Tom closed the door behind them, "That was really good. I think it'd be nice for us to take Jennifer out to that Café for breakfast tomorrow, as a little thank you."

"Yeah, that sounds good." Ashley began to get undressed, "I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to head straight into bed. It's been a long day, and I don't want to be tired tomorrow."

"Me too," Tom began to get undressed as well, no longer apprehensive of changing in front of Ashley; though he thought it suitable to still wear pyjamas, as did Ashley. They both folded their clothes into a little pile, and Tom switched off the main light. "Hey Ash?"

"Yeah?" He hadn't thought about it before, but he quite liked the shortening of his name.

"If you get up early tomorrow, are you okay to wake me up too? I don't like being left to sleep, it makes me feel lazy. I know it's weird, but it's just a feeling I get."

"Yeah," Ashley chuckled a little, "That's fine. Can I choose any method?"

"Just a gentle nudge will be fine."

Ashley sighed, "I'm making no promises." They both laughed. Tom climbed into his bed, turning on his side to face Ashley.

"Hey Ash?" Tom's use of the word made him smile.


"Just so we don't have this caught between us, I... well, are... No. Nevermind, it's too late now, we can just talk about it tomorrow."

"No fucking way, you're not leaving me on a cliffhanger, what've you got to say? C'mon, I won't laugh." They both chuckled a little, Tom less so.

"I just... I don't know. Do you ever get the feeling, like, a really heavy weight has just been left on you? It just get heavier, and pushes harder, and harder; becoming unbearable. Y'know?"

Ashley now turned to look at Tom, "Not once," they both chuckled a little, "No, I mean... well sometimes I guess. I sort of suppose, with University ahead; and the rest of our lives after that, it gets all a little overwhelming."

Tom turned his head up to the ceiling, "That's not what I mean."

"So, what do you mean?"

"I don't know. Like, the weight is something else. And if you don't satisfy the need you have for it, then it will just grow; and force you further towards craving it."

"Tom, you're not explaining this well. Maybe we should just talk tomorrow, when you can think straight." Tom laughed a little.

"Yeah, ok." They both lay there a little while, not particularly tired; just staring at the ceiling, until Tom got up out of bed; and headed for the bathroom. Ashley watched him go, letting out a long sigh as the latch clicked.

Tom gripped both sides of the sink, looking at his reflection in the mirror; he let out a deep sigh, and brushed his hand through his hair. Tom turned on the tap, running his hand under the cold water. "Fucking idiot." Tom splashed water on his face, hiding a stray tear that had strolled from his eye.

Ashley turned over in his bed, facing the wall, "I know what you mean."

The door re-opened, and Tom clambered back under the covers; both boys doing their best to fall asleep.


Thanks guys. I understand that this chapter was a bit short; but I thought this a good place to end it. Chapter 8 will come tomorrow, so you won't have to wait long for more. Thanks for any and all support, and any of you that has criticised my stories (you help me build them). I will respond to any and all comments in the section below after each chapter, so please; comment! Thank you all once again.


Some Kind of Alias


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