Dan was kneeling on the bed naked before me, his hands restrained behind his back as a butt plug filled his greedy cavity, his cock arching upwards and throbbing for attention as I approached him, having witnessed my anal assault on my own son's asshole he wanted to be next.

He knew I would take out those years of prick teasing on his hole, he could tell by the steely look in my eyes as I glared at him, and the way I gripped my throbbing moist cock in my tightened fist, my bulbous head swollen and turning purple in colour.

But first I wanted to tease him, fuck with him. I knew he would get off on a mind fuck, almost as much as a good fucking in the arse. My mind had been opened and broadened by images and videos online and I had no doubt from the way he looked back at me that he would give all those men a run for their money.

The palm of my hand rested on the right cheek of his face as our gaze remained fixed, two portals of burning lust that looked back at me and dared me to release the untamed beast within.

My hand broke away from his face only to make contact with a firm slap.
His eyes widened as he grinned and responded
"Thank you Daddy"
Out of the corner of my eye I caught the jolting action of his cock.
My hand caressed his cheek tenderly before striking him again
"Thank you Daddy" come the second response as I felt a surge of arousal from my act.

I leaned my face in towards his maintaining eye contact, and when I was less than an inch away and could feel his warm breath I ordered in a low voice
"Get down and suck the cock that has just been screwing my sons asshole".
    There was no hesitation as he quickly manoeuvred himself and bowed his head, his mouth opening eagerly as he began to suck hungrily, an expert cock sucker the likes I had never known.

My son had proved to be good at giving head but Dan was in a league of his own. His gullet gave way to my engorged length as he continued to suck enthusiastically, his lips working their way down effortlessly to my ball sack every single time, never gagging or heaving and his eagerness never waning as I watched his reflection in the mirror, his chin pushing firm against my slack hanging nut sack and holding the position for a moment before continuing.

I leant down and snarled at him
"Fucking suck it you dirty little bastard. Taste that arse on my cock"
His momentum picked up as his head bobbed up and down the full span of my member, I could see his cock was so stiff he looked close to bursting a blood vessel.

"Come on cunt! Is that all you fucking got?" I taunted.
I reached down and grabbed his nipples and tugged at them viciously. I could hear his muffled groans of discomfort at the lack of warming up, but he never lost his rhythm as he continued to drawl and dribble up and down my length.

I grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and dragged him off my cock leaving a long trail of saliva hanging from his chin and bridging to my cock as he looked at me wide eyed and ravenous.
"You want that fat Daddy cock stuffed in your boy pussy?" I asked having heard the expression used in a porn movie and finding it appealing
"Yes Daddy, I want Daddies big cock in my tight boy pussy" Dan replied clearly having watched similar movies.

Whilst still holding him by the scruff I slapped him hard across the cheek again and gave him a menacing stare
"Don't fucking lie to Daddy you little bitch! I doubt that fucking well used cunt is tight"
"Sorry Daddy, I want it to be your hole to use and train Daddy"
I could not help but smirk at his response
"For Daddy to fucking use how he wants?" The words flowed from my lips and added to my arousal and clearly to Dan's

I had never had a chance to explore much dirty talk in my past straight life. My wife was the silent type during sex and that is how she liked me to be too. She certainly would never have appreciated any terms with negative connotations, but it is those words that seem to release the most power and passion.

Like a double edged sword the words can wound or arouse. In the heat of sex using words like cunt, cocksucker or pussy can inflame the passions and not douse them, it can be the fuel that turns the fire into an inferno, words not chosen out of malice or cruelty but chosen to stimulate.

"Yes Daddy, all yours, your boy"
"My adopted son" I said seeing his eyes light up at the term

I leaned forward and whispered in his ear
"Do you know how long Daddy has wanted to own that sweet piece of ass boy?"
He gave me a mischievous grin which told me he knew. He knew damn well all those times he had wound me up leaving me stiff and questioning my sexual preferences.

Dan and his flirtatious nature, I had tried to tell myself I was imagining it but the evidence quickly built up over the years as did my frustrations. Like a corked bottle of champagne shaken the pressure had built up inside with each seemingly innocent glimpse of his body, and I had been ready to pop.

Wearing shorts with no underwear and his cock head or balls visible from up his leg as the fabric gaped at his wide spread thighs, walking around the house in just a towel having showered, and it dropping away as he bent over to pick up his clothing off the floor.

All the times he needed a piss when I was in the shower. Undoing his zipper and button on his shorts and letting them slip down enough to expose a good portion of those firm fleshy mounds of ass cheeks. The way he shook himself a little more than needed when having finished pissing and ensured he was stood at the right angle for me to get a good look.

Yeah, he had been a prick tease at every opportunity and I never once objected. Probably because secretly I enjoyed it, I even began to look forward to those moments, anticipating them, subconsciously daring him to go further.

There had been times I thought he had gone as far as things would ever go, the times I had spied upon him masturbating his erect cock and fingering his sweet hole. His thighs spread wide apart, inserting his finger all the way in his hoop and spunking his load as he whimpered words I could not quite hear. In hindsight he knew I was watching, and he was purposefully performing for me all those times, yet I had kept my distance and had remained still and silent.

Now he was here giving himself to me and acknowledging his willingness to please me in front of my son, and I was so fucking hard at the prospect.

"Who's your Daddy?" I asked.
It was cliché but felt good asking as I released my grip on his scruff and pulled him close to me by tugging on his nipples
"You are my Daddy" he responded with clenched fists and through gritted teeth.

I rotated him on the bed by tugging his nipples until he faced the mirror. My hands released his nipples suddenly making him gasp for breath and my attention went to the butt plug.
I pressed against the latex end and applied pressure as I looked at his face in the mirror.

"Maybe I will just make you fucking wait. I can give my son a good seeing to and leave you with nothing more than that plug to satisfy your need as you watch"
I could see his facial expression change as he began to wonder if I would indeed deprive him. Some kind of payback for all those years he had teased me.

The truth was I wanted to give it to him as much as he wanted to take it, but at that moment I could see Dan questioning that.
"I would have you eat my fresh Daddy seed out of my son's ass and leave you wondering what it would be like to get screwed by me"
"If that is what my Daddy wants" Dan replied staring right back at my reflection.

I left Dan simmering on the prospect of not getting my cock in his arse as I made my way over to my newly acquired toy collection. I returned with the massage wand and winked at my son as I saw him watching keenly, seeing me take on this new persona and enjoying it, his cock fully erect as he gently stroked it up and down.

The wand had a bulbous rubber head almost the size of a tennis ball, and the control switch had four settings. I had considered using the blindfold but I wanted him to watch himself in the mirror as I applied it to his body.

On the lowest setting I began at his nipples, the gentle vibrating providing a pleasant sensation to the now sensitive area. I alternated between both nipples with the vibrator on one while my mouth and teeth worked the other.

I lowered the wand to below his balls and turned up the setting and watched his cock bounce in response as he groaned.

Turning up to the third setting I held it under his cock head and heard Dan begin to whimper, cupping my hand over the top of his helmet and pressing down to increase the area in contact.

"Thank you Daddy" Dan said as his eyes occasionally closed and his body stiffened.

I increased to the highest setting and pressed the head of the wand firm against the butt plug and watched him respond instantly.

"Oh fuck yes Daddy!" Dan whimpered loudly as his cock throbbed uncontrollably
"Don't you fucking cum boy!" I ordered watching the muscles of his body tense as his face distorted
"Ah!, ah!, ah!" Dan groaned as he struggled to hold back the flood 
    "Not yet boy" I said in a stern voice, aware he was on the precipice with just the stimulation from the butt plug vibrating inside him.

It was amazing to watch as he struggled to fight back. His manly muscular body tensing and muscles bulging as his teeth gritted and eyes closed tight. His body quivering as he came close to tears from the strain of holding back his ejaculation.

I pulled the massager away and placed myself in front of him as he collapsed forward, his head landing on my chest as he panted.
"Thank you Daddy" Dan said through gasping breaths as I held him close, aware he had summoned all his will to prevent the release of his load.
"My good boy" I said softly, rewarding his effort to obey.

I motioned for my son to come closer and we had a three way naked embrace.
"My two good sons" I said as the two kissed in front of me, their tongues exploring deeply in each other's mouth.
I leaned forward and they moved aside to allow a third tongue access, their Dads tongue.

I felt at ease with this new experience and all its terms and theatrics, the excitement and thrill of two sexual partners at once, and the exploration of male bodies younger and fitter than my own.
It made me feel young again and the sexual curiosity that had once filled me had returned, this time without all the baggage and guilt bullshit I had experienced when younger.

My first experience had been my best mate Alex. We often wanked off together as we flicked through the glossy pages of porno mags that we pinched from our older brothers. Of course we talked about the large breasted young ladies that filled each page but our real point of focus had been watching each other whack off our meat. Not that we ever admitted as much, to do so was like breaking some kind of unwritten man code.

It had gone on for a years on a regular basis until that day we pushed the boundaries of our usual routine. Alex had been the one who brought it up, we was comparing size and girth and trying to figure out whose pecker was thicker.
So Alex suggested we stood facing each other and measure up. Of course his idea of measuring up had been to hold one against the other. The underside of our warm rigid shafts pressing together in his two handed grasp as both of our cocks pulsated and throbbed in reaction.

We stood examining our cocks pressed together keeping up the pretence of trying to figure out who was thicker and that was when Alex began to slowly stroke his hands up and down.
At the back of my mind it felt wrong and dirty but I said nothing to stop him, if anything I let out rewarding deep groans to encourage him, which it did.

There with our trousers and underpants around our knees and our stiff pricks pressed together in Alex's clenched hands, stroking steadily and purposefully up and down. Neither of us daring to say anything about what we were doing but both enjoying the sensation.

Alex's hands began to shake and his breathing changed as he began to puff and pant.
His movement picked up momentum but neither of us dare look up to each other's eyes, instead our attention remained focused at our cocks as Alex got closer and closer.

His load dribbled out, a thick white load the consistency of mayonnaise that dribbled down over our cocks, oozing out and oozing out as he continued to squeeze and stroke.
"I am close" was all I could say feeling his hot fresh spunk rubbing up and down my shaft.

I quivered as I felt his cock begin to soften against my still rigid member and then I let loose my own load, an eruption of spunk that shot out at velocity in several thick loads taking Alex by surprise as it splattered up high over his chest. Then Alex leaned forward and kissed me on the lips and I looked at him with a look of shock, as if that had been more intimate than the action of frottage.

We cleaned up with a towel in silence and never spoke of it again. And that was the last time we wanked off together too, both consumed by guilt over our actions. That memory had stayed with me, shut away at the back of my mind.

I thought getting married would quench such desires to repeat the episode, and for a while it did. But bit by bit the memory chipped away from the inside until it surfaced again. The chink in the armour had been the realisation that my own son and his best mate Dan were engaged in beating their meat together.

The thought of the pair enjoying that moment which I had tried to deny I had explored myself. There were times I walked in my son's bedroom and I could smell it in the air like a memory of their actions, the scent of two aroused young cocks that had rubbed together just moments before and released their fluids.

One time I even opened the door to find them stuffing there stiff pricks back in their shorts, flustered and surprised by my interruption, their faces flushed with an erotic glow as I stood in the open door way. I played it down but inside it ate me away, an envious feeling that I had denied myself such manly pleasures for years.

I had even tossed off thinking about the pair stroking together. There in my son's room when they had left the house I would visualise the pair naked, their pricks erect and rubbing together.
The moment I would shoot my load guilt would consume me, but yet when I got horny and the opportunity would arise I would do it again, strip off in the hope they would catch me, naked, wanking off my hard cock, and then join me.

The fantasy of the three of us invigorated me and began to fill my nightly dreams from which I would awake on the edge of ejaculation, panting puffing and sweating as I woke up to see my wife asleep by my side. I already suspected she was having an affair with my best mate, I swear there were times I could smell his cock on her breath when she spoke to me in close proximity. Yet part of me did not care, our sexual relationship had drifted apart long ago and my desires secretly were elsewhere, and only fulfilled in masturbatory fantasies.

Now my pleasures were denied no more, and my son and Dan, my newly adopted son Dan was here naked at my side. What more could a Dad possibly want?

I pulled back and just watched them kiss. A certain satisfaction gained in just watching them perform for me in the naked flesh. Like all those times I had imagined them and wished it had at last brought them to me.

Now it was time to seal the deal and make Dan mine with the ultimate bodily union.

As the pair kissed I stood behind Dan and began to pry his cheeks apart, rubbing my finger up and down the damp narrow valley between his cheeks, pausing momentarily at the butt plug and giving it a firm tap with the palm of my hand. Watching his rounded buttocks clench and relax causing the butt plug to move in and out slightly under his muscle control.

I was in no doubt his sphincter was as accomplished as his throat, able to bring manly pleasures that he thrived on giving.

My fingers grabbed the circumference of the plug and pulled gently, watching as his ass muscles pushed in response to eject the latex toy. The tender hollowed out pink donut ring of flesh quickly returned to its tight puckered appearance. I rotated my finger around it and watched it flinch as Dan groaned and continued to kiss my son, his hips tilting and his arse backing up to present itself.

I looked up to see my son had one eye open, spying on the close attention I was paying to Dan's hole as they continued to kiss passionately. He looked to be getting just as aroused at the prospect of watching me fucking his best mate as I was at doing it.

I left the two on the bed and opened my bedside draw to retrieve a condom and lube and I saw Dan glance over to see what I was up to. Seeing me tear open the foil wrapper and pull free the condom he was in no doubt what was coming next, I was just hoping I could prevent myself from getting too excited too soon as I fucked that arse that I had fantasised about for so long.

Dan positioned himself on all fours at the edge of the bed as I approached with my latex sheathed cock and I watched as my son eagerly slid on his back under Dan so that he had a front row view.
I could see from the motion of his head that Dan had began to suck my son and I felt my son grab my cock as he begin to lick and suck up and down my latex protected length.
My fingers spread lube inside Dan's opening and my son pulled away and watched as I began to prod with my cock head. Pressing and nudging against the entrance and watching the circular muscle open and close in response.

I entered under my sons close supervision, feeling the warm embrace of Anthony's soft fleshy walls as they welcomed me within, the alternating pulsation of muscle causing ripples of sensation down my shaft as I pushed deeper inside, and all the while Dan sucked my son's length.
Father and son united in one body via two separate orifices. The feel of both of us penetrating him deeply at both ends with our fully erect members.

I heard Dan's stifled groans as I pushed in my full length, holding it in to the hilt as my hands grasped firmly at his buttocks. Rubbing, slapping, grabbing the pliable muscles either side of where I penetrated fully, feeling his reactions within his body and then beginning the slow steady grinding motion of my hips.

My son and Dan sucking in a sixty nine position as I began to pick up pace, watching the pair in their reflection in the mirror as they sucked with enthusiasm. Witnessing myself in the mirror and feeling like Narcissus as I feel drawn to my own image, a feeling of arousal at watching myself fucking Anthony in the arse, and I can't help but groan loudly
"Oh fuck yeah! take that fat Daddy cock!"

Feeling like both voyeur and exhibitionist as my eyes remain fixed on the mirror, my cock feeling so alive and so firm as I begin to pound it in with gusto, the unmistakable sensation of two male bodies coming together, so unlike the male female union. The energy, the feel, the odour, all distinctly different when two men fuck, it feels powerful, primal, strong, my erect cock driving deep within in a masculine sturdy body.

I come to a halt. My cock pierced deep within Dan as I catch my breath and hold back the seed that threatens to shoot too soon. I feel the moist tongue of my son lapping at my nut sack and at the area where the base of my cock meets Dan's asshole, his hungry mouth opening and tasting the mixed flavours that dwell at the junction where two men connect.

I allow him to linger there and relish the area for a moment before I begin to glide out again, feeling the flat of his tongue rub the underside of my shaft as I pull free before he pulls away as I begin to push back in with force.

My momentum builds and Dan raises his head to give thanks as he gasps and groans through laboured breath, his brow dripping with sweat and his eyes savage as they catch me looking at the reflection.

"Oh Yeah Daddy!, fuck me hard!"

I can see he wants it, but then secretly I always knew he wanted it, we both had.
The amount of times I had brought myself to climax with a clenched fist as I fantasised about his arse clamping around my length. He must have seen the way I looked at him, sensed my desire and smelt my arousal in his presence. It must have driven him equally to distraction as he struggled to understand it as I had. He my son's best friend and me his best friends Dad, a forbidden line not to cross yet now we witnessed it in all its glory, there in the reflection of the mirror with my son beneath us.

My son pulled from beneath Dan and I took the opportunity to change position. Dan rolled over on to his back and raised his thighs as I placed his feet on either shoulder, looking deep into his eyes as I placed my cock at his hole and watching his facial expression as I hovered there teasingly.

"Oh yeah, please, yeah Daddy" Anthony whimpered with big puppy eyes as I held back.
Then without warning I skewered him deep and watched his mouth open wide with pleasure at the sudden sensation.
Gripping his thighs I rammed myself in his hole again and again as his eyes closed and his head tilted back.
"Fuck yeah!, fuck me!" Dan cried out.

I watched as my son began to kiss him and Anthony pulled his head forward pushing their lips firm together as he gasped and groaned with pleasure.
Anthony's hands moved, grabbing hold of my sons cock and his mouth alternated between cock and lips as I watched my son slowly position himself.

"Oh fuck hell yeah" I gasped in disbelief as I witnessed my son take the head of his own cock whilst Dan licked at the shaft leaving a glistening sheen of saliva.

My thrusts built up in force as I watched the pair continue their activity and I wondered how many times they had done that before. Both of their mouths working ravenously over my son's now oozing cock as it throbbed and pulsated, their tongues exploring together the clear syrupy emission that flowed abundantly.

I watched enthralled the lustful exploration and knew that was something I would have to explore with my son at some point very soon.

I changed positions numerous times, opening Dan's hole in different directions and exploring his reactions to each in turn. I felt close to busting a nut as I pounded away but the tight fitting leather cock strap seemed to help hold back the flood like a barrier, until suddenly it could hold it back no more.

There with Dan on his back and his feet behind his head as I pounded down on him like a hammer drill I felt the impending eruption, my deep guttural groans told the lads I was at the point of no return.

Their attentions focused on me as they encouraged me to release my spunk, that thick white load that had once spilt over my son's bedroom floor imagining this scenario now was about to be pumped insideDan clenching cavity.

"Oh Fuck I am going to cum!" I cried out as my body quivered and my motions become jolted
"Yeah Dad!" the pair said in perfect unison as I felt the warm rush of the orgasm fill my entire body. My body jerked as I gasped and my load filled the rubber sheath that clung around my throbbing cock.

I pulled free the cum filled condom, sagging at the tip with its heavy creamy contents. It was my son that lunged forward and began to delicately remove it, ensuring none of its precious contents were spilled.
I watched as he held it up in the air between the pair like a trophy, both looked up at it longingly, and then my son rotated it and the thick juices began to flow down inside the transparent sheath. Their mouths opened wide in anticipation as their tongues touched. Droplets of fresh spunk dripped down on to their awaiting tongues and I watched.

They wanked themselves erratically as the juices continued to drip down, large globules of white iridescent Daddy spunk hungrily shared between them. They began to kiss passionately sharing in their mouthfuls of pleasure and I could see they was both close.

Spunk shot between them in thick wads, flying and splattering in an eruption of jizz until it was difficult to tell whose was whose as they continued to kiss...

Dan's Memory... (This part did not make it in the story but I thought I would add it at the end)

I could see where my best mate got his looks from when I looked at his Dad, it was like a glimpse of how my mate would look in the future. I had always felt drawn to his Dad, my heart fluttered in his presence and sometimes I would lose track of what I was saying half way through a sentence, distracted by looking in his brown sultry eyes and my tongue getting tied until the words I said made no sense.

He would look at me and laugh, his face lighting up and the lines on his face only adding to the attraction.

I felt a thrill from exposing my flesh to him, the more flesh exposed the bigger the thrill. I wanted those eyes to witness those personal and private parts of my anatomy. I wanted to awaken a desire within him to want me the way I wanted him. I wanted to share with him in the passions I shared with his son, and in my darkest desires I dared fantasies about a union between the three of us, a sexual trinity of myself father and son.

I knew he was watching from the doorway as I lay naked alone upon his son's bed. The sheets beneath me still reeking of his son's earlier sexual release and now awakening me, stirring a desire inside to do the unthinkable. I felt my prick slowly filling out as blood flowed to the capillaries, the flesh becoming firm as my member lengthened and expanded, lifting away from my stomach slowly until fully erect.

I could feel his curious eyes burning into me as I lay exposed, the palm of my hands travelling up and down my inner thighs as my pecker arched and throbbed. I spread my thighs wider and allowed my finger tip to press against my opening, feeling a rush at the sensation under his watchful gaze.

I knew what it felt like to have his son inside me and I moved my hand to my mouth and seductively sucked a finger before placing it back at my hole, imagining what it would be like to have his manhood deep rooted within me as I slid it inside.

One finger was followed by a second, and then a third. Licking each finger before hand and feeling my hole open up as my cock throbbed rapidly in response. I whispered his name on my breath as my fingers rubbed my prostate sending my body into contractions, gasping groaning and whispering as I could feel the moment get closer without any need to touch my aching cock.

My body tensed and froze, three fingers inserted deep as I held my breath momentarily, and then a loud gasp as my body collapsed and my load shot up over my chest and splattered across my face.

"Oh shit" I gasped aware he was still there as my own salty drops dripped in my mouth.
My best mates Dad watching intrigued at the door having witnessed my actions and seen my seed release.



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