Toward the end of the football season, it came time to start thinking about college pretty seriously. My two closest friends and I had gotten our applications in all over the place in the first few months of our senior year. Now that we wouldn't need to be anyplace on Friday nights, we had some time to go and visit a few universities where we had sent applications.

Andy wanted to be an attorney like his dad. Since they had just relocated to California from New York, we all thought initially that Andy would want to go back east. But Andy loved it out here and had become as much a California boy as Will and I since the big move over the summer. Andy thought his dad's job was cool and no matter how much Will and I teased him about how much lawyers were scum - and told him every attorney joke we came across - Andy's mind was made up. Just law. Nothing else. Andy didn't want to be a defense attorney helping defend the unfortunate who were unjustly accused of crimes and he didn't want to go into family law helping couples negotiate their way out of a bad marriage or some other personal situation. Nope. Andy wanted to be a corporate attorney representing Microsoft or Nabisco or some other huge industrial conglomerate. Though Will and I never really said it outright, this image of Andy helping to screw the little guy fit perfectly with our image of him. Andy was indeed a New Yorker through and through; in fact, Andy was a lot more the Wall Street shark than the Greenwich Village bohemian.

Will on the other hand had absolutely no idea what he wanted to do with his life. He was pretty much good at everything he did so we were all sure it didn't matter what he chose, he was bound to be successful at it. Everyone liked Will and he was easily the most popular kid in school. Even during our Junior year, Will had won the majority of class awards handed out at the end of the year picnic, including Most Likely to Succeed, Best Eyes, Best Kisser, and so on.

In real life, all of that would probably come in very handy for Will. It was common knowledge that whatever Will put his hand to would turn golden. Andy thought that Will would make a great politician and urged him to get a law degree in order to make that happen. I thought Will should go into the Peace Corps helping feed starving ducks in Bangladesh or something.

For me, I was pretty sure I wanted to be a doctor. I had totally loved my Bio classes in high school and was even working weekends as an orderly at our local hospital. I had seen some amazing turnarounds in people who had entered the hospital sick as hell who later went home just fine - that seemed pretty cool to me so that was what I wanted to do. So medicine seemed to be it, but along the way I wanted to try and get an education that was a little broader, maybe a History or an English minor or something.

There we were, three 18-year old high school seniors setting out to tackle the world in three different ways.

Andy was about 6'1' and lanky with wavy dark blond hair and incredible green eyes. He filled out a pair of cords just right. He had a crazy streak and always seemed to be on the giving end of a joke. He had more balls than just anyone I'd ever met; even grabbing my dick the very first time we met while I lay in Will's extra bed after a sleepover.

Will was maybe an inch taller but had dark features, dark eyes but a constant smile on his face as if his Prozac prescription was just a little too high. Will was a friend to everybody and didn't have an enemy in the world. He and I had been best friends since we met in AP English when we were sophomores. He had size 13 feet with huge hands to match that had tortured me forever until I finally got a chance to see Will's cock (with Andy's help, of course). Early in the football season, Andy invited us over when his folks were out of town one weekend, got us all very high on some killer grass, and then insisted we all bond by shaving our balls. Since Will was far too gone from pot and expensive cognac to shave himself, Andy came to the rescue and shaved my best friend's scrotum for him, getting Will's enormous cock hard in the process. 'Scary big' was the phrase that Andy used at the time. I remember thinking what an understatement that was.

I was the scrawny one in our group. Just 5'9' and with light brown hair and blue eyes, I was pretty much known for nothing in our high school other than being a nice guy and being Will's best friend who was always by his side. I ran on the track team but I hadn't won any races all season (or last season either) and there was no point in thinking that a college might be interested in my legs more than my brain. I was sort of a geeky brainiac teacher's pet. So that was that.

My greatest triumph in high school was a personal one that I hadn't been able to share with anybody. Somehow I had gotten hooked up as the personal History tutor to our extremely hot starting varsity quarterback, Joey Collucci.

Just a few weeks after starting our after-school sessions, and completely unbelievable to me, Joey and I had sex. Sex? With our school's QB?

No fucking way!

Maybe it was just two teen-age guys helping each other out, you know, like with a little mutual 18 year old affection. That happens all the time all over America, doesn't it?

At first, I was just supposed to be giving him a massage to soothe his aching muscles after practice, something I was very inexperienced at, but all too eager to help out with. But then Joey grabbed my dick and sucked me off.

No, really, I'm not lying, he did. I'm still totally blown away whenever I think about it!

It had been my first blow job (in either direction) and it was like a life-changing event. I tried to return the favor on Joey's very nice very thick dick but we progressed next to me fucking Joey on the locker room floor one quiet Sunday afternoon. Me fucking Joey! In time, Joey and I were kissing and sucking and screwing whenever we had the chance. It was amazing, but I couldn't tell anybody.

I tried to tell Will a few times but never had the guts. And he probably wouldn't have believed me anyway. Imagine this studly quarterback, maybe the only guy in school who could hold a candle popularity-wise to Will, and that half the girls in school wanted to suck face with, getting it on with his History tutor. Clearly I was delusional.

Sadly, our school football team was not going to make the playoffs. We had only won two games.

Before the last game, Andy, Will and I were over at Will's house getting ready. At Will's urging (of course), we had agreed to move the yardage and first down markers along the sidelines of our school's Friday night football games. It required these ridiculous orange jumpsuits so that we could be visible to the players on the field and not get tackled by accident too often.

Buying the uniforms one afternoon at Penney's had been quite an adventure also, with Andy spanking me on the ass so hard that I nearly blistered.

'You know, I think these stupid outfits can probably be seen from outer space,' Andy said, pulling up the one-piece over his tight ass and tucking his t-shirt into his underwear.

Will and I both laughed.

Not long afterward, Andy got us both high and made us shave our balls. For the team, he said.

I finally got to see Will's weenie. It was 'oh my god' huge and I went home with a mean case of blue balls from having had to look at it across the room for half an hour! Or rather, freshly shaved blue balls, I should say.

Andy was a total horn dog. Everything about him was sex, sex, sex. One day at lunch, just for fun, Will and I came up with a game where we'd ask Andy about a particular person in our school and then see if he could find some way to have sex with them. It was scary, but after a while Andy had managed to find something redeeming about every single person we thought of. And somehow, some way, everybody we brought up Andy thought he could have sex with.

For every single person Will and I brought up, from the cross-eyed Lisa Newman, to Sandy Boverstein who walked with a limp, and even to Mort Feiffer who was a dwarf with a cleft upper lip, Andy had managed to tell us how he'd get off on (or in) whoever we mentioned.

Actually, Andy's description of what he would do to poor little Mort caused my stomach to toss and I almost puked my sandwich. Will just about fell off the bench laughing so hard.

After a few minutes, we got bored of talking about how Andy could tag anybody anywhere at anytime. Will changed the subject to his shaved balls.

'Boys, you will be very glad to know that I was indeed inspired by our show of team spirit,' he said. Andy and I looked on wide-eyed, not sure where Will was going with this. We waited for Will to show us his shaved balls, I guess.

'Yes. I have kept my scrotum hair-free since Andy showed me the light on that one Saturday night. I thought I'd been too stoned to even know my own name, but Peggy seems to dig shaved balls and so I guess, I do too now.'

'Yahoo!' Andy hooted.

Peggy was Will's on-again off-again girlfriend. I was bored to death hearing about her.

'Does it itch?' I asked, knowing full well that it did. Mine did.

'No, my mom gave me some kind of cream to use after I shaved, and that seems to work pretty good,' Will explained.

'Wait a minute. Will? You told your mom you were shaving your nuts?' I asked.

Will chuckled. 'Not exactly. But I asked her what she uses after she does her bikini wax and she bought me a bottle of this stuff.'

Andy doubled over again and fell to his side laughing. I still wanted to see Will's wiener again; that time over at Andy's house was weeks and weeks ago, and I needed a fresh fantasy. But, Will was his usual careful self and turned away at the critical moment when I might've seen his giant penis get scrunched up by the jumpsuit he was pulling up from the bottom.

'What about you, T.J.? Are you keeping the lawn mowed?' Andy asked me.


'That's it, just yep? No funny stories about your dad catching you in the act or your dog licking you more?'

'Nope,' I answered, hoping to change the conversation.

'Actually his dad licks him more now,' Will said and we all laughed again.

In truth, Joey had already been shaving his balls, and once I started shaving mine too, we kind of made a game out of it. It was totally hot when Joey stuck my whole soft scrotum in his mouth and whacked me off with his hand. I could feel his hot breath at the base of my cock, and the combination of all those sensations at once would put me over the top.

'So, now that that element of team spirit is still going strong, let's talk about college trips,' Andy said.

'What's that?' Will said. I wasn't sure I really wanted to hear what Andy's mind had come up with next.

'College, boys.'

'College, what do you mean?'

Andy stood and puffed out his chest. 'College trips, boys. It's time for us outstanding members fo the Apple Valley senior class to visit the schools on our list that we have a good chance of getting into so that we can make the best possible decision for our futures.'

Andy showed us a folded piece of paper he'd had crinkled up someplace. 'According to my official list here, Will, you applied to 11 schools. T.J., you applied to 18 schools, and I saved my parents a great deal of money by only applying to 4. So...I'd say we should get on the road the next couple of weekends and go visit a few of them.'

'Sounds good,' Will said.

'Yep,' I said. It would be nice to do these college visits with my friends instead of with my mom and dad.

'First on the list, of course, would be the four that I applied to. Both of you applied to each of those. Then if my interest holds up and I can come up with the dough, I can tag along to the ones you guys applied to. Maybe I'll even fill out an app while I'm there!'

'Okay, let's do it,' Will said.

'Great,' Andy said. 'T.J., your folks will be cool with this?' My parents were easily the least likely to go along with their precious eldest kid going off on his own to pick out a college.

'All I can do is ask,' I said.

We had a plan. Road trip!

The following week, Andy and I worked out a schedule for visiting the schools we'd applied to.

On Friday, we took a super-discount late-night flight up to San Francisco and then hopped on a bus out to Berkeley to visit Cal. Andy's dad had found us a cheap motel to stay in with 2 double beds.

Being the smallest, I expected to have to share a bed since Andy and Will were just too big to fit together. The sleeping arrangements had been a huge area of concern for me since I knew I got hard if even the wind blew across my cock, and the idea of sleeping right next to either one of my friends was an obvious formula for disaster for me.

Andy had already man-handled my cock quite a bit that afternoon in my room when he asked to measure it hard, but we hadn't had sex, of course. Andy kept up an active interest in girls, and even seemed to have a passing interest in a few members of the teaching staff. When I'd asked, he insisted he was straight.

'Just keeping an open mind, bro,' he assured me with a wink.

'Yeah, but teachers? Gross!' I said.

So what might happen if I had to sleep with Andy in our little cheap motel room, I had no idea.

With Will, he and I had been best friends for a couple years now so I expected that he and I would be the ones to share. After I had seen Will's fucking huge dick the night of our shaving party, I had barely been able to stop thinking about. Sleeping just inches away from the damn thing would probably maake it impossible for me to sleep.

I had worked myself into quite a panic, and I even brought the subject up with Joey.

'So let me get this straight,' Joey said, as we sat at the desk in my bedroom, trying to actually study History for a change instead of each other's bodies. 'Andy measures your dick with a tape measure. Hard. And you've never even seen his penis, soft, hard or otherwise?'

'Yep,' I said.

'And Will has never seen you hard but knows that you are eight and one third inches long?' I blushed beet red.

'Because Andy told him,' I said, 'I would never...'

'Please, T.J., you're proud as hell that your weenie is eight and one third inches. You couldn't wait to show it to me that first day in the locker room.'

'Joey, that's not true,' I protested. 'I only got semi-hard in front of you that first time, and it's only because you were naked too.' I pouted.

'Uh unh. Semi-hard or not, you told me flat out that it still had some growing to do within like seconds of seeing me in the showers.'

'What are you getting at?'

'And besides, I was not naked, I was in a towel.'

'Which,' I pointed out, 'you casually threw aside as you walked away a few minutes later.' I giggled.

'Butt is my best part,' Joey said smugly. 'I get told that all the time.'

'Not by me, dude. I'm pretty happy with what's in front.'

'Oh really. I thought you liked my ass. You sure like fucking me.'

'Joey, shhh. My mom's downstairs.'

'She thinks we're studying.'

'Right,' I said, 'and I haven't had a chance to mention to her that we're fucking too.'

'Wanna do it right now?' Joey stood up and unbuttoned his jeans. He had no underwear on and his fat dick fell out immediately.

'Joey! She could come in any minute.'

'Yeah, then you wouldn't have to have that conversation with her, would you?'

I leaned across my desk and licked the tip of Joey's cock.

'Ooh,' he said. 'See? Was that so bad?'

'Hello? I still need them to pay for college.

If my mom walks in and sees your dick in my mouth, I'm toast. On my own. Disinherited. Homeless.'

'Poor baby,' Joey said, walking around the desk to give me easier access. 'Just for five minutes, it's what you want,' he teased, sticking it in my ear.

'Well, you're right, but...' Joey slapped my lips with his hard-on, wiggling the head through my lips and to the back of my throat. It never stopped amazing me how he could go from zero to sixty in like two seconds, getting hard even faster than I did.

'Just for five minutes, okay?'

I mumbled something that neither of us understood since my mouth was full.

'Oh god, T.J., you're really getting good at this.'

I said 'thank you' but he didn't hear that either.

So 20 minutes and five anxiety attacks later for me every time I heard a sound from downstairs, Joey and I had both come, exploding in each other's mouths and swallowing every drop.

'Should we study some History now?' Joey asked, innocently, 'can you spend the rest of the afternoon without my dick in your mouth?'

'I'll see what I can do. I'm not sure you were really much help with my problem about the hotel room bed arrangements though.'

'Yeah, sorry, I guess I wasn't, was I? Want to punish me?' I smiled and pushed him back into his chair. He kissed me open-mouthed, exploring my teeth with his strong tongue.

The shared taste of each of our sperm was a turn-on, but I thought it best to try and get some work done. We read a few pages, then Joey looked up from his book.

'So, we never finished discussing what you're going to do with Will's monster cock if you wind up having to share the bed with him,' Joey said, trying to bait me into getting hard again.

I sighed loudly. 'We're not talking about this anymore. Thanks for the generous offer of advice. I think I can handle the situation,' I said. Joey laughed and decided to finally cut me a break. He blew me a kiss from across the table and we went back to reading.

Once our motley crew got off the bus in Berkeley, we still had to walk a few blocks to find the motel that Andy's dad had rented us.

'Nice part of town,' Will said, kidding of course.

'Yeah, minus one point for ambiance,' Andy said. 'This place is gross.'

Once we found the motel, it was a true dive.

And, of course since none of the three us had a credit card to check into the motel with, we had to pay cash in advance, plus a security deposit in case we trashed the room. We guessed that the night clerk had seen other kids doing the same college visit thing we did and thought he'd better get some kind of protection. Andy was still up in arms about it after we walked down the smelly hallway, pushed open the flimsy door and flipped on the light. It was a naked bulb hanging from the ceiling.

'I mean, seriously, what the fuck are we going to do to this fleabag shithole? Piss on the walls?'

'Andy, it's like standard policy,' I said. 'My parents told me we might have to give a security deposit.'

Will ignored the conversation and threw his bag on one of the double beds and Andy threw his bag on the other. 'I'm beat,' Will said, falling onto his chest across the bed.

'Who gets T.J.?' Andy asked.

'I'll take him tonight,' Will said, not lifting his head up . 'Tomorrow night, he's yours.'

'I feel like such a piece of meat,' I said with a sniff.

'You are, dude, you are,' Andy answered. 'Just keep that eight and one third inches of virgin baby meat on your side of the bed tomorrow night.'

'Fuck you Andy!'

I tackled Andy and we fell onto the bed. There was a terrible creak deep inside the springs and we stopped.

'Maybe T.J. should sleep on the floor,' Andy suggested. 'Two people might be more than these stupid beds can handle.'

'It'll be fine,' Will said. 'We're a lot skinnier than a lot of people who've probably been in these beds.'

'Yep,' I said.

There was no way I was taking the floor. Tonight I had the bed. And Will.

At 2:30 in the morning I was still wide awake and unable to sleep so I flipped over onto my back to count something. Sheep were the obvious, but that seemed a little boring; my mind couldn't really sort out sheep from goats anyway. Number of colleges that I was likely to get into was not a very big number so that wouldn't take very long and probably wouldn't put me to sleep. Number of orgasms this year. Hmm. Now that was something that could help me pass some time and clear my head.

I started in January. By February I was hard as a rock.

I looked over at Will sleeping in the bed next to me. He had pushed off all of the covers and just lay there in underwear.

Woof, woof, I thought to myself. How the fuck do I get myself into these situations?

I stared at Will's underwear in the dark. I couldn't really see much in the dark light of the motel room but I had convinced myself on two or three occasions that Will had an erection in his sleep. I mean, that happens, right? I had one, of course, but then, I wasn't even sleeping so that may not count.

Maybe Will could have a wet dream tonight? I'd read in a magazine that men of our age, 18, got them all the time. Well, then, what the fuck?

Then another more interesting thought occurred to me. Maybe Will wouldn't mind if I licked his freshly shaved scrotum while he slept?

Maybe lightning would strike my erect penis and I would get scurvy and die on the spot.

I started to count orgasms again. Okay then, back to March. March was of course the spring of my junior year; I was such a kid! Now that I was 18 and a big senior, last year seemed so childish, so juvenile. Will's 18th birthday had come a few weeks after mine and we both agreed that now that we were consenting adults and could vote and smoke cigarettes and check ourselves into a mental institution, we would try and do it all. Not right away of course, but as adults, it just seemed like the right thing to do to expand our horizons, our adult horizons. The mental hospital seemed the most appealing to me right now, in fact. Will and I had been best friends since English class our sophomore year. He was Mr. Popular on campus and I was his friend, his trusted sidekick.

Nobody knew (except maybe Andy, the other 18 year old consenting adult sleeping in the other double bed in this stupid motel room) that I had secretly lusted after Will forever. Nobody knew (not even Andy, and certainly not Will) that I was no longer a virgin.

Surprise, surprise, I had an erection.

Never moving my eyes from Will's pretend hard-on, I put my hand down there and gave myself a few tugs. I brought my hand back up to my nose and sniffed. My pre-cum smelled like bleach to me.

Absently, I shifted my sticky hand over closer to Will's face and held my palm in front of his nose.

Nothing. He didn't even smile, or flinch, or anything.

'You're disgusting,' I told myself, waving pre-cum in front of your best friend's nose while he sleeps!

I thought about my orgasms in April. There was one awfully good one late one afternoon after I'd gotten back from a long run and was showering in the gym at school. But, as always, with my own hand.

It wasn't until Joey that I finally had somebody else to count on to get off.

I couldn't think of anything special at all about orgasms in May.

Then we were in the summer between junior and senior year and I was working at the library in town. Re-shelving books. Helping people fill out their applications for new library cards. Checking out books. More re-shelving. Boring orgasms.

Then came September. Now I started school again and I had to look at the inside of books!

One way-to-quick orgasm right after school started was kind of fun. .

In October, there was Joey. And in November and in December.

I sighed. Thinking about all of my orgasms for the year had not done the trick, I was still awake. And hornier than I had been a while ago thinking about January. If that was even


I stuck my thumb onto the head of my cock and rubbed off a little more pre-cum. I licked my thumb and kept it in my mouth, imagining Joey's thick dick being there instead.

I took a deep breath to test how deep in sleep Will really was.

Will finally stirred and flipped over onto his side a little closer to me. He was facing me, his floppy underwear just a few inches from my clean hand that hadn't touched any pre-cum. If I could just inch my hand over ever so slightly, I would be in like total contact with Will's shorts. And then maybe with Will's ginormous weenie.

I held my breath and wiggled my hand half the distance to Will's underwear. My own dick throbbed and I grabbed it with the free hand that wasn't busy. It goes without saying that I had never touched Will's dick. In fact, until a few weeks back when Andy arranged the ball-shaving party at his house, I had never even seen Will's dick. Pretty sad that I know the guy for over two years and can't even get a glimpse of him nude. Andy moves to town, and then has Will buck naked with a hard-on on Andy's couch one Saturday night a few days later while Andy had the honor of shaving Will's balls. Will couldn't do it himself, of course, he was too high.

I decided. I was going to do this, I was going to touch Will's penis while he slept. I had worked myself into such a state, if I didn't do this I might never be able to fall asleep.

First I slid the front of my underwear a few inches down, but still safely under the covers, and gave my own Mr. Happy a few tugs. Second I had to get my free hand the last centimeter or two over to Will's shorts. I took a slow deep breath and then slid my hand carefully and silently across the motel sheets. When I made contact with Will's underpants, Will didn't move. Bingo! I stopped my breathing completely to get ready for the final part. The part where Will's immense manhood is in my hand (if it could even fit!). Even more silently than before, I tried to feel what I could with the side of my hand against the front compartment of Will's underwear. I strain my mind to figure out what it is that the back of my hand is actually touching, but it doesn't really feel like anything.

Shit! I should have twisted my hand around so that my palm and fingers were facing Will's underwear and not the back of my hand! I'm not very good at this. Yet!

I withdrew my hand a few inches (all that careful slow effort wasted!) and tried twisting my wrist so that my palm faced Will's crotch. After a few seconds, I found the position of my arm uncomfortable and realized that I was going to have to shift onto my side a little and then twist my wrist the opposite way. Ever so quietly and ever so slowly, I shifted my body into a very unnatural position for my final assault on Will's heavy hanging dick. Will still didn't move, thank God!

At this point, Will and I were both on our sides facing each other, though my arm was in danger of falling asleep. I could feel his breath flow across the little hairs on my arm every time Will exhaled. The arm that was trying to touch or do I-don't-know-what with his mid-section. All the tossing around had caused my dick to soften up a bit. Did I dare touch my own dick just to get it revved up again before I got down to business trying to get hold of Will? I exhaled and thought to myself, all right you pervert, it's now or never!

Will stirred.

Shit, shit, shit!

I flipped back over onto my back as quickly as I could. Will grumbled something unintelligible but stayed on his side. I watched in horror as Will moved his hand down a little, totally blocking my access to him.

I lay back, ready to give up. I reached into my own shorts and absent-mindedly rubbed my half-hard penis up and down a little. The feeling was re-assuring. Within like 30 seconds, I had myself all the way up to my usual eight and one third inches and my breathing normalized. I looked over at Will. So close, but yet...

What the fuck? It was after 3:00 now and I was not getting even a wink of sleep. Maybe if I gave up on my ridiculous plan with Will and just jerked off that would relax me and I could finally fall asleep.

I checked one last time to see if there was any way I could move my hand back over to Will's shorts, but his hand was still in the way. Too bad for me, I probably wouldn't have many opportunities like this in my lifetime. At least not with my donkey-cock friend Will.

Giving up, I decided if I was gonna whack off, I'd better just get to it. I slid both hands into my shorts and rolled them up and down along the shaft of my penis a little bit more. With protection from the covers, I put both hands onto my dick and started rubbing up and down. The wet sticky head of my cock brushed lightly against the sheets. This turned me on even more so my rubbing became a little more intense.

I started thinking about the first time I had seen Joey in the shower. He looked so hot just standing there in a towel looking at me naked and half-hard. I had been trying to hide my hard-on from him, but he noticed it anyway. I was a little embarrassed, but not really. In truth, I was pretty proud of my dick and I was sort of glad he noticed.

After another minute or so of playing with myself lying there next to Will, I felt I was getting awfully close. I shut my eyes and tried to think of some 3-way sexual position that I might get into with Will and Joey.


I froze. I wasn't sure if the sound came from Will or from Andy. I was too scared to open my eyes.

'Ahem,' the sound came out of nowhere again.

Fuck! I'd been caught!

'Shouldn't you be asleep, T.J., you horn dog?'

It was Andy. I opened my eyes and looked over at him in the other bed. He was sitting up on his elbows, smiling those perfect teeth of his at me. At least I think he was smiling in the dim light of the room.

'Shh,' I said. 'He's asleep,' I jerked my head toward Will to indicate the obvious.

'So we'd better not wake him up then,' Andy said.

'Shh,' I said again.

Andy lifted the sheets of his bed up.

'Get over here.'

'What?' I whispered.

'I said, get over here.'

I peeked over at Will to make sure he was still sleeping. Or that he might represent a better offer. He seemed out to the world, so I flipped the covers back gently and quietly eased out of bed. I looked back one last time before hopping into Andy's bed, under the covers he had raised up.

Andy was on his side up on one elbow. He was shirtless and only wearing some black Calvin Klein boxer briefs (I had taken careful inventory of the night time clothing habits of my two fellow travelers before the lights got switched off). He was grinning at me with those straight white teeth of his.

'So?' he whispered to me loudly.

'So what?' I asked back as innocently as possibly.

'So what were you trying to do with Will over there?'

'With Will? What do you mean?'

Andy lifted the covers and reached into my underwear to grab my dick. 'I mean, you're like over there beating your meat, while poor Will sleeps quietly beside you. What were you meaning to do to him?'

'Nothing!' I said with as much indignation as I could put into my whisper.

'T.J., you're like hard as a rock here.' Andy used the back of his hand to lift up my underwear to show me visually what I was all too aware of already.

'So?' I said again.

'Here, let me see what I can do,' Andy said. Before I could stop him, Andy dove his head under the covers and stuck my dick in his mouth and began moving up and down with both his tongue and his hands.

'Oh,' I said, a little too loudly. Andy was pretty damn good at this!

Andy licked my dick up and down and nibbled lightly on the end. He drove me crazy until I started bucking my hips and then he would slow down and shove my balls into his mouth. I shaved them just before we went to the airport so that anybody who came into contact with my scrotum on this little college road trip would not have to endure even a single stray pubic hair. Andy noticed, and came up for air, poking his smiling mug out of the sheet.

'T.J., you're balls are smoking hot,' he said. 'Outstanding shaving dude!'

I looked over at Will who was still sleeping away facing us. I started to say 'thanks' but Andy dove down again and surprised me with by slurping and stroking my penis at the same time and all that came out of my mouth was a moan of delight.

About now, I had had about enough of Andy controlling the shots when it came to my cock.

With a speed and a strength that surprised even me, I pulled his lips away from my dick, threw him onto his back and managed to get his shorts pulled down to his knees. I shoved my face into his crotch to finally take this New Yorker boy's manhood into my mouth.

I stopped.

'What's going on Andy?'

'What do you mean, 'what's going on'? Are you gonna suck my dick or what?'

'Um, well, yeah, but you're not even, like...hard,' I said quietly.

Will groaned in the bed next to us and rolled over. We both stayed very still for about a full minute.

'Come on man, you don't have an erection,' I complained, once the coast seemed to be clear.

'Hello?! You were the one who ripped my underwear off. If you want me to have an erection, make it happen.'

'Um, well, okay, but why isn't it hard already?'

'I don't know, it just isn't.'

Andy pushed me away from his flaccid penis and started pulling on it with his hand. 'Here, let me help you get it going,' he said.

I moved his hand away.

'I'll do that,' I said. I took Andy's soft dick into my mouth and gripped his balls with one hand. I had never had a dick in my mouth that wasn't hard. Not that I had all that much experience in the field yet, anyhow, but the sensation was weird.

After about a minute or so, I could feel Andy growing inside me. He started to move his butt back and forth in rhythm with the bouncing of my head. His balls were shaped a little different from mine, more oval than round, and I liked the feel of them between my fingers. He was right about one thing. They were indeed as soft as a baby's bottom. His dick itself wasn't what I'd expected. It was long and thin, sort of like the inside part of a paper towel roll. The end was about the same thickness as the base, and there wasn't really a big knob on the tip like I'd gotten used to with Joey. He tasted like skin and hair and band-aids all at once. Nice.

Since Andy had been patient enough to let me get his cock totally hard, he then twisted around in the bed and took my dick back into his mouth as well. Mine hadn't gone down despite the mix-up with his. Andy's tongue danced up and down the shaft of my cock, and I tried to imitate the motion on his cock with my own mouth. He moaned a little. So did I.

Andy flipped me onto my back and straddled my face with his legs. He started to play with my ass, so I returned the favor and let my fingers poke on his hole a bit too. When I started to apply a good amount of pressure, Andy's moaning increased, and his hips started to buck more violently. He shoved his finger inside me and I drew back a little from the feeling. But he left it there and the pain settled. His lips and hands on my eight and one third inch hard-on felt so fucking good! I tried sticking my first finger inside of Andy's ass very gently and it slid in without any effort at all. Andy found my prostate and pushed down against it. He slid a second finger inside me and finger fucked my ass.

After about a minute, I was toast.

I exploded into Andy's mouth with a force I'd never felt before, the pressure of Andy's fingers inside my butt felt so funny but so great all at once. I kept trying to do the same to Andy as my own orgasm subsided and Andy gave a huge jolt and screamed out.

'Ahh, shit!'

I don't know what surprised me more. Andy's cum inside my mouth or his loud scream. We both stopped breathing and looked over at Will. He was on his back and took a big sigh.

When he seemed to get back to just sleeping regular again, both of us let one another's dick slide out of our mouths. I guess I had swallowed all of what Andy shot in my mouth, though my mouth felt strangely gummy. Andy twisted back around in bed and moved his head up near mine.

'That was way fucking hot, T.J.,' Andy whispered in my ear. Then he licked my ear.

I giggled and pulled away. I stared up at the dark ceiling.

'Um, yeah, that was great. I can't believe what you did to my butt.'

'T.J., you've got a hot butt. I told you that already, right?'

'Um, yeah, well maybe. Yours is pretty great too,' I said. 'I pretty much shot my load that first morning we met when I saw your ass in those tight cords you've got.'

'Hah! I knew it!'

'Well, yeah. I mean, what's the big deal? I was just sitting there in Will's bedroom with a hard-on and then in walks this incredibly hot new gay guy from New York. What did you expect me to do?'

'Um, T.J., I'm not gay.'

My eyes left the ceiling and focused on Andy's face to see if he was serious.

'Come on, Andy, you told me that already, but I mean, look what you just did, you're like totally gay. So am I. I think.'

'No, T.J., I'm not. I like chicks. I just really, you know, I just really wanted to let you suck my cock.'

'Well, thank you. I appreciate you letting me do that.'

'Sure, no problem. You did a great job, by the way.'

'Okay, thanks again. You're not so bad yourself, you know, at sucking cock. And you're pretty good at massage my, what's that thing again, oh yeah, my prostate too.'

'T.J., don't get weird on me now. This was fun, but it was just that, nothing more. Take it easy.'

'What the fuck, Andy? You, like, play with my head for weeks, grab my dick at Will's house, screw with me even more at the department store when we were getting our uniforms. You teach me how to shave my balls, then you give me probably the greatest blow job in the history of blow jobs, and you tell me you're not gay!?'

Andy put his fingers to his lips. 'Shh,' he said, 'I don't want to wake up Will.'

'Screw you!'

'Okay, we could try that, but my butt's gonna need like a fifteen minute break,' Andy said, and then laughed silently.

'Are you still messing with me?' I asked.

'T.J., really, I just like sex. That's all. I'm not gay, I'm not bi. I'm pretty straight, trust me. I fucked around with guys like since I was just going through puberty. It's just sex!'

I stared at him. Just sex?

'And you do it pretty well, I'd say,' I finally managed to say.

'Yeah, well, the more you practice, the better you get at it.'

He kissed me on the ear again and let his tongue stay inside. I cracked up again and pushed him away. Both of us yawned.

'So like what about that butt thing? Straight guys don't do that. Do they?'

'Yeah, that was a blast, wasn't it? Somebody taught me to do that a few months ago before we left New York,' Andy said casually as if someone had taught him how some video game.

'Um, yeah. But, doesn't it mean...'

'T.J., just chill. I'm beat. Let's go to sleep.'

'This conversation is not over,' I said. 'But right now, you're right, we should probably sleep,' I yawned.

'Right, dude.'

I cuddled into Andy's shoulder and was asleep in seconds.

The next morning came far too quickly for my liking. I was twisted around Andy, both of us still with our underpants somewhere at the bottom of the sheets. There was light streaming in from outside the window that the cheap black-out curtains barely contained. I looked over at Andy in the bed next to me, then over at Will in my original bed. Both, totally snoozing. Maybe if I got up quietly I could shower before everyone else. Yawning and stretching, I sat up on the edge of the bed naked.

Before I stood up I thought I shouldn't be walking around bare-assed in our motel room so I dug around at the bottom of the bed for my underwear. The first pair I pulled out were Andy's. I gave them a sniff.

Yep. They smelled like Andy's dick all right. I put them under the covers in the vicinity of Andy's mid-section and then found my own. Will stirred and I froze.

'Hey, T.J., what are you doing over there?'


'That's cool, was I snoring?'

'Um, were snoring,' I stammered. 'I mean, it was pretty loud.'

'Shit! I'm sorry, you should have poked me or something,' Will said, turning onto his shoulder to face me in the other bed.

I was still sitting there nude, my underwear in my hand. Inside I was dying. Poked him indeed!

'No, really, don't worry about it. I just, you know, switched to Andy's bed at some point,' I explained, trying to act as if this sort of hopping between beds thing was pretty normal for me.

Andy rolled over and smiled. He looked at the two of us as if to say, 'what the fuck are you two doing up so early?'

'Hey Andy,' Will said. 'Thanks for taking T.J., sorry about the snoring, hope I didn't keep you up too.'

Andy didn't miss a beat. 'No, I was fine. I admit I was a little surprise to find T.J. in my bed sucking me off during the night, but you know, no big deal!'

I gave Andy a look of death. Both he and Will busted out laughing.

'Speaking of which, I don't know guys, it's like there's something going on with me lately,' Will said. I stood up and put my underwear on, turning away from both of them.

'What do you mean?' I asked, taking the bait.

'I mean, it's like, well Peggy and I had sex twice this week. First on Monday over at her place, then on Thursday, just before we left to come up to Cal.'

'Yeah, go on...' Andy was intrigued with any talk of sex.

'So like on Monday night right after, you know, Peggy and I did it, I went to bed and I had this wet dream.'

Andy chuckled and I just stood there in my underwear listening.

'And then, like, Tuesday I was so fucking horny at school that I couldn't wait to get home to masturbate.'

'Masturbate?' Both Andy and I said in unison. We laughed at the word.

'So I do it again on Wednesday, once at school right after lunch, then again when I get home that afternoon. Thursday Peggy and I make love again, then Thursday night, wham, I have another stupid wet dream.'

'Sounds like you're going through a hyper-sexual phase,' Andy explained with a straight face.

Both Will and I looked at him.

'What the fuck is that?' I said.

'You know, you just can't get it enough. Happens to me all the time.'

'Not to me,' I said.

'T.J., you're a bad liar. You're horned out all the time, you're just not honest enough to admit it to your buddies,' Andy said.

'Screw you, Andy, I am not horned out.'

Will interrupted us. 'Guys. Guys. Forget about it. I just don't understand it. I mean, I think I had another wet dream last night. My shorts are wet and I'm hard again.'

Andy and I turned our heads as Will bent his knees and pulled off his underwear to show us.

Yep. There was a wet spot right in the front. The same general area that I had intended to nuzzle up against during the night.

'I hope it happened after you left the bed T.J., I mean, how embarrassing!'

I swallowed but I didn't know what to say. I decided to keep my mouth shut.

'And my penis is like huge!' Will said.

He threw the sheets back and Andy and I both looked.

My mouth went dry and I saw Andy's jaw drop.

'This is just so fucking strange,' Will said.

From our vantage point, Will had an erection all right. Fit more for a horse than a human though. It lay sloppily against his lower stomach, completely covering his pubic hair, and then extending all the way to his belly button and about two inches past.

'Jesus Will, put that thing away, you're going to hurt somebody with it,' Andy managed.

Will chuckled. I sat down on the edge of Andy's bed since I could nothing else.

'Yeah, Peggy says it's the biggest she's ever had, but you know, I don't really know.'

'Will. I have the pleasure to inform you that yes. You have a large penis,' Andy said dead-pan. 'T.J., would you agree with my assessment?'

I looked at Andy and wanted to kill him again.

'Um, well, I guess,' I said.

'Yeah, what are you gonna do?' Will asked nobody in particular. 'I just don't want to get hard at some weird time during the day. I want this whole...what did you call it? This hyper-sexual phase? I want to get past it.'


'Is there like a pill I could take?' Will asked.

'How the fuck should I know?' Andy said. 'T.J.'s the doctor here.'

'Um. Well, you know, we don't learn about this in high school biology,' I said finally, my mouth still completely dry.

Will laughed.

'Okay then. Well, when you become a real doctor, you can prescribe something for me.'

'Will, buddy, if this is still happening by the time T.J. finishes medical school, you'll be famous all around the world,' Andy said, cracking himself up.

'Thanks. So, do you mind if I go first in the shower, T.J. I feel gross and I want to clean this stuff off of me.'

I looked over at Will lying naked on the bed.

For someone who did practically no exercise, he had an amazing body. But that dick! How could I possibly have been Will's best friend for all this time and not known about it. It was still rock solid lying perpendicular in the center of Will's body. I thought I saw it bounce a few times as we were talking.

'Um, well, sure. I mean, of course, go ahead,' I finally said, when I could take my eyes off it and look at Will's face. He smiled, realizing I'd been gawking.

Will stretched his arms and yawned. Then he got up from the bed, swung his enormous cock off the bed and walked slowly to the bathroom. Me and Andy's eyes never left the middle of Will's body.

When Will was in the bathroom with the door closed, we heard the shower turn on.

Andy and I looked at each other. Silently we both mouthed the same thing.

'Holy shit!'


TJ Tachet

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