Anthony Christian was the hottest guy ever to step foot at Memorial Falls High School, He was the ultimate football player , swimmer , track star and the most popular senior on campus. He was also as straight as a line, anyone could tell by the entourage of cheerleaders he had on his arm at all times.

Even though he played on the same team as I did. I was just a sophomore with no chance with him whatsoever, he never noticed me and didn't know I existed.

I was pretty good looking if I can say so myself 5.6' tan and ripped with a 7' cock but I was also a virgin which I desperately wanted to change. I'm gay and the only people who know were my best friends Lauren and Eric, they fully supported me 100%

The whole team practiced outside today which beside the fact that is was 104 degrees I was glad, Anthony always took his shirt of when we were outside for practice and today was no exception.

After a long, hard work out it was getting darker so everybody went to the locker room to change I thought all the guys made it out of the locker room and that I was the last one, when I heard a voice ask,

'Hey its Nate right?'

I turned to see Anthony Christian I almost passed out. He couldn't be talking to me I turned around to make sure there wasn't someone behind me.

My heart was pounding in my chest it was the first time he ever talked to me.

'yeah' I managed to choke out

'nice to meet you I'm Anthony, I was wondering if you wanted me to give you a ride'

'uhh no I'm ok' I replied ( wait did I really just turn down a ride by him)

'are you sure it's no big deal' he said

'ok sure'

I agreed to a ride not wanting to argue, also it meant I got to be with him

We both walked out of the locker room to his truck.

'so are you a junior, senior?' he said trying to break the silence

'neither I'm a sophomore il be 16 soon' I answered

'Seriously you look older than that'

'Thanks I guess what about you?'

'im eighteen and a senior'

'you know I was watching you the other day you're a good football player'

' really thanks' I knew I was blushing'

We pulled up in front of my house which broke the conversation.

'Hey thanks for the ride'

'No problem anytime, you know if you ever need help or extra practice just let me know'

I shut his car door and started to walk to my house when he rolled the window down

'Hey Nate what's your number, ill text you sometime.

After exchanging numbers I went straight into the house and upstairs to the shower took my shorts and jock strap off to see I was sporting a huge boner, god I hope Anthony didn't see that. I jacked off in the shower thinking about him.

The next morning I walked to school and met Lauren and Eric we walked by the fountain where Anthony always sat with his group of friends he was there looking hotter that ever he turned and saw me and winked my heart melted. I didn't know what else to do so I turned quickly.

'ah did you see that he likes you' Lauren said

'Yeah to bad he's not gay ' I said back

The rest of the day went on without any problems when the bell rang at the end of the day I started walking home, I walked past the parking lot and heard a familiar voice it was Anthony he was yelling on the phone but I couldn't make out what he was saying I gathered the courage to walk up to him.

'hey everything ok ' I asked concerned

when he saw me he took the phone away from his ear.

' oh yeah just some personal issues, did you need something?' he asked

' no just saying hi'

'hi I really have to take this sorry'

I felt like I was intruding so I waved a kept walking I heard footsteps behind me a realized that Anthony was running to me.

'hey, Nate wait up'

he caught up to me

'sorry about that it was just some family problems, so where are you headed?'

'It's ok, I'm going home'

'Well can I walk with you?'

'sure' I said not really knowing why he would walk me home but I loved the fact I got to spend more time with him. He walked me up to my door

'do you want to come in' I asked

'I would but I got to run sorry'

'Oh ok its fine'

'Hey listen if you're not busy tomorrow we should hang out, got to the movies, or mall or something, let me know'

Ok I will see you tomorrow bye'

And he started walking down the path I went inside and looked out the window watching his ass as he left.

I couldn't believe I was going out with Anthony Christian tomorrow, well to me it was a date but to him it was probably just hanging out with a friend.

He picked me up around 7:30 pm on Saturday night, we decided to go to the mall and walk around for a while we ate at the food court but he wouldn't let me buy it he paid which was cute.

After we ate he drove us back to his place, and went in to his room ,we were totally alone since his parents were out of town till Monday which was nice. He turned the TV on to the sports channel

'So what do you want to do?' he asked me 'we can chill, swim, watch a movie your call.

'how about we just talk' I suggested

He turned the TV off

'Ok what do you want to talk about?'

'I immediately asked Anthony, Why did you ask me to go with you tonight?

'You know just to hang out you seemed cool, why did you agree to it?

'Same reason' I didn't want to say because I was totally in love with him

There was an awkward silence in the room

'It's getting late I should probably get home' I said

'Or you could stay the night'

'I can't tonight but thanks for the offer'

He got up

'oh well then I'll take you home'

'its ok I think I'm going to walk I know my way back'

'are you sure taking you isn't a problem?'

'Yeah ill be fine'

We walked down the stairs and he was holding the door open now

'ok well tomorrow im having a party over here you should stop by its at 8:00'

'oh cool ill be there'

'good and if I don't see you tomorrow'

He didn't finish his sentence instead he bent down and gave me a kiss on the cheek

'bye Nate'

Oh my god what do I do, do I kiss him back, do i say something. Instead I turned around and walked away i was speechless and blushing did I just get kissed by the guy I secretly have a huge crush on sure it was on the cheek but a kiss is a kiss, and now I think I'm in love with Anthony Christian

As I was walking home I got a text I looked down at my phone it was from him

It said

'I didn't freak you out by that right'

'no not at all' I replied

'ok good cause I really like you'

'you do?'

'Yeah I like you a lot'

'I like you to'

'Good I'll see you tomorrow then, night'


I was so busy texting him I hadn't even realized that I had made it to my front door or the fact that it was already midnight.

The next day I had Lauren come over to go to the party with me

'ok so I have something to tell you, it's about last night' I said confiding in her

' about your date what happened!' she begged to know

'he kissed me'

'WHAT! Seriously'

'well on the cheek'

'oh well, was it a friendly thing?'

'do guys usually kiss guys on the cheek as a friendly gesture?'

'good point he's defiantly gay'

'what do I do though, im supposed to meet him at the party, should I avoid him.'

'why would you do that, let's just go and see what happens.'

We arrived at Anthony's house at 9:45 and it started at 8:30 the lights were on and music was blasting out into the street, there were cars lined up the road so we knew it was going to be packed.

Inside it was crazy there were people dancing, drinking and passed out all over the place. Outside people were jumping in the pool and im pretty sure there was a couple fucking in the hot tub.

Lauren and I couldn't find Anthony so we decided to enjoy ourselves for a little while. I looked at my watch after a while it was almost 11:00 pm I really wanted to talk to Anthony so I went to go look for him again I scanned all of the 1st story, so I decided to go upstairs to check. the first place I went was his room the door was open and there was a couple on the bed talking.

I walked down the hall to his parents room which was closed I twisted the door knob and it swung open the Anthony was on top of a girl making out. He looked up at me, but I didn't know how to react.

'Nate' he tried to talk but I turned around and ran down stairs; thank god Lauren was close to the front door I grabbed her

'Lauren I'm leaving now'

'well I'm coming with you'

' whats wrong, did you find him?' Lauren asked

'yeah I found him and another girl'

'what a dick, how can he kiss you and tell you he likes you then do that?'



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