Neither Ashley or Tom spoke that morning, not quite knowing what to say; worried they might do something foolish. It was better they remained silent, so they thought. They showered, dressed and prepared in silence. Tom grabbing their swimming stuff, while Ashley dried; occasionally glancing at one another, though never as the other glanced back. Tom opened his mouth to speak, but no sound could escape before he stopped himself, shaking his head.

Ashley murmered a quiet thanks as Tom held the door for him to leave, locking it behind them; they descended the stairs in a painful secrecy, only the clamor of other students to remind them of their nonexistent quietude.

In contrast to recent days, the sky was growing bleak as they furthered towards Autumn; and Summer's final

days closened. The weather did little than worsen the boys' pensive mood as they headed for the main building. Inside was no better, it was still early; though late enough that all the lights were off; colouring the walls with a white-blue hue.

The changing rooms remained mostly empty for the morning, most not getting out of their rooms until closer to the afternoon. As a result, Tom and Ashley gained a small amount of privacy while getting getting changed.Tom pulled his phone from his trouser pocket as he put his stuff in the locker, "Hey, Jenny just sent me a message, we're going to meet her at the cafe at nine for breakfast." Ashley simply nodded, "Also, I wanted to check if this was ok; but I was thinking of asking Jenny to lunch. Y'know, she seems really nice, and I'd like to talk to her some-"

"Tom!" Ashley caught himself, before he said anything more.

"Woah, hey. What is it? You ok?" Tom put his hand on Ashley's shoulder, but it was shrugged off quickly.

"Nothing. I was just being stupid, it doesn't matter."

"No. That wasn't nothing. You said yourself that you can't just leave it at a cliffhanger."

"I don't give a shit what I said Tom! Christ, I said it was nothing; I'm sorry. It was a mistake, let's just... get ready." Ashley began to walk towards the lockers, but Tom stopped him; grabbing his shoulder.

"No, you don't get to do that. I mean, this morning you don't say anything to me at all, and now; you're reacting as if I've done something seriously wrong. Tell me Ashley, what the hell is this?"

Ashley whirled, his eyes a tempest of emotions. A burning anger flashed, but was betrayed by the tears sitting at his eyes edge. "Two days! Two days I've known you and already I can't stand being around you."

Tom's shoulders slumped, and he fell back onto the bench, "What? H.. Wh-What have I done? Have I said something I shouldn't? D-"

"No. Fuck. That's.. not what I meant. I mean - ah," Ashley sighed deeply, sitting next to Tom; "I can't stand being around you, knowing that you don't feel... just listening to you talk about Jennifer is tearing me up Tom -" Ashley burst into tears, uncontrollably sobbing. Tom slipped his arm around Ashley's shoulders, pulling him closer. "You're my weight Tom, and it's only been two days; but I can't bear the thought of staying in the same room knowing that you-" Ashley felt a pair of lips press softly against his damp ones. He reeled back in surprise, "I thought you, uh... liked Jennifer."

Tom smiled widely, "That's your response. No, I wanted to talk to Jennifer because I couldn't keep my feelings for you bottled up, and I'd no idea how you might've reacted to them. I mean, at the Cinema I attempted to see you reaction, but you shrugged me off. I was going to ask her for advice." Ashley smiled at this, even giggled a bit.

"You? Needing dating advice."

"More along the lines of courting, but yeah."

Ashley burst out laughing, wiping his eyes and drying his cheeks, "Wow. In that case I expect a significant dowry."

"Ah, we're getting married now are we?" They both laughed, Ashley leaning his head against Tom's shoulder. When the laughs died, Ashley's smile slowly faded.

"So, what is this now? What are we?"

"Nothing." Ashley frowned and sat up abruptly, "Not until after this. Prepare yourself." Ashley grinned a little, but his frown remained as he sat confused, "Ashley, after much deliberation and preparation; I've managed to take you out to this wonderful place tonight. The food was delicious, and the wine; although it tasted a little of Chlorine was very nice," Ashley giggled a little, "Anyway, I prepared all of this to ask you one question. Will you, I'm asking out of courtesy, refuse and I'll have to force you to accept. Will you, Ashley Morgan, be my boyfriend?"

Ashley grinned widely, nodding his head, "Yes, although; I think I may need some more wine; all this is getting a bit too much." With that, Ashley got up and ran off towards the pool; his boyfriend in tow.


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Some Kind of Alias


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