General Schy woke up in the forest, the orc obviously done with him. Suddenly, the sound of a horse echoed around the forest. The Captain stood up to see that a great Centaur was trotting his way. The second the Centaur saw him, he began dashing towards him.

General Schy didn’t know if he should move or not, but the Centaur zoomed past him, grabbed his leather jock and hoisted him to his back. Captain Schy held onto his broad, muscular shoulders as they flew through the forest.

“I wasn’t sure if the rumors were true, but then I saw you just lying there on the ground. My herd will be very excited.” He called back to the Captain who was a little too carried away with the incredible physique of the beast. He really hoped he was going to get some action with this handsome Centaur.

The Centaur brought them to a large clearing, where to his Captain Schy’s surprise, there was a large group of male Centaurs, all grazing. They varied in size, color, and muscles, but General Schy knew which was the leader almost instantly.

The head Centaur was the biggest of them all with a massive horse body and muscles that bulged from every angle on his torso. He was watching over the herd when he saw them approach. Schy was lifted off the Centaur he was riding with one massive hand of the leader that could easily fit around his waist.

The leader plopped him on the ground and looked down at him, with his arms crossed. “Is it true that you are fertile?” He asked in a very deep voice that had Captain Schy’s crotch stirring. “That is true.” The General said. “I crashed on this planet and from then on have pledged to serve the planet’s inhabitants for as long as I live.”

The leader’s eyes filled with lust and a smile split his face. “Then tonight, we feast!” He shouted and all the Centaurs cheered. The leader grabbed the Captain, his massive horse cock now several feet long, and impaled him on it without a second thought. General Schy tried to breathe as the horse cock swiftly impaled him, ignoring his efforts to slow the beast down.

The leader pumped him back and forth, and eventually began walking, the General still impaled. The entire herd followed as the leader brought the still impaled Captain to a rock. General Schy knew what was going to happen.

He grabbed ahold of the rock to hold himself steady as the leader hoisted his front hooves on top of the rock. The leader was now able to fully impale and breed the General with as much roughness as he wanted. Captain Schy grunted as he saw the bulge where the beast’s cock would rest in his stomach.

He felt the leader’s cock head swell and then hot searing cum was gushing into his ass. Within a few moments baseball sized eggs were pouring out into the waiting hands of the leader. He looked down at the eggs paternally and strode away, satisfied.

He motioned to the rest of the herd that the Captain was free game. Soon, the Centaurs had formed a line and each fucked the General until they came and he gave them their eggs. Once every Centaur had their own eggs, the leader decided that they would keep him for a short while.

The other Centaurs gathered roped and tied Captain Schy to the underside of the leader. Then they inserted his cock and soon it was fully erect, the bulge showing the the Captain’s gut. He would stay like that for several days, being tied to the leader with a constantly hard horse cock up his ass that could cum inside him, making his stomach swell, every few minutes.

Several days later they let him go but not before telling him what he was. “You see, our people have collected artifacts of the Old Earth. Your people were known as Breeders and that’s what you shall be to this planet. So whenever you come across a beast, just tell them you are a Breeder and they will understand what your purpose is. And with that, they let him back into the wilderness.



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