The General was rudely awoken by monstrous shrieks filling the air. His eyes snapped open as a dark shadow swooshed above the trees. It was still night out and the stars were twinkling, almost mocking him. Another great whoosh of air and then something the size of semi-truck landed with a loud that that shook the surrounding trees that weren’t crushed. Thanks to the moon light, the Captain could see that it was a dragon. A freaking dragon. And a beautiful one at that. He wasn’t sure why, maybe it was his body adjusting to his new life, but General Schy’s cock immediately sprang to attention and began dribbling precum. He watched as the biggest and most muscular beast he had ever seen took a giant whiff of air. It’s breathed stop for a fraction of a second before its head snapped toward the Captain. It’s eyes met his and then swiveled down to his dick. 

A stench that turned the Captain on even more, making his hard on ache, came from the dragon. The General looked to see that the dragon was also sporting a hard on right below its beautifully sculpted abs. Captain Schy’s breath hitched as he took in the magnificence of the three foot cock. It was obviously impossible for a human to take that in his ass without began literally ripped in two and dying, but the beast didn’t seem to think the same. Maybe it was the jungle atmosphere or something the werewolf had done to help him, but the General felt it in his body that he could take its cock and that he should. 

He owed this to the creatures of this planet. He could’ve blown himself up in the plane and died like that. But he hadn’t, and know he was on a planet where the creatures could only breed human males. He was the only human male on this planet; he can’t just deny them offspring and let them go extinct. So with unbelievable confidence, Captain Schy walked right up to the dragon and straight towards its dick. And when he reached the beast with the cock head the size of his head, he play on his stomach and tapped his ass a few times to urge the beast to do what he must.

Without hesitation the dragon slammed the head of its dick at the tight hole of the General. And without and hesitation, the General’s asshole opened right up to the dragon’s dick, taking its whole head. The dragon let out a screech of pleasure that sent tingles down the Captain’s back as it continued to push into him. He watched as his stomach expanded, trying to take the whole thing. He could feel things rearranging in his body to make accomodate the beast. And not just some, but the whole beast. 

Once the whole thing was in him, the bulge was at his chest. The dragon lay on its back, taking the screaming General with it, still deeply impaled on the three foot cock. The pain was almost too much. The beast gripped the waist of the Captain and pumped him up and down on the beast. He attempted to straddle the dragon, but it was so huge that he ended up in a 3/4ths split. 

Pumping once more violently, the monster let out a scream and slammed General Schy down onto the dick so hard, he couldn’t breath. And the breath never came as gallons of cum was pumped into him, making his stomach swell beyond humanly possible. And then the breath came, relief filling him as air filled his lungs. Lumps formed in his enlarged gut and he shouted again as large eggs the size of basket balls began sliding out into the massive claw of the dragon. The pain was intense but the Captain stood strong, reminding himself that he was saving this planet, one beast at a time. The dragon pulled him off of its dick as the Captain feinted and slumped down in utter exhaustion. 

But before he left, the dragon gave the General a gift of gratitude. Carefully biting into the Captain’s neck, the beast released a special chemical found only in dragons to make sex, even with monster cocks, the most pleasurable experience every single time. And then the dragon returned General Schy back to his spot under the tree and flew off, hands full of healthy baby eggs.



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