The next morning I met up with one of my best friends Eric

"so I haven't talked to you in a while I'm sure Lauren has been filling you in on what's been happening" I said to my friend

"oh you mean about you secretly dating the schools star athlete, yeah she might have mentioned it" we both laughed

"now that your with him you won't have any time for me and Lauren"

"that's not true you know I love you guys, so I'll see you later" I said walking away because I spotted Anthony

"hey" Anthony said walking up to me

"hi, how was the rest of your night"

"it was good sorry I didn't call you I feel asleep I guess you wear me out" he said in a low voice I smiled

"how was yours" he asked

"it was good I actually went to a movie"

"oh with Eric and Lauren?"

"no with Adam"

His gorgeous smile turned into a frown

"why with him" he said catty

"you know what I'll talk to you later"

He said before he turned around and walked away

"what the hell Anthony" I yelled but he kept walking.

The day had gone by slow I went to open my locker and a note fell out it read:

Meet me at the café I'll be waiting at table 6 ~Anthony~

I sighed and crumbled up the note and threw it away.

I knew the cafe was in walking distance but I didn't know whether or not to meet him I decided what the hell. When I got there he was at the table spinning his straw around in his glass

I walked up and sat down in the seat a little annoyed with him.

"here I got you a soda he said sliding it across the table"

"thanks" I took it and glanced out the window obviously we came here to just sit

The waitress came by

"hi can I get you two something"

"can you give us a couple more minutes" I asked her

"so are we just going to sit here and not speak?"

"why did you go out with adam"

"anthony where friends that's it, I told you don't worry about him"

"im not worried about him I don't give a shit about him, I'm worried about you"

"well stop, we just saw a movie, nothing happened" my voice was getting louder

It was silent again

"look if where not going to talk im leaving"

"wait next Friday is our month anniversary"

"you remembered?" I asked shocked

"of course, I want it to be special ill pick you up at 7:30 wear something nice."

"ok" I shook my head and agreed

"I love you anthony"

"I love you too nate, and I don't want to lose you"

After we left the restaurant he dropped me off at my house I could not wait till our big date.

A whole week went by fast as I was anticipating our anniversary I didn't see Anthony hardly that whole week so we spent a lot of time talking on the phone late at night. When Friday rolled around I rushed home and waited for 7:30 I started getting ready about 6:50 showered got all cleaned up I decided to go with a casual slash formal look wearing a gray button up shirt with a black tie when Anthony came to the door he was the most handsome and sexy man I had ever seen in my life he was wearing a black button down shirt that was a little tight on him and his biceps were about to break the sleeves with a red tie he was to die for.

"hey are you ready to go"


He led me to the car and opened the door for me then we started driving

"where are we going?" I asked

"he laughed "it's a secret"

He then pulled over and pushed on the break bring the car to a standstill he reached in his back pocket and pulled out a long black bandana

"ohh no" I said "im not putting that on"

"you have to I want you to be surprised"

I gave up and let him put it on me we drove about ten more minutes than the car came to another stop this time he got out and opened my door he grabbed my hand with his and told me to step down carefully.

"just fallow my voice" he said

"your voice is so sexy"

I didn't really have a choice because it was all pitch black and all I heard was him and something crashing.

Then he stopped, so did I

"ok baby" he said as he reached behind me and pulled the bandanna loose I opened my eyes slowly to see the Falls and a table set up with candles all around it and two champagne glasses, then close by he had a tent set up for us to stay the night in.

"oh my god" I screamed this is so romantic "is this for me?" I asked

"well do you see anyone else around here he joked

I ran to him and jumped onto him kissing his lips "this is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me.

We sat down at the table and had a glass of champagne

"do you want to go swimming or am I going to have to get you in there like the last time."

"no its ok ill go"

We blew all of the candles out and he began to take off his clothes even in the moonlight he still looked like a god he was so perfect and he was all mine.

"come here baby"

I went and he took my hand and we walked up to the top where you could jump and land right in the water without letting go of each other we jumped. Once in the water we swam under the water fall it felt like the moon was just shining down on us.

We both looked deep into one another's eyes.

"you know this is where we had our first kiss" Anthony said and just like that he had my head pulled into his kissing me passionately after we swam around together things were heating up between us as he kept putting his hand in my briefs and stroking on my cock.

"maybe we should go inside"

We both got out and didn't stop making out the whole way to the tent. Once inside, we both slid our underwear off.

Anthony was being so gentle with every kiss and touch

"Happy anniversary babe"

"happy anniversary, this was the best surprise ever" I said kissing him

Just then it started pouring down rain and the thunder started we could hear the rain beating down heavily on the tent roof.

"do you want to make love?" he asked

"no I just want you to hold me and that's what he did we stayed up just looking in each other's eyes and holding each other's bodies tight not even saying a word as it continued to storm outside that was until our lust and sexual tension got the best of us.

I crawled over him he was already hard so got down and stroked his cock a few times getting pulling back his foreskin, then i took it in my mouth and sucked him for a little i didn't want him to blow his load in my mouth tonight so I stopped and took out a condom and rolled it over his cock I positioned his cock at my hole and slid back down I was use to his dick now so it didn't hurt that bad as when he first was in me I began to ride up and down on him he was just looking at me with amazement.

I was in total control while he was just lying there and that's how I wanted it I pushed him in and out of me we were both moaning he managed to get us turned around to where I was on my hands and knees and he was fucking me on top his rod was going in and out of me so hard I could feel and hear his balls hitting my ass every time he pushed in me.

He took his cock out of me and tore the condom off then put it right back in me and started again

"oh shit baby I'm going to fucking blow" he said

"no keep fucking me "

He did, he didn't stop until his seed blew deep inside me.

He collapsed right next to me all the sounds you could here were the water hitting the tent and us breathing deeply we both had sweat dripping off of us from the intense sex.

I crawled back over him and laid on him with our sweaty bodies touching and kissed the man I loved.



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