Arriving at Cambridge was astounding, crowds of students already littering the grand campus. They'd arrived a few days early, allowing him to settle into the area before attending lectures. He had Friday and the weekend to explore and meet some people, most importantly his roommate.

"Come on, let's get your stuff sorted." His Dad nudged his shoulder, and exited the car. The boy got out, and headed to the back as his Dad popped the boot open. Within was a large rucksack and two suitcases, alongside a bunch of his Father's tools.

"Go on, you grab the back; I'll take in the suitcases."

"You sure, they're quite heavy dad."

"Yeah I'm sure, besides I'll only be carrying one." He smirked at that and handed one of the suitcase handles to the boys mother, who'd only just got out the car.

"Why thank you dear," She frowned, but smiled quickly after, "making my life hell, all he's good for."

They took the elevator, his room being on the second floor and headed for his room. "Wow, when I went to Uni the dorms weren't half this size."

"Mum, when you were my age; schools didn't even exist."

"Oh you cheeky little..."

"Ow, ow..." He let out a small laugh, as did the others. Vicious woman.


His room was sizeable, two beds, and bed-side table for each student pushed together between the beds. A large cupboard towered to the ceiling on both sides of the room, with a large chest of drawers aside each of them. Then there was the En Suite, though he didn't bother looking in there.

"This is nice," his mum chimed, "I'm starting to regret offering to pay for it." They chuckled lightly at that. Yeah, it was nice.

"C'mon, I'll pack up later, let's go out for lunch or something."

"Oh, I can't son; I need to be back for work. I've already said I'll be late taking you down here, I don't think they'd be too impressed if I missed the whole day."

"Yeah, yeah 'course." He was a little disappointed, but it had been a good day as of yet, he could forego lunch with his parents, "Well, I'm at least walking you back to the car."

"Damn right you are, it would've been a struggle dragging you." They all laughed again, his mother the ever-present comedian.


It was quiet, most students were now probably holed up in their dorms or off campus. He packed his remaining belongings, the sun beginning to set; its amber glow dimly lighting his room. At least he had a beautiful sight from his window, a blinding sun in the morning is not so welcome. He decided tomorrow would be the day for exploring, today he'd gone as far as the Café across the street, and hadn't checked out much of the Campus; instead spending his time unpacking and re-organising.

His roommate had yet to turn up, perhaps not coming until tomorrow. Thursday was an odd day to come though, so it wouldn't be surprising. He headed over to his set of drawers, grabbing the laptop from on top, and sat back on his bed. Once booted up, the boy began e-mailing his brother, telling him that he was there safely, and that it's a really nice place. Though he doubted his brother would read it for a couple days, he rarely ever checked his e-mail.

The sun had finally set, the dark twilight falling upon Campus, the glow of the boys laptop being the only light in the room. He was now just writing, a sort of hobby; but he rarely actually wrote, now seemed a good time. He glanced up, the door knob turning slowly; as another boy attempted to slip in quietly.

"Hey." He stood up, resting his laptop on the bed, and opened the door fully; helping the newcomer with his bags.

"Hey, thanks." He smiled, though barely visible in the dim light, "So your my roomy?"

"It would seem so," he stuck his hand out, "name's Thomas, or Tom."

"Ashley," the newcomer looked around, "Settled in already I see. Yeah, uh.. sorry I'm here at this time, we got stuck in a massive traffic jam from Bristol all the way to Reading."

"It's fine, luckily I wasn't to keen on sleeping yet," he gestured to the laptop, "Anyway, let's get your stuff sorted."

"No, I can't ask you to do that. Especially at this time, I'll do it tomorrow."

"Alright, well that's your bed; and effectively your side of the room. They're both pretty much the same, so I took the liberty of picking a side." He looked back at Ashley, "I'm going to be exploring tomorrow, do you want to join me?"

"Yeah sure, that'd be great in fact; I've a tendency to get lost," They chuckled, "I'm not joking, every Christmas my mum seems to have a new story of how I disappeared in the supermarket after she'd only so much as turned her head.

"Hah, wow. Yeah, best stick to me like glue," they laughed a little, a short lapse of conversation followed, "Well, I'll quickly finish off; then I'm gonna go to bed."

"Yeah, me too."

Tom shut off the laptop, saving his work beforehand. Given it was the first time they'd met, he decided it more appropriate to change in the bathroom, while Ashley changed in the bedroom; and decided it best to wear pyjamas until the two knew each other a bit better.


Thanks guys, all criticisms wanted as aforementioned. I do hope you enjoy the series, it may end up being longer than I anticipated. These stories, I hope, will continue coming often.


Some Kind of Alias


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