At school the next day, all Will could talk about was our new job moving the yardage markers at the varsity football game. He and I would pull the chains. We just needed a third for the first down marker. My interest was high in being so close to the guys on the varsity team. But given my blowing off of the very hunky and very good looking quarterback Joey Collucci because I was a little freaked out I'd been applauded while beating my meat in the school bathroom, I was unsure what to do.

'Who do you think we should add to our little club?' Will asked me at lunch.

I thought hard about all the guys I knew who might want to do it. There was a long list but most of them were already on the football team.

'Well, what about Stan McDonnell?'

'What? Are you kidding? That guy's way too short.' Will pronounced with some finality.

I laughed.

'Okay, you want tall. How about Grant Spaulding?'

'Well, that would be all right. But I think he's got basketball practice like 20 hours a day. He'd probably miss too many games.'

'Fred Murdoch?'

'Isn't he a fag?'

I could sense a lot of color moving to my face. 'Um, I don't know. Why does that matter?'

'Well, it doesn't. But I just want somebody cool. You know, somebody we can hang with after the games and stuff.'

We spent most of the rest of lunch trashing the rest of the eligible men in our senior high school class. In the end, we had come up with a few possible names, but it didn't seem like any of them were going to be just right. I personally favored choosing somebody who was pretty high up in the looks department but who wouldn't get in my space as best friend to the most popular guy in school.

Within a few days I got my answer. And only one of my preferences.

That Saturday night I slept over at Will's because my dad had a business trip up the coast and my mom decided to go along. I had spent the night at Will's a bunch of times whenever we were working on some homework assignment that ran late or if nobody wanted to drive me the 3 or 4 miles back to my house late at night if

Will and I had gone to a movie with friends. Will had 2 beds in his room for some reason so it was pretty convenient.

This time, like all the others, both Will and I slept in our underwear. And of course I still had that embarrassment gene. Even though I'd been showering with guys in the gym for years, I was still shy. It wasn't my dick per se, as I was pretty sure I could stand up to most of the guys in that department. It was just something about Will. We had never seen each other full-on naked.

As a result, there was some thinking involved in moving to and from bed. It was no big deal of course getting undressed: just turn the lights out, pull off your jeans quickly, and jump under the covers. Getting out of bed in the morning was another matter entirely. Not only was it light outside, there was also the not minor issue of morning wood. I was fiercely protective of my own 18-year old morning hard-on, but I was insanely curious about Will's.

Did he even get one too? Was it as big as mine? Did he have to stroke his dick in the shower to get it to go down?

In all my mornings sleeping over at Wills house, I was never able to see if he got a big old erection too in the morning when he woke up like I did. He was just too quick into the shower before my eyes adjusted and I could sneak a glance. Sigh.

So this particular late summer morning Will leaped up just like usual and was in the bathroom with the shower on before I could flip over in my own bed across the room and check him out. So like usual I just lay there, my own throbbing dick doing its usual thing while I considered my options for getting out of bed.

Will's body was way more advanced than mine.

Beside his amazing dark brown straight hair, brown eyes, and gorgeous straight teeth, Will had chest hair. Not too much given that we were both 18 and he'd only started growing it last summer. But just enough to make his pecs much more interesting. The contrast between his chest with a little hair and his stomach with none that rippled with sinewy strength was great to check out from across the room. Will's body was fantastic and clothes just sat on him nicely. Even people that didn't know him would do double takes when he walked through the halls at school. The weird thing for me was that he didn't actually do any exercising in a formal way. He was just naturally built. He did have size 13 feet that always had me thinking. Was there some link between those huge feet and his dick? Hmm.

All right, I admit I was a little bit obsessed with Will. The likelihood of ever getting to hold his hard naked body against mine wasn't too high. But as I had no other prospects, I kept trying. My morning erection was not at full staff, all 8 and one third inches thank you very much. Thinking of Joey and Will mud-wrestling in the nude, I smiled. I licked my hand and gave the tip a few rubs.

Downstairs I heard the doorbell ring. This was weird for a Saturday morning of course, but I figured that Will's mom might be having coffee with some neighbor or something.

The knock on the bedroom door startled me out of my reverie.

Thinking it was Will's mom and happy that my engorged cock was concealed by the covers, I said reluctantly 'Come in. Will's in the...' But it wasn't Will's mom.

The boy who stood in the doorway was take-your-breath-away beautiful. As tall as Will I thought, but a curiously fantastic mix of blond hair and dark eyebrows. He had huge broad shoulders but no real waist to speak of.

'Hi,' he said to me grinning madly. 'I'm Andy.

You must be TJ.' I nodded. He moved forward to shake my hand.

Moving my right hand quickly from the warmth of my dick to shake hands with Andy, I could say nothing other than to hope there was no pre-cum on my fingers that would stick to Andy.

'Will's in the shower,' I said stupidly. 'I didn't know anybody else was coming over,' I added, wondering if this new guy was trying to move in on my turf and had dibs on the bed I was in or something.

'Oh, right,' he said.

It was then I saw his green eyes. Wow. Sort of like a little emerald with a single black blemish right in the center, I thought to myself.

'Um,' I started but then couldn't finish my thought. After his green eyes, my own blue ones settled on his crotch. He was wearing powder blue cords. From the look of them, they'd been worn a lot. Levi corduroys in those days were cut very high at the inseam so not much was left to the imagination. And Andy's cords fit snug and showed that he was indeed a happy boy. This of course made me a happy boy too.

'So....Will asked me to come over this morning so we could talk about the season.'

'The season?'

'Didn't Will mention? He asked me to be the third with you guys moving the down markers for varsity football this year.'

'Um' I said again. 'No, he didn't mention.' It took world-class effort to drag my eyes from his blue cords back up to his green eyes.

'That's cool. I just moved in down the street this month, we're from New York. I started up as a senior at school with you guys.'

I found it hard to believe that I had not noticed Andy around school and the year was already two weeks over.

To his credit, if Andy had noticed my wandering eyes, he gave no indication of it.

'Oh,' I said. 'Do you have a car?' I asked. My need to get driven around might have been even more powerful than my need to get laid.

Andy smiled. A mouth full of still more perfect white teeth. Of course his teeth were perfect. Jeez!

If there had ever been hope of my morning hard-on going away, that was now lost. 'Sure do,' he said. 'The little darlin' is parked right out front. If you boys get your butts moving, we'll take it out, see what she can do,' he taunted, grinning again.

'I still need to shower,' I managed.

'It's cool. Don't let me get in the way. '

'Well, Will's in the shower,' I stammered like an idiot again.

'Yeah, you said. I can hear the water.' What a moron I was being. Perhaps Will could save me by taking this guy downstairs to get a bagel or something so I could get out of bed.

'So where do you live?' Andy asked me.

'Oh, a few miles away, my folks are gone for the weekend so I'm staying over,' I said hoping my possession of Will's extra bed would put an end to any hope this boy had of stealing my place at Will's side.

Andy smiled again. 'I guess you guys out here do that a lot.'

'Do what?' I asked.

'Sleepovers, you goof.' Andy sat down on the bed beside me and slapped me on the chest. 'In New York, I never really stayed over at anybody's house. I think my dad was too worried

I'd have a circle jerk with all my friends or something.'

I'm sure I turned beet red. 'Um.'

Andy must have noticed that I looked like a tomato. He slapped me again on the chest.

'I think I hit a nerve buddy,' he said laughing. In a flash, his hand moved lower from my chest, found my 18-year old erection, and gave it a couple fake pumps. 'Son of a bitch, I knew it!' he said.

I heard the shower turn off.

'Seems like you and Will probably should have had a circle jerk, you're at the top of the flag pole!'

'Um,' I moved my own hand to cover my dick outside the covers. 'What?'

'Hey Will,' Andy called, standing up and arching toward the bathroom down the hall.

Not quite sure if I came or not, I rearranged myself so that Will wouldn't see the outline of my hard-on through the blanket.

'That you Andy?' Will hollered through the door. 'You met TJ I guess?'

'That's right. We were just getting to know each other out here,' he grinned at me with a nod toward my mid-section. With that, Andy walked over and opened the bathroom door and let himself in.

My god, I thought, where does this guy get these balls? New Yorkers?! I can't imagine ever walking in on Will in the shower. And we were best friends! This guy just moves in down the street and in less than five minutes has grabbed hold of my hard cock and has got the view of Will I'd been hoping for since I'd started high school two years ago.

I looked up at the ceiling. This was going to be an interesting new friendship and we had our third guy for the football field markers.

Okay, I sighed.

Reaching into my underwear, another problem was solved. I no longer had a hard-on.

I had definitely come.

Will and Andy were in the bathroom for what seemed like hours, talking like they were old friends. Like they were as close friends!

Like Will and I were supposed to be, best friends in fact!!

Damn! And Will was at most in a towel. Or possibly less. The nerve of Andy to barge into the bathroom while Will was showering and just, well, talk to him!

Why didn't I think of that before? I had still never seen Will completely naked, other than a darkened flash as he zipped out of his boxers and into a swimming suit or something protected by at least half a closet door.

Sleeping over at Will's was always fun for me. Will's room was huge and way cooler than mine with two beds on opposite ends. Best of all, Will had total privacy since his older brother had left for college and he had the whole second floor to himself. His parents slept downstairs and seemed to take Will's privacy seriously. My own parents' room was right next to mine and I couldn't so much as take an extra deep breath lying in bed without them hearing it.

Will and Andy's conversation in the bathroom afforded me an opportunity to get out of bed unseen. Nobody would have to know that I had just majorly spooged my shorts without so much as a yank the moment Andy's hand grabbed my dick through the blanket.

I scrambled out of Will's other bed and put on a different pair of underwear. I had a flash of what it might be like for Will to come out of the bathroom and catch me with the remains of my boner in my boxers. But again, my shyness gene got hold of me and I just prayed I could unzip my little canvas bag and grab my shorts without anyone seeing my what effect Andy's hand outside the blankets had had on my eighteen-year old cock.

I was standing there in my clean boxers and nothing else considering my next move when Will and Andy finally came out of the bathroom.


Okay, pants. I grabbed the jeans I'd had on last night and began tugging them up my runner's legs.

'Hey T.J., you've been working those legs,' Andy commented, pointing a little south of my shorts.

'Um,' I managed unable to explain that I ran my ass off pretty much every day in a vain attempt to make the high school cross country team in my senior year. Perhaps at least one high school letter could be mine before graduation.

'Will says you run,' Andy added. 'That's awesome, how far do you go?'

'Aren't you going to shower?' Will asked, ducking behind the closet door like usual to get dressed.

Now I had 2 questions to answer. Andy's seemed more interesting. 'Um, yes, I mean, about 4 or 5 miles a day.' The truth is I ran a lot more than that usually but I didn't want to make a big deal of it.

'The towels are under the sink like usual,' Will reminded me. I took a secret pride in Will telling me and Andy hearing that the towels were in their usual place. Of course they were under the sink. Where in the world else would they be? I knew where they were. Right where they had been the last 50 times I had slept over, thank you very much. Take that Mr. Sexy New Yorker.

Andy didn't seem to notice Will's comment. 'I'd love to go running with you at school or something,' he said. 'I ran track at my old school in New York. Since I was a freshman.'

Of course he ran track at his old high school.

Probably the 10,000. And when Andy wasn't running track, he probably sat on the bed beside other sexually repressed runners and grabbed their hard weenies through the covers too. New York was one crazy fucking place. 'Um, okay.' I answered, unsure if I remembered the question.

'What about later today?' Andy asked.

I looked over at Will. Will was behind the closet door and didn't even see me somehow asking his permission to go running with Mr. New York. Andy's emerald eyes penetrated me from front to back.

I felt myself get a stirring in the crotch department. 'Um, I've got a bit more reading to do for Monday,' I stammered. Andy began to look sad. Oh, all right. 'But we should be able to get a run in later.' I would probably never keep up with Andy's frenetic east coast track team pace, but well, what the heck, he did have a hot little butt and I could have a great view for a few miles.

Andy's face relaxed when I agreed to the run.

Making another snap decision, I tossed off my jeans and decided to shower after all.

'I'm gonna go ahead and...'

Will answered for the both of them. 'Okay we'll see you downstairs. I'll check on breakfast.

I kicked my jeans over toward the bed I had slept in on the other side of Will's room, grabbed a clean t-shirt out of my bag and walked in the bathroom, closing the door. Did it lock? Hmmm. Did I want it to lock? Um, well, no.

Standing under the hot water in Will's shower, I was torn between my favored role as best friend to the most popular guy in school and some unspoken devotion to this ballsy new guy who thought it was the most normal thing to grab my cock and to go stand in the bathroom while Will toweled off. Andy had courage I would never have. Geez! On the other hand, Andy was also like ungodly hot.

And of course it was already a foregone conclusion that Andy was going to be joining Will and I moving the yardage markers at our high school football games this fall. I might as well make the best of it. A tough job, to be sure, but someone had to do it I sighed.

I soaped my back. At 18, I was in pretty decent shape for a non-athlete that had no high school letters to brag about. My running kept me toned, and my healthy diet kept my abs flat.

I had seen plenty of dudes in the showers at school and I knew my body was just fine. All by myself, I liked the feel of my naked skin. I had no chest hair to speak of, but neither did a lot of the other guys I saw in the locker room.

Will had some. It had started coming in a few months ago and I envied him that. Would be nice to have a little light matting up there, but well I could wait for now. I ran my hands up and down my legs, letting the soap bubbles reduce the friction of my little self-massage.

I bent over to touch my toes, stretching my hamstrings. I stayed down here a while, letting the water bounce off my butt and run between the crease and then drip from my ball sack.

I had shaved my balls yesterday afternoon. I liked how they felt when they were so smooth against my thighs. I heard some of the guys near my locker talking about shaving. Their girlfriends all but insisted on it if they were going to be giving them head. I had gotten nearly completely hard listening to the conversation and had rushed out of there dripping wet to make sure nobody noticed. My own first attempt at shaving my dick and balls had been a bloody mess. Over time though with a little experience and with just the right amount of pressure, I got the technique down and now I did it pretty much every week. I was going to mention it to Will that he should try to shave his pubes, in fact I'm such an expert that I'm just the guy to help you master the procedure, but of course I chickened out.

Standing up, I soaped up my dick and let my hands linger over the softness of my scrotum.

My hands had caused me to get semi-hard again.

Should I jerk off? I folded my arms across my chest and closed my eyes. Technically I was alone but god knows Andy might just burst in on me at any time. He might look inside the shower with those green eyes and laser in on my 8 and one third inches of youthful manhood. The warm steam of the shower was hypnotic and I felt myself take a deep breath. No, I would not whack off to some fantasy about Andy. If I am going to do this in Will's shower, I will only think of Will. Out of respect.

Smiling, I thought about Andy and Will standing in the bathroom together while Will toweled off. Will and I had been close friends since meeting in AP English and he had recently announced to me this whole business that we were going to be yardage marker guys during our Friday night football games. Will was pretty good friends with lots of the team. Actually, he was easily the most popular guy in our entire senior class. Everybody loved Will. But of course he was my friend. And hot or not, Andy was not going to be my new best friend. And Andy was not stealing Will from me the most popular guy in school was going to remain mine.

I let my hands linger on my cock. Soap wasn't exactly the best lubricant for me. But well, it was better than nothing. Jeez my sex drive made me such a pig. I had just shot a load in my boxers after Andy sat on the bed beside me and grabbed my dick. But here I was hard as a rock.

I thought of Will in the towel. He was naturally muscled and didn't work at it at all. He was thin like me but he did pretty much

nothing to achieve the same results that I ran miles each week for. I had only four tiny chest hairs up closer to my neck. They were pale and sort of matched my blonde hair. I had been carefully nurtured the little guys on my upper chest three years now in the vain hope that more would follow. I considered naming them once but thought better of it. Still the big four clung to my otherwise smooth chest, unseen by any humans but myself. In a moment of weakness, I pointed them to out to Will one morning when we were getting changed, but he claims not to have been able to see what I was talking about. I had to punch him in the arm.

I had myself fully erect and pointing upward toward my belly button. All the steel-like length of my raging hard-on straining upward, aching to drop a load on Will's shower.

I was midway through devising an elaborate fantasy about me and Will dumping our prom dates at the side of a road and jumping back into the limo to rip each other's tuxedo off. Lost in the made-up story, I nearly laid an egg when the bathroom door opened and Andy walked in.

'T.J., what are you doing in there buddy?' Andy sang out. 'Spanking it I assume?'

This guy was fucking nuts!

If there was a world record for decreasing the size of a cum-filled 18-year old dick from top mast down to something small, floppy and lifeless, I prayed to achieve it. Unfortunately my dick didn't operate like that and I could only hope for Andy to stay on his side of the curtain while my cock took it's time going down.

'Just finishing up,' I told Andy nervously.

Provocatively. Fully aware that my double entendre would not satisfy him.

'Finishing up what?' Andy asked provocatively.


'That's what I thought,' he said, laughing. 'Well you be good to yourself in there, I don't want you to go blind or something. Will's mom sent me up to find out how you like your eggs.'

How I like my eggs? What was this guy talking about? I ate eggs just like Will's mom cooked them. I had been over on weekend mornings plenty of times and nobody had ever asked about my preference with eggs.

'Um, how about sunny side up?' I said.

'Okay, I'll tell her,' Andy said.

I shut the water off and reached outside the curtain for the towel. I had not come, but I thought I could probably get through the day with just the one orgasm for the morning.

Unfortunately, the towel was where I'd left it.

I peeked outside the curtain. Sure as shit, there was Andy leaning against the sink with a funny grin on his face, holding my towel. Since he was further away than my arm could reach, I would have to get out of the shower to get the towel. My dick was still about three quarters hard.

'Andy, come on, gimme the towel.'

'It's right here pal,' Andy teased.

What the fuck? I swung open the curtain and lunged for the towel.

'Will's gonna be pissed if I get water all over the place,' I lied. Will was about the most easy-going guy on the planet. I could have peed on his bathroom floor and he wouldn't even have mentioned it.

Andy whistled. A high arcing note you usually heard when girls walked by some construction site. 'Boy oh boy, T.J., you got yourself a decent little Johnson there. I bet the girls go crazy over that thing.' He had still not given me the towel.

'Andy, just give it over please,' I pleaded, one hand grabbing for the towel that he was now dangling dramatically on his far side and one hand trying to cover myself.

'No problem,' he said, swinging the towel around my neck and grinning madly.

I started to dry off. Andy just stood there.

'Well?' I asked.

'Well what?'

'Aren't you gonna tell Will's mom that I want sunny side up?'

'Oh yeah, right.'

'It's not totally hard you know. It has a little bit more to go.' I felt the need to say it, but immediately regretted it.

Andy laughed out loud. 'Yeah, I bet,' he said. 'And pull this dick and it plays Jingle Bells.'

I gave him an exasperated look. I turned to face the mirror, hoping that by turning away I could both put an end to the conversation and lean my penis against the cabinet and keep Andy from grabbing it again.

With the full force of his palm, Andy slapped me right in the center of my butt. 'Okay, T.J. I guess you're telling me that the show's over.

I'll see you downstairs.' Closing the door behind him, I caught a flash of Andy's smile as he walked out of the bathroom.

I couldn't believe the morning I was having.

Who the hell is this guy? Is everyone in New York like this?

Ten minutes later, my balls a little blue after Andy's interruption of my shower wank session, I marched innocently into the kitchen. Will and Andy were already eating with Will's parents.

They apologized profusely for having started without me but nobody was real sure when exactly I was coming down.

But, didn't Andy get sent up to check on me? I looked at Andy and he just smiled with all of those straight white teeth.

I eyed the food spread out on the table and felt another jumble in my underwear.

I looked from the table to Will. He looked back with a big grin on his face, suggesting that it was just absolutely awesome to him that he now had two friends to have breakfast with him over at his house.

I looked from the table to Andy. His grin was even bigger. There were no eggs of any kind.

We were having French Toast. I sat down quickly beside Will.

Andy hadn't been sent up to check how I like my eggs. He came upstairs to catch me in the shower. The thought swirled around my head and landed right in my crotch. I could feel myself getting hard. Again.


TJ Tachet

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