Now awake, hunger clawed inside his belly. He needed to find some food before hunger consumed him. “Man, being raped and bred all of the time can really wear a man down.” he said before chuckling and delving into the depths of the jungle.

An hour later…

Hunger was all Captain Schy could think about. Well that and the hard on he had. A distinct smell permeated from everything around him, and it was giving him the boner of his life. The more he smelled it, the more painfully hard his rager had become. He had already tried relieving himself, and was shooting thick globs on the jungle foliage within seconds, but his dick went instantly rock hard in even a quicker time.

The air around him was stagnant and suddenly the smell of fresh steak, pork, ham, and every other kind of meat swam around him, making him almost gag with drool. Captain Schy frantically snapped his eyes this way and that, trying to find where exactly the smell was coming from. Because he needed this food. After several minutes of a frustrating search, he found where the smell came from.

In the middle of a peculiar clearing in the jungle sat the biggest flower General Schy had ever seen. It must’ve been ten feet wide and ten feet long. And it stood a few feet above the ground. All around the flower were massive, thick, green tentacles as thick as his leg. But he knew everything here wanted a piece of him. The Captain just hoped the plant would recognize him as something to breed and not eat before it was too late. Slowly making his way toward the flower, he passed the massive tentacles that would occasionally quickly caress his body as he passed.

Once he had reached the edge of the flower, he saw a platter in the center of it. A platter full of juicy meats, tender fish, and luscious fruit, making his mouth pour drool. And before he could hesitate to head toward it, the large tentacles behind suddenly shoved him forward onto the massive petals of the flower. They were slanted toward the middle, each petal over twice his size making him roll right for the food. He hit the platter with a thud and immediately began consuming it. After several minutes the General was full and trying to contemplate the way to get out of this plant. He couldn’t climb the petals, they were too moist and slippery. But before he could contemplate anymore, the platter disappeared from sight into the center of the flower

And the the thickest cock he’d ever seen rose in its place. The green dick was twice as thick as the dragons, although not quite as long. But this would be more painful, way more painful. And because of his promise, the tentacles didn’t even have to urge him forward as he practically sprinted toward the cock that was about to breed him. And why was he sprinting toward it? because the cock was releasing an irresistible pheromone that made the feeling of hunger he had an hour ago seem petty. As he reached it, he too in all of its magnificence. The glorious green penis was standing erect up toward the sky, precum glistening from its head. The head was twice the size of his real head and just as thick all the way down. And it stood at about two and a half feet tall.

He was about to climb the beast when one of the tentacles approached his ass, spraying a yellow/clear liquid all over it and inside. And then another tentacle moved toward the massive cock and began dumping what seemed like gallons of a slimy green goo. Once the tentacles had moved away, General Schy again approached the cock. But instead of sitting stationary, the cock began to grow, keeping the same thickness. Three feet, four feet, five feet, six feet, and up and up and up until it became like one massive tentacle itself. The Captain looked in horror as it also began to thicken now that it had grown. The thickness of the monster penis grew until it was three times the size of the General’s head. 

Captain Schy gulped out loud and the cock seemed to hear him and acknowledge his presence. Staring him down, it made a gesture as though it was smelling something. In fact, it was. It was smelling the pheromones of the yellow liquid the tentacle had sprayed on and in his ass. The gloriously huge tentacle dick swooped down gracefully towards the General’s ass. He stifled a small cry as it seemed to take a big whiff of the pheromones. And then it slid in between his legs and up his torso like a snake, staring him in the face. Precum gushed from the slit on the head. The beast pushed its cock right against his mouth, as it would definitely not fit in his mouth. Instead, the warm cock head, now three times the size of his head, pressed its slit the size of his mouth to his mouth. 

Hot cum gushed into his mouth, making him swallow again and again and again. After he felt full from just cum, the cock slithered around his whole body, and then lifted him high in the air. He felt weightless as he soared... and then drop as the massive tentacle cock slithered away from his body and grasp, leaving him to fall to his death. Air screamed past his ears and his heart beat at a mile per second. But the tentacle cock was shooting downward with him, making it so his but landed first. And then it shot to the ground and angled upward at his ass.

The wind pulled his legs into a split as his ass fell straight for the hungry, way too big to fit green, tentacle cock. His ass struck the cock head and immediately tried open as his weight pushed it until he felt it in his throat. Thrashing and screaming in pain, the cock pumped in and out making a humungous bulge the size of his torso in his stomach, pushing it out several feet. But the pain quickly dissipated, if not died altogether. Instead, roaring pleasure, so strong he almost shouted, burst from the seems. The General screamed with joy and ecstasy as he came over and over and over. He never stopped cumming even after all of his cum ran out. The feeling of cumming was still making him thrash, but no cum came out after he had used it all.

But he never stopped cumming even as the monster cock pushed his ass to the limits and pumped in and out again and again. Before he passed out, the Captain felt the cock explode inside him, so powerful he shot off of it, but met it again as it impaled him in the air, filling him to the brim. Darkness and pleasure consumed him as his eyes closed shut.  



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