It was getting dark when I heard a car pull up in the driveway. I looked out the window it was Anthony, he opened the front door and came up the stairs. I was back on his bed watching the tv when he came in the room.

' hey Nate' he said

'hey how was work'

'long really long'

'oh I'm sorry' I said getting up and walking over to him i pulled his shirt out that was tucked into his pants and started unbuttoning it from the top while he loosened his tie I pulled his shirt off leaving his tie on and licked his nipple 'just relax' I whispered to him.

He went and laid on the edge of the bed while I unbuttoned his slacks and then slid his shoes and socks off. He was leaning up on his arms watching me as I took his foot and put my mouth over his toe and sucked on it for a minute he smiled. I got back up and he tried to say something but I put my finger over his lips to shush him. Then I went back to his pants and slid them off. Leaving him with just his gray briefs and his huge bulge, I could see his cock was growing inside I started licking and sucking on it through his underwear leaving a wet spot in the middle he stared moaning in a soft voice.

I pulled his underwear off his hips slowly revealing his amazing uncut cock that popped up, I wrapped my hand around it and I rolled the foreskin down so that the head would show. His mushroom cockhead was huge; getting a closer look I couldn't see how he got it in me last night.

I put my mouth over his cock and sucked on the tip, he went crazy.

'ahh fuck baby that feels good'

I didn't say anything I just continued to suck his dick, he put his hands on the back of my head and pushed he was all the way down my throat and I was buried into his light hair, while he was fucking my throat I could feel his balls hit my chin every time he moved in.

'ahh fuck, fuck babe im going to blow'

We turned over so that he was on top of me.

He took his cock out of my mouth and began stroking it fast but easy over me until it exploded all over my face.

He had a huge load it had to of had at least 6 or 7 long streams of cum fly out and hit my face.

I was covered.

'sorry about that' he said smiling

He leaned over and licked every drop off and kissed me making us both share his cum.

He got off the top of me.

'I want to have sex' Anthony said breaking his deep breathing

'but I want you on top'

'you want me to fuck you' I asked surprised

'no, I want you to make love to me.

He rose up and got on this hands and knees I put my hand on his back massaging it. Then spread his checks with my hands exposing his pinkish hole I leaned in and breathed in his aroma, then licked over his hole. He jerked back 'fuck that felt good'

So I did it again trying to slid my tongue as far as it would go.

After a while of rimming him I readied myself to fuck him. I lubed up good and slid a finger in the same way he did to me, and then the second one he was tight but not too tight so I left it at two.

When I took my fingers out it was time for my cock.

I slid my rod between his ass cheeks. I could tell he was either getting anxious or nervous or both because he stiffened up.

We didn't speak though, I put my cock to his opening and pushed lightly, trying to be as gentle as I could when I pushed in he let out a yell just like I did. 'im sorry' I said In a soft voice

'it's ok just go slow'

'I love you'

I love you baby so much' he answered back

I was trying to make him feel the same way he made me feel; even though there was intense pain that turned to pleasure he still managed to make me feel very safe and secure.

' I want to hold your hand' he said

I couldn't refuse so I reached my hand to his and our fingers intertwined.

I pushed more and more into him and every push sent him into pain

I knew it must be hurting him more than it hurt me. I at least had some experience with vibrators and dildos

I finally got all in and he wasn't groaning anymore. I started to push in and out if him till I was full on fucking his brains out, it made me happy that I was taking his virginity in the same way he took mine. I wanted to give him the best sex of his life.

'ahhhhh, Ahhh, ahhhhhhhhh' he couldn't help himself

We were both breathing hard I reached around and started stroking his cock while fucking him; it didn't take long before he blew his second load all over the bed. Right after he was finished my legs bucked together and I was pounding his faster and faster and I could feel me squirming around inside of him till I unloaded everything I had into my love. I pulled out of him slowly once I was done. I slapped his ass cheek with my hand a licked up some of my cum that had leaked out of him. I turned his head we looked deep into one another's eyes

'I've never loved anybody more than I love you right now ' he said

Tears came to my eyes

'you okay honey?' he asked

'yeah that was just really sweet'

'well it's true'

'I love you too' I said leaning in and kissing him on the lips

'I've never knew that getting fucked by a guy could feel so fucking amazing!' he said

'well I'm glad you were satisfied'

He yawned then I did fallowing him, 'I need to rest after getting that ride' he said grinning I laid down on his chest rubbing his abs.



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