I woke up early Monday morning to get ready for school I checked my phone as I always did when I woke up there were 5 text, 7 missed calls, and 2 voicemails all from Anthony I read them to myself:

text #1: nate why did you leave in a hurry


text #2: hey are you ok


text #3: I called you three times please pick up


text #4: nate are you mad at me if you are I'm sorry, let's talk please call me


text #5: ok well I guess this isn't working so I'll just talk to you at school.

I read the last text 'oh shit I'm going to have to see him today at school' I thought to myself well thankfully I didn't have him in any classes and there was no practice today.

When the bell rang I started walking to my first period which was French II. I was close to the class when I saw Anthony leaning against the row of lockers next to the class I know I was mad at him but he looked really cute in his letterman jacket. I turned around and seriously thought about walking away and just ditching first period but I would have to deal with him sooner or later.

Once he caught a glimpse of me he ran over.

'Hey Nate'

I didn't reply

'Ok so you're mad at me, can we at least talk?'

'I'm going to French'

'What about after'

I didn't answer and just walked straight into class.

I had a feeling he would be outside waiting for me to walk out of class but I was surprisingly wrong. So I made my way to second period when I saw him by the door again 'son of a' I didn't finish my thought, this time I went up to him

'how do you know all of my classes' I asked pissed off

' I went to the office and got a print out of your schedule'

Are they allowed to give my schedule to anyone I thought

'I don't want to talk to you'


Before he could finish I interrupted

' leave me alone'

'look Nate Im really sorry but I need to talk to you'

'he grabbed my hand I looked around to see if anyone noticed but everyone was in class already

'please just meet me tonight at my house after school if you don't come I'll never bother you ever again'

The rest of the day went by fast; I decided I would go by Anthony's place just to see what he had to say, I mean it really wasn't that big of a deal anyway, it wasn't like him and I were together. So I walked from school straight to his house I knocked and he opened it like he had been waiting right there for me.

'expecting someone' I asked in a smart ass tone

'yeah I'm glad you could make it'

'so what do you want?'

'to talk'

'so talk' I knew I was acting like a little bitch

'can we go to my room'

I fallowed him up to his room and we both sat on the edge of the bed.

'so look If I hurt you or upset you in any way I'm sorry I didn't mean to'

'how are you going to kiss me on the cheek and then tell me you really like me and then lay on top of a girl and make out at a party you invited me to, that makes you look like a dick'

'your right I shouldn't of done that I'm sorry, I do stupid things when I get drunk , but our clothes were all on as you could see and nothing happened'

'Oh really Why not?'

I looked down and noticed he was fidgeting a lot with his hands

'because I'm not into her in that way, I'm into someone else'

'oh really who?'

A smile came across his face and he didn't answer

'let's go do something, want to go down to the falls?' he changed the subject fast

'uhh sure aren't your parents coming home today'

'Yeah but not till late tonight, come on' he said pulling me up

It was about a 10 minute drive to the waterfalls. When we got there he laid a Blanket down right on the edge of the water for us to sit on.

'I think we should go in' Anthony said looking at the water

'what we didn't bring a change of clothes or towels'

'well I don't know about you but I'm going in naked'

He stood up and lifted his shirt exposing his huge biceps and perfectly chiseled abs with a thin line of hair running down into his shorts then he unbuttoned and slid down his shorts showing his muscular hairy legs. I started to get excited because I knew his boxer briefs would be the next to go he started sliding them down slowly then down all the way to the middle of his perfect butt, then all of a sudden he ran and jumped in the water. he was just teasing me with them.

'come on in the waters fine' he yelled

'no it's ok I'll stay here' 'dry' I added

'Nate get your ass in here'

'or what'

'or I'll come and get you'

'I'd like to see you try'

And with that he got out and ran I tried to get away from him but I was too late he had me in his arms carrying me to the water

'wait no I have my phone stop'

'better throw it now before I throw you in'

I tossed it onto the blanket while he started swinging me

'Anthony I swear if you throw me in their'

I couldn't finish my sentence because he let go and I was in the water. I came up for a breath and he jumped back in.

'let's go swim under the waterfall he said' we both swam out to were the water came beating down on our bodies

'isn't this cool?'

'he asked But before I could answer he was face to face with me, he grabbed my face and turned my chin and gave me the most passionate kiss on the lips. I think my heart melted, at that moment nothing else mattered.

'what was that for' i asked

'i don't know it just felt right'

We both smiled and just kept staring at each other. We swam back to the shore and got out we were both dripping wet, the water droplets rolling off of his tanned skin was turning me on

he dried his body off with the blanket and put his shirt on

'what am I supposed to do I have no clothes. He came over to me and reached for the bottom of my shirt I lifted my arms up to allow him to take it off then he pulled his off and handed it to me.

'are you sure' I said taking it

'yeah you look hot wearing my clothes anyway' he said smiling.

We packed everything up and got in the truck, it was so hot seeing him driving shirtless I could tell his nipples were erect and I wanted to lean over and suck on them.

' well that was fun' I said breaking the silence

'yeah we'll have to do it again sometime' he said grabbing my hand

I loved holding his hand it was warm and strong and gave me a sense of security.

It made me feel calm but at the same time I was screaming inside because I couldn't believe what had happened.

We got back into town and he turned down my street, I wasn't ready to let go of him yet.

'want me to walk you?' he asked like a gentlemen

'no it's ok thanks though, I'll give you your shirt back tomorrow at school

'no I want you to keep it'

'really ok' I said with a smile

He kissed me on the cheek but I turned back and kissed him on the lips

He smiled 'you're getting brave, I'll call you later ok'



I wasn't all sure if it was real, if that whole day just happened or if it was just a dream.

Later that night I laid in bed on the computer when it started ringing a video chat request with Anthony Christian popped up I accepted the call and Anthony popped up on the screen shirtless

We were both in dim lighting.

'hey' he started

'hey' I said in a whisper

'why are you whispering'

'it's 10:30 people are sleeping'

'oh ok' he lowered his voice

'what are you doing' I asked

'just layin here chillin I'm so fucking horny' he said

I began smiling


Then something popped up at the bottom of the screen i could tell it was a cock head, his cock head

'Anthony is that your' I stopped there

'Yeah' he answered in a sexy, low voice

'sorry I'll move it'

I wish he didn't because I was starting to get hard myself.

He did move it but his right arm kept moving so I knew he was jacking it. He just kept smiling

Then I started smiling to

'I guess you know what im doing right' he said laughing


'wanna join' he asked

'yeah but not over the computer'

'well you should spend the night this weekend'

'I think I might'

'good it will be fun' he said

'oh really? What would we do?'

He started to tell me when there was a knock at my door, which ended our conversation.



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