After breakfast, Will, Andy, and I took Will's car over to JC Penny to get measured for the uniforms we would need in order to move the yardage markers at the Friday night football games.

The whole thing had been Will's idea, but I had warmed up to it quickly when I recognized that it meant that I would be hanging out for a couple of hours within breathing distance of all the guys on our high school football team.

Will was my best friend going back to 10th grade in AP English. As the most popular kid in our senior class, the guy who won the majority of the class awards when we voted on them as juniors,

Will was a huge life force at our school.

Now, as 18-year old seniors, we were on top of the school. Will was at the absolute apex of the popularity pyramid, and I was his trusted right hand guy. I enjoyed being the best friend of the guy who was most likely to succeed, who had the best personality, and who was considered the best kisser. It definitely raised my own social rank by the simple association.

Andy on the other hand was this new puzzle in me and Will's life. Or for sure in my life.

With Will, everything was no big deal. He probably didn't even realize that Andy had the greenest eyes on the planet, that Andy had run track since he had been a freshman at his old school in New York, or that Andy was courageous enough to just grab my dick innocently the first five minutes after I'd met him.

Andy had just transferred in as a senior from his high school back east. His family had moved in down the block from Will. And as a complete surprise to me, Will had invited Andy to be our third person moving the yardage and first down markers. My own introduction to Andy had been pretty memorable, particularly the memory about his hand grabbing my engorged cock. With Andy around, I had had quite a morning.

I had my usual morning hard-on and hoped he wouldn't notice but he did, even through the blankets on Will's extra bed.

Later while I was in Will's shower totally aroused from the morning's events and with my dick sticking straight up lathered up with soap,

Andy had barged into the bathroom scaring me to death.

He snatched my towel away so that he got a complete view of my erection. All 8 and one third inches of it. Maybe shrunken down just a little bit from the shock of having to display myself to our new 18-year old friend so I could have my towel back.

Then, if all that wasn't enough. When I walked downstairs to breakfast with Will and his parents and Andy, it became clear to me that Andy had not just walked into the bathroom to ask me what kind of eggs I wanted. We were having French Toast after all. Andy had come into the bathroom just to see me in the shower. That realization made me instantly hard, again.

And though I had not, thank god, come in my shorts for the second time this morning when Andy grabbed my thigh under the breakfast table, it had been very close. I quietly ate my French Toast. Will was oblivious to it all.

So sitting shot gun in the front seat of Will's Honda, my weenie had had quite a morning. Now we were going to a fitting for crissakes.

What next? I suppose we were all going to have to share a fitting room!

In the Penny's men's department, the three of us mens tried to find somebody to help us. There was supposed to be a pre-selected uniform for us that we just needed to try on. Once we were sure the uniform was going to work, we left our names and once the school arranged payment we could come back to pick it up. Nobody seemed to be around who knew anything about anything though.

'I guess we'll have to just help ourselves,' Andy said, while Will walked way across the store to try and get somebody who knew what they were doing.

'Yeah, I guess, but no funny business from you Mister,' I smiled. The memory of Andy's hand on my hard dick separated only by the blankets on Will's bed was fresh in my mind.

Pointing at his chest with both hands, Andy gave me a sheepish 'What? Me?' look and turned to examine a rack of belts. I scanned the floor to try and find Will but he was nowhere in sight.

Thwack! My ass exploded in pain.

I turned around startled to see Andy holding a long brown belt and wearing a huge grin.

'Jesus, Andy, what the fuck are you doing? That really hurt,' I moaned.

'Please,' he said, laughing and cocking his right arm with the belt again. 'It can't possibly be the first time you've been whipped with a belt.'

'Well, no, but not in Penny's.' I said with a grin, now trying to shrug it off as no big deal.

The pain was searing into my flesh and seemed like it was radiating all the way from back to front. Putting my arms up to prevent any further attacks, I smiled and walked toward Andy. I grabbed at the belt in his hand and he let it fall and took off down the linoleum floor between departments with me in hot pursuit.

Andy ran at not quite full speed since there were people with shopping bags in the aisles. He was laughing so loud that everybody turned to look.

After he dashed in and out of the sock department and dove behind a big table of ties. I easily caught him and wrestled him to the floor. Once there, I had absolutely no idea what to do with him so I put him in a head lock that he easily wriggled out of. As one, we banged into the sale tie table and a few from the edges fell onto my back. Andy was on his back on the ground and I was on top of him trying to pull his shirt off.

I could see the clean smoothness of his skin on his back and smell the soap he used to wash with. Dial? Zest? As both of us screeched with the giggles, he struggled to try and rip my shirt off as well. Since I remained on top, I used the force of my body to pin one arm, kept tugging on Andy's shirt with the other, and then used my second arm to force his hands to the ground.

Just as I nearly had his shirt up around his neck, his hand got free and grabbed fiercely for the belt loop on the back of my pants. Pulling up as hard as he could, the raw strip of my butt where Andy had struck me with the belt seemed to light on fire again and I yelped.


Andy stopped pulling on my pants and looked at my face. Our eyes were about 6 inches apart, both of us breathing heavily. Jeez! He had the greenest eyes I had ever seen. Locked together, we both froze, simply enjoying the closeness of our faces, our breath merging. Our chests heaved together and I could feel skin on skin near my belly button where we both had raised shirts. We cracked up and I rolled off of him.

The feel of Andy's bare skin against mine was intoxicating and I felt my dick start to swell. I had never been quite so close to anybody like this ever before. I wondered what it would be like to feel all of Andy naked against me.

'Don't let me interrupt, guys.' It was Will. He was standing there with a sales lady from Penny's.

I rolled off of Andy and struggled to my feet. Andy just kept laying on the ground on his back.

'Well bro,' he said, I see you found the little lady who is going to help us get decked out for the football games. Little TJ and I were just passing the time while you went on your search,' he added, with a nod to me now standing up straight. I shoved my hands in my pockets to hide what had now become the humiliating outline of my fully erect cock.

Will looked over at me and smiled. 'I can see that the 3 of us are going to get along great.'

Andy laughed and held out a hand to me to lift him off the floor. I obliged as Will introduced Evelyn who seemed to know what we needed and could help us out.

'I'm afraid that the jumpers you boys need are actually not here in the Men's Department. They are downstairs on the basement level in Tools.'

'Jumpers?' I asked, not really sure what it was.

'Tools?' Will asked.

'What exactly is a jumper, Miss?' Andy directed his question at Evelyn.

Evelyn smiled. It's just a one-piece suit that a lot of workmen wear. It's designed to keep you warm and minimize any bulges or extra folds that might get caught on heavy machinery.'

Subconsciously I grabbed the head of my dick to protect it further. I am certain I blushed.

Andy looked from my crotch to my face and cracked up.

'Bulges or extra folds?!' he laughed.

'Um hmm,' Evelyn responded and pivoted to walk toward the escalator for our trip down to the basement. We followed closely behind her. I kept my hands in my pockets though it was softening a little bit.

Evelyn walked us over to a back corner of the tool department, tucked in behind a huge display of chain saws and table saws that had been patterned into a ghoulishly shaped tree.

'Who's first?' Evelyn asked cheerfully holding up a bright orange jumper.

'Yecch!' Andy said. What is that thing? Is that really 100% polyester?'

'Shouldn't these have failed some fire code or something?' Will added, with a giggle.

'Okay boys. Let's just get this over with.' Evelyn ignored both Andy and Will's comments. 'This one is a large. I'm thinking you should go try this on.' She pointed at Will.

Ever the pleaser, Will took the hideous orange suit from her and complied with the demand.

'Where is a changing room,' Will asked.

'Boys, this is the Tool Department. We don't have a changing room. You can either walk through the store back up to the Men's Department or you can use the janitor closet right over there.' She pointed to a door next to a stack of boxed vacuum cleaners.

'Will smiled. ' I guess it's the janitor's closet' He followed Evelyn to the indicated door and slipped inside. Evelyn walked back to Andy and I with 2 more jumpers in her hand.

'Medium, medium,' she said handing each of us one more off the rack. 'And they're supposed to fit snug. You don't want those extra , you know.'

'Bulges or folds,' both Andy and I said in unison. We laughed again.

'And no more tomfoolery,' she admonished us.

'Tomfoolery?' Andy and I giggled to each other.

While we waited for Will to try on his jumper, the lovely Evelyn walked away to speak to one of her colleagues over by the register and Andy and I found ourselves alone. Yet again.

'I don't imagine these orange popsicle suits are going to cover that dick of yours. Especially if you keep getting a woody like you've had all morning,'

'Gimme a fucking break, dude,' I shot back, embarrassed again by the plain talk. Will never spoke to me like this, so why all of a sudden was Andy doing it. I mean, he was practically a stranger. Not that I didn't want him to of course.

Andy was relentless, ever the New Yorker. 'So you were hard when I walked into Will's room this morning, just lying there in bed in all your glory. You were hard in the shower when I caught you whacking it. You popped another one in the car as we were driving over here. And here we are again, in the tool section of America's favorite department store and there you are again. Does it ever go soft?' Andy pointed at my hands which had subconsciously dove back into my pockets.

'Dude,' I tried to explain.

'Dude nothing,' Andy interrupted. 'you're like a horn dog sex maniac.'

I laughed. 'Hardly. I just can't control it.' I stammered.

'Nothing to explain, bro. It happens to all of us. I mean, my god, we're eighteen. At the peak of our sexual prime. I was starting to pop one myself when you were grinding your pelvis into mine on the floor upstairs.'

'I was not grinding my pelvis into yours,' I protested.

Andy just smiled. Will came out of the janitor's closet with a huge grin on his face.

'Okay gents. Your turn. I don't know if I can ever really wear this in public. But it does fit.'

'What do you mean, it fits?' I asked stupidly.

He looked at me. 'It fits,' he said again. 'Just leave it at that. It's not something that anybody should ever have to wear unless you're going moose hunting or something. It's like incredibly bright orange.'

'Okay, here goes,' Andy said. He walked off to the janitor's closet and closed the door.

Will and I talked about how much abuse we were going to take from the football guys in these outfits. I was still moaning and complaining that it wasn't right when Andy came out with his jumper over his arm and a still bigger smile on his face. The contrast of those green emerald eyes against the neon orange of the polyester was a little distracting.

'That was quick,' I said, a little surprised Andy was already finished.

'Fits,' Andy announced.

'Cool,' Will said. 'I'm going to go check out some shoes while you guys finish up. Evelyn said to meet her back upstairs in the Men's Department when we're done. She has the paperwork up there for us to sign.' Will moved toward the escalators and I went into the janitor's closet, carefully shutting the door behind me. With a little concern, I noticed it had no lock. Ah well, Andy was standing guard.

I stripped off my clothes and stood on the cold stone floor in my shorts. I finally had a chance to examine the welt that Andy had given me when he smacked me with the belt. Looking over my shoulder at my white ass, the view wasn't a great one but there was a red stripe across my buttocks about two inches wide. With a sigh, I rubbed it a little to see if he had broken the skin. When I was pretty sure all was intact and I was not going to be getting blood all over the jumper, I stuck my legs into the holes and wriggled the smooth hot fabric up to my hips.

I wasn't surprised when the door opened and Andy stuck his head in. It had taken him longer than I figured.

'So, how's it going, bro?' he asked. 'Everything working out?'

'Yep. All good,' I answered. I was having trouble tugging the jumper up high enough so that I could get my arms into the holes. Pulling up the legs as high as I could, I gave one final urgent yank and then heard a rip.

I froze and Andy's mouth opened as we both looked at each other.

'Uh oh,' Andy said.

'Uh oh,' I echoed. 'Here, help me pull this up,'

I asked him, handing him one side of the top part to help get over my shoulders.'

'Pretty broad shoulders, dude, I don't know that we're going to make it.'

Breathless, I said, 'We'll make it,' I said, having gotten one arm into the arm hole. 'If I can just get...'

'Maybe you should take off your tighty whities bro, that would give you some extra room.' Andy smiled.

'You'd really like that I think,' I said.

'Well, you know, whatever it takes.'

Since I hadn't zipped up the jumper in front, my dick and balls were piled up inside my shorts higher than usual and getting squeezed by the bottom of the pants. I jerked the unused sleeve away from him to give it a final shot on my own.

'You've done enough for today, thank you very much,' I said. The memory of his hand on my hard dick while I laid back in Will's bed was still fresh in my mind. I pointed to my butt.

'Ooh, yeah, I bet that stings, Did you check it out? Did it bleed or anything?'

'I don't think so,' I said.

'Well, did you get a good look?'

I looked over my shoulder for a not so clear look at my own red butt. 'I don't know, maybe.'

'Dude, we don't want you bleeding all over this brand new beautiful jumper, do we? Let me check it out for you.'

'This is not going to fit,' I announced, ignoring his comment. I took my one arm out of the hole and began to pull it off my legs when I caught site of the tag. 'Well, no wonder, it's a small.'

'Small bro. Worry not little friend. I will go back out and get you a medium while you stand in this janitor's closet in just your Fruit of the Looms.'

'Jockey,' I said. 'They're Jockey.'

He looked down at my crotch 'Jockey? They fit you good.'

'Yep, they're pretty comf,' I added.

'Huh?' he gave my waistband a snap against my lover abdomen.

'Just go get the fucking bigger size already.'

Andy walked out of the janitor's closet and shut the door. I stood there feeling self-conscious and cold.

He was back in a flash.

'Medium,' he announced. 'this time for real.' I turned away and bent over to pick up the jumper and slip my legs into it first. Hey, but let me check out the damage I did to your butt.'

In an instant, he had my Jockey shorts down around my ankles and his hand on my red welt. He whistled. On the opposite side, my cock sprang free.

'Dude, there's some serious damage to your ass here,' he said

'Do I need Bactine? A doctor?' I asked.

'Bactine, yeah, I guess,' Andy responded. 'Doctor? Well maybe, but that will have to wait.' He spread my ass cheeks to more closely inspect my hole.

'What are you doing now?' I asked. Conscious of his warm hands against my smooth, hairless, buttocks, I was wholly unprepared for the sensation of another human being touching my anus.

Andy let his fingers linger there for a moment before declaring this particular part of my anatomy intact.

'Hmm. I think you're good in the sphincter department. In fact, I'd say very, very good.'

I had no response.

I turned around to face him. My dick was yet again on the rise. My ball sack hung low despite the coldness of the room. I had always been proud of that fact.

Andy's green eyes locked with mine. I reached my arms up to his shoulders, my undershorts around my ankles. I started to move my fact closer to his. Andy responded by doing the same, he had still not looked down to check out my equipment.

I felt a very light touch cup the bottom of my balls. The feeling was out of this world. I shuddered and inched my mouth closer to his lips, the full length of my 8 and one third inches of dick magnetically pulling me toward Andy. This guy I had met only 3 or 4 hours ago.

Andy leaned in so that our chests were touching, my raw skin against his shirt, my cock pointed skyward as I pressed it against the buttons of his jeans. I felt his warm breath on my neck as I gripped him more tightly and I felt a further surge in my rock hard dick. A drop of pre-cum pooled at the opening and I began to be aware of Andy's own erectness confined behind the thin cotton of his cords.

I moved my hands around his back, pulling him closer. He smelled like soap.

Andy moved his hands from side to side on my ass. He spread my cheeks and I felt the JC Penney air conditioning on my asshole. More pre-cum oozed from my penis.

A knock on the door startled us. Andy pulled away and helped me pull my Jockeys up, smearing the liquid from the head of my penis onto his forearm. We both smiled.

'Will?' he answered. 'Is that you? TJ needed a bigger size.'

Yup. Indeed I did. Indeed I did.

Later that day, once we got back from the store doing our fitting for the uniforms we would have to wear, Andy and I decided to go for a run.

I had to go home since I hadn't brought any running stuff over to Will's house.

Andy dropped Will at home and we zipped up to my house. My parents were still not home from my dad's business trip up north, so the house was deserted except for the dog.

I filled her water bowl in the kitchen while Andy went to the bathroom to take a leak. Smiling at the situation I found myself in, I listened to my new friend peeing in our downstairs bathroom before I turned the water on. Pretty strong stream. That means big dick, right?

Man! When it rains it pours!

First Joey Collucci in the locker room at school and now this. If my life kept up on the present course, my virginity would be gone by the end of the week! I wasn't quite sure to who yet, but that was not too important.

After I put the dog's water down on the floor, I waited for Andy to come out of the bathroom so that I could take him upstairs to my room. He seemed like he was taking an awfully long time in there. Could he be...?

I left the kitchen and walked over to the bathroom. Andy was nowhere in sight. He had not flushed the toilet, so I did. My parents expected their high school senior son to be able to flush the toilet and this didn't strike me as an unreasonable expectation.


I walked over to the stairs and looked up.

'Where'd you go?'

Starting to climb up, I had butterflies in my stomach. At the top, there was still no sign of Andy.

'Andy? Are you in my room?'

I walked in and there he was, my running shoes spread out on the floor. He was barefoot and peering inside of an old pair.

'What are you, like a size 5?' Andy looked up at me smiling.


He tossed the shoe at me, hitting me just north of my dick.

'These are not nines, dude. They can't be more than a five. Six max!'

I tackled him, knocking him backward onto his back. He held onto another one of my shoes as I wrestled him to a pin.

'They are nines,' I insisted, slightly out of breath from the exertion of pinning him.

Wriggling free, he quickly had me on my back. He grabbed at my crotch.

'This may be a nine, dude. Not the shoes. Perhaps you're just mixed up,' he grinned. His emerald eyes lit up and locked again with mine.

I tried to break free but Andy kept my chest down with one arm and left his hand on my growing crotch. My cock started to grow.

Honestly! How many hard-ons could I get in one day? I had come once this morning while lying in the extra bed in Will's bedroom.

Andy was unlike anybody I'd ever known. More forward. More aggressive. More of a horn dog than anyone I'd ever met before. I might like this.

'It's not nine inches, Andy,' I said. 'Just eight and a third.'

This cracked him up and he let go. He rolled over onto his back and laughed out loud. I sat up on my elbow and looked at him.

He was gorgeous, I'd have to give him that. He had amazing sandy blond hair and surprisingly dark eyebrows. It made an amazing contrast with his green eyes. Andy's teeth were straight and white. As he laughed, his smile lit up the room. His cords strained against what I imagined lied underneath. He had taken off his shoes and socks and had these big sexy feet. I swallowed hard.

When he stopped laughing at my comment, he rolled up onto one elbow and we found our faces three inches apart. Could this be happening? On the floor of my bedroom?

'Eight and one third inches! Are you sure? It couldn't be eight and a quarter or eight and a half?' Andy looked at me, smiling again.

'Nope. Eight and a third,' I explained matter-of-factly. I looked down at my own groin seeking some sort of validation. 'Exactly.'

Andy put his hand on my chin and lifted my face up so that we were even again.

'Could we measure it again just to be absolutely sure?' he asked.

I pretended to be shocked that he didn't believe me.

'You're kidding, right? You think I'd mess up measuring something as important as my own penis?'

'Well, maybe not. But let's be sure.'

In one slick motion, Andy pushed me back down onto my back and reached for the snap of my jeans.

I lay still and let him remove my pants. My cock was growing and straining out the top elastic band. I looked down at his own pants and was sure I saw his own basket increasing in size.

Within seconds, he had my Jockey shorts off and I lay there naked from the waist down.

Andy sat on his bent knees, his bare feet splayed out to the side. He looked at the shaft of my cock. I was totally hard and the tip reached nearly to my belly button. He smiled and shook his head. 'Do you have a ruler?' he asked.

I thought for a moment.

'In the kitchen in the junk drawer I think.'

'Don't move,' he commanded. Andy leaped up onto his feet and darted out of my bedroom. He padded quickly down the stairs. 'Where exactly is the junk drawer?'

I told him.

'Why exactly are we doing this again?' But he probably didn't hear me. I lay back and

relaxed. Andy was back in less than 30 seconds, ruler in hand.

'Okay, here we go,' he said. He plopped down on his knees with his beautiful emerald eyes fixed on my mid-section.

I grabbed the ruler out of his hand. 'I'll do it, thank you very much,' I said.

He objected. 'Dude! You're not measuring your own pecker. You can't possibly get the angle right. That's why you've got me to help. Give me back the ruler.'

I ignored him and lifted up my dick and placed the ruler beside it. There was still more pre-cum on the end so I wiped it off and held my finger up.

'I'll take that,' Andy said. He grabbed my hand and shoved the finger with the pre-cum into his mouth.

I looked him with surprise. Did he just lick my pre-cum? Oh my god! I was stunned!

'And I'll take that as well,' he grabbed the ruler away before I could object.

Taking my cock in one hand, he held it gently and lay the ruler flush against my pubic hair. He gave the end a little tug to straighten out the curve.


'Hah, what?' I said, looking again into the deep green of his eyes.

'It's eight all right. That's pretty impressive. But I'm not getting that extra one third of an inch dude.'


'I only get eight and a quarter. And if I remember my fractions...'

'Let me see that.'

Andy's hand had pre-cum smeared on it again and he went to lick it, but I grabbed his wrist and forced it closer to my own mouth. For the first time ever, I tasted my own juice. Or at least the early version of it.

'Wow,' Andy's face lit up with teeth. 'That's hot.' He didn't even try to take the ruler back.

With fierce determination, I stretched my dick all the way out to eight and a third inches and showed Andy the place on the ruler.

'See? Eight and a third, buddy boy,' I pronounced.

'Okay, I'm impressed, now get your pants back on. We're still going running, and then we're going to tell Will how well hung his little buddy TJ is.'

I gulped and looked at Andy. He stood up.

'You're not really going to tell Will, are you?'

From the carpet of my bedroom, I looked up.

Behind Andy's head on the ceiling was my poster of Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta decked out in black leather from Grease. I smiled up at him.

'You're kidding right? We're gonna measure you next, right?' I asked hopefully.

'Me? No way. We're going running.'

'But...' I protested.

'But nothing. We didn't all the way up here to your house to measure our cocks and waste this beautiful sunshine. We're going running. Then we'll see.'


'TJ! Plenty of time for that later. Now get your pants on, dude.'

I laid there looking up at John Travolta. What would he do in this situation?

My hard-on lay on my lower stomach, sadly neglected. But we had gotten so close... Would I ever have sex with anybody? Ever?

Slowly, I got to my feet. Andy just stood there, his stunning green eyes boring holes through me.

Facing him, my dick finally softened a bit and now pointed straight to the basket between his legs. He noticed and smiled. He bent over and gave the end of my penis a kiss.

Straightening up, his lips were closed. I couldn't tell what he was thinking.

Here I was standing not half a foot from Andy, this incredibly hot guy in my own bedroom. I was naked from the waste down and this hunk had just kissed my dick. My parents weren't home until tomorrow night. We were both of legal age. In New York. Here. What could not be more perfect about the situation? I should throw him onto my bed and strip his clothes off and lose my virginity right here.

But I didn't.

I walked over to my dresser, dug out some running shorts and pulled them up over my thighs. Andy was frozen in place. Watching me. I threw my shirt into the corner of my room and found a fresh tank top to put on. I sat down on the edge of my bed to put on my socks, then my shoes, the ones Andy had been checking out.

'Size nine, right?'

I looked up from doing my laces. What was he doing to me? 'Yup. Size nine. Why?'

'I'm an eleven,' he announced.

I smiled and looked at his bare feet peeking from beneath the bell bottom of the tight blue cords.

'Yes you are Andy, yes you are. Does that mean...?'

He said nothing, just nodded.

We walked downstairs. I locked the door behind us as we got into his car to go to his house to pick up his running gear.



TJ Tachet

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