The rest of the week at school I didn't see Anthony all that much except for at practice on Friday which I wasn't paying attention to I was just watching him. After practice we went into the locker room and he came up behind me and said.

'hey are you ready to go'

'aren't you going to shower'

'no and neither are you, we can shower at my house. You have your bag your overnight bag right'

'yeah' I pointed down to it'

When we got to his house it was 7:00 almost getting dark his parents were gone for the weekend again so we went straight up to his room

'do you want to shower now or later' Anthony asked

'now I feel dirty'

'kinky' he said smiling

He led me into the bathroom and then disappeared, so I removed my shirt and shorts. when he returned I still had my jock strap on, he was shirtless and came up behind me and grabbed my arms, I pushed him off and he pushed me against the wall, all of a sudden we began to wrestle and were on the floor rolling around on and off each other fighting to be on top obviously he won.

'give up yet?' he asked

'yes, yes you win' I gave in

'good' he said picking me up

He brought me in his room and through me on his queen size bed I looked at him and he looked at me there was passion in our eyes we knew that was the right moment as we both pulled our jock straps off he said.

'ive never done this before with a guy so im new to it.'

'are you a virgin' I asked curiously

'no ive fucked girls, just never done anything with a guy. Are you a virgin?'

I was a little embarrassed but answered 'yeah'

'cool he said so ill be your first'

Then he climbed on the bed and on top of me.

He started kissing me and I opened my mouth for his tongue to explore mine, I could feel his cock hardening against mine, well mine was doing the same thing. he started kissing my neck

'I would have never thought the hottest guy in school would be on me or turn out to be gay' I said to him

'what? I'm not gay' he said

I had a strange look on my face

'im straight Nate you're the only guy I like'

Then from my neck made it down to my chest where he was caressing my nipples and rubbing his hand up and down my abs till he lowered and found my cock that was semi hard he started stroking it while he had my balls in his mouth once my dick was fully hard he licked the tip of the head I put my head back on his pillows and closed my eyes he opened his mouth and put it over my cock he got half way down I was moaning by then he started bobbing his head up and down my dick going down more and more each time till he had my whole seven inches in his mouth I started moving my hips and fucking his throat it felt amazing. He started rubbing he hand over my abs and I lost control I started moaning hard 'ohh god I'm going to cum baby'

He took his mouth off and started jacking me slowly 'cum in my mouth'. He then took my cock back in his mouth and I blew the biggest load ever steam after stream of cum hit the back of his throat and he swallowed every drop when he was done he sucked the tip hoping to get more

'that was good babe' he said wiping his mouth off

'that felt amazing'

He left some cum on the side of his face so I lifted up and licked it off, he pushed me back down and crawled on top of me, we started making out and he was dry humping me which made him look hot!

He leaned over and bit my ear lobe then whispered

'can I fuck you'


He looked really shocked; I don't think anyone had ever turned him down before

I got up and went to the bathroom shut the door and stepped into the shower the hot water felt amazing on my body after the intense practice earlier. Just then the door opened as I knew it would it was of course Anthony he got in and I noticed he was still hard when he put his cock up against my ass and wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed the back of my head

'please' he asked again

' no Anthony'

'why not, what's wrong?' he asked

I turned around and faced him; he was the sexiest thing I had ever seen in my life.

'Because you asked if you could fuck me, I don't want this to be a onetime thing, or just a friend thing. I don't want you to fuck me I want you to make love to me.'

He then bent down on his knees and grabbed my hands

I was smiling

'Nate Thompson' he said


'I promise this is not a one night thing or a friendship I want it to be more than that and I want to make love to you so will you please let me.'

He looked up at me with a puppy dog face

'yes, now get up'

We both laughed and I grabbed the back of his head I pushed it into mine our lips met I don't remember us getting out of the shower I just remembering us jumping into his bed both semi wet. I was on my back and he was on top of me

'are you sure you want to do this ' he asked 'I won't do anything you don't want to do

'im sure'

He kissed me on last time before he grabbed the lube of his night stand and lubed his fingers up

I stretched my legs out and relaxed he slid one of his fingers in me which I was used to, having done it myself a dozen times he entered another finger which was still ok it was tight but I was used to it. He entered his third finger and lubed up my hole which was really tight and stated to hurt. He kept them in there for a while

'you ok' he asked

'yeah im fine'

Once my hole was stretched he got up

'ok do you want me to use a condom'

' no I want to feel you'

'Ok babe you sure?, want me to pull out before I cum?'

'don't pull out, cum in me'

And with that he lubed up his cock and placed it at the opening of my hole, he lifted my leg to rest up on his shoulders and then he took my hand in his.

'its gonna hurt babe, are you ready'

I didn't speak I just shook my head' yes'

'Squeeze my hand if you need to or tell me to stop and I will'

He started pushing at my opening before his head popped in I let out a deep breath

'you okay?'


He pushed in more, he was so thick I let out a yell It felt like he was ripping my hole, but he didn't stop he kept on pushing.

'hold on it will feel better in a minute, just breath' he said

'huuh it hurts'

'I know but I'm right here ok, look at me I'm right here'

It was a few minutes before I stopped squeezing his hand so tight

'baby I'm all the way in' he said

Wow I thought to myself I just took his whole 8 inches of cock up my ass and it hurt like fuck

Pretty soon he was pushing in and out little by little and the pain started turning into pleasure.

We were both moaning pretty loudly.

'ahh fuck baby'

'I love it when he called me that' I said

'I think im going to cum' he moaned

'no not yet'

I wanted to feel him more

'he held my legs and started fucking me a new ass hole, he was pumping his cock in and out of me fast.

Ahhhhhhh I moaned every time his dick brushed up against my cock I was about to cum too.

Right then I felt his cock move inside me then he exploded into me which sent me off to, I shot my load all over. the first one hit his face and the rest hit his chest and stomach.

After he pulled out, he lay next to me we were both breathing heavy, I rolled over on top of him and we kissed passionately

'I think we're going to need another shower' he said

'yeah I agree just not right now'

I laid on his chest and we both fell asleep while he was holding me.



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