The four had been chatting enthusiastically for the better part of two hours now, though none had actually kept track of time. By this point, Grace's nervousness had died mostly, and she was as involved as the other three; often laughing along with them. Of course her eyes never failed to eventually drift to the boy's lips as they spoke. Them being uninterested didn't deter her affections, despite cursing at herself silently, she couldn't help but feel her cheeks heat up each time one of them smiled at her, or laughed those perfect laughs. One might say they were turning her slightly homophobic, for she certainly hated that they were gay.

Jenny had noticed, often chuckling at Grace's expense, and of course Tom was already aware of her attention; but paid it little mind. 

"So guys," Jenny spoke up,  ending the short lapse of conversation, "Tell us the story." Jenny grinned widely, as did Grace, as the two girls leaned imposingly against the table. Tom sighed gently, looking at Ashley, who'd reddened at the recent memory.

"It's up to you," Ashley looked up at Tom after hearing him speak, "I know you may not want-"

"It's fine," Ashley interrupted, looking across the table at the girls, "Well... it was in the locker room-"

"Steamy." Jenny received a playful glare from both Tom and Ashley, but both she and Grace  simply burst out laughing.

"Quite the opposite actually," Ashley continued, "We started talking about our plans for today, and hanging out. Tom noticed I was being a little awkward, and so he'd asked me about it. I just came clean, saying what I thought. Thank goodness he responded how he did," Ashley smiled at Tom, "And well, now here we are." Ashley had deliberately left out most of it. He'd been uncomfortable about lying to Jenny, but he didn't feel like sharing what had truly happened yet. Tom hadn't wavered, he understood, and simply leaned down; kissing Ashley on the lips. Before the two could begin to forget about the girls, Jenny interrupted with a forced cough.


"Oh no, don't be. I'm just not sure I'm prepared to witness what might've happened had I not interrupted." Tom grinned mischievously, glancing down at Ashley's face flushed cheeks. Jenny smiled wickedly at the two, chuckling alongside Grace. "What was that look Tom?" Jenny playfully questioned, nudging his leg under the table.

"What look?" He inquired innocently, staring unerringly at her. Jenny simply grinned widely, and her eyes slowly widened.

"You two have done it?! Hah, already!" Jenny nearly shouted the question, though more of a statement, a massive grin plastered on her face. Ashley's eyes widened in shock, as he cowered from the looks they were given, and blushed deeply at Jenny's words.

"No," Tom saved him, "Not technically." Well, Tom had, and then dropped him right back in the deep end.

"Not technically? What's that supposed to mean?" Jenny looked a little confused, but for only a brief moment, "Oh shit, you guys have blo- ah, you know... each other. Oh, this is gold." Jenny's grand smile never faltered.

"Can we just.. not have this conversation please?" Ashley finally spoke up, "It's kind of personal, and extremely uncomfortable." Jenny kept her smile, shaking her head.

"Oh come on, we'd have found out eventually; better to get it all out now so there's less awkwardness when we catch you in the act at some party." Ashley dropped his face in his hands, yet the other three burst out laughing. Tom wrapped an arm around Ashley's shoulders, hugging him close and kissing his head.

"Hey, do you want to head back?"

"Please," Ashley mumbled, glancing towards the giggling girls, "I'm not sure how much I can handle.

"Jenny, Grace," Their giggles slowly died, both looking up at Tom, "We're gonna head back now, okay?"

"Okay," Jenny said, wiping a stray tear from her cheek, Tom and Ashley both got up; both leaving some money for the girls to pay, and started towards the exit, "Use protection."

Ashley groaned audibly as the girls were thrown back into a fit of giggles, and Tom just chuckled slightly, rubbing Ashley's arm. "Don't let them get to you."

"It's not them, it's just; when they say stuff like that... I want it to happen." Tom laughed loudly, Ashley smacking him on the arm, "I mean, I don't want them walking in on us or anything, just, us doing something that them walking in on would be embarrassing." Tom laughed even harder, and Ashley began laughing alongside him as they continued on. Slowly his laugh faltered, and became a nervous chuckle. "Tom?"

Tom looked down at Ash as they walked, "Yeah?"

"You don't think that, maybe we're going a little fast." Ash continued before Tom could answer, "I mean, we met only last Thursday; and well, we're already a couple, and we've already done stuff. Don't you think we're running in head-on?"

Tom stopped walking, gripping Ashley's hand to stop him too, and turned him to face Tom. "I think you and me are going at the perfect pace. We met only a few days ago, but already I feel like I've known you for more than a year; and I truly like you Ashley. I couldn't imagine spending my nights without you lying beside me, or my days without seeing you. And whatever doubts we may share, I guarantee they will disappear with the wind."

A small tear ran down Ashley's cheek, "I want to believe that Tom. I really do like you, more than anyone before; but even so, I can't say why that is. I mean, my feelings might not be what I want them to be, and when you asked me to be your boyfriend I was so delighted, and so enticed by the idea of being with someone that I simply couldn't refuse, especially when that someone was as perfect as you. Tom, I'm scared. I'm scared that one day we'll realise that what we share is simply a dream that we both want, but doesn't actually exist, and were that the case, it'd tear me apart. I couldn't be hurt like that Tom, I just couldn't."

Tears were threatening to burst from Ashley's eyes, as strays ran down both boys' cheeks. "Ashley, please don't say that. This is real, we're real okay," Tom's grip tightened on Ashley's hand, and he pulled him closer, "And I know that it'll always be so. This is no childish fantasy. I knew that when you first confessed to me, that you were the kind of person that could only love once; and when I asked you to be my boyfriend, I only did so because I KNEW that I wasn't taking a risk. I knew that how you felt was sincere, and that I like you, if not love you just as much. It would kill me for us to not at least try, because I know we'll regret not doing so." Tom pulled Ashley into a tight hug, kissing his forehead affectionately, caressing the backs of his hands.

"I love you Tom." Ashley mumbled into his chest, sniffling slightly; though attempting to compose himself.

"I love you too Ashley. I always will." The two slowly pulled apart, looking at each other; smiling, eyes puffy, cheeks wet. Tom glanced up at the sky, "We should get back, it's dark; goodness knows what time it is." And they did, heading back in silence, simply holding each other close; content in one anothers' arms.


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Some Kind of Alias


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