OK let's face it, if you and your old man were playing hide the sausage with each other the chances are you would not want to tell your mates right?
The thing is that my mate Dan is not like most mates, we have always told each other everything, including all our dirty darkest secrets, or should that be especially all our dirty darkest secrets.

"Are you pulling my plonker?" Dan asked as he looked at me and leaned forward over the table at the pub.
I had chose a table at the back of the pub purposefully wanting to be way out of ear shot of anyone else and I could see by his expression that he was unsure if to take me seriously.
"Yeah of course I am pulling your plonker. Like I am going to bullshit you about me and my Dad burying the bone in each other" I replied with a serious expression on my face.

Dan knew I was the world's worse liar and that I would just laugh if I even tried to lie so I could see his face change as he began to take me serious.

"When? How? I mean fucking hell" Dan said before adding "Shit I think I am boned up. Is that a bit wrong mate?"

The truth was it was the response I had expected and hoped for and I just grinned at him as I shook my head
"What? I can't help it" Dan said adjusting himself under the table as he looked around.
I took a swig of beer before asking the question I had wanted to ask all along
"So you up for a threesome mate?"
Dan spluttered and coughed, spraying beer over the table
"Cunt, could you not wait till I had swallowed that mouthful?" Dan asked wiping the table with the sleeve of his sweater
"Funny that is what I said to my Dad" I replied with a smirk only adding to Dan's laughter.

So Dan was up for it, not that I really doubted he would be. He had always made comments about my Dad being a horny sod and a DILF, (Dad I'd Like to Fuck.) He even admitted to tossing off a load in my Dads bed one time and humping my old man's pillow when my old man was out working night shifts. He admitted being turned on by the thought of my Dad pressing his face the following day where his stiff pecker had been rubbing and dribbling, yeah as I said we share all our dirty secrets.

Back at home my Dad was just as eager as Dan when I dropped the suggestion casually as Dan had gone to use the upstairs bathroom
"So both of you together at the same time?" Dad wanted to clarify
"Yeah that is what a threesome is Dad" I replied chuckling
"I know what a threesome is you cheeky fucker. So when do we do this?" Dad asked excitedly as Dan walked back in the room and looked at me with a dirty smirk having heard part of the conversation.

Dan sat down next to me on the couch and immediately began to kiss me passionately on the lips as his fingers began to fumble at my zipper
"Oh fuck yeah" Dad muttered as he watched Dan's no nonsense approach to getting the ball rolling, and it was not long before me and Dan was stood removing each other's clothes and exchanging saliva with our tongues as we began to give my Dad a show.

The old man had seen Dan naked before on a number of occasions over the years, he had even busted us red handed jerking each other off, yet he had been very cool and calm about it at the time leaving me and Dan wondering just how much he had witnessed. We thought for sure if he had seen what we was up to he would have gone off the fucking deep end or been seriously embarrassed about the whole scenario right?
But the old man had just stood at the doorway as we sat stuffing our stiff dicks back in our shorts and all he could say at the time was
"Sorry, don't let me disturb you lads, just carry on with whatever and I will catch you later", and with that he had turned and closed the door.

Now here we now were, Dan and I down to our tight fitting briefs as our erect cocks rubbed against each other and tented the fabric while snogging and groaning, spittle dripping from our open mouths as our tongues explored deep. My Dad watching me and my long time friend openly put on a display which he must have only been able to imagine in his fantasies before.

We tugged at each other's briefs until tearing the cotton fabric at the seams and exposing our stiff sticky pricks. I could feel my hard dick rubbing against Dan's hard dick as our syrupy fluid flowed and blended between us.

I could see Dan glance over occasionally to look at my Dad and I could feel a fiery passion within Dan that I had not felt for some time. He was clearly thrilled at this opportunity to show off in front of my old man and no doubt his mind was fuelled with dirty deeds he wanted to perform with my Dad. Fantasies he had been dreaming about and wanking over for the longest time that he would now have the opportunity to act out.

Dan crouched down and took my cock deep inside his mouth, my rigid shaft sliding down his throat with ease as he began to vigorously motion his head up and down. The dirty bastard loved showing off and this would have been the pinnacle, the thought of sucking Dad and son in one scene would have been playing over and over in his mind since I suggested it, and I knew it had been his long time fantasy, not that he would have necessarily remembered telling me that.

We had been off our fucking heads one night when we both were camping in our teens, a combination of alcohol and strong weed had relaxed us both and he had taken a short break from sucking my cock as we lay naked under the clear starry sky. He looked at me with glassy eyes and a far off look
"You ever wonder what your Dads penis looks like when erect?" he had asked as he continued stroking my dick and glanced down at it
I began to giggle uncontrollably as I answered
"Dude what sort of fucked up question is that?"
"I wonder how it would taste sucking both you and your Dad off together" he added with a shit faced wasted grin, and then began to proceed with the blow job he had started.
I doubted he recalled that conversation, or much about that evening, but I remembered and it had indeed made me ponder. That had prompted me to think of Dan when Dad had been watching group action porn, he had been the most likely willing candidate.

I used my hand to motion Dad to join us as I saw he was already rubbing his crutch enthusiastically. He stood up and stepped towards us, Dan continuing to suck me as the movement of my Dad caught his eye, he was clearly in no doubt what was next as he slobbered down my length.
My Dad unbuttoned his trousers and pulled down his zipper before reaching his hand down inside his underpants and pulling free his throbbing member causing Dan's eyes to widen like two saucers.

Within a nanosecond Dan had abandoned my aching cock and greedily swopped over, his mouth eagerly taking my Dad's thick long cock, salivating down the shaft leaving a glimmering sheen coating of spit as his head bobbed up and down frantically. Hungry for that man cock that belonged to my Dad, and now in a state of bliss as he worshipped it the only way he knew how.

"Fuck your Dads cock is gorgeous" Dan had said to me years ago as he had come out of the public toilets in the local park where we played footie. I had seen my Dad follow him in and had thought he genuinely just needed a piss too
"You looked at my Dads dick?" I had asked, trying to sound surprised even though in truth I was not
"He stood right next to me at the urinal and let loose some serious fucking torrent with his bog ole todger, and he gave it a real good firm shake too, I swear a few drops splashed me" Dan had said excitedly
"You are fucking twisted you know that" I had replied shaking my head yet feeling a little turned on at his confession
"You ever thought about being pissed on?" had been Dan's next question causing me to just stare at him in disbelief.

I imagined as Dan sucked my Dad's cock right now he himself was recalling that memory, hoping to drain my old man's big hose of his thick white seed and hot gushing yellow fluid. As the thought filled my mind I felt even more aroused, Dad's nozzle releasing a golden stream, flooding Dan's mouth until it spilled from his lips and cascaded down his chin.

I grabbed my cock in a firm grip as I closed my eyes picturing the image in my mind's eye and suddenly I felt Dan's warm wet mouth back on my cock. The same mouth that had just sucked my old man was back sucking me and I opened my eyes to see my Dad undoing his shirt buttons, his fingers fumbling with the buttons as he rushed to get undressed.

Dad removed his shirt exposing his large stocky frame and Dan was quick to swop over again, his hands reaching up to grab my old man's hairy stomach as he suckled like a calf on his cock. Dad edged forward and kissed me, our lips touching and opening allowing each other's tongues access as our bodies moved closer.

I felt Dan grip my cock against my Dad's as our bodies pulled closer and watched as he began to lick them both while rubbing them together. A Dad and son frottage which he had no doubt wanked off thinking about on numerous occasions, and now he watched and licked at the pair of cocks as he rubbed them, comparing and enjoying both as his eyes looked in disbelief at the sacred union of firm throbbing organs as they both leaked pre cum.

Dan's mouth opened wide and hovered beneath our heads as he captured the drizzle of clear sticky honey that blended together in his mouth. He squeezed our cocks together creating a fresh flow of fluid to flow like sap. A line of drawl dripped from his mouth as he salivated at the prospect of sucking the two cocks at once.

I looked up at Dad to see him watching with intrigue as Dan began to close in, his jaw opening wider so as to accommodate the both of us together. I could feel Dads warm moist cock pressed firm against my own and then I gasped. Dan's mouth slid down, reaching a third of the way as his lips stretched, I could hear him gag and heave as he forced his mouth further down, my cock and Dad's cock sharing the same warm enclosure making us both quiver and groan with joined excitement.

The half way mark was as far as Dan could go with the girth of our cocks together but he remained in place for a while, attempted the seemingly impossible feat until he had to come up for air and he gasped loudly.
"Oh fuck yeah!" Dan said, still holding our cocks together as he looked at them in wonder.

"Maybe the bedroom would be more comfortable" my Dad suggested giving Dan a cheeky wink and without hesitation Dan bounced to his feet before leaning forward and kissing my Dad on the mouth.
I watched my Dad's lips open first as his tongue darted deep inside Dan's mouth and Dan was receptive to the action as he opened his own mouth widely, there erect cocks rubbing together and their arms wrapping around each other.

Dan leaned back and looked down between their bodies as their two cocks remained pressed firmly together and I could see his eyes marvelling at my Dad's manhood against his own.

Dad slapped Dan's buttocks hard before they pulled away from their embrace
"Get that fucking cute arse upstairs now" Dad ordered abruptly
"Yes Sir!" Dan replied cheekily doing a salute.

I laughed to myself as I questioned if the old man had been influenced by some of that porn he had been watching.

The question was answered as we entered Dads room and I saw a number of toys laid out on the tall dresser which no doubt he had been ordering online. Dan and my Dad was already on the bed rolling around in a naked embrace as they sucked face enthusiastically, and I stopped to examine Dads knew toys wondering if he had been using them, or was planning on breaking them in.

Cock rings, chrome and leather strap varieties, a butt plug, a few dildos, one of which looked a little ambitious, leather wrist restraints, a blind fold, a vibrator and what looked like a plug in massage wand. I picked it up the massager examining it as I pondered its possible uses.

Dirty old fucker was clearly planning on getting a bit kinky. He had barely got out the closet and he was already planning some pervy stuff. Not that I was one to talk, I had talked my best mate into having a threesome with me and my old man, not that much persuasion was needed. I looked back to the bed where my Dad had Dan on his back, an ankle behind each ear with his butt up in the air as the old man spread his arse cheeks and began to tongue joyfully at his open hole.

Dan whimpered and whined loudly as he held his own ankles in place and felt the oral assault on his flinching asshole. I knew Dan was a right pig when it came to his arse and he was not shy about it either. He could bust a load from anal stimulation alone and that would only leave him wanting more. As for my Dad, well he seemed to adore the taste of man hole, a real natural whose tongue lapped licked and darted in and around the hole that presented itself before him, the sphincter winking as he blew against its moist surface with pursed lips before diving in deep again, his rough stubbly chin clearly stimulating Dan's outer ring piece as Dan groaned and snorted.

As I watched I did not feel left out, I felt turned on watching the pair together. My lifelong friend and my Dad finally getting it on no holds barred. Each lost in the moment of the release of sexual tensions that had been built up between them for the longest time, the years of flirting and teasing culminating at this point in time where their desires now took over.

Dan looked over at me with his large eyes filled with a look of utter enjoyment, a look that said a long time craving had been realised. I watched as my Dad lurch forward, heaving his stocky body between Dan's spread thighs and beginning to kiss Dan with the fresh taste of musky arse in his mouth, his rock hard member rubbing up and down the crack of Dan's butt, his swollen head occasionally pausing at Dan's entrance and prodding gently but not penetrating as Dan's thigh wrapped around my Dad's torso, clamping him in place.

It was a indeed a perfect match and just watching the two closest people in my life enjoy each other would have been enough for me, but as they stopped kissing they both turned their heads and looked towards me. I knew it was time for me to get involved in the action rather than just being an observer.

I approached them and leant forward between the two faces that looked at me and we all joined in a passionate kiss, three mouths, three tongues, and three sources of saliva, an exchange that explored taste warmth and moisture from one another, engaged with our eyes closed and mouths opened, groans of building pleasure echoing between us.

It was Dad that pulled away first and he eased himself upwards and clambered to one side of the bed as me and Dan remained lip locked, the freshly left taste of my Dad swopping between our tongues as we sighed into each other's mouths with passion, the object of both of our desires watching us, encouraging us with whispers and words.

"Yeah, my two boys making out" I heard him say breathlessly, and part of me wanted to laugh at the impression the gay porn had left upon him, but a deeper part of me felt a warm glow from the term he had used. Boys... it remained in my head like an echo of a deep yearning and when I opened my eyes I saw the same response reflected back on Dan's face.

The simple word boy that hardly described our identity as grown men yet fulfilled a need in us both. A kind of feeling of regression mixed with adult feelings that created a surge of memories and fantasies alike.
"Daddies boys" Dan whispered into my mouth loud enough for my Dad to hear as his eyes remained tightly closed, and I knew his head was in that same space.

We continued to kiss as I climbed onto Dan and our naked bodies began to grind together, rolling around from one side to the other on the bed as each of us took turns in being on top, our aching cocks pressed together and a puddle of pre cum building between us.

I felt Dan's warm breath as he groaned deeply in my mouth whilst lay on top of me and I glanced over to the mirror to see my Dad pushing a finger in Dan's hole while in his other hand he held a butt plug. I kept glancing over whilst continuing to kiss Dan, watching as my Dad pulled his wet finger free and teased the tip of the butt plug against Dan's opening causing him to back up.

"Yeah Daddy" Dan groaned in my mouth, his eyes now catching the reflection in the mirror of what my Dad was up to.
"Yeah you want stuck in your butt boy?" My Dad asked in a gruff voice clearly getting into the whole role play thing
"Yes please Daddy" Dan said loudly whilst twisting his head to get a better look as a line of spittle dripped from his mouth and into mine
"My two horny sons making out for Daddy" and with that my Dad began to push the pre greased butt plug in Dan's eager hole, pushing harder as the plug got wider at the neck until with just a little more persuasion it slid in place.

"Thank you Daddy" Dan said as he pulled away from me and sat upright, my Dads arms reaching around his chest and beginning to work his nipples gently, alternating between circling with his finger tips and light tugging between his thumbs and fingers.
Dad began biting Dan on the back of the neck and telling him he was a good son and I could see Dan reacting to the hard pressure that Dad was now applying to his nipples, squirming and wriggling against the sensation as it built up, my Dad beginning to kiss his neck tenderly.
A contrast between tender kissing and rough nipple play that clearly aroused Dan as his cock bobbed up and down like a buoy on rough seas.

I pulled myself free from between Dan's thighs as he remained kneeling on the bed and I watched as my Dad suddenly released his grip on Dan's nipples and leaned back leaving Dan in limbo and aching for more.

Dad moved his attention to me, grabbing me and pulling me close as he kissed me, his hand gripping my arse cheeks, pulling the fleshy mass of muscle apart before I felt a finger slide between my crack and begin to press against my asshole. Teasing me with his finger tip as his other hand broke contact and landed with a firm slap making me gasp into his mouth as his tongue penetrated my mouth.

I was able to see Dan out of the corner of my eye and he was pulling on his nipples and pushing back upon the plug that filled his anal cavity, his gaze fixed on the action of Dad and son as his cock remained rigid and seeping clear viscous juice. Watching intently knowing where my Dads finger was lingering, and seeing my facial expression as my Dads finger breeched my barrier.

Dad pulled away from my mouth as his finger drove deep within me and he leaned over to my ear and whispered
"I am going to fuck your arse son, and Dan is going to watch. He is going to feel that butt plug in his hungry hole and wish it was me pummelling and stuffing him with my big fucking Daddy rod. I want you to groan louder than you ever have before. Have your brother Dan fucking gagging for it like a bitch on heat"

I could not help but grin at the way my Dad's mind worked, and the thought of Dad pounding me as Dan watched appealed to me greatly. Putting on a show the likes of which Dan had only ever imagined as he tossed off. All that Dad and son porn Dan watched was about to get pretty fucking real for him in a live display.

My Dad slowly pulled his finger free and held it to Dan's nose before he climbed off the bed and moved towards the dresser. I could see Dan look over to see what my Dad's next choice of toys would be, surely not the blindfold, that would just be cruel.

We watched as he picked up something and fumbled around out of sight before he picked up the leather wrist restraints and turned as he moved towards Dan, Dad's rigid lance swaying from side to side, a broad leather cock strap pulled tight around the base causing numerous veins along his meaty shaft to stand pronounced as his cock head swelled against the tight foreskin.

"Put your hands behind your back boy" my Dad ordered Dan
Dan grinned from ear to ear as his hands moved instantly behind his back and my Dad wrapped a restraint around each wrist that he buckled up securely before attaching the two together
"That will stop you touching yourself, there will be no shooting your load until I say so boy you understand" Dad stated looking somewhat menacing as he sneered
"Yes Sir!" Dan promptly responded his eyes wide with a child like excitement.

I am betting if you had told Dan that morning that my Dad would shove a butt plug up his arse and have him restrained with leather restraints he would never have believed it. But now the look upon his face was a picture as he was in his element.

My Dad grabbed my arm and pulled me from the bed and towards him, raising me to my feet by the side of the bed before he leaned towards me to whisper
"Are you ready to give Dan a good show? Get him all wound up and wired for Dad"
"Get my brother all turned on and ready for you Dad" I whispered back picking up on the reference of Dan as my brother that Dad had used earlier.
Dad gave me a wicked grin as the palm of his hand rubbed against the side of my face.

Dan watched barley blinking as my Dad hammered me hard with his large raw tool. I was bent over in front as he slammed it into me from behind without mercy. Dan had watched as my Dad had licked tongued and fingered my hole, opening and priming me ready for his big member. Now he rode me hard, sliding his length all the way in and occasionally pulling out completely before spearing me as his member pushed back inside with force making me groan loudly.

There was no need for me to fake to be louder as Dad ravaged me like a man possessed, clearly aroused by being watched and the eager anticipation of Dan being on the receiving end next.
"Oh fuck yes please Dad!" I howled as Dad hollowed me out inside
I could feel Dan's piercing gaze, no doubt highly stimulated as he watched and frustrated at being unable to touch his own cock.

"Yeah take it all son!" Dad said through gritted teeth as he continued to pound me, pulling my upper torso upright as he wrapped his arms tight around me so that I could feel his sweaty body rub against my back, his rich aroma already filling the room and adding to the arousal.

I turned my head to see Dan fidgeting impatiently, urging my Dad with his fixed gaze to use his hole. The forlorn expression on his face that showed how desperately he wanted my Dads cock, he had wanted it before but now the temptation from watching him perform, watching my Dads naked perspiring body as he put me through my paces, listening to my words of encouragement for Dad to fuck me hard.

I felt Dad's motion begin to slow until he pulled his cock free of my throbbing hole making me gasp loudly as I fell forward. I had taken as much as I could for now and was pleased he had stopped as I attempted to get my breath back.
But now I knew it would be Dan's turn. Not that he would mind, I could see his face already beaming in readiness, he wanted bad, but then he had always had wanted it bad from my Dad...

The first time I fucked Dan it had hurt us both, his tight clamped sphincter restricting the access and instinctively pushed me out as I tried to push in. It had been Dan's suggestion that we try it and even as his eyes had welled up with tears he had begged me to stick it in deeper.
It did not take long for either of us to cum, the sensation overwhelmed us both and within just moments of thrusting in and out we had both simultaneously emptied our loads.
We had lay gasping for air and panting at the new experience and Dan had asked me outright in his usual casual manner 
"Have you ever seen your Dad fucking?"
"No why?" I replied
"Just wondered how he does it that is all. Wondered what it would be like"
It struck me at that moment that part of his attraction to me was a sense of getting closer to my Dad, that which he thought he could never have he explored through me.
But now oh boy he was going to get it...

Next part to follow soon...
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