We stayed in the shower for what felt like hours we were both setting down and he was holding me.

"Anthony, I looked up and he looked down staring at me with his inviting dark brown eyes

"yes" he said as he was playing with my wet hair

"why were you so quiet today when I introduced you to Adam?"

He sighed "I don't know why?"

"cause you had an attitude like you didn't want to meet him"

"well maybe I didn't" he was starting to get defensive so I took it down a notch

"were you jealous?" I asked

"what! no I wasn't jealous" which was a typical guy answer

"ok" I said trying to change the subject " just don't worry about him baby"

I said kissing him playfully

"maybe you should try to get to know him, you'd probably become friends" I suggested

"whatever, can we talk about something else now.

Anthony had to go home shortly after we got out of the shower. That's when i realized I had been spending so much time with him that I hated being alone I didn't really know what to do with myself I turned on the TV nothing was on so I switched it off and just laid down on my bed.

My phone started buzzing I picked it up without seeing who it was


"oh hey Adam what's up" I said

"nothing just bored out of my mind, what do you guys do around here for fun?"

I laughed, "There's not that much, do you want to hang out?" I asked

"yeah sure that sounds cool"

"text me your address and I pick you up"

"ok see you in a little bit"


I text him where I lived and within five minutes he was at my doorstep, we decided to go catch a movie we got into his car and drove to the theater

"so tell me about you" I said wanting to get to know him

"ok you ask questions and ill answer"

"where were you born?"


"why did you move here"

"dad's job transferred"

"any brothers, sisters"

"nope just me"

"what was your last job"

"I used to mow lawns?"

"oh really do you still my dad's been looking for someone to do ours?"

"yeah? Ill talk to him about that"

"when was your last relationship?"

"wow you ask a lot of questions"

I smiled "sorry you don't have to answer it"

"uhh last year"

"how did it end"

"she cheated on me"

"oh im sorry about that"

"its ok It was a while ago"

"are you looking"

"just for a friend" he said

He looked at me with the same smirk as the day I met him.

We got to the theater and looked at the movie selections

"we should go see a thriller"

"are you kidding me I hate scary movies"

"come on its just a movie ill be with you"

"fine but it I get scared I'm grabbing on to you"

We went into the movie just as it started, there were a few other people in the theater but they were all at the bottom so we decided to go to the very top and get our seats.

The movie was about a killer in a sorority and frat house killing everyone. We watched as a girl was trying to get away and everything was quiet till the killer jumped out and all you heard was the shrill of the dumb ass blonde with huge tits, I jumped and gasped then Adam started laughing at me I hit him in the side with my elbow

"hey don't laugh at me" I said whispering

He was still laughing his ass off "im sorry that was hilarious you were so scared"

"I told you I hate these movies"

I knew Adam was straight but I reached for his hand and he gave it to me. Nothing had to be said he just looked at me and I knew I was ok.

When we left the movie it was dark outside with only a few cars left in the parking lot.

"well what do you want to do now"

"I think I should get home, we have school tomorrow"

He agreed and we drove back, when we made it to my house he leaned over and pecked his lips against mine I was a little taken back but it was nice "no what was I thinking I have a boyfriends I opened his car door and got out

"I had a really nice time, thanks for taking me"

"me too, and thanks for getting me out of the house, I'll see you tomorrow Nate"

I shut the door and walked up to my house smiling but confused.



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