"Tom?" He raised an eyebrow at Ashley quizzically, "D-do you think we could.. uh.. y-you know; push the beds together?" Tom smirked widely, flashing a couple pearly teeth, "I-I mean, just now that.. and.. because we.. geez I'm sorry. I feel like an idiot, just babbling on."
Tom kept his large grin, not saying a word; and approached a crimson Ashley, pecking him lightly on the lips. He put his hand under his bed, and heaved it next to Ashley's, separating the gap between the two.

"Hmm... slight problem." Tom frowned, attempting to control his threatening smirk.

"What? Why?" Ash looked a little disappointed, his gaze dropping slightly.

"I don't quite fancy cleaning the bed sheets every morning." Ashley blushed brightly, shoving his face in his hands to stifle a chuckle. Tom, however; felt no obligation to contain his amusement, and burst into laughter at Ashley's reaction. "I'm joking...", Tom tried to contain his laughter, "I doubt we'd even make it to the bed most times." Tom had buried his face in the duvet in an attempt to quieten his laughter as Ashley remained red-faced and frozen in place.

When Tom had managed to regain his composure, he stood to face Ashley, a serious expression on his face. He cupped Ash's cheek with one hand, and stood barely an inch from him, "I won't attempt anything you're not ready for, don't worry." Tom's breath was warm and sweet against Ashley's cheek as he closed the remaining distance, pressing his lips firmly against Ashley's.  The passionate kiss was reciprocated immediately, growing deeper, eliciting a slight moan from the smaller youth.
Tom gently grazed his tongue against Ashley's lower lip, whom allowed entrance for him. There was no battle for domination, as both tongues danced with one another; both now moaning quietly within the embrace. Tom's hands had snaked up Ashley's lower back, as Ashley gripped Tom's hair softly, pulling the two closer together.
The kiss slowed slightly, though both remaining locked in the embrace, as the two shuffled onto the bed. Ashley lay his back against the duvet, Tom leaning above him; their lips still locked together, tongues dancing. Tom was between Ashley's legs, gently pressing against him, refusing to act against Ashley's will; though was joyously surprised when Ashley raised himself, grinding the two together. Tom leant more heavily against the bed, applying more pressure between him and Ashley as the two began to move in unison; their moans rapidly growing louder. Tom's hands snaked up Ashley's shirt, as he traced his stomach lightly, and moving up to his chest. They both reluctantly broke from the kiss as Ashley's shirt was deftly removed from his body, and discarded to the floor. The two quickly mashed themselves back together, both flustered from the heat as they continued to grind their hips into one another.
It was Tom's shirt that came off next, landing heavily on the ground, revealing his sculpted body. Ashley ran his fingers across the chest and stomach, and round to Tom's back as he traced the muscles. Tom broke the kiss, lowering himself slightly, pressing his lips to Ashley's neck, kissing further and further down, allowing his teeth to occasionally graze the flesh. He paused at Ashley's chest, gently teasing the youth with his tongue, until he continued to move downwards. Ashley's eyes were closed, lost in both ecstasy and anticipation; his breathing ragged as Tom fumbled with his belt and jeans. Tom had begun to tease Ashley's muscular stomach as he tugged the jeans further down his legs; and cast them across the room. He glanced up at Ashley, who had opened his glazed eyes; he simply nodded. Tom lowered his head to Ashley's crotch, mouthing at his apparent arousal through the soft fabric of his boxers. Ashley moaned loudly, whispering a hushed profanity to the winds; as his eyes scrunched closed once again. Tom peeled Ashley's boxers down, freeing his member, kissing the tip lightly. He licked from the base to the tip, and slowly engulfed the head. Ashley allowed a gasp to escape his lips, as the feeling sent shocks through his body. Ashley's hand slipped to the back of Tom's head, gripping him lightly; as the other caressed his own stomach in his near mindless state.

Tom began to move up and down, slowly lowering further down Ashley's member, until it reached the back of his throat. Tom swallowed, allowing Ashley to slip further down; a groan escaping his lips. By now, Tom had freed his own member from its previous confinement, as Ashley's free-hand slipped down to Tom's crotch, and began to stroke him.
Ashley's moans grew louder, as he slowly began to thrust in and out of Tom's mouth, "Tom, I-I'm gonna..." Tom simply moaned his response, and began to move faster; as did Ashley's hand. Profanities were swiftly escaping Ashley's lips now, as both he and Tom grew close to climax. Their moans were loud and extended, as each attempted to draw in a breath. Ashley was thrusting quickly into Tom's mouth, as his hand stroked Tom rapidly between them. Their moans growing louder, and their movements more ragged, becoming faster and more furious with each moment. Ashley was the first, as he exploded within Tom's mouth, forcing him to swallow continuously. The act pushing Tom over the edge as he released between the two of them, coating Ashley's chest, and both their stomachs.
After a few moments, their euphoria began to calm, and Tom slumped down next to Ashley; pressing his lips firmly against the youth's. The two became locked in another embrace, though their exhaustion brought them quickly back to gasp for air. Both looked to the ceiling for a short moment, and Ashley turned his face to Tom's. "That was... amazing."

Tom turned to look at Ashley, a big smile on his face, "Yeah..." He put his arm round Ashley, pulling him into his chest; and began to spoon him.

"Tom. Don't you think we should get under the covers? It'll probably be cold when we wake up." Tom didn't let go for a moment, but finally decided that it was best. The two got up, and shuffled under the duvet, returning to their position as Tom placed a kiss against the back of Ashley's head, and laid his head down.

"Hey Ash?" Neither of them moved, Tom's arm rested over Ashley's, their fingers entwined and caressing one another.


"I meant it." Ashley shuffled slightly, pressing further back into Tom's chest.

"Meant what."

"I don't fancy cleaning the bed sheets every morning." Ashley grinned widely, blushing a little.

"That's alright. We'll just alternate between which bed we use." They both chuckled, and snuggled closer together, attempting to sleep. After all, lectures began tomorrow.

------------ I'm so sorry I was away for such a long time. This chapter was more of a reward for your patience as opposed to my plan. The next few chapters are predetermined (mostly), but please; if you've any preferences in the direction of storyline and / or character development, please comment. This is not something I'd normally do, but I figured I may as well allow you guys some interaction with the story. Of course, not all ideas can be accepted or implemented, but I'll do my best.

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Some Kind of Alias


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