Sunday morning I slept in.

While sleeping past 7 was not something I did very often, after last night I needed it.

When I finally woke up around 10, I could hear my folks fumbling around downstairs. Needing a reality check, I threw on my robe and walked down, holding the rail.

'Hey sleepy head,' my mom was her usual chipper self, up bright and early every morning.

'Hey,' I said.

'We thought you were dead.'

'Thanks,' I said, smiling.

'Your dad finally went in to check in you about a

half hour ago and you were snoring.'

'I was snoring?'

'Absolutely. I thought I walked into the wrong kid's room,' my dad responded.

'I can't believe I was snoring.'

My dad just chuckled and turned back to the Sunday paper on the table.

'Do we have any coffee?' I asked. I never drank the stuff but it seemed like the right thing to do this morning.

'Coffee? You're going to drink coffee?' my mom looked at me quizzically.

'Mom....' I groaned. 'No more questions please! Just gimme a break, I think I need to try it.'

'What did you boys do last night?' my mom asked, getting me a cup.

'What do you mean?' I asked innocently.

'I mean, are you hung over or something?' my mom asked. My dad looked up from his paper. 'I can't remember you sleeping this late since you were like two or something.'

'I don't think I've done it either,' I said, taking the cup of hot brown liquid. 'Should I put something in it?' I asked.

'How about some milk?'


'You know, white liquidy stuff you usually put on cereal,' my mom laughed.

'Okay, milk.' I poured some in and regarded the cup as if it contained something foul.

'So...?' my mom asked again.

'So what?' I paused and looked around. I had their rapt attention. 'I guess we should have this conversation. But I can't do it right now,' I said, hoping that this would end the discussion until my head was clearer.

'Drink your coffee,' my dad said.

I took a sip and made a face. 'This is disgusting. How do you guys do it every day?'

'You get used to it. Your father used to use a ton of sugar but he takes it black now.'

'Blech. Double disgusting.'

'Well if you need a minute or two to gather yourself, that's fine. But we're having this conversation before you get up out of this chair.'

'Can I shower first? I'm supposed to help Joey with his History right after lunch.' I asked, hoping to be excused.

'No,' my mom said. 'T.J. honey, you're just 18, you live at home. In this house, you play by our rules and you'll tell us what happened.'

I took another big swig of the coffee and felt it burn my throat and chest.

'I need some sugar or something,' I said. I tried to stand up but my mom got up first and went over to get it out of the cabinet for me and added two spoonfuls. I took a big swig and felt my mouth burn, but the sugar made a huge improvement, but I still wasn't crazy about it.

My head was a little clearer however.

My parents were still looking at me.

'So I guess we drank some stuff,' I started. My dad put down his paper.

'What stuff?'

'With who?'

'I don't know, it was some kind of liqueur or cognac or something,' I explained.

'And this was over at Will's house?' my mom wanted to know. 'Where were his parents?'

'No, we were over at Andy's, his parents went away for the weekend.'

'Who's Andy?' my father asked.

'Andy is T.J.'s new friend on the football yardage crew. They just moved here over the summer from New York,' my mother answered for me.

'Oh, New York, that explains the cognac. Very fancy.'

'What's that supposed to mean?'

'I don't know, back east, they drink all kinds of weird stuff. Here, we just drink beer.'

'Oh,' I said with some finality as if all the pieces in the puzzle of my life's last couple of weeks were now coming together.

'So? How much cognac did you drink?' my father wanted to know.

'I don't know. Three.'

'Three what? Three bottles?'

I laughed. 'No. Three glasses.'

It was my mother this time. 'You drank three glasses of cognac?'

'Um, I think so.'

'I'll get you some aspirin.'

My dad sat back in his chair and laughed out loud. My mom got up to get me the pills and I concentrated on the witch's brew of disgusting coffee in my cup. I was beginning to feel remarkably alert.

'Son, I don't really like the idea of you drinking, especially when there are no adults around.'

'What do you mean?' I whined. 'We're all seniors and we're all 18. I'm the youngest.'

He lowered his voice and got serious. 'You know exactly what I mean. Even though you had your 18th birthday, you don't suddenly become responsible. And the drinking age in California is still 21. So while you live at home with your mother and me you will listen to me and do as I say.'

'Yes dad.'

He went back to his paper. Maybe I was off the hook. 'All right then.'

I finished my coffee and screwed my face up to make the taste go away.

'Just don't upset your mother. You know how she worries about you,' he said conspiratorially.

'Okay dad, I know.' With that, my mom walked back in the room with a bottle of aspirin. She filled a glass with water from the sink and brought me two white tablets.


I did as I was told.

'Can I go upstairs now?' I asked.

'Well. Is that all you have to tell us? There's nothing else we need to worry about. Heroin? Wild sex parties?'

I'm sure I blushed bright red but I inhaled a great big breath. I looked at her trying to read her face. What could she possibly know?

'Nope, nothing,' I lied. This was the first time I'd totally lost control and had gotten so fucking stoned out of my mind. The liqueur had merely been a chaser. But somehow alcohol was not going to get me into trouble in the same way I would if they know I'd smoked about 10 bong loads.

'Okay, then, you can go get cleaned up. You smell like a brewery.'

I made a show of sniffing my own underarms, then managed to stand up and head toward the stairs. I giggled to myself as I walked back up to my room. A brewery? I think my mom needed a nose transplant.

In my room, I thought I'd call Joey to check on what time he wanted to get together. I was shaking a little when I picked up the receiver and pushed the buttons on my phone.


'Joey? Hey, it's T.J.'

'Hey, how's it goin?'

I inhaled deeply again trying to calm myself down. Fuck, what this guy did to me! This was worse than the episode just now with my folks!

'Great. Great. I just wanted to check if you still wanted to get together today,' I asked. 'To study..' I added.

'Right, we talked about that, didn't we? How about three?'

'Three? Um, okay, three's great.'

'My place?' Joey asked. Of course his place I thought to myself. There was no way I was going to bring Joey back to my room with my Grease poster on the ceiling. On the other hand, Joey lived in the garage in his parents' house and had the coolest room ever.

'Yep, okay, sounds good,' I said. 'What should I bring?'

'What do you mean?' Joey asked, probably teasing me about whether I really would bring over a History textbook.

I played along.

'I mean, what should I bring? History? Math? English?'

'You got a football?' he asked me. As the starting quarterback for our high school football team, Joey hardly needed me to bring a football over. He probably had about 50 of them. Our original deal had been that I would tutor him in History and he would teach me football. Then without warning, Joey had changed the deal and I was supposed to tutor him in History and give him a massage and he would teach me football. It had gotten slightly more unfair from my standpoint, but I was willing to give of myself. After all, he was the quarterback.

I had to think about that one. 'I might have one from when I was like twelve. You can't possibly really need a football.'

'No, I've got plenty,' he laughed. I just wanted to make good on our bargain.'

'Oh. The bargain to teach me football?'

'Um hmm, that one. After all, you help me with all these classes, you rub my back. I think it's time for a little payback,' he said with a funny tone in his voice.

'Okay, payback it is. I'll dig around in the garage and see what I can find. See you at three,' I said.

'Cool. See you at three.'

I smiled to myself. He was totally playing with my head. There was no fucking way I was going to let him take me outside and teach me to play football. If it was my choice, there was no fucking way I was going to let him wear clothes. I could massage his hot body for hours. Screw History.

I showered and tried to get myself to some semblance of normal. I was definitely moving a little more slowly than usual. The coffee was doing something weird to me but it was more of a good weird than a bad one.

At 2:30 on the dot, I kissed my mom, threw on my backpack with some books inside (just in case) and hopped on my bike to ride over to Joey's. I had found the football but decided not to bring it. It was red, and I was not going to bring a red football over to the home of the starting varsity quarterback.

I arrived a little early and decided to take a lap around the block so that Joey wouldn't think me too anxious. Which I was, naturally.

At 3:01 I knocked on Joey's garage door. It opened very quickly and Joey stood there in a towel. He smiled when I turned red.

'Hi, T.J. how was the ride?'


'Do you want to come in?'

'Um, sure, I guess. The ride was fine. Fine.'

I sucked in another breath and tried to compose myself. The site of this 18-year old stud standing in front of me in a towel was a shocking but happy surprise.

'I just got out of the shower,' he explained as he noticed me looking stupidly at his towel.

'Right. What happened to your uniform, you said you'd be wearing it.'

'This is it pal. Where's yours?'

'Joey,' I giggled. 'I didn't think you were serious about me wearing that ridiculous orange jumper. Friday nights are enough for me to look so stupid, don't you agree?'

I put my backpack down on his dresser and turned around to face him. He was totally gorgeous of course and I could feel my pants get just a little bit tighter. Joey's wet brown hair hung loosely in wavy ringlets over his ears and onto his shoulders. His eyes studied me and he grinned with incredible white teeth. He had a fine, dark layer of hair on his muscular chest that I wanted to grab immediately. His towel bulged a few inches south of his waist.

'Well, we could do some math, I suppose,'

He raised an eyebrow. 'Math?'

'Or we could do History?' I asked, not sure what to say to this man. Ever.

'No, math is fine. If you really want to...'

'Well, it's not like I need to do math if you have some better idea.'

'Like what?' He was teasing me and my brain was still a little foggy from last night. I was in no state to deal with this very well.

My attraction to Joey had grown like crazy after our one night together following the first football game of the season.

'Like I don't know. Fuck, Joey. What are you fucking doing to me?' Unable to stand, I sat down on the floor right where I had been standing.

He smiled and bent from the waist. His hands cupped the back of my head and he kissed me wetly on the lips. I closed my eyes and breathed in the scent and taste of him. My dick surged to its full eight and one third inches and I had to move my hand to adjust it against my zipper.

Keeping my eyes closed, I let myself fall backward and bonked the back of my head on a knob of his dresser. The magic of the moment broken, we both laughed.

'Tell you what, horn dog, let's go for a run.'

I looked up at him smiling. 'For a run? With my hard-on like it is?'

'Umm,' he said, turning away and whipping his towel off of his waist. He flung it on the bed and walked into his bathroom.

'I didn't bring anything to run in,' I yelled after him.

He came out of the bathroom in a white tank top with a blue #11 on it (his jersey number) and a pair of shorts. He was still barefoot and I found myself suddenly very attracted to his feet.

'Hmm. That could be a problem,' he teased. 'You could run naked.'

'Yes, wouldn't that be a sight? The varsity quarterback running around decked out in hot running gear jogging alongside a naked boy with an erection.'

'What do you mean, running alongside?' he asked me, flipping some brightly colored clothes from his dresser to me. 'You actually think you could keep up with me?'

I inspected the shorts and t-shirt he had tossed to me. Unconsciously I brought them to my face to sniff.

'Well, you have a point,' I said. 'My boner would definitely slow me down.'

He laughed and I got up to put on his clothes.

The idea of a run with Joey Collucci was probably exactly what I needed in my post-marijuana haze.

'Well, maybe we should take care of your boner now, before we run.' He stood before me and grabbed my crotch.

'Maybe we shou...' I was unable to finish my sentence as his mouth covered mine and his tongue found the back of my throat.

'Wow, you taste great,' Joey said, coming up for air after a minute or so of some serious exploration of my teeth.

'Mmm. You too,' I said. He released his grip on my dick and slid my jeans off.

'I don't know,' Joey taunted me. 'I'm not sure you're going to fit into my little tiny running shorts.'

'Please, my dick is only like half the size of yours,' I said.

He laughed and slid my underwear off. He moved his mouth to the tip of my cock and licked off a tiny drop of pre-cum.


He paid no attention.

'Joey, if you want to go for a run, we'll never get out there if you keep doing that.'

He swallowed the whole shaft and my body shuddered.


'Okay, okay, I'm just getting it a little wet.'

'And driving me frigging nuts, too. Knock it off,' I warned him. Finally, his mouth released my penis and it bounced free. The cool air of the room felt nice on it, Joey's saliva had been my own personal air conditioner.

I looked down at his bare feet. Like the rest of him, they were perfect. For an athlete, he took pretty good care of himself, even down there.

'I don't have any shoes.'

Joey finished getting me dressed. He very softly tugged the shirt of my head and pulled his bright orange running shorts onto my legs. When the waistband of the shorts crossed my groin, he let it go and it snapped against the underside of my very hard cock. I looked up at his eyes and cracked up.

What is about orange lately?

'You see,' he said. 'It doesn't fit. What are we going to do?'

'We're going to count to ten and you're not going to touch it. And it will go down.'

Joey chuckled. 'How about if we count to eight and a third?'

I slugged him in the arm. 'Don't even talk about it,' I said.

Joey turned his head away and closed his eyes.

He counted aloud. When he got to eight I told him to keep going. He opened his eyes and looked over at me but I gave him a face that said he'd better listen to me or else. He smiled and closed his eyes again. I tucked my wiener into Joey's orange shorts and put my hands in front of my crotch to protect it. While Joey finished counting, I took the opportunity to study him more closely. He certainly was amazing. It might be impossible, but he almost looked even more incredible standing in front of me wearing shorts and a tank top than he had in a towel! He opened his eyes and caught me mentally stripping him. As I appraised Joey for like the 10,000th time, he took his own stock of me. In truth, I was pretty much a regular guy. Scrawny by football standards certainly, I was thin since I had been running forever. My face was pretty normal. Some girls seemed to like me and said I was cute, but I was certainly no Joey. I had a grand total of three chest hairs now; one that had been around last month had sadly disappeared. My legs and butt were probably my best parts due to the cross country team. When I compared myself to most guys I saw naked in the locker room, I'd say I stood up pretty well.

What Joey saw in me was a bit of a mystery to me though.

'So, did it work? Are you soft?' he asked, flattening the palm of his hand very softly on the top of the bulge in his shorts.

I moved my hips away from him.

'Come on Joey, cut it out. If you even breathe on it, you know it'll get hard again,' I warned.

He laughed and turned away. 'So, what are we going to do about shoes? Hmm. You wear a 9 right?'

'Yeah, what are you? Bigger right?'



'So let's go for a barefoot run on the grass around the track at school,' Joey suggested.

'Barefoot? Except for maybe the beach, I've never done that.'

'It'll be fun. I have a key to the gym and we can shower there after,' Joey said.

I gave him a look.

'What? They give me a key so I can work out in the weight room whenever I want.'

'Of course you have a key to our high school gym,' I said.

I gave him another look, this one to reassure him that it was okay that he was the most popular fucking guy in school. Of course I understood the coaches would trust him with a key.

It was a warm day for early fall, so we rode our bikes to school without any shoes. It felt strange, but I thought that if Joey could do it, I should probably just go with it. We parked our bikes by the entrance to the gym, grabbed a quick drink and then jogged down to the track. If we stayed on the grass just outside of the track, we could get a good run in without killing our feet.

I was a little worried I'd step on something so I ran pretty gingerly at first. In a few minutes, it felt great. Free. Natural, like this was the way I was supposed to be running. Joey was in great shape, but he was not as fast as I was so I slowed my pace so he wouldn't look bad.

'Come on, dude, don't go easy on me. Give me all you've got,' Joey said, panting.

I picked up my pace a little but still stayed below my usual clip. We both fell into stride together. After about 10 laps, I took off my shirt and threw it onto the track and Joey whistled. There was something just incredibly sexy about running without shoes.

'Be careful T.J.,' he said. 'I might have to just tackle you right here.'

'You'd have to catch me first,' I teased, and sprinted to the turn, leaving Joey in the dust.

The next lap Joey flipped his shirt onto the ground right near mine. I turned my head a few times to check him out shirtless and barefoot.

When I felt the familiar stirring in my crotch, I thought better of it and stopped looking back.

After 4 miles, I was really hitting my stride. Joey kept up no problem, but I thought I shouldn't wear the poor boy out. I slowed down and picked up my shirt on the track. After all, he was probably going to have a huge practice as usual on Monday. It was my duty to my high school not to leave our starting quarterback in no shape to lead our team.

When Joey reached me, he was pretty winded. 'Why are we stopping?'

'Because I'm beat,' I lied. 'I had a late night last night with Will and Andy.'

'Okay, cool,' he said, bending over and resting his hands on his thighs.

We both slung our shirts over our shoulders, pulling the corners down with both hands and then walked slowly back up to the gym. My feet were very green on the bottoms and were aching. I was glad for the warmth of the pavement against the soles of my feet as we left the running track.

Joey wiggled a key out from the tiny pocket in his shorts and he opened the door so we could go inside and take a shower. I thought that it would be only seconds until I would rip his shorts off of him. I hoped he was thinking the same.

He was.

We stood in front of the team lockers, our lips locked together, our hands exploring each other.

I had never spent a whole lot of time over in this section of the locker room. It was reserved for varsity teams like basketball or football and the lockers were huge. Since he was really the premier student athlete in our school, Joey's locker was in pretty much the best spot, tucked around a corner with just a few others. If you wanted privacy in a big open place like gym, this was probably your only chance. Today we had the entire building to ourselves.

Joey was drenched in sweat. My mouth found his ears, his neck. The taste of him was salty and I took some slow licks. He reacted with a shudder and got goose bumps. Giggling, he pushed my face to the side with his strong shoulders and swallowed my entire left ear. His tongue pushed its way into places I'd never had touched. I laughed aloud and tried to force him away but he held firm, his amazing hands drawing me closer to him.

'Take my shorts off,' he commanded. I looked into his eyes. He was staring at me with an intensity I had seen in him just one other time.

Did he mean the shorts he was wearing or the ones I was?

'Um,' I started. 'Do you mean...?'

Frustrated with my inaction, his hands moved to my hips and neatly slid the orange shorts down my legs, my dick swinging free. For perhaps the first time in weeks, I was not fully hard. He and I both looked at my soft cock with amusement.

'What's that all about?' Joey asked.

'I'm sure it won't be long,' I answered.

'I'm sure it will,' he laughed. 'I've seen it.'

He dropped to his knees and took my limp penis between his lips. Instead of gulfing down the whole thing, he lingered on the end and used both his tongue and his teeth to get me going.

I tilted my head back and looked at the ceiling of the gym. Holy shit! My dick was being sucked by the quarterback of our high school team. Who could have guessed this?

In the microsecond of my distraction, my cock responded and filled Joey's mouth. He opened wider and found the base with his lips. Fuck!

'That's more like it,' Joey said, looking up at me and smiling. His hands took over while his tongue took a break for air. 'There's my T.J., all eight and one third!'

Unconsciously I grabbed his hair and pushed him back onto my cock. His hands grabbed my butt and dug into my cheeks, spreading me just enough for the cool air inside the gym to hit my asshole with electricity. Slowly he kneaded me from behind and hooverized my dick in front. I closed my eyes to enjoy the moment. I moved my hips back and forth with the rhythm of his sucking and heard myself moaning aloud. I was on the brink of exploding into his mouth.

'Joey,' I said, looking down.


'Joey, I'm not going to last long like this. I could cum any moment.'

In an instant he stood up and kissed me. As he pressed his body against me, my dick pointed straight up and I could feel his hardness through his shorts. The ones he was wearing this time.

'Take off my shorts,' he said again, leaving no doubt what he wanted.

I did. He was fully erect and I sat down awkwardly on the locker room bench behind me, pulling him forward as he flipped the shorts off of his dirty feet and onto the gym floor. He was bigger than I remembered him from after that first football game. Thick. The head was topped by an ice-cream cone like knob and covered with his pre-cum. I imitated what Joey had done to me and licked and nibbled lightly on the end. He let out a moan that was way louder than I expected in the emptiness of the room.

Comfortable sitting naked on the hard bench, I used every part of my mouth and both hands to fully explore Joey's entire cock. His balls jiggled in their sack as my pace up and down the length of the shaft increased. I got into a groove and was really enjoying sucking him. This was pretty fucking cool!

'T.J., your mouth is fantastic,' Joey said, holding the back of my head with both hands.

I tried to speak while my lips kept him inside me but it came out garbled.

'What?' he asked.

I took a breath and replaced my mouth with my hands.

'You're pretty fantastic yourself,' I said stupidly.

He nodded his head, urging me to stand up, pulling me up under the arms. I resisted and went back to sucking on the tip while continuing to jerk him with my hands.

'Come on, little guy, let's go take a shower.' He tugged me up harder this time and I was no match for his biceps. 'I've got something more for us,' he added.

'We need towels,' I said. He looked over at me amused.

'Towels? I'm in the middle of getting a great blow job and you want to get a towel to wrap around you. You're embarrassed?'

'No,' I laughed. 'I just thought we'd need towels to dry off afterward.'

'Sorry amigo, the towel boy no work on Sundays. I'll dry you off,' Joey said with a Spanish accent.

He grabbed a couple bottles out of his locker and we walked to the showers as if in 3-legged race, trying to kiss and hold each other's dicks along the way. Joey stopped at one point to bend over and suck me. I leaned back against a locker and banged my head on the combination lock with a thud.

'Ooh, I'm sorry,' he said, grabbing my head and rubbing the back.

'Yow,' I said. He kissed me and pressed against me again. I forgot about my head.

Under the warm water of the shower, Joey washed me with soap from the dispenser, taking special care to rub under my legs between my nuts and my ass. Involuntarily I bent over and grabbed my toes, giving him better access.

'That was easy,' he giggled.

I ignored him and pushed my chest against my thighs, feeling the painfully good stretch in my hamstrings and the curious sensation of Joey's fingers touching my virgin butthole.

Oh my god, am I going to get fucked today?

He moved his body to stand directly behind me and flopped his thick cock between my ass cheeks. His hands spread my cheeks wider and his feet curved around mine. I stayed in the stretch, never wanting this moment to go away.

Slowly and gently, he pulled me up from the waist and turned me around to face him. I got dizzy as I stood up but found my bearings in his mouth. I pushed Joey's head into mine with my hands and he pushed my pelvis toward him with his. We stood under the shower like this forever, kissing. He whispered in my ear.

'Fuck me.'

I looked at him quizzically.

'Now? Fuck you? I thought we were going to fuck me?'

He smiled. 'No, tomorrow, when the gym is full of people. Yes, now, of course. You are fucking me,' he said softly.

He reached down to the floor and picked up a bottle I hadn't noticed him bring. He turned off the shower water. Pushing me lightly away, he rubbed some kind of lubricant on my cock with one hand and then behind him on his own ass. Applied by somebody's hands other than my own, the lube felt great on my dick.

'You want me to fuck you?' I asked again. 'I thought you were going to fuck me.'

'In time, little one. In time. Let's do this first,' Joey said. 'Mine's not really a starter dick, it's kind've thick,' he pointed out.

'Um, yeah,' I said.

He bent over and looked closely at my hard dick.

It stood up straight as he rubbed a little more lube from the bottle all the way up and down. I barely noticed him edge his own ass around so that he was half-bent at the waist and facing away from me. With one hand on my hip, his other hand moved my cock toward his hole. I grabbed onto his lats. It went in surprisingly easily. As my dick disappeared inside the butthole of the varsity quarterback I closed my eyes again, finding another moment I never wanted to end.

Our bodies moved back and forth in synch as I thrust back and forth against his ass. Joey was moaning louder than before and I suddenly remembered his cock too, I'd gotten lost in the motion of thrusting in and out of him.

I grabbed it with one of my hands and his sounds increased. Joey uncurled his waist and stood up with his back still to me. He turned his neck and we tried to kiss but he was too tall and I could only lick his neck. The sweat was gone and the taste was only Joey this time.

I pushed him back over and moved my hands to his hips. I fucked him harder and Joey yelled. 'Oh god, yeah. Yeah'

After we were spent in this position, Joey slowly slid off of me and turned his body to kiss me again. He grabbed the lube and handed it to me. I looked at the bottle and thought that now, I would finally be fucked. I flipped open the top and poured some into my hand. As I began to move my arm toward my ass, he grabbed it and shoved my hand onto his cock. It was rock hard and the lube made it easier to slide around. I lubed up my other hand as I kept kissing Joey and put both onto him. I found I could barely get around the girth of his cock with my hands but the two could sit on top of each other and move up and down.

Joey's hips writhed around as I stroked his cock and we had trouble keeping our mouths together.

'Fuck me again, T.J.'

He eased us both to the tile floor of the shower and lay on his back. I lay heavily onto him, and all four of our greased up hands moved across our bodies making our skin slippery. Joey grabbed the bottle again and poured the lube directly onto his cock, then his balls. His hand found my dick and reapplied more. In an instant I was inside of him and we kissed. I grabbed his dick and increased the intensity of my fucking. I rubbed his dick harder and Joey seemed to be loving it.

'Oh god, fuck me T.J. Harder. Harder.'

I looked down at his thick cock and moved my hips in synch with my hand.

'You like that big dick, don't you?' I shouted.

Joey burst out laughing. A moment later, I did too. We stopped fucking as we both laughed uncontrollably. I rolled off of him and lay beside him on the floor. We both were hysterical. The passion of the moment had been broken by my ridiculous attempt at trash talking during sex.

'Yeah, I like that big dick,' he said, looking over at me and we hooted again. Joey doubled over and turned away. I tried to stop laughing but couldn't.

'Joey, I'm sorry, I know. That was stupid.'

But he was too far gone. I leaned over to look at his face.

'That big fat dick,' he said. And we busted out again. After a few minutes, we took some deep breaths and were finally able to control ourselves. I spooned him like he had done with me on his bed last week. I was still pretty hard, but he had lost his hard on.

'Stick it in me,' he said.


'Stick it in me,' he repeated. I did as I was told. I made love to Joey from behind for another few minutes, both of us on our sides up on one elbow. I found that we could kiss pretty well in this position and took full advantage to enjoy his mouth. A couple times I grabbed at his cock and tugged on it but he stayed soft.

'Come on, do it T.J., do it.'

'You want me to come,' I asked.

'Come, T.J. Do it. Fuck me.'

I sped up my hips. In a few more thrusts, I was over the top.

'Joey, I'm gonna come.'

'Go, T.J., go. Come in me.'

I did. I exploded inside his ass. Joey reached back and grabbed my head to kiss me and stifle my screaming. He kissed me with a new higher passion we never had before.

And then it was done. He rolled onto his back and pulled me up onto him with one arm.

I was amazed at his strength. My skinny body was completely enveloped by his stronger, more muscular one. As I cooled off, I could feel him getting hard again and I reached down and stroked his cock. Rubbing some of the lube from my

chest onto my hands, I held the base of Joey's thick hard-on and stroked the upper part of the shaft with the other.

In surprisingly little time, Joey's hips started to buck. 'Oh god, T.J. oh god!' He shot a huge load of come into the air. It landed sloppily on his chest and stomach and kissed him hungrily on the mouth when it was through.

He turned his head and was silent.

I sat up cross-legged and placed both hands on his chest. My hard-on had not gone away and he was back to a pretty huge semi-hardness in a few minutes. His dick rested sideways toward his hip. Soft, it still was pretty imposing.

'Finally,' I said.

He just looked up and smiled.

'So are you gonna tell me why you chose number 11 for your jersey,' I asked.

'No,' he said.

'Come on, I think I know anyway,' I pleaded.

'No you don't,' he said. Joey sat up cross-legged and faced me. He kissed me lightly on the nose.

'If I guess it, will you tell me?'

'Hmm. Well, maybe.'

'Does it have anything to do with the length?'

'Hardly,' he laughed. 'I'm not eleven inches, dodo.'

'Well it certainly seems like it.'

'T.J., you've never been with another guy before. How the hell do you know what an eleven

inch wiener is like?'

'Well, I don't, it's just that... Well, it seems like you're pretty fucking gigantic,' I said.

'I'm thick, but I'm no longer than yours.'

'No, no,' I protested. 'You're way bigger than mine. I'm just eight and a third.'

'Yes, I know. You keep telling me,' he laughed and kissed me on the mouth.

I thought for a moment. If it wasn't the length of his dick, I really had no idea where the 11 came from.

'Come on, let's go back to my house,' Joey said.

'We're going to put back on our dirty running clothes?'

'Yep. Do you have a better idea?'

'We could just stay here and wait for somebody to bring us some clothes tomorrow.'

We both cracked up. He held my cheek in his hands and guided me to my feet. We washed off the lube under the warm water of the shower and kissed gently without any tongue.

We both stripped the water off of our bodies with our hands. I felt myself getting another boner watching Joey rub himself violently like this. Then we ran back to Joey's locker. He slapped my ass when we got there and then we got locked into another embrace.

'We've got to get dressed before we freeze to death,' I said.

Joey nodded and put the orange shorts I had been wearing on himself. He handed me the sweatier ones he had run in and I slipped them up my legs and covered myself. They were cold. Our nipples stood erect and I felt every thread of fabric from Joey's shirt as he slipped it over my head and onto my chest. Once we were both dressed in each other's running stuff, he closed his locker and we headed back out to jump on our bikes for what was going to be a pretty chilly ride home. We were both still barefoot of course.

Following him through the aisles of the gym as he held my hand, I was cold on the outside but I don't think I had ever felt so warm inside. Joey must have sensed that I was feeling a little emotional. He turned around and socked me in the center of the chest lightly. I grabbed one of his ass cheeks and he laughed. I did too.


TJ Tachet


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