Captain Schy awoke to the bright sun and he blinked his eyes as they adjusted. 

“Ah! Finally, you have awoken!” He heard someone by him say. Groggily opening his eyes wider, he noticed a werewolf type creature sitting beside him, naked. Of course he was naked, just like how everything here wanted to rape and breed him. But he also noticed the thick, rippling muscles of the werewolf beast that could speak. He sat up.

“Where am I?” General Schy breathed out as he felt his ass, sore with its extreme activities of the day.

“Why you’re at my place, of course! I heard your screams and followed them to the spider king’s den. I realised he had found a human and was trying to breed you. We don’t get many of you around here, and lucky for us, human men are the only gender and kind that can bear any of the offspring on this planet!” He seemed all too happy, as though the General was going to be his new fucktoy, which he didn’t doubt.

“Before you fuck my brains out like the last two monsters, can I at least have a small break?” The WolfMan smiled a big, sharp toothed grin with a wicked gleam in his eyes full of lust.

“That’s not necessary. I will simply extract your male sperm to then mate with mine. I just have to put a… mildly large probe up your ass to obtain it. Now, if you will, please lay on your stomach.”

The Captain did as the werewolf told him and he felt its harry hands pull open his ass cheeks. 

“Now don’t worry, the pain only lasts about five minutes. If you could handle being raped by the spider king, then you can handle this.” He heard the flick of a switch and something burning hot began pushing on his asshole. General Schy grunted as he realised that the probe was a massive dildo with a small, three-pronged hand on the front for collecting his “sperm eggs.” And then the pain began.

He heard another switch and a fiery hot lubricant shot into his asshole in streams, stimulating his pain receptors. Tears welled up in the corners of his eyes as the machine began pushing into him farther, and farther, and farther until it was all buried deep in his ass. He felt the small probe collecting liquid on the inside and he felt queasy. Captain Schy was so hard it hurt. 

But the machine continued its business and then began to retract. But he heard another switch began turned on and shouted in a hot mixture of pain and ecstasy as the probe purposely rubbed his g-spot. The one he never knew guys had… until now. The captain then came three times back to back, all of the while screaming in sheer bliss. After the machine was removed, the werewolf sent him on his way with a new set of clothes. But the clothes were just straps of leather and a his ass was fully exposed to the jungle air. 

The werewolf beast had told the General that leather is the only clothing that holds together around here and that his ass was exposed because he was now the new fucktoy of the jungle. This was because the population of creatures on the planet began depleting and becoming extinct too quickly. They could only breed human men, and since the planet had become forbidden, the beasts had no one to breed to continue their populations. And they were all males, an unfortunate situation for their kind and the ass of Captain Schy.

Continuing his trek, the Captain found a small patch of moss under a tree as night approached. He needed to rest his body and his sore ass. Curling in a tight ball, General Schy fell into a deep sleep. 



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