I had been in a deep sleep when I become aware of the sensation of a hand on my chest. It was hard to distinguish between the dream world and reality as my mind filled with surreal images. The hand slipped lower until over my stomach, moving hesitantly as it went stopping and starting until it rested just below my navel. I became aware of heavy breathing as the hand remained in place and I lay perfectly still semi aware of what was happening. Then there was a sound of a muffled groan. The hand moved away and I slipped back into sleep.

I awoke with the alarm clock buzzing loudly the vague memory of the previous nights sensation in my head as my morning wood throbbed for attention. I figured it had been my over active imagination and made my way to the bathroom to shower and shave ready for work.

Dad's bedroom door was wide open and he lay peacefully sleeping with a blissful look upon his face and I found myself stopping to watch. It had been a while since I had seen him look that way and I smiled to myself thinking it will all be alright in the end, we will make it through this together. My cock throbbed again as I stood naked watching him in his slumber. After a few minutes I continued to the bathroom shooting a load as I soaped up in the shower.

It was three nights later as I slept when I became aware of the sensation again of a hand on my chest and the sheets being pulled back inch by inch. This time I knew I was not dreaming as I felt his hand slip down to my stomach and the sheets continued to gently slide down until they had been pulled carefully over my hip and came to rest on my thigh. I felt his hand slide down over my hip and stop on my upper thigh. I could hear his breathing become laboured and was aware that my groin was fully exposed. Blood began to fill the capillaries of the soft spongy flesh of my flaccid cock and I could feel it begin to fill out and grow. The veins pumped making my cock throb as it lengthened until it lifted like the arm of a crane. I could feel the tightness of my foreskin as my cock head swelled and the foreskin began to slowly retract under the growth until the mushroom shaped bulbous head blossomed and was fully exposed.

I could hear a deep repeating gasping sound like someone trying to catch their breath as my cock throbbed again and I felt the sensation of pre cum pooling on my stomach. His hand moved gently and a finger smeared against the moist patch before breaking contact. There was the sound of heavy breathing and then a sudden silence. Then came the sound of movement and I heard my bedroom door close. I looked down at my aching cock gripping it tightly and letting out a deep sigh as I began to stroke the length of my shaft, tugging my balls down as I did so with my other hand.

The following morning I awoke with my usual morning wood my head filled with what had happened. I made my way to the bathroom stopping outside my Dads room to see him fast asleep face down with the sheets pulled back and tangled around one leg. His plump domed shaped ass cheeks covered in a layer of fur were exposed and I found myself staring, one hand on my morning erection as I looked in detail at his bare flesh. After my shower and shooting a hefty load with Dads ass burned in my mind I went to my room to dress for work.

Another two nights passed with no visit and on the third night I lay awake, my head filled with confused thoughts and feelings. I thought I heard the sound of breathing and then I froze as I heard movement. I felt my bed sheets being eased back over my torso gradually exposing my naked body, down over my stomach, my hips, my thighs until they had been pulled off my body completely.

  I felt the bristles of his short beard against my foot as his nose pushed against it and inhaled deeply a few times before moving away. I felt his breath against my groin followed by the feel of his nose against my nut sack, again he inhaled deeply a number of time as I felt his hand touch my stomach and gently gluide down over my hip.

I could feel my cock quickly responding to the attention and within seconds I could feel my manhood throbbing as the veins pulsated. I felt he warm moistness of his tongue against my balls and his hand broke contact and then I felt the heat from his hand as it hovered just above my cock. I tensed my muscles causing my erection to bounce touching the palm of my Dads hand momentarily. His hand dropped lower until it was just touching the flesh of my hard member causing it to throb further. Then without warning the palm of his hand collapsed gently around my shaft as he explored how it felt in his hand.

He pulled away from my balls as his hand remained in place causing my cock to throb violently from his touch. I felt his hand begin to travel up and down the length of my shaft as I forced back any groans or reactions that might give away the fact I was awake. He remained contently stroking up and down, his fingers rubbing around the contour of my cock head, rubbing against the piss slit and collecting any small drops of pre cum as they appeared. I wanted to cry out but held back with all my might afraid that he would bolt as soon as he realised my awareness of his action. I wanted him to enjoy this moment and explore all he wanted of my body. I was his to touch, his flesh, blood and DNA. The moment was not to last and soon I felt him break contact before I heard him leave the room once more leaving me horny and frustrated.

Nudity around the house...

The next morning I was stood in the kitchen in my briefs making my morning coffee. I heard the sound of Dad getting up when a thought occurred to me. I slipped off my briefs and chucked them in the wash basket and quickly fluffed myself as I heard him coming down the stairs. "You want coffee Dad?" I asked as I turned to face him. He was stood in his white Y fronts looking blurry eyed and sleepy and his gaze quickly fell below my waist as he replied "Yeah, sure, thanks son". He remained stood in a daze as I made him a coffee and I was aware of my semi arousal standing out at an angle.
I kept track of his eyes as I handed him the cup and he was clearly looking pass the cup of coffee I was handing him. Dad sipped his black coffee and his other hand rubbed the bulge in his underpants, giving himself a firm tug as his eyes once again glancing down at my manhood. He said he was glad it was Friday and made polite conversation in between sipping his coffee. I watched as his thumb tip slipped just under his waistband pulling down the elastic to expose a dark tuft of thick pubic hair while his fingers slowly rubbed the shaft of his cock through the thin white cotton.

We continued to chat both of our attention occasionally drawn down to each other's crotch but pretending not to notice. It was like a game, a tease, a testing of the water as we changed the conversation to sport. My cock bounced to attention but I dare not look down or acknowledge it. Dad's hand moved so that his finger tips slipped just under the waistband and his palm rested on his stomach "So who do you think will win the game?" he said loudly with a nervous laugh as he let his hand move down under the cotton so that his hand was gripping his cock. I could not help but look down distracted by his hand as it rummaged around and my reply was delayed as I lost track of my thoughts. We chatted further each constantly taking turns to look down before I finally had to get ready for work. After work that same day I went straight to me room to change out of my work clothes. I left the door open and as I unbuttoned my shirt I caught a shadow pass the door out of the corner of my eye. I continued to undress removing my trousers and hanging them up before removing my socks and underpants. Just at the moment I was naked my Dad walked in the room and with just a towel wrapped around his waist. He began asking if I knew what time the game was at the weekend and asking what my plans were. He seemed in a good mood and I did not sense the sign of drink either. "You want a coffee?" Dad asked "Yeah sure" I replied. I arrived down stairs in my briefs to find Dad sat on the couch naked with the TV on, his thick flaccid cock and large balls hanging between his wide open thighs "You want to watch the match?" he asked as if nothing was out of the ordinary "Yeah" I replied wondering how much of my attention I could keep on the screen.



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