The rest of the week was mercifully uneventful.

I didn't see anybody naked. Nobody saw me naked. I didn't anybody's asshole during a massage, in fact, I didn't even given anybody a massage. To sum it up, it was just a normal week at school for a terribly under-sexed 18-year old senior. Me.

Until Friday night.

Friday night was the first game of the season for our football team. I wouldn't have missed it.

Will, Andy and I were going to get our first experience moving the chains along the sidelines. Will and I did the yardage markers and Andy took the first down marker. I'd say we made a pretty ridiculous looking trio in our orange jumpers from JC Penny. For added insult, we wore black and white striped vests over the top. There was absolutely no way that we could mistaken for a football player.

In the first half of the game, our team got behind 21-10. My new buddy Joey Collucci'the varsity quarterback'was not having a great game throwing the ball. Most of our yardage had come from running, as had the lone touchdown. If this trend kept up, we were going to end the night 0 and 1, no wins, one loss. Ugh.

While Will and I marched up and down the field with both sides of the first down marker, Andy had the ball placement marker and would stick the pole in the ground at the same spot as my pole when the situation called for it. This allowed for a little jockeying in position as the 2 of us tried to stand in the same place a few times, and while our eyes met or we smiled at one another, we didn't say much.

What could I say to Andy anyhow? So, you've seen my dick hard and measured it with a ruler'when do I get to see yours and do the same? you do this with all of your new friends? It was probably a conversation not had on the sidelines of our Friday night high school football game while the players stood just feet away.

Toward the end of the second quarter as the clock wound down, we had the ball and had put together a little drive of sorts.

Joey dropped back to pass on third down and the crowd grew silent. He seemed like he stood in the pocket forever but all the downfield receivers were covered. When the defensive line finally broke through, they chased Joey across the field so he decided to run for it. Tucking the ball in, he scrambled over the line of scrimmage and tried to get the first down.

Will and Andy and I all shouted like maniacs, the stands behind us roared. If we could go into the locker room at half time after a touchdown and down by only 4 points, we had a chance in the second half.

While Joey struggled to get enough yardage to extend the drive, he didn't see a linebacker racing toward him full speed from his blind side. The defender hit Joey with so much velocity that he was knocked flat. The ball flew out of Joey's hands and his helmet came off. We all watched helplessly as Joey hit the turf with a horrible thud, his neck twisting.

While the ball Joey had coughed up rolled harmlessly out of bounds, our 18-year old stud quarterback with the dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and perfect chiseled body lay on the ground not moving. A collective groan of sympathy erupted from the crowd on both sides of the stadium. I screamed, surprising myself and probably Will and Andy at the sound that came out of my mouth.

The coaching staff ran onto the field toward Joey. I dropped the marker I'd been holding and sprinted along with them. He was out cold.

Standing over my friend, unable to see his face, at first I thought he might be dead.

'Give him some room.'

'Let's get a medic out here.'

'Joey, Joey, talk to me?'

'Joey, you still with us?'

Straining to get closer, I watched his chest rise and fall. Thank god. He was still breathing.

Once that was settled, the team doctor started barking orders to anybody who would listen. They put something near his nose and after a few seconds Joey coughed and then slowly sat up.

The first eyes he met were mine. He smiled.

'I'm all right,' he said.

The coaches all exhaled. I let myself take a breath too. I smiled back at Joey.

Two of the other players helped Joey get to his feet and the crowd in the stands roared the loudest they had all night. There were whistles and cat calls for our quarterback as he made it over to the sidelines. We had to turn the ball over to the other team and we would go into the locker room down by 11 points, but at least Joey Collucci was all right. He went to the bench to sit down.

I resumed my post moving the yardage marker as we neared the end of the quarter. I was so concerned about Joey that I couldn't really think about what I was doing and I just let Will at the other end of the chain drag me where I needed to be.

When time ran out on the first half, I just kept holding my yard marker pole on the sideline while I watched the players run off the field to the gym for half time. Somebody put a big dirty hand on my shoulder. I was in a bit of a daze that I didn't immediately realize it was Joey.

'You okay?' he asked.

'Am I okay? What the fuck, dude? Are you okay?'

'Yeah, I'll make it. Just got my bell rung.'

'Man. You sure did. I was like totally freaked.' I responded, a little more nervously than I should have.

Joey laughed and took his hand off my shoulder.

'Yeah, you and everyone else. I'll be fine.'

'Nothing's broken?' I asked stupidly.

'Nope. But I will sure need a massage after the game.'


'A massage. You know, like you gave me earlier in the week.'

'Um. Sure. I guess. Don't you have like cheerleaders to fuck or something after the game? Teammates to get high with?'

'Not tonight. No cheerleaders. No marijuana.

Coach told us before the game that he wants us all in bed early tonight so we can have another practice tomorrow.'

This news was very puzzling to me. I made a snap decision not to argue.

'So you want a massage?'

'Sure do. It'll help me sleep.'

'Okay then. I wouldn't be a very good member of the senior class if I denied our quarterback what he needs,' I said this as selflessly as I could.

Joey patted me on the butt and then jogged off to catch up to the team. 'Flag pole in front of school, 15 minutes after the game,' he advised me. He looked back and I nodded.

Flag pole. 15 minutes after the game. Wow.

Will and Andy had noticed the conversation with Joey. Will asked me what he'd said.

'He said he's all right,' I responded.

'Joey Collucci came up to you just as the half ended to tell you that he's all right?' Andy asked, incredulous.


'You guys are friends?' Will asked innocently. Will was so secure with his own very high social standing in our school that he had no issue with me having a new friend. If Joey Collucci was the biggest stud athlete that anybody would want to be friends with, then my best friend Will was at least a close second. Will wasn't an athlete like Joey, but he didn't need to be. Everyone liked Will. But I was Will's best friend. And I loved that.

'Well, we've only known each other for a week or so. I helped him with a History paper this week.'

Will and Andy both cracked up.

'Typical,' Andy said.

'He's not a bad guy, just, you know, needs a little help with some class stuff,' I said.

Andy just looked at me and smiled.

'Hey, let's go get something to drink, I'm parched,' Will suggested. So the three of us very orange yard marker guys walked toward the concessions to grab a coke.

After the game, which we lost 35-13, I came up with an excuse to not help Will and Andy pack up the stuff and take it all the way back to the gym. Instead, I ran to a bathroom to change out of my orange jumper and into my street clothes.

The flag pole in front of campus was as quiet as the field had been noisy. I sat down against the cold steel and waited for Joey.

After about 10 minutes, 9 of which were spent worrying that he was going to stand me up, a car I didn't know pulled up to the curb in front of school. Joey quickly hopped out of the passenger side.

'Hey, T.J., where's your bike?' Joey shouted.

'It's at home. I got a ride. Where's your car?' I responded.

'I got a ride too.'

Joey tilted the front seat up and I climbed into the back seat.

'T.J., this is Shawn, Shawn, T.J.,' Joey said, referring to the huge black man sitting in the driver's seat. 'My center,' Joey explained.

'Hi,' I said, nodding acknowledgement. 'Where we going?'

'To my house like I told you,' Joey answered. 'Shawn's not just my center, he's my man! We hang out together a lot. I spend far too many hours with my hands buried in this big black dude's ass. We usually share a ride to games so we can keep an eye on each other.' The two varsity starters shared a smile. Still more fucking perfect teeth!

'Hey,' Shawn said. His voice was a little higher than I expected it to be for his size.

'So, how'd you like the game?' Joey asked me as he closed his door and buckled up.

'Um, well, we lost. That sort of sucks. But never mind the game, bud, how's your head?'

'Hurts. You can't let the other team see that while you're playing. Even though we couldn't pull it out, I'm happy the way the guys played.'

'You took quite a wallop,' I said, ignoring his comment about the game.

Shawn replied for Joey. 'Yeah, he sure did. Our star QB Joey's head is a lot harder than you'd think. His hands are soft, but his head, that's another story,' he said smiling. He and Joey exchanged a look in the front seat and Joey slapped his friend's thigh playfully. The double entendre was not lost on me. I didn't know what to say so I said nothing.

We drove for a minute in relative quiet, listening to Shawn's radio. I thought about Joey Collucci's soft hands. What places I might like to put them. My own skinny butt might be a good start.

Shawn broke the silence. 'So, T.J., Joey says you give a wicked massage.'

'Wicked? I don't know about that. I've never given one before this week,' I said.

'C'mon dude, it was great, there's no way those hands of yours are virgin,' Joey looked over his shoulder and gave my hands a nod.

Did he have to use the term 'virgin?' My lack of sexual experience was a well-known fact inside my own head, but I didn't think I'd mentioned it to anybody else.

'Beginner's luck,' I protested. 'Besides, you were a great, first specimen to work on.'

Both of them in the front seat laughed. Why did I say that?

'Well, if you've got any extra time after you're finished up with the first string varsity prince here, think of me and my sore muscles over on the practice field. I'll be the one towering over all the other offensive linemen.' Shawn slapped Joey back on his thigh, but I couldn't help but notice that the hand stayed there longer than Joey's had.

Jesus H'.!

'I don't know,' I said, 'Joey lets me tutor him in History as well. Can you offer that kind of deal?'

'Hell yeah. I can do better than just suck info from your brain. You can have some from mine! I can offer you free lessons in chemistry. I was the highest grade in all of Hooper's classes last year, as a junior.' Chemistry! Yech! I hated that class.

'You took chemistry as a junior?' I was really surprised. I was a senior and really struggling.

'Yup, aced it. If you need help, seriously, we could see about kind of an exchange program. I had a vision of all of my free afternoons filling up. All I had to do was rub lotion on the senior quarterback and the senior center of the varsity team each day. Well, it sounds like a helluva tough job, but I guess somebody has to do it.

'Well, I could use a little help. I've got like a low A so far, but I'd like it to be a solid one,' I said.

'That's music to my ears, T.J., I'm your man. Low A is not too bad for that class.'

'Well then, I'm your man for a massage I guess. If you can stand my virgin hands.'

'Not so virgin after tonight bro,' Joey interrupted from the passenger seat. 'And whoa, whoa, whoa, I see my turf being invaded a little bit here. He's my discovery Shawn! I don't want poor T.J. to get all worn out working over your sorry ass,' Joey cracked up as he said this, and we all laughed.

'Sorry ass? May I remind you how much more cut I am than you are.' Shawn said.

'Yeah, yeah, yeah. So your abs are a little defined, hero. I still start on Friday nights, buddy boy. And I still reach between your legs before every play. Not the other way around.'

'Them's fighting words, Joey. You just be thankful I like bending over in front of you all day long. Otherwise it'd for sure be the other way around,' Shawn laughed to himself.

'We'll see about that.'

'You just be thankful I don't mention to little T.J. here about that time at summer camp.'

Little T.J.?

At 5'10', though I was on the slim side, I had rarely been called little. For my age, 18, I was right where I should be I thought. Of course, up against Joey who was like 200 pounds or so of solid muscle and a few inches taller than me, plus his ginormous friend doing the driving, maybe I was a bit smaller.

To save Shawn the trouble of embarrassing him, Joey fessed up immediately.

'What Shawn here is talking about,' Joey turned around to face me.

In the darkness, Joey's dark features were barely visible, only highlighted with the headlights of a passing car. The whites of his eyes, contrasted with the dark brown centers looked right at me.

Half of me was going to tell Joey that I didn't require any kind of explanation of what happened at summer camp, but the other half was certainly intrigued and I just looked at my gorgeous new friend with my mouth open a little. I hoped Joey hadn't seen the bulge in my pants. Again!

Joey continued. 'We were having brutal 3-a-day practice sessions, the coaches were really sticking it to us. We were so worn out we could barely stand at the end of the day,' Joey smiled. 'Shawn here whips his practice uniform off and jumps up on the bench in the locker room, dangling his Johnson for all to see, yelling and screaming about the black Greek god that he is becoming.'

'It's the truth, T.J., my body is a temple to be worshipped,' Shawn added helpfully.

'So after watching this stupid display of naked macho-ness, me and the rest of my entire offensive line take off our clothes and join Shawn in a dance on the bench,' Joey said, laughing.

'Only thing was,' Shawn interrupted, whoever built that bench hadn't intended it for the likes of Green and Koslowski. When those big lards got their fat asses up there, the whole thing cracked and we all fell into a heap on the floor.'

'Yeah, and Shawn here wound up with his balls up near my chin and his dick practically in my mouth.'

'Practically in your mouth?!'

'Of course, it was like a foot long, so it was practically in everybody's mouth,'

They both laughed and I busted up too. Maybe I should let Joey teach me the game and I should try out for football after all. Skinny and clueless, at least I'd get to hang out with this behemoths in the locker room. Nude.

'Practically in your mouth?!' Shawn repeated. 'That big fella' was in your mouth, Joey. How else would I have practically come as we all unpiled ourselves?'

They laughed again.

'Well, all we know was that my face was a little wet. So my theory is that Shawn's little bench dance was a big turn-on for him and he spewed a little when we all fell. Unfortunately, my face has never the same.'

'I didn't spew nothing on your face, motherfucker, I can't come when I'm soft,' Shawn protested.

'Soft? There's no way that cock of yours was soft when it touched my face. It was way too big for that.'

'Yeah, welcome to the curse of the black man, varsity QB. Something I just have to live with. What I want to know is how do we explain my abs being wet when I got up off the floor?'

'I have no idea, maybe Warner licked them or something. After all, they are fucking hot, hot hot.' Shawn laughed louder than before.

'You are a real piece of work, Shawn,' Joey said. The conversation, mercifully for me, came to an end.

I needed a shower. A cold one, and fast.

Shawn dropped us off at Joey's house, and I shoved my hands into my pockets to hide my erection.

'Take it easy ,' I said to Shawn as I stepped around to the driver-side window. 'We can hook up after practice a couple days a week if I don't have to study. I'd really appreciate the chemistry help.'

'Sounds good, I could really use the muscle relaxation,' Shawn said. 'Don't worry, you won't be disappointed.'

I won't be disappointed? What the fuck? Was he talking about helping me with chemistry or me rubbing his incredible athletic body?

Joey's room was actually the garage. It had belonged to his older brother but went to him after his brother went to college. We went in through the back door and he flipped on a few lights.

'My folks, I'm sure, are already asleep. They always split right after the game cause my dad's usually got to get up early on Saturdays. Make yourself comfortable,' he said, 'I'm gonna take a quick shower to clean up. I'm pretty disgusting probably.'

I looked him up and down in his football uniform as he stepped out the room. Not in my book, dude. You are definitely not disgusting. In fact, maybe the opposite, whatever that is.

Not quite sure what to do with myself while Joey showered, I stood in the center of his room and looked slowly around. There were the usual football trophies up on top of his bookshelf. And on his bookshelf. And standing up on the floor in front of his bookshelf. There were in fact no books on Joey's bookshelf. Fucking jocks.

'Hey, T.J.' It was Joey calling to me from the shower. Uh oh, here we go.

'Hey, what?' I said half opening the door to the bathroom.

'So did you want to take a shower bro?'


'Come on. You ran up and down the field for three hours. You're probably a little rank like me too, right?'

I sniffed my underarm. Nothing. It smelled like my deodorant.

'Well,' I started.

'There's an extra towel on the rack I don't think I used.'

I suppose a shower couldn't hurt. At least my hard-on from before had gone down. I went into the bathroom and grabbed Joey's extra towel and kicked off my shoes while Joey whistled some song I'd never heard before. I took off my clothes and carefully tied the towel around my waist. And I waited.

After standing in the bathroom listening to Joey whistle behind waiting for him to finish up, I was starting to feel a little silly just standing there in a towel. I don't know which part of my body had more butterflies, my stomach or my cock.

Can a penis have butterflies?

'So Joey, are you gonna save me any hot water?'

'What, oh, you're back. Sure, there's plenty of hot water. Hop on in here, I'm pretty much done.'

'Are you coming out?'

'No, not yet, I figured we could start the massage under the water. My back could use a scrub.'

'You want me to come in to the shower with you?'

Down below, I could feel my weiner start it's familiar slow rumble.

'Hurry up, there's not like an endless supply of the hot.'

I pulled back the curtain and Joey stood there facing me under the stream. His arms were folded across his perfect chest. His dark hair was pushed straight back. He smiled. He kept smiling while I looked at him from head to toe.

'So'' he said. 'Get in already, it's cold out there.'

I did as instructed, tossing my towel on the floor.

Joey turned around and dunked himself under the water one more time while I closed the curtain.

I had finally seen it. Joey's dick was fat. It looked Italian.

His balls hung low and formed a nice comfy Italian pillow for the cock to rest between. He had a nice red circle near the end of his penis.

And surprise, surprise, he had no pubic hair. Totally gone. What was that all about?

'So, like did you shave your dick?' I asked, knowing what a stupid question it was.

'Yeah. I like it that way. Feels better.'

'Here, use this,' he said, changing the subject.

He handed me a well-worn wash cloth with some funny looking soap tucked inside. Scared to even breathe, I rubbed the quarterback's back while he let the water flow over his head. The fine spray hit me in the face and forced me to squint. Joey let out a few little moans just like he did the day I rubbed his back on my bedroom floor with my mom's lotion.

'Okay, but, I think that'll do it,' he said. He turned around and saw me squinting. 'All yours,' he pointed over to his shoulder to the shower. I slipped carefully past him trying my hardest not to brush my growing dick across his ass.

Standing under the water, I felt Joey's hands on my back. He was rubbing my back with the wash cloth just like I had done. I couldn't believe this was happening. Here I was, skinny horn dog senior class teacher's pet brainiac taking a shower after the first game of the season with the 18 year old varsity quarterback of the football team scrubbing my back. My dick hardened to it's full eight and a third inches. If I had turned around, I would have poked Joey with it. I decided to stay put, facing away from him.

My thinking was interrupted by a voice outside of the bathroom.

'Joey? T.J.?'

'Shit,' Joey whispered loudly. He stopped moving his hands, letting them linger on my little runner's butt. 'It's Shawn!'

All the blood in my head left in one big swoosh. I felt light-headed.

Joey slid open the curtain and picked up the towel I had thrown on the floor. 'Right out buddy,' Joey shouted. I stayed safely behind under the water, my dick pointing stupidly to the bathroom ceiling.

Joey closed the door and walked out in my towel, dripping wet.

I nearly passed out from all the blood that had moved from my body to my cock. Oh my god, what next?!

After like 10 minutes standing in Joey Collucci's shower waiting for my hard-on to go down, I thought it would never happen and I might have to go out into Joey's bedroom with a hard-on. In front of the varsity quarterback and his trusty center.

But, at last, while trying to think about all of the cheerleaders naked, I finally managed to get it to soften. I turned the water off.

Opening the shower curtain, my towel was gone.

Joey must have grabbed it when he rushed out to find out what Shawn wanted. There was another one on the rack. Probably Joey's original one.

Did I dare use it? What the fuck?

The towel on the rack smelled like Joey. When I had given him a massage a few days ago after school in my bedroom, he lay there quietly while my senses had the chance to absorb every ounce of him. His flowing dark hark that curled above his neck. His smooth, muscular back. His firm white ass. His hairy legs. His big, soft feet. All the while I breathed deeply and memorized the scent. This towel had touched every last inch of him. I draped it over my face and imagined I was being smothered with a very thin and wet Joey.

When I opened the bathroom door, Joey was laying on his back on the bed in a towel, the light from the bedside table was on but there was a shadow on his face and I couldn't tell if he was asleep. There was no sign of Shawn.

He raised his head off the pillow when I entered the room. 'That was close, eh buddy?'

'Close? What was he doing here?'

'Shawn found my playbook in his car and just wanted to make sure I had it before practice tomorrow.'

'He found your playbook?' I asked, my head not really registering.

'You know, the book with all the plays,' Joey said. He smiled at me and sat up on the edge of the bed. 'Hey, that's my towel,' he added, pointing to my waist.

'And that's my towel,' I said, nodding to the drape around his waist. 'And I'd like it back, please.' I smiled. Jody did too.

He stood up and untied it. He handed it to me and stood naked in front of me.

'Here you go,' he said.

I took it, not sure what to do next so I draped it around my neck and took in the sight of Joey in all his glory standing beside his bed. The fine matting of dark chest hair stood out just a tiny bit and made his chest seem a little smaller than it had been in the shower. He had shaved off all his pubes and his thick dick looked like a baseball bat.

That's funny, the varsity quarterback has a baseball bat for a cock. What do the guys on the baseball team have?

'Come here.' Joey pulled the two ends of the towel toward him and our bodies smacked into each other.

Just two 18-year old guys touching the fronts of their naked bodies together after the Friday night game. No big deal, this happens all the time right?

It's just that one of them was the hunkosaurus quarterback who everyone in the stands wanted to fuck. Or at least make out with. And the other one was this English and History whiz kid virgin who worked the yardage markers at the big game while he lustily stared at the butts of the varsity teams scrambling around on the field in front of him. Yep. Probably every Friday night all over America. At a high school near you.

I felt Joey's manhood swell. My towel fell off as mine did too. Manhood? Well, hell yeah, we were both 18 after all.

He pulled me onto his bed and I landed awkwardly on his chest, my dick flopping wildly against his thigh. Joey pushed me off of him. I tried to roll onto my back but his strong arms grabbed my shoulders and flipped me onto my stomach.

I giggled. 'What are you doing?' I asked him, trying to wriggle free from under his weight. 'I'm supposed to be giving you a massage,' I protested.

'Just stay still, little guy,' Joey told me. 'Relax.'

In no position to argue, I did as I was told.

I had never had a massage. Joey's hands were a lot bigger than mine and in just a few sweeps he could cover my entire back and butt too. He dripped some kind of cool liquid onto my back from a small bottle on the table. The feeling was amazing. I just tried to breathe in and out and enjoy it.

Joey seemed to be doing his best to make sure I did.

'Okay, flip over T.J.'


'Just do it, I know what's going on down there. I've got one too.'

By knowing 'what's going on down there,' he meant my dick of course. I stole a glance at Joey's mid-section as I shifted from my stomach to my back.

Holy shit! I would never eat anything but Italian sausage again!

I closed my eyes and stared up at the ceiling of Joey's garage/bedroom. It was unfinished and had kind of a non-homey construction feel to it.

Joey Collucci had a hard-on, starting QB, History student. And it looked awful big to me. Scary even.

Not that I'd seen any before beside my own. I sat quietly thinking exactly what I wanted to do with it while Joey rubbed his huge strong hands over my legs. As he gradually worked his way up from my feet to my thighs, it seemed inevitable that he would finally touch my dick. But he didn't. He somehow managed to skirt his hands around the sides along my hips. It just sat there. Hard as a rock. This was my cock at it's longest and hardest. Eight and one third inches of solid virgin steel. I smiled at the thought.

Joey moved his hands to my stomach and let his fingertips tickle the pubic hair peeking out on either side of my erect penis. I giggled again.

'So I do get to return the favor, right?' I asked, opening my eyes.

'Shh,' Joey said softly.

When he was finished with my chest, every part of my body felt great. I lay there quietly wishing the moment would never end, but at the same time, wishing we could move on to Step 3 or Step 4 or whatever was coming next.

After a prolonged silence, Joey lay his entire weight on top of me. I exhaled and looked up at his face, now just inches above mine. His dark brown wavy locks framed his gorgeous brown eyes.

He looked very serious. He closed his eyes and I suppressed the need to talk again.

Joey moved his lips ever closer to mine. I could feel his thick Italian cock pushed heavily into my own, his floppy Roman balls soft against the upper part of my leg. Joey held himself up with one arm and cupped the other hand behind my head. He drew me up and our mouths met. My mind wandered to the Statue of David, someplace in Italy.

I closed my eyes and we kissed. It was all I could do not to come right then and there.

Letting our tongues explore each other, we rolled to the side and began moving our hands up and down. Across the back. On the neck. Over the ears. Between the soft strands of still-damp hair.

Man! This was what I had been waiting for. That whole virgin thing is way over-rated! I never wanted to be a virgin again.

In time, after our lips had had their fill of the other, we shifted and his dick found my mouth. My own hard cock found his. I could barely get the thing in my mouth at first. But by angling myself a certain way, I figured it out and began to enjoy the sensation of somebody's penis inside me for the first time.

'Hold it, T.J.,' Joey cautioned, placing one hand on my shoulder to slow my motion, 'I'm pretty close.'

I came up for air. 'You're close? How could that be? I have no idea what I'm doing.'

'Trust me, you're doing great.'

'Thanks,' I said.

'Sure. And T.J., I have to tell you, that first time in the shower room, when you kind of got hard when I first saw you'.'

'Yeah? I remember that. I was freaked out that you'd see I was so turned on.'

'Nothing to be freaked out, buddy. I loved seeing your dick like that. Completely turned me on too.'


'Absolutely. I went home and jerked off that night just thinking about it.'

'No way!'

'Yeah way. And T.J., you've got a hot cock. I dig how you can't control it and you always seem to have a boner.'

I turned red, but Joey couldn't see in the dark light of his room. He knows?

Then I laughed lightly. 'Yeah, well, that's gonna get me in trouble one of these days.' Joey went back to my dick, stroking the shaft from top to bottom with one hand as he moved his lips from the top to mid-way down the length.

With my cock on one side of his mouth, he said, 'No trouble with me.'

I timidly went back to licking the sides of Joey's fat cock. There was a little glistening pre-cum on the end and I dabbed at it with my tongue. Joey let out a moan as I did. After a minute or so more, I had become so engrossed in trying to imitate on Joey's dick what he did with mine that I missed my own orgasm coming.

'Uh oh,' I said, 'I think I'm there.' Joey increased the intensity of his hand and took even more of my shaft into his mouth. I tried to pull away so as not to come in his mouth, but Joey held my shoulder down with his free hand. When I exploded into Joey's throat, I screamed and flexed my hips forward at the same time. My body and legs practically levitated off the bed as

Joey sucked down every drop of my sperm.

'Fuck!' I said.

Joey had no intention of letting up until there was nothing left. He moaned aloud just like when I had been rubbing his back, his body in rhythm with my own continued convulsions.

'Fuck, fuck, fuck!' I said.

Finally he stopped and moved his mouth up off of my penis. He left his hand about mid-way down the shaft and looked over at me smiling. I kissed the tip of his dick.

'Fuck,' I said again. He burst out laughing.

'Don't tell me that was your first blow-job from a guy,' Joey looked at me with a funny look of doubt on his face.

'Um. My first blow job from a guy? How about my first blow job ever? Fuck.' I paused to catch my breath and he released the strangle-hold on my cock and sat upright.

'Really? Your first one ever!? Are you kidding me? A dick like yours should not go to waste. Your dick needs to be sucked all the time! It's amazing!'

'My dick? What about your dick? It's so fucking thick, it's just'' I searched for the words.

'It's just what?'

'It's just, I don't know, it's very Italian,' I said stupidly.

He looked at me as if he had no idea what I was taling about.

'Fuck!' I said again in explanation.

We both collapsed onto the bed laughing.

Both of us lay there quietly looking on our backs. Our heads turned toward each other and our eyes locked. I had not removed my own fist from Joey's huge hard-on. Despite coming, my dick was still as hard as ever.

'So is that why you chose the number 11 for your jersey?' I asked him, my hand moving up and down his cock.

Joey laughed again.

'You think my dick's eleven inches?'

'Well, isn't it?'

'Actually I chose that number because both #4 and #5 were already taken,' Joey explained.

'Yeah, right, I said, 'gimme a break. May be four or five inches if you start measuring somewhere in the middle.' I said, holding my hand up close to the tip.

'The truth is, I don't really know how long it is, I never measured it.'

'No way. Really?'


'I thought everybody did that.'

Joey slowly put his fingers to my lips. I was being a little too chatty. Joey's fingers were moist.

'Taste that?' He moved his index finger inside to the tip of my tongue.

I nodded.

'That's you, little guy. That's what I've been wanting to taste these past couple weeks. What do you think?'

'Salty,' I pronounced. 'And your hand smells like bleach.'

He smiled and moved his hand away. He rubbed his fingers in the pre-cum at the tip of his own cock and brought them to his face. He sniffed. 'Yep, mine too,' he smiled. I repeated the motion and sniffed my own fingers, then put my fingers to his lips.

'Mmm, salty,' Joey said, tasting his own juice.

I rolled over and kissed him on the mouth, sharing saliva, sharing my cum. When I came up for air, his eyes were open and he was looking at me with a face I hadn't seen before.

'Hey, thanks for the help with my paper,' Joey said, referring to the History term paper that I had pretty much written for him. 'You got me an 'A'.'


After another moment of quiet, I rolled over to my side and started up again stroking his dick of steel.

'It's your turn, I think.'

Joey pulled my hand away and sat up. He flipped off the light on his bedside table and lay down beside me. His stomach to my back, his strong arms around my ribs, our legs interlocking. I could feel his erection between my legs, his hot breath on my neck.

'Need to sleep, early practice,' he said. He pulled a sheet and blanket over the top of us both and his taut muscles all seemed to relax as one.

'Mmm,' was all I managed. We both nodded off.


TJ Tachet

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