We didn’t know who we were fighting, but we knew we had to. For our planet.

General Schy flew over the new, strange planet. Who knew what inhabited it. Good thing that’s not where they had to fight. He prefered fighting in the sky anyway. His enemy scanner went off: Warning! Incoming hostiles approaching quickly!

“Look alive, men!” He shouted into the intercom. “We’ve got a nice big ol’ fleet of ‘em.”

They flew in a V formation while the enemies were closing in

After three hours of fighting

“I’ve been hit! I’ve been hit!” he heard his comrades scream one by one as he watched their planes plummet to their deaths. He was the last one. General Schy: Captain of the fleet that failed. And then a loud BOOM! shook him to his bones. One of his engines burst into flames. He couldn’t go down with a fight. He had no more ammunition. Letting both engines stall, General Schy closed his eyes as the unfamiliar planet seemed to fly toward him. The tip of the plane burst into flames, starting to rip through the atmosphere. He knew this was it. The plane was falling faster by the second and eventually hit a large tree, then another, and another plummeting into the deep, dark forest below.

General Schy blinked his eyes open. He smelled smoke, and heard the creaking of metal when it’s under stress. He shifted his weight and he heard something snap. The front end of the plane started tipping over, and he  scrambled to get out. The top hatch opened and the General jumped out. Vines slashed his back and branches cut his exposed arms. He landed with a thud on his back that knocked the air right from his chest. Gasping, General Schy jumped out of the way as the rest of the plane plummeted into the moist soil after the last vines supporting its weight had snapped.

He stood up and looked around. He was in a dark jungle with wet dirt, tropical plants everywhere, and moss covered redwood looking trees. He stood and realized that his clothes were going to be useless. They were little more than strips that hadn’t been torn off from his fall. Pulling the rest of his clothes off, General Schy’s nipples started getting hard after a chill ran through his body. He felt like he was being watch.

Picking up a stick and some metal shards, the Captain made a spear by tying of the metal into the wood and securing it with strips of his clothing. Stalking through the jungle, the General came upon a swamp. And at the very center sat a large bulb like plant easily twice his size. Thick vines whipped around it from out of the swamp like it was alive. He knew better, though. Plants were alive, but not like this. The vines are just probably hanging from the trees and being tossed about in the wind, he thought.

So he slipped into the muddy swamp water, spear in hand, and began crossing with the sludge coming up to his waist. But before he even got close to the bulbous plant, the one he needed to pass to get to the other side, something grabbed his legs and tugged him under. He screamed as he was pulled under into the murky sludge. 

But before he even had time to struggle, his spear was ripped from his hands and he was lifted up out of the sludge hanging upside down. The Captain looked toward his leg, the one being held, and saw that one of the thick, green vines that was whipping around was holding him by his ankle. He struggled to reach toward his leg to get free, but more vines seemed to shoot out of nowhere and hold him steady. Then they were moving… right over to the massive plant. When the vines brought him right above the top, it opened, revealing a pink inside with green slime coating the edges. He screamed as the vines suddenly let go and a naked General Schy fell into the plant.

He landed on a soft, but slimy, surface. He couldn’t stand because it was so slippery. The cold air of the jungle made his nipples hard again as he sloshed around the inside of the plant, trying to stabilize himself. But there was no where to hold onto, so he just let go and lay on his back, looking up at the trees through the opening of the plant. And then the opening closed with a slurp. General Schy slipped around in the now pitch black plant’s insides. After stilling himself, he heard more sloshing sounds and felt the green go that lined the walls begin to fill the plant up. First it was at his back and then it began consuming him. He tried to sit up and move his head as the slime level steadily increased, but he it was too slick.

He squirmed and held his breath as his body was now below the slime liquid. There was no oxygen in the substance, so he couldn’t swim or float. Captain Schy was going to die here, all alone in a big plant from drowning in slime. But before he knew it, the slime had reached the top of the plant. He could tell because the slurping sound of the plant filling had ceased.  

And then a thin, sleek vine shot from underneath him. He felt it slither through the slime toward his face. He lay wide-eyed, shaking his head in disagreement as the vine pushed against his lips. But he couldn’t hold his breath any longer. With one final look around him, General Schy knew there was no escape. He breath out into the slime and the vine shot right into his mouth. He squirmed and tried to scream as he felt it doing something in his mouth. Then oxygen filled his lungs. He was shocked. He breathed out into the vine and it took his CO2, and then pumping more oxygen into his lungs. 

And then the walls of the plant’s inside light up like christmas lights. They pulsed beautiful blues and purples. But before he could enjoy the beautiful sight, Another vine shot out of the center in the slime. This one was was thick as the General’s forearm and had a strange, bulge at the end. Almost like the head of a dick -- oh no. The Captain began to squirm again, but more vines shot out of the center and held his arms down. More vines sprang forth and wrapped around his ankles. They slowly spread his legs eagle style until his ass cheeks were parted and his asshole contracted against the strange slime. 

The monster’s dick prodded his asshole. He would never be able to fit that thing inside him! But despite his struggling, the head of the plant cock pushed and pushed, the slime being used as lube until he screamed with pain. The head was buried in his ass. He couldn’t move. Tears sprang from the General’s eyes as the massive vine began pumping like a piston back and forth. The hypnotic lights around him pulsed in rhythm with the pumping of the dick. It hurt like nothing he’d ever felt before. He felt the pumping getting faster and faster, and the lights pulsed in time. 

And then the lights around him flared brilliant colors and the vine shoved itself the furthest in his ass it could go, blasting steaming hot cum up his ass. Captain Schy screamed into the vine that was still giving him oxygen as he was filled with the semen of the plant beast. He began to cry when he realised that the plant was still pumping burning hot cum into him by the gallons. His stomach began to swell and hot tears floated in the slime around his eyes. Eventually, the vine stopped filling him and retracted back to where it came from. But his stomach was still beyond swollen, his muscular abs now not visible from the stretching.  

The vines that spread his legs now positioned them differently. He felt his stomach shift and turn as his ass flared with pain. The urge to push overcame him and he pushed and pushed and pushed. Over a dozen large eggs the size of coconuts were the things to come out of him. Once the last one was pushed out, his abs were back to normal and his muscular body felt strained and exhausted. A different vine sprang forth and carefully collected the eggs, bring them down into the depths of the plant beast. The vines holding his limbs retracted and so did the vine giving him oxygen. Then the slime began to drain itself and the plant opened once again. 

But this time the spongy floor beneath him began rumbling and then without warning, it shot him right out of the plant. The Captain soared through the air and landed in the mud of the swamp. He looked up to see that he was on the shore of the other side. Exhaustion filled his muscular body as he crawled out onto the soft soil. He passed out before he was even in a comfortable position. 



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