After class I thought I'd go for a run. I tossed my books into my hall locker and made my way over to the gym. I opened up my gym locker and pulled out my gear and my running shoes.

The place was nearly deserted so there was nothing much, er rather, nobody much to look at.

After I was dressed, I went over to pee. My dick felt very heavy in my hand today. I looked down at it and smiled. Not so bad I thought. I was just a few days past my 18th birthday and a senior in high school and I had lots of friends. Lots of friends at lunch, in class, on the cross country team, wherever, just nobody paying any real attention to my dick.

I shook off the last of the urine maybe a bit more vigorously than I needed to.

I was almost totally hard in like three seconds. Ridiculous! Boy, did I need to have sex with somebody and not just my own hand.

Outside I circled the track in a slow, monotonous rhythm. Just like I'd been doing for years. Running was easy. I felt free when I ran, sometimes almost weightless. My running shoes tapped lightly on the comfortable soft surface. My legs made a whooshing sound as my thighs scraped together. I hadn't remembered to put any balm between my legs to keep the skin of my legs from getting chapped. Fuck.

Inside the track the football seemed to be doing some kind of scrimmage. I was not much of a football fan, but I watched anyway. It gave my eyes something to do while my legs carried me around the track.

After 12 laps I pulled off my shirt and tossed it onto the grass. I had a good body and I loved to feel the fresh air against my skin.

I was 5'10' and a little on the thin side at 155 pounds, but my legs were strong. While I pretty much sucked at most things involving hand-eye coordination, running I could do and I'd been doing it for years. Trying out for the Junior Varsity baseball as a sophomore a couple of years earlier, the coach admired how I could hoof it down to first base, but reminded me that most guys had to at least hit the ball first before they could do that. So I ran.

On like my 15th lap, I watched the quarterback thread a perfect pass between a couple of the red-shirted defenders and hit the target. The wide receiver caught the ball with his fingertips, stopped, pivoted, turned and sprinted around and all the way down to the end zone. The quarterback led the rest of the offense down the field and they all jumped up and down like they were little kids. The quarter back and the wide receiver even hugged.

While I was watching all this, my legs had somehow forgotten what they were supposed to be doing and my pace had decreased. Then I felt my dick surging again.

This was usually a bad sign. When I got hard I couldn't run.

I finished the lap I was on and walked casually over to where I'd tossed my shirt. I kept my eyes glued on the team of course, and I even thought one or two of them had glanced at me for more than just a fleeting second. I kept my hands weirdly on the fronts of my hips so my erection wouldn't show through my nylon shorts.

Hormones! Fuck!

I reached the spot where my shirt was and sat down on the grass to stretch. While I stretched my cock managed to go down a bit. I thought about my grandmother in a bathing suit. That did the trick, thank god.

When I was done stretching, I stretched some more just so I could continue to watch the football guys. There was something about a football player that just got me going. I don't know. Was it the tight white pants that stopped mid calf? Was it that black stuff they put under their eyes when it was sunny? Was it the huddle?

I watched a huddle break up and decided to rearrange my balls. When I pulled my hand out of my shorts, I sniffed my fingers. Yuck. Time for a shower.

As I walked over to where I'd kept my bag and my water I saw the team run a couple of laps. On the inside of the track on the grass.

In high school, football was the ultimate sport to play. Compared with these guys, I felt small, very small. I could run fast, and I could run for days, but catching or throwing a football was out of the question.

Everybody loved the football guys. And of course, there was no better position on the football team, no more beloved guy on the team, actually no more studly guy in the universe, than our starting quarterback. Joey Collucci was the varsity starter, and he had been ever since he was a sophomore.

Little guys like me couldn't even talk to guys like that around campus. I could only worship him from the stands or listen in at the lunch benches when he held court for the cheerleading squad.

Joey Collucci was tall with dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, thick dark eyebrows and had a chin that even Michelangelo could not have sculpted. Like many senior athletes at our school, he also had an amazing body.

Not that I ever saw it directly, but I had overheard comments from other footballers and from some of the cheerleader girls who described him as almost perfect. Did I mention his hands and ankles? Jeez. Of course, he walked the hallways with loads of attitude. I didn't mind. I was just thrilled to tread on the same tile floors.

So, while I held my own in the classroom and the kids at school who appreciated such finely honed academic talents noticed me. School stuff came easily to me. Oh well, maybe at least I'd get into a good college.

I picked up my water bottle and took a long gulp. While I drank I watched some of the guys from the football team beginning to pack it in.

I drank slowly and watched more closely.

Some of the guys took off their shirts and pads and headed toward the locker room. Hmm, seemed like a good cue to me to head toward the gym for a shower.

I stood at my gym locker weighing my alternatives unable to take my shorts off. For obvious reasons. I decided to stretch again.

Maybe a visual of my dad's mom in a bikini would do the trick again.

When my hard-on calmed down, I slipped my fingers under the elastic of my shorts and slid them down my legs. I stood there with just my socks and my shirt on, my dick floppy and long, not quite soft. It had taken quite a while.

The showers had gone quiet and the only voices I heard in the locker room were way over in the special section reserved for the football team. Shit, I'd missed any chance to see some of the guys naked. Oh well, maybe I could run again tomorrow afternoon.

I tossed all my clothes into my locker and wrapped the towel around my waist. As I padded over to the stalls, I took a deep breath of the sweaty locker room air and then let it slowly out of my chest. Totally lost in thought, I only half appreciate that a shower head had been turned on.

I picked up my pace and walked quickly over to the showers.

Choosing a stall a few away from the one already running, I got under the water a little too quickly. It was still cold and I yelled out.

'Walker, is that you?' I heard Joey's voice a few feet away.

Frozen in terror from the cold water that was taking way too long to get warm and from the realization that Joey Collucci had heard me squeal like a girl, I was mute.

'Walker, I thought you weren't going to take a shower.' Joey said, his voice rising.

'Um, no.' I lowered my voice as many octaves as I could. Did he think I was Walker? Who's


'Oh,' he said with finality. But I had no idea what he meant by this. I scrubbed myself quickly unsure of what I would do next. With soap running over my face, I heard Joey's voice again.

'Hey, would you see what you can do about this spot in my shoulder?' As I faced the wall, the voice was right behind me. When I turned around, there he stood, foamed up from his neck to his feet. I don't know which of us were more surprised. His chest was nicely seasoned with dark brown hair and his abdominal six pack shone through the soap. I didn't dare look south of there in the milliseconds it took us both to realize he'd mistaken for somebody else.

'Um,' was all I could manage. Soap dripped into my eyes and I felt the stinging.

'Oh sorry, dude,' he said. 'I thought you were somebody else.'

'Who's Walker,' I asked, peeking out of the curtain.

'Joey squeezed some water out of his dark hair and I watched it drip onto his chest. I licked my lips.

'Oh, just my massage guy. I thought you were him.'

'Nope,' I said.

'Nope,' he echoed.

As he walked back to his own shower I got to see the rest of him. His to-die-for butt with just the faintest trace of hair centered nicely on his crack and amazingly muscular legs that I thought only runners were supposed to have. He even had gorgeous sexy feet. But I had missed out on getting a look at the real prize in front. Damn. I felt myself gasp for air as I realized I hadn't taken a breath since he'd first spoken to me.

Rinsing off I tried to calm myself down. I was actually the only one in the showers at the end of the day, totally naked, being mistaken for somebody else by our varsity quarterback. Oh my god, did he get a look at me while I was facing the wall? I mean, he had plenty of to time to check me out, right? My dick started to swell without me touching it.

I heard the other shower turn off and then the sound of whistling. Whistling? The hottest guy in school whistles in the shower room?

'So dude, what are you doing here so late anyway?' Joey shouted.

'Um.' What should I say? 'Running. Running, yeah I went for a few laps around the track.'

'That's cool,' he said. I turned my shower off and grabbed for my towel. My cock really had a mind of its own and was determined to make this an embarrassing situation for me.

'Yeah,' I said, lowering my voice again. 'I worked on a History paper for a few hours in the library and needed to blow off some steam.'

'I hear you,' he said. 'History is so fucking boring. I would never have lasted a few hours.'

This sounded like an important disclosure to me. One that might give me an opening but I didn't know what to say in response. Did he need a tutor in History? One of my specialties.

'The First World War.' I said expecting him to understand what I was talking about. That had been the general topic assigned. I had chosen to focus on President Wilson and his hesitation to get the US in.

'Really?' Joey asked. 'I have a paper due next week on the same thing. How is yours going?'

'Um, not so bad I suppose.'

I peeked out of my stall again, still drying off. Joey was walking over to me. His towel was wrapped low around his waist. His perfect hair was in a wet mop. But without soap bubbles, his chest and abs were glistening and speaking to me. Begging for someone to notice. Someone like me. So I did.

'Hey, great six pack,' I said too quickly. That seemed like the only polite thing to say.

He looked down. 'What? Oh. Kind've always been that way I guess.' He looked at me with my half erection carefully covered. 'You do all right yourself.'

He was kidding right? Joey Collucci thought I had good abs? I looked up at him in surprise.

'I run,' I said. He kept looking at my stomach muscles. They were a little defined, but they seemed pathetic to me compared to the cobblestones he had going on.

'I know. You said.'

'I sure could use some help with my World War I paper.'

I extended my hand to shake his. 'TJ,' I said.

'I know,' he said. 'You were in my Driver's Ed class last year. I'm Joey.'

'I know,' I said. 'I'd be glad to try and help. What have you decided to write about?'

As he stood there still watching me stupidly hold my towel in front of my crotch, I felt like I should do something. I had no choice but to finish drying off.

'Hiroshima,' he answered.

Moving my towel away, my dick swung free and extended itself about ¾ of the way to total hardness. His gaze never left me.

'Um, that's the wrong war,' I said, half turning around to move my erection out of sight.

'Whoa dude, you've like got a total hard-on.'

I looked down. It was not a total hard-on, but it was almost there. 'Yeah, well, that just happens to me once in a while.'

'Me too,' he said.

I gulped. 'Really? I can't control it, sometimes in class, sometimes in the halls, it's crazy.'

He still hadn't left the open door of my shower stall. His dark eyes penetrated me and my dick grew some more.

'Me too,' he said again.

'It's not actually a total hard-on, there's a bit more to go.'

'Uh huh,' he said. I couldn't tell if this information had a positive effect on him or no effect at all. He finally turned away. This non-committal response suggested that he had lost interest in my growing little problem.

'So Hiroshima wasn't really World War I? When was it?'

I wrapped the towel around myself and stepped out of the stall. I took pains to point my penis up toward my belly button. This might give me at least a fighting chance of the towel staying on.

'That was August of 1945. World War II. Truman made the call to drop the bomb on the Japanese as a way to reduce the number of Allied casualties in the Pacific.'

'Who is Truman?'

'Are you kidding me? Harry Truman? President Harry Truman?'

'Hey dude, I'm like an 18 year old high school quarterback jock. History's not my thing,' he said.'

'You are?,' I said stupidly. 'I mean, you're 18? Hey, me too.' I paused and looked into his eyes. 'Don't worry, I can help you with the History,' I responded, thinking where all of this might be headed.

'Really?' He grinned like a little kid. 'Cool. I can help you with the football,' he said, seeming satisfied with himself for brokering such a mutually helpful deal.

I laughed out loud and Joey smiled. 'Here's the thing,' I said. 'It's not likely I'm going to make the team this year. I can't really throw. I can't really catch.'

'But you can run,' he answered. 'And I can help you with the other stuff.'

My cock was now fully erect under my towel and straining against the knot I'd strategically placed to mash it down. We walked together back toward the locker room.

'OK, deal.' I said, not sure of what I was getting myself into.

'Deal,' he said. 'What are you doing tomorrow after practice?'

'Practice?' I asked. I didn't know what he was talking about.

'Practice. You know, football practice. We meet every day from 2 to 5.'

'Oh, right. Football practice. I could meet you some place once you're done,' I said.

'Sounds good, I'll shower up and meet you in front of school by the flag pole.'

I laughed again thinking about the flag pole. Could there have been a meeting place more symbolic of what it was I really wanted to do with Joey than that?

'Okay, deal. Say 5:15? Make sure you're showered up. I'll bring the History textbook.' I said smiling. I looked down at my towel at my barely covered dick. When would this go away?

'What about your football lessons? A deal's a deal, you know.'

We stood at the corridor leading to the athlete's lockers and stopped. 'Um, I don't think you're going to make me into much of a football player. Don't worry. We'll work something out.'

'How about working on my shoulder?'

My blue eyes dragged his own dark brown ones down to my tented towel and we both smiled.

'Probably not a good idea for a guy with a hard-on to be giving the quarterback of the football team a rub-down in the locker room late in the afternoon,' I said. Joey laughed.

'No, probably not,' he said. He turned and walked away. 'I'll see you tomorrow,' his jock voice trailed off. I watched as he removed his towel and rolled it around his neck. He was still laughing. I watched his great ass as he turned the corner at the end of the row. Holy shit!

Without warning, my dick erupted. Thick white drops of my own sperm found their way up from behind the towel. I had never even seen his cock.


TJ Tachet

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