I lay in bed with one hand fondling and pulling at my ball sack as my stiff prick is standing firm, images of that evening in the living room with my father plays over in my mind. The sight of Dad sat with his chunky thighs spread and his manhood flopping down in between, lying perfectly over those two large goose egg sized bollocks.

There had been times he had sat right back in the chair with his hands behind his head as he had waited in eager anticipation of a possible goal on the TV, and my attention had been drawn to the dark thicket of hair that surrounded the lightly coloured pink fleshy hole. My mind had filled with dirty thoughts and deeds as I had gazed upon it, and it appeared to gaze back, beckoning me, summoning me forward to take action.

My cock arched like a tensioned bow at the image clear in my mind's eye and I knew it was kind of fucked up, getting off on checking out your old man's shit hole, your own fathers hot hairy hole. My cock began to leak as the words run through my head and it did nothing to deter my desire.

The fucker had sat there all night naked, occasionally the palm of his hand yanking at his sagging ball sack or tugging at his todger, even reaching too itch his asshole. I swear, fucking chunky thighs spread as wide as you can imagine as his hand slipped down as casual as you like for an itch, a slow teasing itch against the soft puckered flesh in between his hairy furrow.

I had sat in my briefs the whole evening with my stiff penis stretching across under the thin cotton, threatening to occasionally push free of the narrow elastic waistband. I had noticed Dad glance over a few times clearly noticing my arousal and he had give his own manhood a discreet rub, which got him close to a semi at one point but no more than that, maybe because of his nerves.

I groaned as I closed my eyes and pictured his large finger lingering there at his trench. That sweet forbidden place that now stimulated me and motivated my hand to grasp my throbbing girth.

I swear he knows about my sexuality. The amount of mates I had sleep over when younger, the muffled groans and whimpering that would have emanated from my room, not to mention the times he had walked into my room to the strong odour, that distinct musky scent left by two rutting lads who had been bashing there meat together until their pre cum frothed like a beaten egg white.

Sure he fucking knew, who was I kidding thinking he had not guessed?

My tight gripped hand paused around my prick as my eyes opened wide with realisation.

Fuck what if I had stirred a curiosity in him about his sexuality. Knowing I was practicing in the next room something that he had only ever considered would have been like a red rag to a bull.
Shit no wonder he was always poking his head around the door when I had mates over. The fucker wanted to get a sneaky peek of some action.

The more I thought about it the more it made sense and the more evidence sprung to mind. His generation would have often had to live a lie and denied their sexual desires, imagine how it must have felt knowing I was exploring for him what would have seemed unattainable and now with my mother out the picture...

That must have been the catalyst. I doubt my parents even had a sexual relationship the last few years and that would sure explain why mum had fucked off with one of Dads friends. Now he was sneaking in my room now and again to cop a feel and fondle as he wanked himself off.

"This is so fucked up" I muttered as my hand began to stroke again thinking of all the possibilities and all the memories that only added to my certainty that he was curious about men.

Those times in the changing rooms at the swimming pool when he had insisted that we change on the long bench rather than using the private lockers, I recalled his attention flittering as other men chose the wooden bench as a place to undress and change or to dry off after peeling off their wet trunks. It had not only been me that had welcomed the sight of the open male nudity on offer, and I guess not only me that had a good wank when we had got home, with the images burned fresh in our minds.

So the question was now what?

In some screwed up fantasy I had always been curious as to what it would be like however I had always had a vision of my old man on top, ploughing me deep. Now I was wondering if he was more of a receiver than a pitcher. His hairy man gash filled my vision again as I closed my eyes, I would be lying if I had not thought that evening about how it would taste to have my tongue deep in that man cunt.

Maybe it was the beer buzz that finally give me the confidence to make a move, I mean he had put the signals out there and had done all but send out a written invitation. So now it was my turn to visit his room.

I was sweating bullets as I made my way slowly down the corridor towards his open bedroom door.
There was a dim light from the bedside light creating a warm glow in the room and there he was, lay flat on his stomach on top of the sheets, his perfectly rounded rump on display and his legs slightly spread as if expecting me.

I felt the butterflies in my stomach as I entered his room and with his head turned to one side he could see me enter through the reflection in the full length mirror on the wall.

He did not say anything but instead spread his legs wider apart as his hips rolled back causing his chunky ass to rise in an open invitation. I could see his large balls in their sagging sack between his thighs and watched as his hand reached beneath and pushed his cock down so it too stuck between his thighs. His hand returned to his pillow where he rested his head as he waited for my next move.

I approached cautiously even though I was in no doubt now. This was not the same as a fantasy, this was breaking the boundary into reality and all the baggage that went along with real life. Still my cock was rock hard and I was going to continue come what may.

I climbed on the firm mattress between his feet and crawled up until I rested my hands between his knees. I lowered myself down on my palms and forearms, my attention fixed on crack of his ass as I watched his buttocks tilt upwards.
I pursed my lips together and blew gently against the hole causing it to flinch and release a musky scent. I poked my tongue out and let the moist tip come in contact with the soft flesh causing it to flutter as a hint of his flavour hit my taste buds.

My tongue moved up and down in small gentle motions that would have been amplified at the sensitive area. I heard him groan deeply as I made his hole moist with saliva and caused the dark hair to stick together in clumps around the opening. I began to push my tongue deeper breaching his barrier and feeling my tongue slip within the fleshy walls.

"Oh fucking hell!" I heard Dad say, his voice muffled as he buried his face deep into the pillow
I let my tongue work its magic inside his fragrant enclosure, forcing it as deep as I could as I spread his chunky cheeks apart and felt him back up.

Working his hole in and out, pulling away and blowing again on his hoop before diving back down with gusto to feast on his burrow. Hearing him whine and whimper with each movement of my mouth as I felt my saliva dribble down.

I pulled away momentarily to marvel at the sight of his damp hole and then followed the trail of my spit with my finger, rubbing it down over his hefty ball sack and down over his rigid shaft. My finger smeared my spit over his cock head, mixing it in with the copious amounts of pre cum that my Dad produced from his arousal. I felt his head swell and pulsate at my touch and his hips gyrated.

There in Dads room, on Dads bed, my moist finger sliding over my Dads purple helmet and up and down his thick shaft, my finger tracing the pronounced veins that run across the underside like streams on an aerial map. I had glimpsed him erect briefly before but had never imagined handling him in this way, examining him so closely and intimately without restriction.

My mind flashed back to an image, a memory a while back, walking in the bathroom while my Dad was in the shower. The glass folding door was splashed with water but was not steamed up or fogged and I had watched as I could clearly make out his naked torso. I had stood frozen as he had his back to me and he had slipped his soapy forefinger within the confines of his hole. It had pushed deep inside as I watched, and to my amazement he had slipped a second finger in beside it.
I had turned and quickly left the bathroom before he could have even known I had witnessed him, but the memory had been retained and recalled at this moment as I touched him.

Dad began to twist his body and I clambered out of the way as he sat upright. He rotated onto his hands and knees and lowered himself before me as I kneeled upright. His wide eyed gaze fixed at my groin before his right hand reached out and grasped my cock.

I groaned feeling him touch me and I closed my eyes. Then I gasped at the sensation of his warm mouth that wrapped around my member and I opened my eyes to watch him slowly engulf my length. His inexperience showed as he gagged and heaved but he was none the less eager. Bit by bit he made his way down my shaft until his lips came into contact with his hand that still gripped my cock tightly.

His eyes opened and I could see the tears welling up as he forced more into his mouth, gradually he moved his hand away allowing him to take my erection deeper. For a moment his lips reached the base of my cock before he began to slide back up my wet pole.
His head moved back and forth, never again able to get the full length in but he made of for that with his enthusiasm as his head rotated slightly from side to side as he hungrily slurping and salivating on my swollen cock. I looked over to the mirror and watched the reflection of Dad suckling his son, his large hands gripping my thighs as he guided his head up and down with increasing speed.

"Fuck yeah Dad suck it!" I gasped loudly still watching the reflection as I caught him take a glance over at the mirror to see the action
His hand moved between his thighs as he began to whack off, his attention once again on the mirror as his wrist quickly flicked up and down, clearly aroused by watching himself noshing on his son.

Dad pulled away, panting and gasping for air as drawl dripped from his lips
"Oh fuck, that sure tastes good" he said as he tried to get his breath back.

When Dad looked up at me I could see a look in his eyes that told me he wanted something more
"Turn around Dad"
There was no hesitation as he quickly clambered around on hands and knees, his head lowering down so that his big ole Daddy butt was presented to me.
"Take it easy son, I have not done this before"
"Don't worry" I replied spitting on my hand a few times and slipping a finger inside his hole.

I felt his sphincter muscle instinctively clamp down and felt the pulsing sensation as his body tried to push me out
"Don't hold your breath Dad, breathe into it, nice big breaths"
"Oh shit!" Dad whimpered as my finger slid inside
"You alright?"
"Fuck yeah I am" he replied backing up a little.

After a while I pulled my finger free and began to rim him again to relax his hole, in between rimming I managed two fingers and then a third. Dad occasionally lurched forward but would quickly settle and back up again.

I began to rim him again, spreading his cheeks and getting in as deep as possible. I knew the trick with fucking was to make the other person want it as much as possible, and if you can make them fucking beg.

I pulled away and teased his hole with the tip of my cock but never attempting to stick it in, pulling away as I felt him backing up to receive me so as to tease him. I lowered my head and began to rim again feeling his sphincter muscles relaxing.

As I prodded his hole with my knob for the fourth time I heard him plead impatiently
"Fuck me please son!"
I turned to the mirror where he was watching me retreat away from his hole and I grinned.

Grabbing hold of his hips I let my cock head tap at his back door watching it open and close. Then gently I let the tip of my cock slide in the spit drenched hole
"Oh fuck!" Dad cried out.

It was not a cry of pain and I was pushing against his hips as he pushed backwards in an attempt to impale himself. I wanted to do this at my pace, make him feel every inch slowly enter, no harsh surprises just a tender drive inwards until he was fully relaxed.
His eyes opened wide as he witnessed his reflection slowly take me bit by bit until he let out a deep sigh of relief. I was in to the hilt and I let it remain there for a moment so he could adjust to the sensation.

"Oh god son, that feels amazing"
"It is just starting Dad" I replied with a smug smile before I began to ride his rump.
Slow motions in and out that gradually built up in momentum. Dad groaned wildly as he watched the mirror intensely, his son now beginning to pound that ass good and proper. Pile driving deep with each stroke threatening to tear him apart as I gripped his hips hard.

"Oh yeah! Fuck my hole"
"Yeah you want that Dad"
"Son I want it bad"

I drove deep and hard until the pleasurable look on his face began to transform
"Are you close Dad?"
"Yes" and with that his hand grabbed at his cock and began to stroke furiously with my cock still pounding him
"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" he cried as I felt his muscles clench excruciatingly tight around my girth
"I am going to cum!" Dad cried and I felt each movement of his muscles around my shaft as each load released and he gasped.

"OK coming out slowly now Dad" I warned him having felt him release his last drops of spunk
I pulled free slowly and then began to wank off quickly, my own ejaculation very close.

Dad twisted around and rolled over on his back with his mouth wide open under my cock as I jerked furiously
"Shit I am going to spunk a load Dad!"
His mouth opened eagerly and his tongue stuck out. I aimed my cock down as I felt the pressure rise and then the flood gates opened, several thick streams of whit spunk shot out, some landing in his mouth and others hitting his chin and cheek.

I collapsed spent as the last drops dribbled out and then bent forward and kissed Dad on the mouth, tasting my own jizz on his tongue mixed with his saliva.



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