The alarm woke us up the next morning it read 6:00 a.m. it was Monday which meant school. I had two pairs of clothes packed so we both got ready, ate breakfast then it was off to school he drove us, we were there right on time the bell just rung to go to class right as we got out of the car

'I'll walk you to French'

'you don't have to you need to get to your class'

'don't worry, it's just home-ec I can be late

We got there just as the next bell rung' Ok I'm going to leave campus at lunch I have some stuff I need to do'

'ok see you later'


As I walked to the door I saw a familiar face do the same

'hey it's Adam right?'

'yeah hey Nate, looks like we have first period together'

'Is that your guy' he said motioning down the hall

I shook my head yes, right before the teacher motioned us to come in.

Class just ended and the kids began to shuffle out

' so what's your next class' i asked

'Ap phycology with Mr. Lee'

'oh that's right next to mine I'll walk with you, so are you a junior?'

'yeah are you?'

'no im a sophomore'

'oh I wouldn't of guessed that, how old are you'

'I'll be 16 in a couple days'

'oh really I thought you were older'

'so i've been told

Before we went into our classes I said ' hey if you ever need any help with anything or just want to hang out I'm always here'

'Thanks what's ur number' he asked I gave it to him then ran into class.

Right before lunch I got a text from and unknown number it said

'Any plans for lunch'

I wrote back 'nope no plans'

Then they replied 'meet me by the library'

I assumed it was Adam and sure enough when I turned down the hall to the library doors I saw his smiling face.

'hey' he said

'hey how's your first day been so far?'

'it's ok I have to get used to it'

'you're not hanging out with your......boyfriend' he whispered'

'no he has something to do'

'so any girls hit on you today, your cute enough' I said , he blushed

The rest of lunch went on till about the last 10 minutes when Anthony walked up to me.

'hey' I said happy to see him

It's not like we could show any affection towards each other there. Hug, or especially kiss even though I wanted to every time I saw him, he was staring at Adam probably wondering who he was and why I was talking to him

'Anthony this is Adam, he's new Adam, Anthony I introduced

'hey nice to meet you' Adam reached his hand out

'hi' Anthony answered in a sarcastic tone not shaking Adams hand

Adam got the hint he wasn't going to and put his hand down we three were all quite until the bell rang a minute later that was surly the longest 60 seconds of my life

I walked away without saying anything to Anthony I was a little pissed that he couldn't be little nicer.

7th period ended and the school day was over I made it home today without any Interruptions

My parents were still at work I thought of calling Anthony and having him come over, but I decided to have some alone time instead, I went into the back yard lifted my shirt up over my head, pulled my shorts off to where I was just wearing Anthony's white boxers, then laid out by the pool

I must of feel asleep cause when I opened my eyes I saw Anthony walking up the stairs out of the water

He looked like someone you see in movies the hot guy with a perfect body coming out of the pool in slow motion with water rolling off from his amazing abs

Then I realized it wasn't a dream it was real

He walked over and sat down on the lounge chair by me

'hey baby'

'hey, how did you get back here?'

'through the gate'


'do you want to go in'

He pointed to the water


I got up and went in the house

'he fallowed me up to my room I was sitting on the bed he came in and gave me a kiss and pushed me down on the bed and crawled on top of me.

'get off your fucking wet!' I yelled

He ignored

We wrestled around for a minute before he had both of my arms in his hand and his body pinned up against mine.

He managed to get mine and his shorts off to where we were both totally naked.

He started kissing my chest and got lower.

'wait babe let's go take a shower' I suggested

He fallowed me into the bathroom and we locked the door I turned on the water and got it, our shower was pretty good size it could fit 3 or 4 people so it wasn't a problem I got soap in my hand and began washing his body off and scrubbing it all over with soap when I got to his cock he was so fucking hard I could hardly fit my hand around it, I pulled his foreskin back and forth over his cock head and he just laid his head back a moaned ' fuck me '

I whispered in his ear with a seductive voice.

He looked up

'you mean make love to you? He asked

'no I mean fuck, I need you to fuck my brains out baby'

A smile came to his face like he had waited for me to tell him those two words

'I don't want you to be gentle this time' I said

He picked me up I held on around his neck and put my legs around his waist he slammed both of our bodies into the wall which mine was the one that hit. He then positioned us and slid his cock in fast 'ahhhhh mother fucker' I screamed the pain was intense since we didn't use any lube just water

'holy shit I exclaimed he didn't stop though he kept pounding my ass with the hot water beating down on us I guess it was my fault for telling him to fuck me and not stop I had to endure the pain but not for long because it turned into passion and extreme pleasure. Oh god did he know how to fuck every time he hit my prostate I felt like screaming like a little girl it felt so amazing but he was kissing me so intense that I couldn't get a word out if I wanted to I was all the way In his arms not touching the ground riding him up and down. He looked at me and I stared into his deep blue eyes he leaned his head down against mine 'I love you 'he mouthed to me, still pounding.

'I love you I said back.



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