Pleasure was all he felt as he awoke, still impaled on the flower’s cock. It was so big, he had a hard time breathing. The cock had by now retracted down to its original size, about a foot and a half instead of the colossal tentacle cock. The Captain couldn’t help it… he had to feel that goodness again. He was ready to go since the swelling in his stomach had disappeared; it was probably the plant that drained the seed from his muscled body.

Using his legs, General Schy pumped up and down on the too big for a normal human green cock, screaming in ecstasy. It felt as though it was smashing his g-spot over and over. He came and so did the plant, although not as much as last time. He slid off and the cool air met his gaping ass as the yellow semen from the plant dumped out of his ass and drained in the center of the plant. 

What he didn’t realize was that not only did the plant take the seeds, but also replaced most of his organs. Not in a bad way. Just like the dragon, the plant also bestowed a gift. It had replaced all of the beautiful human’s organs with synthetic plant ones that were much more efficient and much, much smaller. Now the General need not to eat or drink or sleep and could take any size cock as long as it wasn’t as wide and long as his body itself. The new organs feasted on cum for energy.

Getting up and off of the plant, Captain Schy waved his gratitude toward the writhing green tentacles and continued on his way. He passed beautiful scenery and jungles, not yet encountering any animals. The jungle grew suspiciously quiet. Rustling in the bushes made him freeze where he was. Whatever was here, it needed him to have its offspring. Without thinking, General Schy adjusted his leather jock strap to make his ass look more bubbly.  

Then the Captain strutted his stuff. While more and more rustling ensued, the Captain merely began to dance up and down the nearest sapling. Using it like a pole for pole dancing, General Schy showed his beautiful ass to the world, gyrating like a pro. Then, without warning, a massive, super muscular, hairy, masculine beast jumped from the bushes with a rope in hand. 

He tied the Captain's hand together around the sapling like he'd done it a million times before. Before he knew it, General Schy was tied by his hands to the tree, his bubble ass wide open to his new lover. He felt hot breath comb his ass and thick, hairy fingers prodding his puckered hole. The green. Hairy, muscle beast inserted one digit first, making the Captain squeal in pleasure. Then a second, and then a third. The beast began fingerings around his insides, until he found the g-spot. Rubbing the g-spot with all three digits, he had the General bucking in ecstasy like a wild boar.

And then the fingers were taken out. The knot was loosened around the General's wrists and he was free. But not for long. Without a second thought, the beast (that looked awfully like a handsome orc in a movie) hauled him over his shoulder like a fireman. Captain Schy's world went dark as the orc ripped a piece of cloth off the bindings and blindfolded the Captain. 

The footsteps stopped and General Schy was carelessly dropped on the stone ground of a damp, wet, and dark cave. His blindfold was removed just to be replaced by another... sort of. A massive, foot long cock was shoved into the face of the General. He needed no urging as he quickly stuffed the fat head in his mouth before the orc face ducked him, the now longer than a foot cock pushing depend down his throat. The Captain thrashed on the ground as he gagged and choked on the ever swelling cock. Once it was pulled out with a pop, General Schy gulped massive amounts of air to push away the stars blotting his vision. 

But before he even was prepared, he was hauled off the ground by his leather jock strap and slammed back down, ass hoisted up in the damp cave air. The Captain had hardly taken another breath before the monster cock was mercilessly slammed down his tight asshole, drawing whimpers and small moans from his throat. Despite the dragon's gift of ensured ecstasy, there was way more pain than pleasure. But he hardly had any time to think before he was being cruelly raped by the manly beast. Perfect: painful, quick, and straight to the point.

The Captain was in so much pain, he passed out as lava hot streams of cum blasted through his ass like acid and enlarged his stomach before popping out large green eggs.



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