nothing. Holy crap. Some of these guys were amazing!

I was a little dazed by it all, so I went to find a drinking fountain for a little water. Just as I got to the fountain a short guy with a military hair cut walked up at the same time. He had a towel wrapped around his waist. He had gorgeous olive skin and his chest looked like it had been sculpted by somebody. His abs were even more cut than Joey's, only he didn't have a hair on him.

The towel came down low almost to his ankles and I noticed that he had no hair on his legs either. To avoid making a fool of myself and dropping my jaw, I looked at the floor at his feet; even they looked strong and muscular, but given how he was so perfect everywhere else, I was surprised how beaten up they were. He took a long drink and I waited patiently, just enjoying the view of his ass as he bent over. When he finished drinking, he turned around and bumped into me by accident.

'Oops, sorry man,' he said. Even his voice was sexy, with a faint accent I wasn't sure about.

I bent over to drink but couldn't help sneaking a peek behind me and this great example of college-meat.

So now I had to get into the showers to see my new friend naked, and I had to move fast. But I didn't have a towel and I had no idea how to get one. If I spent any time searching for a towel, I reasoned, I'd miss him, so I decided to shower and figure out what to do about drying off later. I found a locker pretty close to the showers and kicked off my shoes tossing my running gear on top. I started to walk in to the shower area but felt strangely very exposed so I grabbed my shirt and rolled it up in a ball in my fist.

The showers in the university gym were huge compared to our high school gym. There must have been over 50 shower heads, in long rows that faced each other. There were no partitions of any kind like we had back at school. There were quite a few guys in there already but I didn't see my military college boy at first amidst all of the others. I found a spot on the end, as far away as I could possibly be just in case I got a boner and turned the knob to start the flow of water. The shower head sputtered to life and then coated me in a strong rush of hot water. I squirted a little liquid soap in my hand and rubbed it on my chest and arms.

This was it, I thought to myself. I am going to be a college man and I am going to shower in a big public shower just like this one every single fucking day!

When I was finally brave enough to look around at the other men doing exactly what I was doing, I was surprised how many of them seemed to be looking at me. I tried hard not to make eye contact with anybody and felt myself getting hard again.


I turned to face the wall and closed my eyes. I kept my hands well away from my cock and balls to try and let things simmer down down there. I thought all sorts of ridiculous thoughts to clear my head and not get a total hard-on.

Oh my god! My first college shower and this happens. And I don't even have a towel!

After what seemed like hours of facing the wall, I had successfully managed to keep my dick from going to its full glory and I felt brave enough to open my eyes and look down at myself. Not bad. Not my usual eight or so inches thank god, but certainly semi-hard and sticking out a bit too much for my liking in a public place like this. Fortunately nobody had come to shower right next to me so it might safe even to turn around and let the water warm my back and bounce off my butt.

I took a quick glance behind me and noticed that quite a few of the guys had left.

Okay! The coast was pretty clear so I folded my arms across my chest and turned around.

There he was.

About 7 or 8 shower heads down and across on the other side, my military college guy with the beautiful dark skin was standing on one leg and scrubbing an ankle. He saw me looking at him and he smiled. I immediately turned my head away before I could get a good look at his dick. I busied myself with a little more soap and cleaned the crack of my ass for like the eleventh time.

Military boy shut off his water and grabbed his towel. I tried to check him out but he held the towel just in front of his mid-section and I was blocked from seeing anything at all down there. But the rest of his body was just amazing. He seemed to be an ideal V-shape from his shoulders to his hips. He was fairly light skinned and as far as I could tell from where I stood had practically no body fat. He was just one nice package of bulging muscle. He turned away slightly and circled his towel around his waist. He glanced my way and smiled again before he walked the other way out of the shower area.

Without seeming too obvious, I turned off my shower and stripped the excess water off my arms and legs with my hands. I grabbed my balled up shirt and tried to act real cool as I walked back to wear I had thrown my stuff. Despite my runner's body, the truth was that I was totally self-conscious walking naked back to my pile of clothes. My hand with the shirt covered my cock as best I could.

When I got to where I had left everything, I sat down and took a deep breath. Fortunately my dick was getting back to normal so there was no danger of a completely embarrassing moment. I looked up at the ceiling of the locker room and smiled to myself. Maybe I should just go to college here in San Diego after all?

After all, the place had a great reputation for pre-med training and who cared if I thought the tourist guys were nerds. At least I'd get to shower in this locker room. Maybe next time with a towel even.

'Um, excuse me.'

I whipped my head around to see my military college man standing there beside me.

'Would you like a towel? I couldn't help but notice that you didn't bring one.'

Once again, I was speechless. Of course.

'Um, yeah, well sure, that would be great, I mean, if you don't mind. I mean...'

'Here, take this one.' He took off his towel and handed it to me.

We both stood there without any clothes on looking at each other.

I hesitated.

'But, don't you...'

'No, don't worry, I'm dry, you're still wet and you'll freeze to death.'

'Um, yeah, thanks.' I took the towel, it was wet. I dried myself quickly and tried not to stare at the man standing in front of me. He was just as flawless out of a towel as he had been standing in front of me at the drinking fountain with one. He was also completely hairless, he even had no pubes.

'So you don't go here, right?'

'What?' I wasn't sure what he meant.

'I mean you're not a student at UCSD?'

I finished drying off and handed the towel back to him sheepishly; I thought maybe I should fold it. We both stood there nude again. My eyes couldn't help check out his cock. Without any pubic hair, it seemed to hang there in mid-air. It had a little curve to one side and his balls were tucked in tightly behind it. It had an extra fold of skin toward the tip that I'd seen a few times on guys in our high school gym.

Oh! So this was what an uncut dick looked like.

I felt a tiny bit of drook at the corner fo my mouth. I liked it.

'No, I'm here checking it out. I'm still a senior in high school.'

'Cool. What do you think?'

'Um, well, you know, it seems okay.'

'What are you gonna study, pre-med?'

'Yeah, how'd you know?'

'Just a guess, a lot of people come here for that. I'm pre-med too.'


'So did you get a tour of campus or anything?'

'Naw, just a few science labs. I thought the guys were sort of geeky so I split.'

He laughed and his penis shook.

'Do you want me to show you around a little? I was just gonna go grab some juice and head to the library.'

'Um, sure, that'd be great! Thanks!'

He had still not put the towel back around his waist and I thought maybe his penis jolted a little. He pointed at my crotch and I looked down. My dick was getting thicker and longer.

'You'd better put your shorts on or you'll draw a crowd,' he said.

I covered myself with my hands, horrified.

'Sorry,' I said.

'Nothing to be sorry about,' he said. 'It's good by me.'

I looked at my new friend. His cock stretched out away from his body and he smiled. He extended his hand to me and I took it.

'I'm Emilio,' he said.


'Glad to meet you T.J., really glad to meet you.'

'Um, yeah, me too, great to meet you too.' I

pulled my shirt over my hand and followed Emilio to his locker.

Emilio and I walked around campus for about an hour after we left the locker room. He had on street clothes and I just wore my slightly sweaty running gear. He loaned me an extra warm-up jacket he had in his locker so I could feel at least a little bit more decent.

The school really was beautiful and I honestly tried to concentrate during the tour but I was afraid my mind couldn't really just ignore

Emilio's hot little body and the lingering memory of his totally shaved mid-section. Totally shaved everything, in fact.

Emilio was a good tour guide, I could tell he really liked going to school here. Had my mind not been so completely absorbed in thought about what Emilio and I might do after he finished showing me around, I might even have learned something.

'So, is there anything else I should show you?'

Emilio asked me when we finally sat down on a brick planter close to the student union.

I absolutely wanted to be shown more, and I wondered if Emilio intended his question to come out like it did. I looked at his face. He had short brown hair, cropped very close to his head and almost no hair at all on the sides or back. He had light brown eyes with sort of a sparkle to them in the bright afternoon sunshine and skin that looked like he'd never even heard of acne.

His clothes fit him sort of loosely and I wondered why he wasn't wearing tighter stuff given how perfect his body was underneath. He had big forearms and strong stubby hands that seemed to match the strong stubby feet I had seen at the drinking fountain. He leaned back on his elbows and I smiled.

'Um, do you mean like on campus?' I asked.

'Yeah, T.J., like on campus,' Emilio smiled too.

His teeth were white but finally I found a flaw. One of the lower ones had a chip.

'Ouch,' I said, pointing to his mouth. 'How'd that happen?'

'What, you mean my tooth?'

'Yeah.' Emilio stuck his finger in his mouth as if he'd never noticed it before.

'On some gym equipment,' he said. 'I've been meaning to get to the dentist to get it fixed but I haven't had time.'

'Gym equipment?' I asked. 'What kind of gym equipment.'

'Just this bar. A high bar. I'm a gymnast.'

'Oh,' I said. 'That explains the body.'

Emilio blushed. 'Yeah,' he said. 'I work out like 9 or 10 days a week, I guess.'

I laughed.

'Are you on the gymnastics team here?'

'I wish I was. We don't have a gymnastics team. I belong to a local club not too far away and we're all sort of training together. Some of the guys are pretty good. Like, you know, Olympics level. Most of them could pretty much eat my lunch though.'

I laughed again.

'You don't seem like you're the kind of guy who'd get their lunch eaten by anyone. You haven't got a shred of fat on you.'

'That's because I don't eat,' he said, deadpan.

I frowned.

'Seriously, you take like vitamin pills or something?'

He slapped my upper arm and laughed.

'No, don't worry, I eat, I just work it all off constantly. How about you, you seem pretty fit, are you a runner?'

'Um, yeah, how'd you know?'

'You've got a runner's body.'

'I do?'

'Yeah, I'm pretty good at sizing people up.

Bodies are sort of my thing, I guess. I'd say you're long distance, but not quite marathon length.'

'No. No way, not marathon length, not me,' I said.

'Well, maybe marathon length in the penis department,' Emilio said.

Now I blushed.

'Thanks,' I said.

'So did you come down here by yourself or with anybody else?'

'I came with two of my friends, they're probably off on their own campus tour. Neither of them is pre-med so I sort of went off by myself.'

Emilio stretched his arms behind his head and looked up at the sky. He yawned.

'Sorry,' he said, 'late night last night.'

'Forget about it. I'm pretty wiped out too. I had to share a bed with one of my friends and I never sleep too good when I have to do that.'

'You had to share a bed with one of your friends? I'd hope you didn't get any sleep at all!'

I smiled. 'No, it's not like that at all. He's just my best friend, he's not my... you know...'

'Your boyfriend?'

It was the first time I'd heard the term and my jaw must have dropped a little.

'No way. No, no, no, just you know, like this friend of mine from school. We've been best buds since we started high school. He's not, you know, he's not...'

'A fag?'

It sounded so harsh coming out of Emilio's mouth. I shuddered.

'No, he's not a fag. He's a...he's a...straight guy who just happens to have a huge dick.'

Emilio laughed.

'Ooh, fantastic, that's my kind of straight guy.'

'Yeah, he's actually a really great guy.'

'Cool. And you slept with him, but you didn't like, sleep with him.'


'Too bad.'

'We do it all the time,' I said.


'My friend Andy on the other hand, that's another story,'

'What do you mean?' Emilio asked.

'Well, Andy's not from here.'

'And what does that mean?'

'He's just different. He just really likes sex. With anybody I think.'

'That sounds good to me,' Emilio smiled and I kept staring at his tooth. It was that lone flaw on this otherwise perfect guy. It made him more real to me. I felt my running shorts get tight thinking about him standing across from me in the shower.

'Yeah, well, he's nuts. He drives me nuts too,' I said.

'Did you guys have sex?'

'Yeah, I guess.'

'And...was it fun?'

I slapped my thighs and threw my arms up in the air. 'I can't believe I'm talking about this with a total stranger,' I said. I hadn't breathed a word of my new sex life to anybody.

'We don't have to talk about it if you don't want to,' Emilio said gently.


'And we're not like total strangers anyway. I loaned you my towel.'

I smiled.

'Yes, you did. And thank you by the way. That was very nice.'

'I just couldn't stand to see you try and dry yourself off with your socks.'

'Yeah, that wouldn't have been very pretty.'

'I'm just glad you needed a drink at the same time as me,' Emilio said.

I smiled.

'That much was just luck,' I said. 'Following you into the shower, that was me stalking you.'

Emilio laughed.

'Well, don't worry, if you hadn't stalked me, I would definitely have stalked you.'

'Thank you...I think.'

'Speaking of which, can we get back on track here? Do you want to come see my room?'

'Um, yeah, sure. You mean, right now?'

Emilio smiled as he stood up. 'Yes, runner boy, right now. It's not too far, let's go!'

'Do you want to run?' I said, 'I'm sort of dressed for it.'

He hesitated. 'Promise not to be too hard on me?'

'Please, you'll my lunch.'

Emilio sped off and spoke over his shoulder. 'Well...if not your lunch, then we'll see what else you've got.'

I caught him easily and ran along side of him. But Emilio knew the way and I didn't so he made some sharp turns that surprised me and left me off balance. Winded, we both stopped in front of the glass doors to the building since there was a crowd blocking the way. Emilio flashed some sort of pass to the guard inside and we ran up the stairs. Five flights later we reached his floor. Emilio found his key and opened the door to his room. We practically fell through the entrance and onto his bed.

We were both panting and giggling at the same time. Emilio's hands were inside my pants in an instant and our mouths locked in a breathless slobbery kiss. Emilio was an amazing kisser and I lost track of everything else our bodies were doing while our tongues explored each other in every possible way.

After a few minutes, I noticed a second bed in his room.

Emilio followed my gaze and stopped kissing me. He held my head in his hands.

'Don't worry, T.J., my roommate is...hmm...I think he's at the library.'

'You think?'

'Yes I think.'

'You think he's at the library and we are here sucking each others' tonsils out. You think?'

'T.J., chill out. He's at the library. He's not going to come in here while you're fucking my ass.'


Emilio hopped up off the bed and pulled a desk three or four feet until it was blocking the door from opening.

'There, see, we're safe,' he said

I sat up on the edge of his bed. I smiled.

'Okay, get back over here.'

Emilio did as he was told and took off the rest of his clothes. He stood naked in front of me, his erect cock was shorter than mine and thick but somehow managed to curve just a little to the side. Totally hard,that little extra flap of skin wasn't ther anymore. His scrotum hugged tightly to the bottom of his cock. In the warm late afternoon light streaming through his dorm room window, he looked like a olive-colored popsicle. Perfect and ready to lick all over.

'So!?' Emilio said, spinning around in a circle.

'So what? Do you want me to tell you that you have an incredible body? You do.'

'No, dumb-dumb, I know that.'

He spun around again and stopped with his back to me. He bent over and spread his ass cheeks.

'Fuck me already. I want you inside me.'

'Um, okay.'

And I did. For half an hour, Emilio and I fucked all over his room.

We tried it doggy-style at first, that was a lot of fun for me - I felt like a cowboy and even yipped a little before we both collapsed in giggles on the floor.

Emilio then had me lay on my back and he sat on my cock so I could watch his face. Despite being so muscled, Emilio was also super flexible so he could actually bounce up and down on me without holding on while we kissed. I loved the feel of his soft dick in my hands and I used it as sort of a joy stick to control the rhythm of our fucking.

Eventually Emilio flipped over onto his own back and threw his legs over his head in what seemed to me to be a terribly uncomfortable position. I must have had a funny look on my face, so he guided me inside and reassured me with some gentle moans that showed me he was enjoying being plugged like this. I used both hands to stroke his thick cock and we both came, Emilio's load splattering over his chest and even up onto his neck.

After a moment, Emilio twisted strangely without letting go of my dick and we were somehow spooning and kissing again at the same time.

Neither one of us got soft and our hands explored each other's chest, neck and head.

'You're a great fuck,' Emilio said.

'I am?'

Emilio laughed. 'Yes, T.J., you are a great fuck. You have nothing to worry about. With that dick of death and that kind of adolescent hip action, you'll be a busy guy when you get to college.'

'Um, thanks.'

All of a sudden, Emilio's look changed and he whipped his head around to practically face me head on.

'Whoa, whoa, whoa, that adolescent flexibility, please god, oh please tell me that you're at least 18. I don't need to go to jail!'

I laughed.

'Yes Virginia, I am of legal age. I'm 18. Don't freak out on me here.'

Emilio exhaled.

'Oh my god, I can't believe I forgot to ask you before I let you screw me.'

'Um, well, you'll have to trust me. I do have a driver's license but it's not in my running shorts.'

We both laughed.

'Okay, well I suppose I trust you. After all, your big high school cock is still inside my ass.'

'Yes it is, would you like to do it again?'

Emilio's mouth was around mine in an instant and I felt his hardness kick up a notch. I got my answer.

This time, we never left this position on the bed. It took us both forever to cum and I even felt a little weak--I needed food!

It was great. Emilio and I kissed with passion as our hips moved synchronously together. Our orgasms were not as frenzied. When we were done, Emilio finally released his butt-hold on my dick and we both fell asleep. We stayed locked up like this to stay warm in the cool air of Emilio's dorm room.

When we woke up, it was dark.

I got up off the bed and searched the floor of the dark room for my clothes. I put them on quietly and Emilio seemed to still be asleep. Even in this low light, Emilio looked hot. He was so smooth, so strong, so cut. I wanted to grab hold of him and just squeeze him all over. I sat on the floor and laced up my shoes.

'So I guess that's it?' Emilio rolled over and spoke with his eyes closed.

'What do you mean?'

'Use my towel, fuck me silly all afternoon, and leave me lying naked on the bed?'

I wasn't sure what he was driving at. 'Um, well, thanks again for letting me use your towel.

Thanks for letting me, um, make love to your hot little butt, and, um...'

Emilio laughed and sprang up off the bed.

'I'm just kidding.' He drew me toward him and kissed me wetly on the mouth.

'Do you want to take my jacket? You know, stay warm, it's not exactly skimpy running shorts weather out there.' Emilio nodded to the darkened window of his room.

'Um, okay, I could, like, drop if off a little later.'

'Forget it, T.J., keep it. I've got plenty. Think of it as a college souvenir.'

I grabbed his short hair and we kissed again.

'I don't think I'm going to need a souvenir to remember you, you're, memorable.'

Emilio stood up. Unbelievably he was hard again and I held his penis in both hands. It was pretty sticky and I couldn't help myself so I wet one palm and lathered him up with my palm.

He smiled.

'You'd better not get me going again, you'll never get back to your friends.'

I bent down and took him in my mouth. Emilio's dick throbbed. His hands pulled my face upward lightly and we hugged. I put my hands onto his ass cheeks and spread them, he drove his pelvis into me and I felt his hardness easily through the soft nylon of my shorts. I had a boner too.

Emilio pushed me backward and I took a couple steps toward the door.

'So if you wind up coming here next year, make sure you find me.'

I smiled. 'I will,' I said. 'See you later,'

I moved the furniture aside and slipped out the door. Emilio remained standing there with his hard cock jutting out from his body, that little curve at the end. I zipped up Emilio's warm up jacket and walked down the stairs and into the night.

When I found the motel, it was after eight o'clock and my friends were gone. A note on the bed told me they'd gone to a Mexican restaurant a few blocks away. Mexican, eh, I thought about telling them I'd already had Mexican, but decided against it.

I washed my hands and face, threw on some jeans and headed out the door. Remembering something, I re-opened the door and picked up Emilio's jacket. I held it to my face and inhaled deeply. It smelled more like me than him so I put it on and zipped it up.

In the restaurant, Andy and Will were busy eating chips and laughing.

I crawled into the booth next to Will and they both stopped talking and looked at me. Nobody said a word.

'Hi,' I said.

They still said nothing. I took a chip and dipped it into some salsa.

'What?' I said, chewing my chip.

In unison they both said, 'Story?'

'What are you guys talking about? How do you know there's a story?'

Will broke the silence. 'T.J., we haven't seen you all day. You weren't at the orientation sessions at the end of the day. You weren't in the room when Andy and I got back. We waited and waited for you and no call. T.J., we know you, you'd call if you could have so we wouldn't worry. What the fuck happened to you?'

I smiled.

They watched me take another chip.

'He got laid Will,' Andy said.

I stared poison darts at Andy's face. Will laughed.

'I think you're right Andy, look at him, he's like got this funny glow,' Will said.

'You guys have no idea what you're talking about,' I protested, dribbling chips as I tried to talk with my mouth full.

At the same time, Will and Andy started pounding their fists on the table and saying ''story' over and over again. I tried to shush them but they just got louder. People in other booths in the restaurant were looking at us.

'All right, all right, I'll give you a story. Just shut up already.' The banging of fists and the shouting finally faded away.

I looked at them for a full minute. I had no idea what I was going to say.

'So I met somebody, big deal!' I shrugged my shoulders. Both of them leaned in to hear better. Will slapped me on the back.

'Seriously it wasn't a big deal, it really wasn't.'

'Was it at least a chick?' Andy said. Will giggled. I glared at Andy again and threw a tortilla chip at his face.

'Look guys, I'm really tired, let's not drag this thing out. The truth is, yes, I got laid, it was awesome, and I think I want to go to college here now. Okay?'

Will and Andy looked at each other.

'That's it, that's all we get?' Will asked.

I raised my voice. 'Look,' I said, 'do I ask for details when you bang Peggy practically every night of the week? No! Do I ask for details when Andy bangs...whoever it is he bangs...whenever it is he does.'

'Usually during fourth period,' Andy explained. 'In the janitor's closet up near the chemistry lab.' Will and Andy gave each other a high five. I stuck three chips in my mouth all at once. Apparently I was ravenously hungry.

'Okay,' Will said. 'we'll let you off this time, right Andy?'

'Will?' Andy moaned. Will looked at Andy and a silent thought passed between them.

'We'll let you off only because it was a college girl. And as far as I know, neither Andy or I have ever done a college girl before.'

Andy shook his head because his mouth was full.

'Okay, good deal,' I said, picking up the menu, and hoping the conversation was being

dropped. 'What's good here, I'm starved?' I asked glancing at the list of tacos and burritos.

Will looked at his hands and murmured very quietly, 'Apparently...the hot dog with fish sauce...or have you already had that?'

Andy spit tortilla chips and coke all over the table and Will fell over in the booth laughing.

'Fuck you guys!' I shouted, 'fuck you both!'

I grabbed another chip and looked away.


TJ Tachet

[email protected]


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