Being dragged through a dense jungle was more painful than he thought. General Schy had awoken to find himself tied up and being dragged on the dirt filled with sticks and stones. He couldn’t see his captor but he knew that they were not clothed. But his captor must have underestimated him. Picking up a sharp stick from the ground with his bound hands he got to work cutting his bonds. After several minutes h had both his hands and feet free, but was still holding onto the rope so the creature dragging him would think he was still tied up.

When he was dragged to an impossibly dense area, he made his move. Letting go of the rope and jolting to his feet, Captain Schy dashed with almost inhuman speed through the jungle as blood beat like a drum. He heard the shouts of his captor fade away as he kept sprinting to where he had no idea. He ran until his lungs felt like they were inhaling sharp shards of ice and then he tripped. As he lost his balance he fall right into a large hole in the ground. Into the blackness he fell, nothing in his way to break his fall.

The General landed on his side on hard stone that made a spike of pain shoot up his arm. Only using one arm to steady himself, he made sure the other wasn’t broken. It wasn’t, but it still hurt like hell. He dusted off his bare skin and shivered as a draft slipped through the darkness around him. He was in some sort of cave. The hole from which he came from was too dim to light his path. He was thinking of what to do when he heard the sharp sound of creatures scattering and crawling around. He tuned his ears to the sound, but couldn’t hear where it was coming from. And then red eyes light up like lights surrounding him. each had a set of eight, which could only make him think of spiders. And that was not good. 

As if they had read his worst fears, dozens of massive spiders emerged from the darkness, eyes still glowing. His long gulp echoed around the dark cave. And then General Schy screamed as dozens of massive spiders swarmed toward him. They ran over his skin, making little cuts with their razor sharp legs. He tried to throw them off, but there were too many. The last thing he remembered was brilliant white webs binding his body like a mummy. He fell to the cold floor with a thud. Dozens swarmed under him and lifted him several inches from the ground. They began to move like a machine, efficiently bringing him where they wanted. One of the spiders crawled up his mummy wrapped body to his eyes and sprayed web over them.

He hadn’t realized he had passed out. But when he awoke, he found himself tied to a web, its thickness was unbelievable. His legs were splayed spread eagle style, stuck to the putrid web. The sprayed web on his eyes was taken off and he was met with the head of a spider the size of his torso. The beast breathed a huff of moist, hot air onto his neck and its fangs hovered dangerously over his body. Captain Schy tried turning his head away from the eight red eyes all focused on him… and his body. A burning lust seemed to consume them as it looked him over. The monstrous beast then began to climb the web he was attached to.

Its head past his and then its torso, strangely rippling with muscles. It stopped when something hit his tight puckered asshole. Oh shit, not again! He thought as he felt something enormous and warm press against his asshole. “No! No no no no!” The Captain tried to plead, but the beast just breathed out heavily again and started pushing. He screamed as pain ripped through his ass and felt like it was tearing him in two. This was ten times worse than the vines that were covered in slimy lube. This thing was doing him with no lube, bareback. 

He let out another guttural scream as the beast began pumping in and out of him. The General’s world began fading away as the pain become overwhelming and too much. The last thing he heard was a crash through rock and the scream of the spider king beast that was raping him.



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