I had awoken by myself naked in Dads bed, wrapped like a cocoon in his white sheets which lingered with our mixed manly scents and the distinct smell of man sex. My morning wood throbbed relentlessly at the realization of the previous night's activities.

We had both willingly taken a bite of the forbidden fruit and taken a path from which there was no return.

I lay there gripping Dads pillow against my bare torso and sniffing the place where his head had been cradled the previous night, sinking into the comfort of Dads bed I began to wonder how he was handling the situation.

This was not just a new experience for him but a life changing experience that had happened with me, his son. I could not help but wonder if this would have been a bit easier if he had at least had some history of experimenting with men, but for me to be his first?

I clambered out of bed, reluctant to leave the warmth and safety of the cocoon like state. I headed for the bathroom to release my morning stream, standing for a while blurry eyed at the toilet bowl as I waited for my morning woody to subside a little. My bladder ached until finally my cock softened enough to let loose a gush of piss causing me to sigh in relief.

After shaking off the last drops I was about to go to my room and put some underwear on but thought fuck it, the old man has seen it all, tasted it all, felt it all and all but bought the t shirt. No point being a fucking prissy pussy about nudity now.

I went to find my Dad and found him in the study at the computer. The old man was like a kid with a new toy that he was keen to play with. Hardcore gay pornographic images filled the large screen in front of him as he sat hypnotised, with one hand down between his thighs fondling his stiff cock as his other hand moved the mouse rapidly.

"Have you been up long Dad?" I asked, resting my hand on his shoulder as I looked at the graphic images on the screen
"Just a couple of hours" Dad responded not taking his attention away from the screen as a video popped up showing a group of men engaged in sex.

The words kid candy and store come to mind as I smiled to myself and gripped his shoulder
"You want a coffee Dad?"
"Yes please son" he replied as the sounds of groaning humping and cursing men come from the speakers.

I returned with coffee to find another video playing and again smiled to myself
"Do you guys really get up to all this stuff?" Dad asked looking at me for just a second before his attention snapped back to the action on the screen
"Pretty much yeah" I replied grinning while watching a guy impale himself on an incredibly large dildo as his head motioned between two cocks.

"Even guys my age?" he asked, his mouth opening wide as the guy on the screen reached the base of the dildo and managed to get both cocks squeezed in his overly stretched mouth
"Lots of guys your age Dad, and plenty of guys that like guys your age too" I replied before taking a sip of coffee
"So much I want to try" He commented wide eyed.

I put my coffee down on the desk and knelt on the floor before rotating Dad's swivel chair towards me and shuffling between his legs. I lowered my head and licked the drizzles of sticky pre cum from the tip of his swollen helmet, lapping at it slowly before opening my mouth wide and feeling his firm member slide in my mouth.

I felt Dads hands grab either side of my head as he slipped back in his chair a little and groaned. I knew he was still watching the action on the screen as I savoured the flavours of his manly cock in my mouth but I did not mind. I suckled on his shaft, angling my head so that I could take his full length down my throat. 
     I felt the continual flow of salty pre cum as his cock throbbed in the embrace of my mouth, my sucking action causing him to tilt his hips towards me as he gasped loudly
"Oh son that feels good!"I heard Dad say over the competing dirty talk from the video.

I pulled my head away and looked at his glossy coated cock that stood stiff and then lowered my head to his ball sack, kissing each testicle in turn before lowering between his chunky thighs that instinctively spread apart welcoming my attention.

Dad tilted his hips more as he reclined further in the chair, offering up his fleshy mound and his hairy hole once again, the memory of last night fresh in his mind as he whimpers in anticipation of my attention in that most intimate of areas. That area we are taught to be ashamed of had become a place of such hidden pleasures, pleasures that had been awoken and now he lusted for more.

I heard the sound of his breathing change as his thighs quiver and shake, my tongue yet to make contact with the soft sensitive puckered flesh hidden between the mass of dark tangled hair.
The aroma is stronger this morning as if his musk has fermented throughout the heat of the night.

My head nestles between his strong firm thighs.
Like a snake that tastes the air with its darting tongue in search of prey my tongue darts behind my father's testicles, teasing him as I linger close to his twitching muscle but reframing from sliding my tongue inside, hearing his desperate repetitive sighs as he longs to feel my tongue pierce his sphincter, longing to relive that sensation of being opened in that most private of places.

His hands push impatiently on the back of my head as he wills me to put my mouth to work. His whole body is shuddering now expectantly as I continue to hold back, drawing his attention away from the screen and to his eager son.

His full focus now is on me as he huffs and puffs, his hands continuously pushing as he reclines back further in his chair and I feel his body collapse as I surrender to his desire.
There is a long release of air as Dad exhales with relief, my tongue finally penetrating the tender fleshy walls of his anus. Probing as deep as my tongue will allow as I lift and spread his thighs further apart for greater access. My lips perched at his hairy entrance as I lick and lap deep within his manly rump.

My cock is aching and dripping as I eat Dads now wet hole with enthusiasm. Pulling away I lick the length of his hairy gully and admire the moist aperture that remains open. Then I sink my tongue back into his secret realm, Dads pleasure trove.

With Dad in a state of bliss we return to the bedroom and to my surprise it is Dad that takes control of the situation. He pins me down on my back and presses his stocky frame against me, kissing me with a pent up passionate force. I feel his erect cock slide erratically between my thighs as he humps his sweaty body against me, all the while French kissing me as a trail of saliva foams at his mouth.

I feel the head of his cock nudge against my hole as his strong arms wrap around my upper torso and grip me tightly. He motions his body so that my legs begin to part and soon he has my thighs spread as he grinds his hips into me.

The tip of his cock leaks against my hole and I feel the sticky strands build up like a web. Dad pulls away and looks me in the eyes with an almost savage stare as he continues to ride his hips against me, his stiff rod threatening to push pass my clenched barrier at any moment.

Then Dad does something I don't expect, he loosens his grip around me and reaches down and grabs my ankles before pulling them up and over, his mouth diving into my hole. One quick swooping motion and he is there, like a bird of prey going in for the kill.
With no hesitation his mouth is open and his curious tongue explores within the boundaries of my hoop. His hands now gripping my thighs holding me in place as his wet mouth spreads me open.

My eyes role back in my head at the feeling, Dad getting his first taste of man arse, slobbering and drooling as he continues keenly.

"Oh fuck Dad!" I whine as I reach my hands down by my side and spread my ass cheeks to give him greater access.

I feel as Dad pulls away and then runs the flat of his tongue up and down my crack, smearing his drool along the full length before his teeth bite the fleshy mound behind my balls
"Oh yeah!"
His bite is followed by a few passionate kisses before he spits on his hand and slides his saliva down over his rod. His eyes are fixated on my hole like it is a target as he spits again on the palm of his hand, adding more to his slippery length. I watch as he slides a finger in his mouth, his gaze still right at that tempting ring that his beckoning him.
The tip of his moist finger rotates around the perimeter of my opening several times before he slides it in with little resistance.

"Yeah Dad" I whimper as his finger pushes its way inside under his watchful gaze
Dad spits directly on to my hole and slides a second finger inside me
"Yeah son" Dad says, sliding his two fingers in and out as he rotates them one way and then the other like a cork screw
"Thank you Dad" I say, my voice breathless and filled with desire as his thick fingers now pummel my hole stretching me open.

I watch as he crouches with his hands resting on my thighs, his cock suspended above my hole, pointing directly down like a large drill head about to bore deep into me. I hold my breath as he grabs the base of his tool with one hand and begins to drive it in, his concentration fixed on my opening that engulfs him inch by inch.

I feel him filling me inside, stretching my fleshy walls apart with his thick girth as it continues to slide in. My muscles contract instinctively, attempting to expel the incursion but he pushes firm against the pressure, holding his tool firmly in place before gradually making further ground within me.

I feel him pass the barrier and I begin to breathe again as the full span of his cock throbs with me. He holds himself in position as sweat drips from his brow and I purposefully contract my muscles around his cock and watch his face react.

"Oh man" Dad groans as he begins to drive his way in and out in a slow motion, occasionally almost withdrawing his cock fully, only to slide it all the way back in again making me take a deep breath in.

"You want that son?" Dad growls looking into my eyes now with a menacing glare
"Oh fuck! Yeah Dad" I respond feeling him continue at a snail's pace, in and out
"Yeah my son on the receiving end this morning. How does that feel?"
"Fucking awesome", I respond as my head tilts back and I grip the pillow behind my head with my clenched fists
"Yeah! You like that cock son?"
"Fuck Yes!" I cry out as his pace begins to quickly pick up
"You need that son?" Dad asks, his eyes wide and his teeth gritted as I feel each stroke inwards land with a firm thud
"Oh yes please" I cry, somewhere on the edge of pleasure and pain as his strokes become frenzied.

Our gaze locks together as we both huff and puff, Dad impaling me into the mattress with brute force as his masculine body glistens with sweat and his heady natural perfume fills my nostrils.
His groans husky and laboured as I feel the balance between pain and pleasure begin to tip towards pain. My head rocks back and forth as I convince myself that I can take more, even though my body tries to tell me otherwise.

My endorphins kick in allowing me to fight back the pain a little longer as the pleasure begins to rise again.
I open my eyes and see Dad looks close. I can see it in his body and hear it in every breath he takes that he is so close. It is enough to help me get through as I encourage him loudly
"Go on, fuck me harder Dad!"

Dad hammers into me hard and fast, his eyes tightly closed and his mouth opened wide as he gets close to his release.

I feel Dads whole body shudder and with the sensation the tsunami of ejaculate floods into me, filling me with a warm sensation as his body continues to shake.
He pulls out quicker than I expect pulling a stand of his fresh spunk with him before he collapses back on to his knees. My feet drop to the bed and I frantically begin to masturbate looking at Dads face as he basks in the afterglow of the moment, his breathing shallow.

"Yeah go on Son" he manages to say as I tense every muscle in my body and release several loads up over my torso.

There we lay embraced, exhausted on Dads bed with my insides still feeling warm and hollowed out as Dad kisses me.
"That was unbelievable" Dad says still catching his breath
"Fuck I know, you are amazing" I reply feeling Dad hug me close
"So when do we try some of that kinky stuff like on those videos?" Dad asks as he squeezes me
"You are insatiable" I say as I chuckle

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