"So guys, tell me a little bit more about yourselves," Jennifer leaned forward over the restaurant table, "What're you studying and stuff?"

"Well, I'm studying Theoretical Physics, and Ashley here is taking a course in History."

"Oh cool, good to know you're not a couple of dumb jocks." They chuckled a little, "It's nice to know people with character." Jennifer sat back, "So, what else do you guys like? You know, besides swimming. Do either of you play an instrument?"

Tom was the first to reply, "Well I play a bit of the Acoustic, I sort of taught myself, but I think I'm pretty good."

"Cool, what about you Ash? Do you play anything?" Jenny took a small bite from her lunch, waiting for Ashley to respond.

"Not really," they both looked at him quizzically," Well, I sing now and then; but not in front of people." He looked at the floor, shuffling his feet a little.

"That's awesome, I've always wished I could sing; it comes out as more of a croak though." Ashley giggled at Tom's response, "Are you any good?" He just shrugged his shoulders, and sipped from his drink. "Alright, but your singing for me. One day."

Ashley chuckled, "No. I'm not singing in front of anyone."

"We'll see."

Jenny decided to pipe in, "We should so start a band, we'd be awesome." They all laughed at that, both the guys shaking their heads.


Lunch passed quickly, the conversation barely halting in between mouthfuls. Ashley paid as promised, though only for himself and Tom; Jennifer refused the offer.

"It's nearly five, we've been gone for hours." Tom looked at the other two, "Should we head back?"

"No way," Jennifer quickly responded, not waiting for Ashley's answer, "We should do something fun, go and see what's in the cinema; or go bowling."

"None of us know where any of that is, or how far." Ashley argued, "Besides, it's going to be about six by the time we get back on campus."

"Screw that, I'll just Google it. You're not winning this, we're staying out." The boys just glanced at each other and rolled their eyes, grinning. "Well... I've got a cinema that's nearby, and it's showing a couple good films soon. Yeah?"



"Alright, let's go." The three left the restaurant, the guys following behind Jennifer as she babbled about the film she wanted to watch. "The trailer looks really amazing, it's not one of those crappy action films, the story is really well thought out and crafted. This is gonna be so cool."


"Student for 'Lilting', please." Jennifer passed some cash over to the Receptionist, giving her a ticket in return.

"Enjoy your film."

"We'll have the same, please." Tom stepped forward, putting his card in the machine.

"But they're being paid for separately." Ashley stepped up, next to Tom.

"No, it's alright; I'll pay." Tom was now smiling at Ashley, "It's fine, lunch was more expensive than breakfast."

"You're just trying to ruin my credit score, keeping me in debt all the time." Ashley smiled back, obviously accepting the offer.

"You're not in debt, I'm making us even; besides this doesn't show on your credit score." The two laughed a little, Jennifer smiling off to the side.

"Enjoy your movie."

"Thanks." they both chimed.

"We're getting snacks." Jennifer said.

"We just came from lunch," Ashley saw the look on her face, "Fine, but I'm only having a drink."


The three sat together, Jennifer with a large box of popcorn in her hand, and a drink in its holder. Ashley, as promised had only bought a small drink; but Tom refused to get anything - even after a bit of pestering from Jennifer.

"You guys are going to love this film."

The lights soon dimmed, and the film began. They all seemed to be enjoying it, the film was astoundingly good; the first scene had all their mouths a little agape. Every now and then one of them letting a little sigh escape, or a sniff. Partway through Tom nudged Ashley's shoulder, pointing at himself and then the cup. Ashley just nodded, and turned back to the film. As Tom drank, he looked over at Jennifer; a handful of popcorn suspended inches from her mouth. He turned back to Ashley, completely entranced by the film; his eyes glistened with the reflected image of the screen, and what appeared like the beginnings of a small tear.

Tom put the drink back, gaining Ashley's momentary gaze, and continued to watch the film; swiftly becoming mesmerised himself.


The trio just sat in their seats, the credits still rolling. None of them had moved, still grinning at the screen.

"Wow," Ashley's voice was the first to be heard, "That was... just... beautiful. I've never seen a film like that."

"Yeah, thanks Jenny; this was a great idea. That's probably the first film I've known to make someone cry."

Jennifer frowned, "I didn't cry, what are you talking about?"

"I wasn't talking about you." they both looked at Ashley.

"What?! It was a really touching film." Ashley got defensive, crossing his arms. Tom just laughed, and wrapped his arm round Ashley's shoulder.

"It's alright, my eyes got a little wet at times." Ashley relaxed a little in Tom's arms, tilting his head onto his shoulder.

He jolted up straight after, frowning, "Yeah right, you're just trying to make me feel better."

"At least I'm trying." Tom cocked an eyebrow, smiling. "Come on, we should definitely get back now." Even Jennifer agreed.


Some Kind of Alias


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